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Joined: 3/7/2005
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How does bush expect to stop terroism?Page 2 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)

Can someone give me a good answer to that? How do you stop faceless cowards?

- Let's see who the real faceless coward is.

A. The US government has been funding radical Mujahideen in Afghanistan where Usama was part of that gang. Who is the supporter of terrorist and faceless coward? US government.

B. The US government killing thousands of civilians through carpet bombs and "Precision bombs" and call it "Spreading of democracy". Who are the cowards now, US government?

C. The US government sends military who make sex videos with Iraqis and abuses them? Who is the faceless coward? US government.

D. Did Afghanistan attack US? No. Why kill Afghans? Because US government is coward.

E. Did Iraqis kill any Americans or attack America? No. Why kill civilian young kids and destroy house and famillies? Because US governemtn is coward.

- Do you get the gist of it now who the real coward is? There were no terrorist before? How come all of a sudden their number keeps increasing? I will tell you why. Because we go over there and bombard families and killing little young children and call it "Oops it was mistake" and then when the survivor of that family takes arms against you and wants to revenge, we call it "Islamic terrorist".

- How would you react if Iraqi army was invading and occuping US, rolling its tanks all over, dictating you what to do and what not to do, stop you in the middle of the street and strip search you and your car, come to your house in the middle of night, throw your grand father, father, mother on the floor with no respect and search your house for weapons?

- How would you react if they bombarded your entire family and you were the only survivor? What you need to do is put yourself in their shoes and think for a minute first!!!

- Does that answer your questions? I hope so.
Joined: 3/7/2005
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How does bush expect to stop terroism?
Posted: 7/14/2007 12:42:39 PM

I agree with your entire post, except for this;

Thank god. At least someone agrees. lol.

Afghanistan did not attack the USA, you are correct. However, the Taliban did, and they were running Afghanistan at the time. They also had their main base(s) of operation there. So even though the Afghan population did not declare war on the west, their leadership did.

- A couple of points I would like to make.

A. Imagine this. Afghanistan has 7 leaders who enter Afghanistan and fight for power. These 7 leaders are funded by all the powerful countries including US, France as well as Saudi Arabia. These 7 leaders were creation of US government and hand of Pakistan and the whole reason they were 7 of them and not just ONE resistance power is because Pakistan knows that once these leaders get inside Afghanistan, they will start another civil war amongst themselves and Pakistan is in favor of it for the following reason:

1. A portion of land of Pakistan belongs to Afghanistan and was supposed to be handed over some years back in 1990s and the more there is civil war, the more there is chance that they won't be asking for the land back.

B. Once US governement notices the civil war and the mistake it has made of creating 7 of them, Taliban is formed to disarm all these seven armies and have one powerful resistance force so the civil war will stop. BIG MISTAKE Again.

C. How could you possible fathom that ONE resistance army stands up all brand new and disarms and takes over 95% of Afghanistan in a flash? That kind of army needs a very very very very strong support and back up, including $$$$, weapons etc.

D. I don't believe the Taliban were simply formed by those people. The Taliban were created just like the Mujhideen and they were funded and supported.

E. This new resistance army was forced upon Afghans. That doesn't mean that people approved them and they were the leadership. They were a creation, so saying that the Taliban represented Afghans wouldn't be accurate since they didn't vote for the Taliban and it was created and forced upon them.

I am aware that 9/11 happened because of American foreign policy. But it doesn't matter. Once those planes hit those buildings, a response was required. Further, there were Canadians killed on 9/11. I think going there and taking down the Taliban is the right thing to do, in response to those attacks.

A. There wasn't even one single Talib involved in the 9/11 assuming that it was Usama's plan and hit those buildings.

B. All the hijackers are from Saudi Arabia and there is not even a single proof that any of them travelled from Afghanistan to the US to take part.

C. We also shouldn't forget the fact that the Taliban did say that they will put Usama bin laudin through trial IF THE US GOVERNMENT PROVIDED THE PROOF AND EVIDENCE that he was involved.,1361,563965,00.html
Taliban 'will try Bin Laden if US provides evidence'

Staff and agencies
Friday October 5, 2001
Guardian Unlimited

Afghanistan's ruling Taliban are prepared to put Osama bin Laden on trial in an Afghan court, but only if the US provides hard evidence against him, the party announced today.
Although the Taliban's cooperation in the trial of Bin Laden hinges largely on the definition of "evidence", the statement is the clearest signal yet that they could cooperate with Nato's mission to track down the suspect for September's terror attacks on New York and Washington.

(CBS) Without evidence, Afghanistan's Taliban rulers will not hand over Osama bin Laden, Afghanistan's ambassador to Pakistan said Friday.

The rejection came in a statement by Abdul Salam Zaeef, the Taliban ambassador to Pakistan. Asked whether the Taliban would hand over bin Laden, Zaeef said, "No." But his translator said, "No, not without evidence."

He also said he had no information on bin Laden's current whereabouts.

At a news conference in Islamabad, the Taliban ambassador said he was sorry that people had died in the suicide attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon last week, but appealed to the United States not to endanger innocent people in a military retaliation.

"Our position on this is that if America has proof, we are ready for the trial of Osama bin Laden in light of the evidence."

Asked if he was ready to hand bin Laden over, he snapped, "No."

He also called for an investigation by the United Nations and the Organization of the Islamic Conference into the attacks, and criticized President Bush's remarks made in a speech late Thursday.
Joined: 5/15/2007
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How does bush expect to stop terroism?
Posted: 7/14/2007 12:47:45 PM

So even though the Afghan population did not declare war on the west, their leadership did.

Bin Laden was never the leader of Afganistan, he was just living there in the mountains when he financed the attacks that were carried out by citizens of Saudia Arabia...
Joined: 7/22/2006
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How does bush expect to stop terroism?
Posted: 7/14/2007 3:46:21 PM

Stop supplying aid/arms to Israel

That's right support America giving aid & support to the rest of the world but ignore Israel ! .. You Nazi
Joined: 3/7/2005
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How does bush expect to stop terroism?
Posted: 7/16/2007 8:59:07 PM

One thing though, didn't Osma admit to ordering 9/11?

- I don't believe he admitted to ordering the 9/11. The only thing shown as proof was a video of Osama moving his hand in a video, whose audio is not understandable and it's assumed that he has ordered since he made his hand like a plane. That doesn't prove anything.
Joined: 6/29/2007
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How does bush expect to stop terroism?
Posted: 7/17/2007 5:15:33 PM
Reinvented. To my knowledge Bush and the Repubs need another "act" of terrorism to get their ratings out of the toilet. From what I've seen his plan is fighting terror With Terror. This can be witnessed by the carnage and death of innocents we see in Iraq and Afghanistan today. Do you know that the Bush Admin CIA is currently funding terrorists such as al-CIA-da? The KEY to successful terrorism is FEAR. And who has spoken of and hyped "terrorism threats" to Americans more than the Bush admin. and the media? Remeber the "Intelligence" and threats by Condi Rice of mushroom clouds? Who has struck more FEAR into the hearts of Americans? That FEAR got us into Iraq. Technically they are terrorists also. The "war on terror" that Americans see is really just a diversion created by the masters of deception. Meanwhile the War raging against the middle class goes merrily on...

How do you stop faceless cowards? I mean if all terrorist went around wearing uniforms it would be easy to kill their whole group. But a terroist can be anyone.

You are absolutely right, a terrorist can be anyone! Have you ever seen the men in black with black masks doing raids in the U.S.? Perhaps you've heard of, BATF, IRS, FDA, FTC raids and such? Faceless cowards... terrorizing Americans, and it's just business as usual. This concerns me more than anything! They're already here.
Joined: 4/9/2006
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How does bush expect to stop terroism?
Posted: 7/17/2007 10:43:07 PM

And GW so far? How many?

4 Million out of country.....HOMELESS

Why don't we have them here working in meat packing or lawn care........

my grass would be GREEN with a PHD.....................

really smart people doing crap jobs........MORE than the Mexie suff........Cheaper

Every bathtub would become a shiny goal ....America

We then can kill the rest of them..........Just like we did the Commie Ba$tards....


Iraqi body count placed the invasion of Iraq casualties at about thirty thousand so I suppose that is the figure you are looking for.

Insurgents and terrorists are supposedly responsible for another forty thousand. Saddam Husein was responsible for the deaths of over a million Iraqis and then, during the sanctions while he butted heads with the UN, another half million or so. If you count his unnecessary war with Iran, another eight hundred thousand.


Are we safer????????? NO.........
We have made the middle east a NIGHTMARE>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Joined: 3/7/2005
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How does bush expect to stop terroism?
Posted: 7/19/2007 8:31:40 AM

Here's a wild thought...Pull our troops and aid from every country and tell the world that we are not gonna do shit until the terrorist groups that are a threat to us are brought to justice. Then we might see some results.

- I don't belive any of those countries need your help at all. They have got enough resources. The problem is that your government loots their resources, interferes with their affairs.
Joined: 1/3/2006
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ONE way to stop it---there are many others.
Posted: 7/22/2007 10:29:33 AM
Bush doesn't expect to stop terrorism.

He expects sheeple to vote GOP because they fear the terrorists.
Joined: 6/16/2007
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How does bush expect to stop terroism?
Posted: 7/22/2007 1:46:49 PM
You know, I'd hate to start this topic of conversation, but leanlife posted a nice list of dictators and their genocides, I think it was to show they have killed more people than the leaders of America. But, if you look at how many dictators on that list got training, funding, and a blind eye from America while they did their killing (Pinochet,Duvalier,Taylor,Amin,Savimbi,Suharto,Pol Pot, Saddam H right off the top of my tired brain), you wonder do they get included in America's so called "death toll", or are they just kills-by-proxy?

I'll admit, declaring America the biggest killer when its only existed for two centuries is a big does it get decided?
Joined: 4/9/2006
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How does bush expect to stop terroism?
Posted: 7/24/2007 2:52:37 AM
SAD that NATO is drawn into something so simple.
Every person killed belongs on GWB, or Chaney.
I HOPE they live a long lifes, When a slut is a slut or a wh0re is a wh0re, suffer. I do not trust God.

So simple, go in clean up the crap in Afganistan. Catch or kill the bad guys.
This is the greatest "F" in the Chaney/ GWB resume.

I AM Sorry to say........had these Clowns gone to school......
History could have been turned. The US owned Afghanistan, one bullet would have ended AL-Qada.

The Germans/FRENCH figured it out (NO combat).........

I hope it is the Sun Cycle that is slowing you all down IN THE NORTH..........

Joined: 5/15/2007
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How does bush expect to stop terroism?
Posted: 7/28/2007 3:29:52 PM
He doesn't expect to stop it as his main goal is to make sure it stays alive and continues so that his agenda will survive...

He wants to erode the rights of the American people and totally ignore the Constitution (its only a goddamn piece of paper) and form the One World Goverment...

And it seems funny that they are now talking about "chatter" and things they have heard indicating another possiable attack this summer in the USA, but of course, they don't mention the sources, just say intellegent sources, but then, those were the same sources that said Iraq had WMD's...
Joined: 5/15/2007
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How does bush expect to stop terroism?
Posted: 7/29/2007 5:04:15 PM

Secondly, the only rights that are being stripped away are the ones that could get in the way of unrestricted government movement. Other rights remain pretty much untouched.

You, my friend, are so misguided in your thinking...

The U.S. was founded to keep goverments in check, not give the goverment unresticted rights to do whatever it wants...

Read the Patriot Act and you will see the power bush and co have aquired...

Also, his dad is on the World Court...
Joined: 5/15/2007
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How does bush expect to stop terroism?
Posted: 7/29/2007 6:22:09 PM
^^^^ You are a total idiot and have shown nothing to back anything you say...

Plus, your not an American so whats happening here is something your not really able to totally understand...
Joined: 1/3/2006
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How does bush expect to stop terroism?
Posted: 7/30/2007 3:55:42 AM

Yeah yeah yeah, but income tax is against the US constitution, and that occurs. The manner in which government takes place is in a constant state of change. Rights have been restricted, sure, but he's not about to put people in death camps for speaking out against the government. He also have no interest in one world government because if he did he'd have to be gaining global support. So far he's done nothing but lose it.

16th Amendment.

Might want to re-read the Constitution. Or at least read it the first time.
Joined: 6/16/2007
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How does bush expect to stop terroism?
Posted: 7/30/2007 5:04:00 AM
1) Continue to kill/capture terrorists wherever they may be.

>>>Domestically, this means more support for the FBI than the Pentagon, and so far, the FBI has done better work treating terrorists as criminals, than letting the Pentagon try to go them posse comitatus style. But, guess what? There's more jobs in America for building new military devices to blow up terrorists, than there is in helping the FBI arrest criminals. Ironically, however, letting the FBI focus on domestic terrorist threats has slown down their ability to pursue org crime...which is a great subgovernment infrastructure for terrorists to buy weapons and raise $$.

2) Capture private financiers of terrorism

>>>You may be less than to thrilled to learn that our allies support terrorists. Like, Saudi Arabia. Of course, there are some private financiers, like Viktor Boot. Guess what? We hired him to ship weapons to Iraq for us, b/c of his vast airplane fleet. The State Department closed in on him, and the Pentagon asked for a stay on that until he was done shipping weapons to Afganistan for us, b/c his people knew all the landing strips, and we didn't. Our covert forces use these private banks that hide drug $$ to, well, hide our own covert financing b/c, well gee, we don't want the $$ traced to us, either :)

3) Confront financiers of terrorism that hide behind diplomatic status (i.e. Iranian Gov't Officials). And either force their government to hand them over or run covert missions to extract/kill them.

>>>We have quietly asked the Saudis to stop financing Sunni insurgents in Iraq, its part of the trips this week, but the chances are pretty slim...b/c only the Iranians want a Shiite government in Iraq. The Wahhabists in S/A helped us help the Pakistani ISI support the mujahedeen after 1979, and of course, we're now thinking of invading Pakistan. Who's gonna help us with that, if we go thru with it?

4) Fight a PR war with locals in regions that are prime for terrorist recruiting. Build schools, libraries, etc. to show that the US isn't the "white devil".

>>>Unfortunately, they don't want us building schools, so we get other friendly Muslim governments to do, um, Saudi Arabia building the madrassas in Pakistan and Afganistan

In other words, we have done all these things....and they have gotten us right where we are right now.
Joined: 6/16/2007
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How does bush expect to stop terroism?
Posted: 7/30/2007 5:07:08 AM
"Terrorism is not about government, terrorism is not about land, terrorism is about a much deeper and more chilling factor: Religious ideology"

>>>Well, unless you consider Communism to be a religion, the terrorism of the 70's and 80's by Red armies (Baader Meinhof gang, etc) and the Irish Republican Army, etc kinda kills that theory....
Joined: 7/19/2005
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How does bush expect to stop terroism?
Posted: 7/30/2007 8:30:45 AM

Completely disregards that the continuous US actions in the Middle East that have really been pissing people off over there. Massive support of Israel, for one. Military bases in Saudi Arabia that they guaranteed to remove after the first gulf war but didn't. Funding of Saddam in order to have a go at Iran. ****ing around with the Iranian government and destroying democracy over there. It's not like these actions go unnoticed in the areas in which they take place. Sure, Americans have no idea that they're going on, so to them it looks like they're getting attacked out of the blue. That's completely removed from the actual context, however, like so many things in America.

People need to pay closer attention to this. This is exactly the reason why they harbor resentment toward us, not because we allow our women to read or show our faces in public. It is because we continually meddle in their affairs.
Joined: 9/21/2006
Msg: 61
How does bush expect to stop terroism?
Posted: 7/31/2007 1:18:45 AM
How does bush expect to stop terroism?

He Doesn't The longer this "war" lasts, the more he and his friends will line their pockets with their war-profiteering
Joined: 10/6/2006
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How does bush expect to stop terroism?
Posted: 7/31/2007 7:40:16 AM
Easy by arming all other Arab countries using tax payer money.

'Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Robert Gates have arrived in Egypt as part of their Middle East trip aimed at uniting Arab allies against Iran. On Monday, the US officially announced plans to give military aid worth more than forty three billion dollars to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, and other Gulf states in an effort to boost its Middle East allies against Iran. Iran responded to the arms deal by accusing the United States of trying to further destabilize the Middle East.'

Now lets see if this one bites the U.S in the ass in the next few years.

Joined: 9/21/2006
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How does bush expect to stop terroism?
Posted: 8/2/2007 10:26:20 PM

Hey, the U.N. made us wait around for 13 MONTHS before they said we could attack him.

The UN never said that you could attack....Bush did unilaterally, with his Allies, not with UN sanction...they still decry this war as illegal...thats the main problem most of us *nut jobs* have
Joined: 9/21/2006
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How does bush expect to stop terroism?
Posted: 8/2/2007 10:57:12 PM
Thus, the action is not illegal as the UNSC take precedence over UN charter.

while i do not diasgree with this statement I do have a problem with it...kind of like saying that the army takes presidence over the constisution, no?
Joined: 9/21/2006
Msg: 69
How does bush expect to stop terroism?
Posted: 8/2/2007 11:21:46 PM
i see. Makes sense
Joined: 9/12/2007
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How does bush expect to stop terroism?
Posted: 9/26/2007 4:57:58 PM
Bush-being a terrorist-never wanted to stop terrorism. He wants to use Hitler used the Brown Shirts. The way to stop muslim terrorists is to evaporate their cities with multi megaton nukes. Other than that, we can make those we capture unable to enter castrating them. The Koran says that a man who is hurt in the stones can not enter Paradise. The muslim extremists do what they do to enter Paradise the moment they die, rather than having to sleep in the grave until the resurrection/judgement day. If they are castrated, and can't enter Paradise, they have no reason to die fighting for Allah.
Joined: 9/15/2007
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How does bush expect to stop terroism?
Posted: 9/26/2007 10:04:39 PM
How does bush expect to stop terroism?
He doesn't.

Hey, the U.N. made us wait around for 13 MONTHS before they said we could attack him.
They didn't.

kind of like saying that the army takes presidence over the constisution, no?
It doesn't?
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