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Then I guess some of us guys have a .... left (!!) mind!
Attention means nothing. We are not movie stars to want groupies! lol
What counts is something more complicated and meanigful than "attention".

Point taken... but I doubt that if a whole bunch've women were to all of a sudden throw themselves at you and bombard your inbox with "generic" email greetings, you would be on here complaining about how unimaginative and boring these women are and how you're so annoyed by their unrelenting stream of messages.
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People who just write how are you
Posted: 7/27/2007 3:40:07 PM
I myself did not always respond to all of my e-mails, but now I make sure I at least send back a hello, or a thank you...... I realize the subject is...(People who just write how are you), but I thought I would add this to let some people know, that a response is always nice!!!!!!! As for the ( How Are You??) Its ok the first time, but if after that the guy writes very , very short replies, that totally irratates me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need some insight about who they are, before numbers are exchanged!!!!!!!!
 * Succinct *
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People who just write how are you
Posted: 7/28/2007 9:30:59 AM
Amelia Marcos? Did you mean Imelda Marcos or Amelia Earhart?
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People who just write how are you
Posted: 7/28/2007 9:59:27 AM
I'm not sure why some women have such a problem with this. When I get a "Hi, How are you?" email I just check out their profile and if I interested I send them a short “Fine, how are you?” email and we go from there. If not I send them a “Thanks but no thanks”. It’s really not that complicated.
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People who just write how are you
Posted: 11/19/2007 9:12:54 PM
I must inteject , Jeep Girl......

I have only read the last 2x pages of this thread, but I must say, you typed this:

"Just b/c someone sends me an email, and I dont respond doesnt mean i'm playing games. I hate how rejected guys think a girl is playing games b/c they just arent interested in ya. Is that all ya got to bring to the table? Why not re do your profile a little better?"

****ing hello ! There is this little thing, maybe it hasn't hit Arkansas yet, but it is called common courtesy.....Why dont you take a break, find out what that is, and get back to us !

Signed- Guy who writes well-thought out, clever, and sometimes witty intro's and doesn't get a response from some women with an obvious lack of manners. If the most ugly, unattractive woman on this forum goes out of her way to send me an intro- I damn sure will respond in kind ! Commonality ! Hello !
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People who just write how are you
Posted: 11/20/2007 7:20:51 AM
I always put a little more effort into a message than a one liner, Not gonna peak someone's interest that way. Gotta remember your not the only one messaging that person. Therefore you better have something interesting to say..
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People who just write how are you
Posted: 11/26/2007 3:34:07 AM
what difference does it make what a person says?i mean you are either attracted to that person or you are not,i just don't see what is so wrong with asking how are you?i mean it's not like anyone wants to tell his/or her life story to someone they are trying to meet for starters,that takes time and trust,unless you want ot go on jerry springer or something and tell the world ,what is the point?but you have some serious problems if that bothers you so much,all i can say is good luck to you,i mean if you are that difficult of a person to talk to that someone has to unlock you with some kind of intelligent line of bs,it is no wonder you are single,why don't you go join some high-society club,or go back to college,i don't envy smart people,but i don't like to be looked down upon either,all i can say to people like you is,get lost!!!!!
Joined: 1/26/2007
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People who just write how are you
Posted: 11/26/2007 8:20:23 AM
I am not offended by the "hi, how are you?" emails, I just simply am not interested in someone that wants to chit chat. Anyone that knows me on a personal level knows I hate to do small talk. A first contact is your opportunity to sell yourself and explain why you were interested. You should do that in a very short but direct manner. As an example, the guy I am seeing now I emailed him on my space with "I read your profile and realized that it would be rude for me to not stop and say hello since you clearly said you wanted to meet me in your Who I'd Like to Meet. People tell me that not only do I smile through my eyes but that I show my entire soul through them. I also love dogs and refuse to acknowledge they ever grow up so they will always be puppies to me". Maybe I threw in one or two more things (I'm at work so I can't access it) but that's pretty close to the original email. Personal, creative, and intelligent emails get my attention.
 english lass
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People who just write how are you
Posted: 11/26/2007 8:54:49 AM
i prefer messages that say, "how are you?" to "hi" or "fancy a chat?"... it gives me something to answer.. and i don't fancy a chat with someone i don't know.. (actually i don't much like IMing with people i do know for that matter either.. lol )
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People who just write how are you
Posted: 11/26/2007 9:18:11 AM
People have different conversational styles and norms of etiquette. Relationships and friendships tend to work best when there's a reasonable match.

"How are you?" doesn't match the OP's preferences, it goes well with others'. This isn't a right/wrong issue, just different ways of doing things. I think we all need to remember that a bit more.
 Ave Caesar
Joined: 11/11/2007
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People who just write how are you
Posted: 12/5/2007 7:48:29 AM
It's just an attempt to be courteous. Maybe you don't like courtesy.
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People who just write how are you
Posted: 12/5/2007 8:08:21 AM

I just simply am not interested in someone that wants to chit chat.
But yet you want to meet them?

I hope you know sign language. I hear it's the 'new' thing.

Why would I meet someone that just wants idle chit chat? I don't meet them. What gave you the idea that I did? :)

Chit chat is defined by myself as "hi, how are you" "don't you hate this weather?" "how was your day?" "so what are you big plans for the weekend?" etc.

Conversation is much more intense and meaningful. Talking about things going on the world and feelings on subjects. Talking about things we have in common (ie TV, music, computers, games and etc) and actually making a connection of some sort.

I am not going to connect with anyone on any level from a silly conversation about the snow today.
Joined: 10/16/2005
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People who just write how are you
Posted: 12/5/2007 11:18:35 AM

consider it an icebreaker and I reply..."Good, and you?"

I never get a response to THAT! wtf?

I know girl, I know - same here! Weirdos I tell ya!
Joined: 1/26/2007
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People who just write how are you
Posted: 12/5/2007 4:06:22 PM
No one is asking for pages, we're asking for a few sentences and something that shows you did more than just look at the picture. Quality not quantity matters and saying "hi" is neither.
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People who just write how are you
Posted: 12/5/2007 6:19:46 PM
Why do we men have to "prove that"? It goes without saying that we looked the whole profile.

LOL, you really give people too much credit. If you only saw the things that guys say I guess. :) I can truly say you're naive if you think that most men are reading our profiles.

hi means I read you profile and I like it and if you read my profile and you like it too, say so too via "fine, thanks, how are you?".

You know, I think if you had read my profile or anything I've said here even... you'd realize that that doesn't say that to me. If you liked my profile then you need to address me in an intelligent manner and not generic banter than anyone can say. If you can't find anything to comment on in my profile or ask a question about then I think you've shown me that you don't meet the things I say I'm looking for in a man and that we probably have nothing in common.

Have some people forgotten how it works IRL?

No, we haven't forgoten. You just haven't been open minded enough to realize that some of us aren't into the bar scene and picking up people based on looks. Some of us actually judge a man by what he says and does rather than how he smiles.

What baffles me though is that you yourself say you're not into chit chat, but here you are encouraging it. Why? You're not into one night stands or materialism either... so why in the world would you just say one simple generic line to a woman you're trying to impress? You're clearly intelligent, why would you not let that shine first and foremost??
Joined: 1/26/2007
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People who just write how are you
Posted: 12/5/2007 6:26:25 PM

I see it as a show of interest and an ice breaker. Just as being out in public.

Well, if it were someone in public I'd just nod and keep on walking. I wouldn't stop and talk to them just because they said hello to me. I never have been that type, so why should I start doing that here and now on the internet? If a stranger wants me to stop and talk to them then they too need to tell me something interesting to get me to pause and give them a minute.
Joined: 1/26/2007
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People who just write how are you
Posted: 12/5/2007 8:27:28 PM
nzeus, are you suggesting that I say that "women feel" instead of "I feel"? I will not speak for others, I merely gave you my own personal opinion. After all that is what happens in conversations. I can only speak about my own personal experiences. If I am not allowed to tell you what I personally thought about what you said then this wouldn't be a discussion now would it?

As for bringing up your profile, much of this topic is about that. There is nothing taboo about involving what a person states in their profile as evidence in a topic discussion. If you're posting in your real personality and opinion (which is implied in your profile by suggesting potential women read your last 25 posts) then it does have everything to do with who you are and why you say the things you do here. A large number of the posters here do read others profiles when responding to a topic of considerable thought. It helps in putting what they have said into context.

I have not denied that some people are okay with with chit chat and random "hi" messages. There is nothing close minded in saying that I personally do not appreciate them and will never respond to them. I have never made any claim that it isn't an appropriate way to meet an average girl, I have only said it is not a good way to meet or impress me and get a response.

But hey kettle, you just lectured me in public and told me I have bad manners... I think that counts as personal remarks. :)

And as for the comment about the street or bar, where else are you going to randomly see me and just say hi? Anywhere else I hang out at would involve an appropriate conversation because we'd both be there to do the same type of activities and wouldn't be an exchange of pleasantries. If you were at a gaming convention or a board gaming club and I saw you, I still would not stop and chat if all you said was "hi". It doesn't matter where you are or where I see a person that does this, I'm not interested in talking about the weather. since you don't like my examples of where this most commonly happens then feel free to design a scenario where you think I might influenced differently by this method of introduction.
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People who just write how are you
Posted: 12/5/2007 8:30:54 PM
Yesss!!!! I hate those emails, they're so effortless and annoying.

Great post girl!
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People who just write how are you
Posted: 12/5/2007 8:37:22 PM
How about sending it like this " High" how are you?
Joined: 1/26/2007
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People who just write how are you
Posted: 12/5/2007 8:38:43 PM
No bart, you messed that up... it's more like High, how ru? I'm doing grate.
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People who just write how are you
Posted: 12/5/2007 8:41:42 PM
Yup,you got me there,I did'nt take it far!!
Joined: 10/16/2005
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People who just write how are you
Posted: 12/5/2007 8:57:24 PM

The comment on a profile will come with mail No. 2.

I might be the only woman here who disagrees with this, perhaps it's regional or due to the fact that MOST that e-mail you have no idea there are forums on this site, but I have almost NEVER gotten a return response the second time that had anything to do with my profile.

If they respond at all, it's with questions to information that is posted in my profile, which of course screams that they haven't read any of it (or been interested enough to retain or reread anything).

Some guys have even gone so far as to tell me they don't bother reading profiles because they can find out what they need to know by talking to someone - well, if I posted it, I'm not going to repeat it for those who don't feel like looking it up. Some have actually said "it's all BS anyway, so I don't bother reading it", yet they still think you'd show interest in them and want to continue talking.

Am I the only one who gets these people?
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People who just write how are you
Posted: 12/5/2007 9:04:03 PM
I put this on my profile to avoid some email;

"I won't respond to one line emails unless you are telling me you are super rich, you are super hot or you want my body."

I don't get much email at all now
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People who just write how are you
Posted: 12/5/2007 9:26:32 PM
that cracked me up!!
i'm going to have to do that from now on!
Joined: 1/26/2007
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People who just write how are you
Posted: 12/6/2007 12:34:49 PM
^^^ My profile does say that... it says I like men that know how to be in control. It also says that they must be intelligent.

I think that takes us back to the subject that I doubt they really read my profile.
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