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Thunderstorms! Page 4 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)
^ I have been following the story closely being my best friend currently lives in Lawton.
Last news I recieved was nine of the dead are children. That is tragic any way I see it.
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Posted: 5/21/2013 2:57:24 PM
Best thunder and lighting show I ever saw was a long time ago on ST Vincent . Their volcano was erupting and there was like a heavy steam cloud around the top and you could see the lighting in that steam . Just standing there you could feel the air shake . Mother nature can be impressive at times . Was 5 miles away from it , think it covered the whole end of the island in a couple foot of ash . We were evacuating the people .
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Posted: 5/21/2013 3:34:45 PM
When they happen over Lake Ontario I have a ring side seat. Truly a thing of natures beauty and power.
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Posted: 5/22/2013 5:43:10 AM
Loved it in the city...the smell of the ionized air before and the feel of the breeze that let you know something wet was coming...the sky would change, and so would the lighting...I had a big picture window overlooking trees, would watch the pine branches sway and then listen to the fat raindrops tink tink tink on the metal airconditioner before they'd pat pat pat splatter on the window.

then the thunder would come. You could predict it before it happened, and then wait patiently. Long ago I realized surge protectors in every plug was the answer after losing a 56K modem, so no real fear. No more than riding a motorcyle--something may go wrong, but you take precautions and the odds go down rather than you.

Those are the times I do miss not having someone around, its like wasted potential :) Its the best white background noise.
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Posted: 5/22/2013 9:32:23 AM
Lightening is kewl *huh huh*, and I lucked out to actually get a picture of it once...was trying to capture the sunset thru the dark clouds, and when I got the photo developed, there it was, the proverbial bolt of blue.

The odds of it hitting you, however, are about the same as hitting Powerball, if I remember correctly. Assuming you don't stand in waterpuddles or some such increaser of your odds :) I'd rather pull a lass up to her feet by weaving my fingers in her's and bringing her to close to do what's natural in the face of nature's energy, then worry about getting zapped...but each their own :)
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Posted: 5/22/2013 1:43:18 PM
Don't care for them myself.

From a distance, as in driving across southern NoDak and watching a squall line further to the south all lit up with lightning dancing down to the ground - that was an awesome display; but only from a distance.

Up close, t'storms set my teeth on edge. Got caught in one in VA back in the 70's and took shelter in a hardware store - a sudden down draft slammed into the store front sending shards of plate glass everywhere. People were walking around bleeding and some with glass still embedded.

No, I don't care for thunder storms at all.

[Interesting that this thread is current - we are in the midst of a thunder storm right now, rolling thunder and the intermittent flash. Guess I'm not working in the garden today!]
Posted: 5/22/2013 3:23:46 PM
Tarnished Knight:

Yea, for some, at least for me, this is one of those love/hate things. I won't avoid or deny what I think is beauty and awesomeness in a thunderstorm, and I'd rather that we still see certain kinds or degrees of weather, reminds me that Earth is still alive...but I also don't want anybody to ever get hurt in a storm. Hate it when a storm messes up people's lives.
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Posted: 5/22/2013 3:44:41 PM
Wow drinkthesunwithmyface, you have a much closer experience that I do with this storm. I'm a whole nation away and still feel the sting.

Been keeping a pulse on the news the last couple of days and what a mess. I reviewed one video where a woman was reporting her experience and relayed that her dog was still missing. Momentarily, her dog emerged from the rubble ... on camera. It lifted the spirits for sure, but man-oh-man what a sad state. Had me, and I'm sure a whole heck of a lot of other people, in tears.

Today I am reading that infants have perished. What a disaster.
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