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Joined: 4/3/2008
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It is alive , so there is no doubt it is taking a life. If I drown a baby kitten its taking a life.

I know woman that have had abortions and are very depressed about it. A few adults I know that were adopted would probably not exist now if the abortions were as common 40 years ago as they are today. Many couple trying to adopt wait along time now to find a child.

There are other options if one finds them self in an unwanted pregnancy. One should look into them before you make a decision. Its only a choice if its an informed decision. Half the time its the Boyfriend, parents , teacher, social workers, planned parenthood that coheres
the girl in to the procedure. Is that choice?
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Posted: 4/24/2008 7:06:53 PM
I know women who have had abortions and are ecstatic that their lives are unencumbered by unwanted children.
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Posted: 4/25/2008 6:49:28 PM

It is alive , so there is no doubt it is taking a life. If I drown a baby kitten its taking a life.

Blowing your nose takes millions of lives - little tiny ones. Its a matter of perspective.

Its a personal choice. Who are we to say what another person should do with their body, especially when we are ignorant of their circumstances?
 lets chase rainbows
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Posted: 4/25/2008 7:12:06 PM
The Pig knew what he was about putting this one out there.....

Pro-choice all the way.....

And my question for pro-lifers is now and had always been that if they take away this option, what alternatives are they willing and able to provide to support this new life that comes into the world? I hear too much rhetoric about taking a life, and not nearly enough information about how they are going to make that life count and be wonderful. Hmmmmm..... something else to ponder.
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Posted: 8/13/2008 6:47:30 PM
If it is alright for a woman to abort a baby under any circumstance then in the future would it be alright for women to abort their babies who will be born with severe disabilities?
Or how about a baby that will be born with red hair?
Or since many believe homosexuals are born that way if a "gay gene" is identified would it be ok to abort these babies?
Is there a line to be drawn?
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Posted: 8/13/2008 9:06:05 PM
Here is my story...
I was 17 and in grade 12 and I made a mistake. I chose to have unprotected sex. Now I'll tell you all that the man I was with did not ejaculate...we stopped before it had gotten to that point. A few weeks later, I found out I was pregnant. I lived in a small town and did not know about the morning after pill. At this time, I was living 5 hours away from the nearest hospital that performed abortions. I did not tell my parents and I felt as though I had no choices. I knew that I was not capable of raising a child. I couldn't make the 5 hour trip as it would have to be an overnight stay and I knew I couldn't explain that to my folks. I chose to do everything in my power to force an abortion. I beat my stomach till I was black and blue, I ran myself ragged to the point when I couldn't move, and I thought horrible, hateful thoughts. Eventually a few weeks later, I miscarried. I don't know what caused the miscarriage...maybe it was the combination things I tried. All I know is that the pain and anguish of what I did to myself stayed with me. Things have changed since then and now the nearest hospital would be only 2 hours away. I think I would have preferred to have an abortion. I know that there would have been pain and anguish, and part of me thinks that it would've been "easier" than what I did to myself. I have a very open view on abortion and I think that every person has their own story. What makes me the most angry now is that outside of our hospital, people picket, protesting abortion. I always wonder, if they have adopted the unwanted, abused and unloved children waiting to be chosen? Have the people who picket outside the hospital voluntered their time to women's shelters or group homes? Are those people who look down upon others, trying to help women in their most desperate hour, or are they just there to judge and add to the problem??
That was my story...I'm not proud of it, but it's a part of me.
Joined: 5/27/2008
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Posted: 8/13/2008 9:15:42 PM
^^^your story is not unlike many others I am sure. You are just part of a history that exist for many women, in many different circumstances, in many different life times.

I believe like in everything in life there should be choices. Without choices, devastion can be the outcome whether its pro choice or pro life.

Today women are required to have an ultra sound prior to the final decision to abort. I think this fits in with the middle of the road concept for both sides. It will be interesting to see if the statistics change in any way with more ultra sounds being done. Many may find it harder to let go of the pregnancy when it becomes real to them (this is for the cases of I am young or single, not for the I have been raped).

It would be a very sad day in the history of Canada, if our right to choose is taken away. Education, support, alternatives and yes ultra sounds should be all part of the equation, but ultimately choice is an important factor.

I know I could never stand in front of a woman that was raped and tell her she was morally wrong for wanting to end the pregnancy. That would just be sick !

Joined: 6/5/2008
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Posted: 8/13/2008 9:16:05 PM
kelowna gal

Thank you for sharing what is obviously a deeply personal story.

It is so very regrettable that you, barely a young woman, had to torture and abuse yourself so and carry your burden in silence.

It is unfortunate that you felt you couldn't take your problem to your parents. Some parents are not very understanding, forgiving and do not give love unconditionally.

I am definitely in the "Pro Choice" camp. Women have every right to determine this very crucial aspect of their lives.
 Not Man Pretty
Joined: 8/2/2008
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Posted: 8/13/2008 9:41:56 PM
Andrew Coyne of Macleans magazine is trying to stir up the abortion issue again. I'm
guessing he's looking for an election issue for his pal, PM Harper. If Harper is smart,
he'll stay away from the abortion question.
Women won't be dictated to about abortion, nor should they.

I'm Pro Choice.
Joined: 4/17/2008
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Posted: 8/13/2008 10:36:44 PM
I'm a mixed bag on this:

-as if 7 BILLION people isn't enough

-wouldn't it be nice if we lived in tribes and sex when your body is ready to reproduce was treated as natural and done (usually) within a loving commitment because the people know the commitment a new baby brings to the maintanance of livable conditions not to mention survival for the WHOLE VILLAGE (not to mention had the help of the Village to raise the child...remember that old saying)

BUT since that isn't the case anymore (sigh)....

-I never would have thought I'd get an abortion till I did....reason being I love children so much and wanted them from an early age and boy howdy I had my first at 22 with my first relationship.....who btw was also the father of my second and what would have been my third...but he was not nice to me (*coughabusivecough*) and I was actually putting into the works my plan to leave him (after ten years) and that baby would have arrived the MONTH I was planning to leave with the kids....ain't that a coinky-dink ?! (or rather, synchronicity)

My littlest was only a year when I for the first and only time accidentally got pregnant ...and i had strong intuition HE would need to be the BABY for much longer

Well howdy doo, I was right, he's AUTISTIC

how good a mom would I be able to be to my two beautiful darlings, especially with my youngest being autistic, as a SINGLE mom? Or would I have just STAYED in the abusive relationship that I got into because I had no better sense or role modelling at age 21 cuz this society is fekked?

I dunno. I think I drastically improved my life and my two children's lives, and am able to be a much better mom to the two I have now , because I aborted the third.

Screw it! This society is so messed up. Thank goodness clean safe abortions *are* available.
Until we as a society find a way to FIX the REASON people HAVE UNWANTED pregnancies (oh, they've all been listed; rape, abusive relationship, lack of education, lack of foresight due to poor education, lack of role modelling, emotional issues that make a young teen sleep around, lack of parenting skills, money, or ability to raise a child) I think abortion should remain legal.

It's a crappy enough choice to have to make.

Like I said, let's do the old "ounce of prevention" part ....nevermind providing inept people a way to raise their unwanted children....let's figure out WHY they are inept and fix THAT

maybe then there won't BE any unwanted kids (or fewer)

BTW? I aborted, and did leave in the month it would have been due, and am a success story, and I am positive I massively changed (for the better) the lives of the kids I *do* have already.....that INCLUDES showing my daughter there is a way of life other than being with men who treat you like crap (and perhaps, accidentally getting pregnant by one of them)

and I never looked back

the end
 Black Sapphire
Joined: 7/30/2008
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Posted: 8/14/2008 6:43:21 AM
I find it strange that abortion is legal, it is terminating a life whether people like to accept that fact or not. On the flip side, when a person assists another in a suicide it's called murder. (remember the father that killed his severley disabled daughter , it was in the news a few years ago?) At that point it was the father that had the choice to terminate a life. Who actually has the right to decide when a life is a life worth living?????
Joined: 6/5/2008
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Posted: 8/14/2008 7:02:10 AM
black sapphire ^^

I think we need to consider quality of life over and above all else.

I will side for higher quality of life, not for more living humans, regardless of how poor quality of life the wretched soul may have to endure.

If abortion will provide the mother higher quality of life, or having the baby will degrade it, then I support the abortion.

If terminating the life of someone in agony then I support it.

I watched my mother die of A.L.S. over the course of two years. Her last few months were horrible. It was very heart-breaking to helplessly watch her agonizing slide into death. I completely understood her wish to die. When Sue Rodriguez made her legal challenge for the right to die via assisted suicide she had my support.

Ultimately I believe we as as caring and compassionate society, in a nation where population numbers steadily grow, if we have to make a choice, it should be the choice for quality, not quantity.
Joined: 5/27/2008
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Posted: 8/14/2008 7:04:01 AM
Black Saphhire^^^ I don't think that its a case of people not wanting to accept the realities of what abortion is, rather its accepting that without that option for some we could be watching the death of two rather than one. Do some research and I am sure you will find that prior to the day of assisted abortions there were many women that took their own lives because they could not emotionally and in some cases physically deal with the potential pregnancy. So then what do we have?

I live a balanced life when it comes to ethical decisions such as these. I am pro life and I am pro choice. I think that each circumstance should be treated on an individual basis.

Ultimately, I do not see myself as having the right to own the power to tell someone else they have no choice, I always wonder why others think they do??

I would like to see those crazy pro lifers stand up face to face with a women brutally raped and tell her she has to carry the unwanted pregnancy. As I said in a previous me that would be just plain sick ! Back to the " I have the right to take away your choice" NOT!!!! Her right has been taken away once already, why would any one want to repeat that and still call themselves Pro Life !


it is terminating a life whether people like to accept that fact or not
 Black Sapphire
Joined: 7/30/2008
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Posted: 8/14/2008 9:10:34 PM
Don't think I actually said in my post that I was for or against abortion. Ultimately it's a personal choice of those involved. Not really sure chloe & OR what I would do in that situation, how would I chose? You never know till you have to cope with it!
Joined: 8/11/2008
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Posted: 8/15/2008 10:38:34 AM
I would never have one because it goes against my morals non-religious personal feelings about responsibility and resepct for human life. However, I'm one of the rare few who supports a woman's right to choose in spite of my personal feelings and I would spit in the face of anyone arrogant enough to feel they have the right to tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body. And you religious whackos can take you bibles, your torahs, your korans and cram them up your puckered little hypocrite asses. Nothing worse than some right wing windbag who wants to take tell others how to live. And why is that they're always the ones getting caught diddling kids of giving some dude a hummer in public washroom? Puh-leeze...give us all a break and shut the f**k up.
Joined: 10/19/2007
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Posted: 8/15/2008 10:48:35 AM
^^^ holy sheepshite ^^^ Quite the outspoken young rascal above me. Kudos!!

I think that for any of us to speak to this issue, we should have some first hand knowledge of the subject. I don't give a rats a$$ what state or church may say on this issue... it's about CHOICE.
Joined: 4/9/2008
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Posted: 8/15/2008 5:09:56 PM
I'm pro-choice, definitely. However, obviously one should take adequate precautions, I don't think anybody is arguing against that (except for Catholics). Even if you disagree with abortion, it's far better to have it legal, in safe regulated settings. Otherwise it will be driven underground (as was the case for a long time in many countries).

Better to abort an unwanted baby then to have that child have a crappy life I think. There are already far too many foster kids who are unable to get adopted and have stable family situations.

In the end I think it's irresponsible to ban abortion simply because of some people's moral sensitivities, when the affects on lives of many could be disastrous! But that's just my opinion.
Joined: 7/26/2008
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Posted: 8/18/2008 12:27:22 AM
lol LOVE IT!!!

usually the cloed minded should have been, lol
Joined: 7/26/2008
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Posted: 8/18/2008 12:33:38 AM
" do think the fathering partner should have a choice to say, I want the child I will raise it on my own and not ever ask the mother donator for support or help..

Men can not have babies so men should have a say if they create."

men can impregnate any woman, whine I want the baby and then she has it. Then what? The man is fake and runs, saying screw you I don't want the baby? I dont think so. It is a womans choice whether or not she wants this kind of responsibility with or without the sperm donor.
Joined: 7/26/2008
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Posted: 8/18/2008 12:55:30 AM
DO NOT ever COMPARE a child to an animal. People have brains and are responsible for their choices, also people are stupid enough to not fix the problem when it comes to kittens. Cold hearted *itch!
 Jem Doll
Joined: 6/18/2008
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Posted: 8/18/2008 10:16:58 AM
I'll have to agree with the majority on here. For whatever the reason may be, too young, socio-economic class, how it was conceived all play a big part in decisions.

There are a substantial amount of people out there who go through pregnancies who aren't able/capable or mature enough to raise a child in a healthy living environment.

I don't want to place the label out there because not everyone is the same.. But due to some of these pregnancies that individuals go through it's truly amazing how many youth of today come out normal .. or dysfunctional.

On another note: I really hate whatever church it is that pickets on Broadway and Commercial Drive Friday afternoons. Their posters and signs with aborted fetuses and captions that the baby isn't given the same chance unfair.

#1. Not only are the pictures depicted disgusting and crude, but I believe in the long run are pretty distasteful and harmful for the abundance of young children who have to walk by them.
#2. It's all fine and dandy to stand up for what you believe in and have a peaceful assembly - but go downtown where the big wigs are and see what they say ;)
Joined: 2/14/2007
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Posted: 8/19/2008 10:35:45 AM
A month ago I was thinking of menopause ..since I'm almost 49...and pregnancy was the farthest idea from my mind. There I sat looking at the pregnancy test wand with 2 lines...after 3 more pregnancy tests with + signs, double lines or color changes...I still sat there in disbelief...I was pregnant. If it had been 20 or 30 years earlier, my new husband and I would have been ecstatic, but there we were considering our options.

I remember the days when abortion wasn't even a consideration if you wanted to stay alive. After doing a bit of research, we decided on a medical termination, which is taking the pill Mifepristone (RU486). I went to the office last Thursday. I was certainly the oldest there but the room was full with other pregnant women and their support person. The medical staff did a sonogram, vaginal sonogram, let me look at the picture even asked if I wanted to take a picture home. It was an oval about the size of an eraser on a pencil. They counseled me about my decision, what I'm going to use until menopause, and what will happen after I take the pill. The doctor sat next to me and placed a cup of water and a pill in front of me and said "If you take this pill, there is no going back." I felt as if I was in the Matrix movie. After taking the pill, if it doesn't stop the pregnancy, it has to be surgically removed because there could be birth defects. I took the pill. I said goodbye to the spirit of my child and hoped that I would know them if ever I run into them in another body. I had already been slightly bleeding the previous week, it would have been my time for my normal period. Who knows, maybe I would have had a miscarriage anyway. The next day, I took the 4 remaining pills to start the expelling of my uterine lining and the little spot that represented my child. I watched closely each time I went to the bathroom. I never saw anything more unusual than a normal period. My husband stayed with me through the entire weekend. Taking care of any need I had. It was an amazing bonding time for us under these circumstances.

I'm just thankful that we had the choice and the earlier you make the decision the easier it is on your body.
Joined: 10/19/2007
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Posted: 8/19/2008 5:54:31 PM
the post above was an interesting and extremely difficult read for me. It's an amazing description of what must have been a very trying experience for thisisbj and her significant other.

Thank you for sharing it as it adds a very personal side to a difficult subject.
Joined: 6/5/2008
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Posted: 8/19/2008 7:27:42 PM
Twice today I started response to thisisbj's post above and each time the right combination words failed to form and I had to cancel. Yet I wanted to acknowledge what was likely a difficult post to write.

So I will merely say that yep, what guido said. I couldn't and wouldn't say it any better.
Joined: 5/27/2008
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Posted: 8/19/2008 8:36:39 PM

One of the many more difficult moments in the lives of women every where.....

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