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Appetizer Competition Party - looking for recipe suggestionsPage 2 of 8    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
Have you tried procuttio wrapped scollops cooked on a flat grill ,with a balsamic sugar reduction. You can hold them together with a toothpick and this also adds to the appearance.
Another favourite of mine is an oyster topped with half a prawn (cut lenthways and deviened), a dollop of garlic butter, then grilled until cooked, finish with a small amount of julienne smoked salmon. This one is simple but it just works.
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Appetizer Competition Party - looking for recipe suggestions
Posted: 8/17/2007 10:26:25 PM
Hot Crab Dip
(Very easy, and very yummy!)

1 package (8 ounces) cream cheese, softened
1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1/4 cup medium green onions, thinly sliced
1/4 cup mayonnaise
2 teaspoons sugar
1 garlic clove, finely chopped
1 can (6 ounces) crabmeat, drained, cartilage removed and flaked (15% leg meat)
Cayenne pepper (optional)

1. Heat oven to 375°F. Mix all ingredients except crabmeat and crackers in medium bowl until well blended. Stir in crabmeat.
2. Spread crabmeat mixture in ungreased pie plate, 9x1 1/4 inches, or shallow 1-quart casserole. Sprinkle lightly with cayenne pepper.
3. Bake uncovered 15 to 20 minutes or until hot and bubbly. Serve with crackers or vegetables (Carrots and celery).
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Appetizer Competition Party - looking for recipe suggestions
Posted: 8/17/2007 10:28:54 PM
I forgot another one.

I don't know exact measurements.


Small jar of Apricot Jam (I use smuckers)
Jar of tomatoe sauce (I use prego)
Package of frozen meat balls

throw it all in a pot, and warm it up til the meatballs are heated and done. It is better to use a crock pot for it, makes the flavors better.
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Appetizer Competition Party - looking for recipe suggestions
Posted: 8/17/2007 11:41:36 PM
This is not cheap to make, great for sm. dinner parties.

lg. Portabella mushrooms (1-2 per person)

5 or more (20-35 ct.) shrimp per portabella

8+ oz jar roasted red peppers, drained, slivered or or pureed then add cajun seasoning to taste

1 lb. Mozzarella cheese grated

8+ oz. freshly grated Parmasean cheese

coarse chopped fresh basil

cook the shrimp with lots of Old bay seasoning, shell and take tails off.
you can also strain the shrimp stock, reduce it and add cream and parmesean cheese (basically shrimp flavored Alfredo) , reduce more for a tasty pink shrimp sauce to pour over the finished caps or under (see below).

mix the peppers and basil well then just cover the bottom of the mushrooms.
next, mix the 2 cheeses and cover the peppers. arrange the shrimp in spirals (tails in center) around the cheese then broil until the cheese melts.

I also have used a decent bed of baby spinach drizzled w/ shrimp sauce for a better presentation
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Appetizer Competition Party - looking for recipe suggestions
Posted: 8/19/2007 3:51:37 AM
Off Topic Posting removed. Thanks to those who remained on topic.
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Appetizer Competition Party - looking for recipe suggestions
Posted: 8/21/2007 4:01:59 AM
I didn't read through ALL the posts, though I intend to ((just too tired right now)...but there is a simple, yet not too cheap appetizer that I used to make that was a great hit every time...

soak waterchestnuts on soy sauce (I usually added a tad of white vinegar also)
then wrap them in bacon (I used to use parital pieces to be able to make more) and wrap the bacon using toothpicks to keep them together and microwave them on high (depends on the nuker) untils starting to crisp...flip and microwave the other side. Add mushroom slices and/or fresh cheese to melt with it and you will be a hit!!!!
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Appetizer Competition Party - looking for recipe suggestions
Posted: 8/24/2007 1:20:36 PM
Minced cooked shrimp . flavorid with a dash of creole seasoning. blended with cream cheese and served with wheat crackers. quick and easy.. Peace
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Appetizer Competition Party - looking for recipe suggestions
Posted: 8/24/2007 8:20:44 PM
I have dabbled in making pastry, Never seems to cum out quite right, I have since stuck with the pillsbury dough boy stuff, tehetehetehe, I do however slice it in small portions, Then ad a special recipe a friend sent me.

Take a cheese grater, grate up some bologna, Add some sweet relish, Mayo, bit of mustard, Chopped onion, and whatever else you may like to add.

Some Irish friends were having a wake. Asked if I could bring something , An appetizer later on, I thought this was a silly idea to make for this occasion but went ahead and made it, My pantry was not as well stocked at the time. Yes it was a simple dish, It did however take some pertiquing to get it just right.

I keep improving it as many friends ask me to bring the same dish to their event.

Competition recipe?, I can not say as I'm a simple guy that just enjoys good stuff.
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Appetizer Competition Party - looking for recipe suggestions
Posted: 8/27/2007 12:45:50 PM
I'd be throwing down some pretty freaking fantastic Crabcakes with tomato Romalaude, I think I spelled that right. Now I don't particularly care for seafood but this stuff I can and have eaten all day long.

I don't know though...... Kelly I might have to try that Bologna recipe. I could stuff that bologna.

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Appetizer Competition Party - looking for recipe suggestions
Posted: 8/27/2007 3:19:08 PM
I'll have to dig around for it, but I'll get it later and post it.

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Appetizer Competition Party - looking for recipe suggestions
Posted: 8/27/2007 8:54:17 PM
Bacon wrapped steamed asperagus with toasted seasame seeds.

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Appetizer Competition Party - looking for recipe suggestions
Posted: 8/28/2007 2:40:02 PM
You ask... I deliver, well most of the time anyway.

Years ago I had some friends that opened up the Avalon Grill in Portland OR. Right on the Willamette River. Supposedly a very trendy place. Well as a lot of people find out when running a resturaunt, when it goes, it usually makes a big spash, but when it doesn't..... it goes down a shit slide very quickly.

However at their opening, a big a$$ swanky affair, I had a chance to sample the best crab cakes ever. Now the deal is...... I usually cannot stand seafood and don't eat it, but I was persuaded to try these, let me tell you friends you could not eat just one. Somehow I was able to get the recipe from the chef who was originally from the Louisiana (sp) Bayou area.

Crab cakes with Sun Dried Tomatoe Remoulade

#1 For the crabcakes

Dice the following 4 very finely
1 yellow onion
1 red burmuda onion
1 yellow bell pepper
1 pablano pepper

Saute onions and peppers in 1 tbls olive oil until onions are clear and set aside to cool and drain in a colander. Let cool about 20 minutes.

2 lbs dungeness crab picked clean
2 eggs separated
1 3/4 cups Parmesan Bread crumbs
1/2 cup heavvy cream
3/4 tsp kosher salt
1 1/2 tsp white pepper ground
2 dashes each of red and green Tobasco
1/2 cup peanut oil for frying.

Combine meat gently with cooled onions and peppers, yolks, bread crumbs and heavy cream. Blend very carefully to avoid breaking up meat. Add salt and pepper and tobasco and mix gently and evenly.

roll into 2 1/2 oz patties place into beaten egg whites, allow excess to drain off them. Place in flour and panfry in the peanut oil aprox. 2 minutes each side. Dip in Remoulade sauce.

Sun Dried Tomato Remoulade Sauce

3 stalks celery minced
1/2 cup Red and green pepper minced
1/4 cup Red burmuda onion
1/4 cup chopped parsley
2 1/2 cup Mayo
1 1/2 cup creole mustard **
1/2 cup minced green onion
1/4 cup paprika
1 1/4 tsp cayenne ( I dare you to try 160 h.u.)
1/2 tsp white pepper ground
drain 1/3 c. Sundried tomatos packed in oil and mince them finely.

** Whole ground or Brown mustard may be substituted.

place all veggies in blender of food processor chop well. Mix with all the rest of the ingredients in a bowl and wire whip until well mixed. Seal in a container, date and refrigerate.

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Appetizer Competition Party - looking for recipe suggestions
Posted: 8/30/2007 8:54:02 PM
Well back in the Stoneage (I was in high school) We had an oriental cooking class they introduced us to this chinese noodle that you fried up. When they were ready.. they were quite spiney and crispy. I cannot remember what they were called, but I will look around. I still may have a package of them somewhere if I did not throw them out. Something like that might work.

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Appetizer Competition Party - looking for recipe suggestions
Posted: 8/30/2007 11:40:42 PM
OK I actually found what I was talking about. They are called rice sticks, and there are a few ways of cooking them, the one way we did learn was to fry them in oil and let them drain and they were ready to use. They were hard and crunchy and just might help your presentation.

I would look in any asian specialty foods store. Don't know if you can get them at the regular grocery store though. The ones I have are most likely over 25 years old, LOL so I doubt they are still good, but I am kind of tempted to try them myself. It's been a long time.

If anybody else knows the longevity of chinese rice sticks maybe you can help me out. Or maybe I'll just buy another package.

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Appetizer Competition Party - looking for recipe suggestions
Posted: 9/1/2007 11:51:09 AM
well this is a simple recipe with simple ingredients, but has been a hit for years

I would not be allowed at a fmily gathering without them!

Hanky Panky's

equal parts hamburger and hot breakfast sausage browned together and drained.
Velveeta cheese
cocktail rye bread

garlic powder
onion powder
crushed red pepper

add enough velveeta to the meat to make kind of a spread, mix in the spices and spread on the****ail rye.

then you can freeze them and to serve put under a broiler for about 3-4 minutes


I usually use about a pound each of meat and cheese and about a tbsp of each of the spices probably two of the oregano.

makes about 50 slices. never any leftovers.
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Appetizer Competition Party - looking for recipe suggestions
Posted: 9/3/2007 2:34:10 PM
Super simple but, very elegant appy.
Asparagus spears wrapped in phyllo pastry.
Fresh asparagus (steamed) still a little crunchy
1 pkg bousin cheese (any flavor)- room temp
1 pkg phyllo pastry
melted butter
- Take 1 sheet of phyllo and brush lightly w/ butter
- Fold into 3rd's,then smear w/ a thin layer of cheese
- start at one end and add asparagus spear, roll up . You can have the tip of theasparagus poke out on one end if you like. Place on an oiled baking sheet. Brush all rolls w/ melted butter and bake in hot oven (400) for approx 8 - 11 min.
Serve shortly after baking. Enjoy!
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Appetizer Competition Party - looking for recipe suggestions
Posted: 9/6/2007 2:04:22 PM
You are welcome to use my recipe of hors d'oeuvres made with sausage, morels, cucumber & cream cheese but will need to go to my cooking blog to read and view it, just tighten it up and put in the dots.

morel cooking dot blog dot com
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Appetizer Competition Party - looking for recipe suggestions
Posted: 9/6/2007 4:47:49 PM
So many culinary delights here. I think i'll start simple and try the shredded meat with relish and mayo dish. Thank's for that one Kelly.
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Appetizer Competition Party - looking for recipe suggestions
Posted: 9/7/2007 9:48:02 AM
if you really wanna win this thing, make some Salteñas

(50 salteñas)

1 cup lard or margarine
1 cup ground spicy red pepper (cayenne) mixed with water
½ tablespoon ground cumin
½ tablespoon black ground pepper
½ tablespoon crumbled oregano
1½ tablespoon salt
2 cups white onion, cut into small cubes
1½ cups green onion, finely chopped
3 pounds lean meat, cut into small cubes
1 cup potato, peeled, cooked, and cut into small cubes
½ cup cooked green peas
¼ cup granulated sugar
½ tablespoon vinegar
½ cup parsley, finely chopped
2 spoonfuls unflavored gelatin dissolved in 3 cups water
½ black olive per salteña
3 raisins per salteña
1 slice of boiled egg per salteña

1. In a casserole add the margarine and the spicy red pepper. Set to boil over high heat until the margarine separates from the pepper. Next add cumin, ground black pepper, oregano, and salt. Let cook for ten minutes over low heat so that the mixture does not stick. Stir constantly. Next add the white onion and let it cook for five more minutes. Finally add the green onion.
2. Remove the casserole from the heat, add the sugar, vinegar, parsley, potato and cooked peas.
3. In another casserole add the three gelatin cups. Let it cook over high heat and as soon as it starts to boil, add the meat. Mix quickly and remove from the heat.
4. Mix the first preparation with the gelatin and meat. Let it cool in the refrigerator one night or until it thickens. If wanted, add the olives, raisins and egg before it thickens or add them directly on the dough when preparing the salteñas.


12 cups flour
1½ cups lard or margarine (boiling)
6 whole eggs
½ cup sugar
3 teaspoons salt
2¼ cups lukewarm water (more or less)

1. Sift the flour in a bowl and add the boiling lard or margarine. Mix quickly with a wood spoon. Let it cool for a few minutes and add the eggs, the sugar and lukewarm water with salt. Knead until getting a dry dough. Cover the dough with a kitchen towel and let it rest for ten minutes.
2. Divide all the dough into fifty small balls and thin them out one by one with a roller, until getting round-shaped pieces (about ¼ of and inch thick by 5 inches of diameter).
3. On each round-shaped piece put a spoonful of the filling with the olive, raisins and egg, if these ingredients were not mixed before.
4. Dampen the edges of each piece with water, fold each one and join the edges very well so that each salteña is closed perfectly. Leave the closing on top.
5. Put salteñas, on a backing sheet sprinkled with flour. Place each salteña separate from the next one. Bake them at a high temperature (European oven: 300 C.; American oven 572 F.) between seven to ten minutes. Serve them warm.

NOTE 1: If desired, paint salteñas before baking them. In a frying pan add 6 spoonfuls of lard or margarine, 2 spicy red peppers (ground), 4 spoonfuls of water and a teaspoon of salt. Mix the ingredients and cook them over low heat until the water evaporates. Remove the mixture from the heat and paint each salteña with a kitchen brush.

NOTE 2: If desired, you can substitute meat with chicken, or you can combine both.

Enjoy my favorite appetizer
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Appetizer Competition Party - looking for recipe suggestions
Posted: 10/1/2007 10:47:05 AM
hey I would love your clams casino recipe!!!!!!!!!!!
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Appetizer Competition Party - looking for recipe suggestions
Posted: 10/1/2007 11:21:16 AM
on this recipe :Garlic Spread with Sun Dried tomatoes... can you use already hydrated sun dried tomatoes or should I just say oiled instead of the dried???? thanks!
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Appetizer Competition Party - looking for recipe suggestions
Posted: 10/22/2007 4:50:06 PM
Your definatly mistaken, Your appetizer knowledge could be scraped on the head of a pin with a round mouth shovel..Just make some big ass Buffalo wings, or buy a shrimp ring..
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Appetizer Competition Party - looking for recipe suggestions
Posted: 10/22/2007 5:02:16 PM
ya ,the crap you pick up at he grocery store, not a****ring, shrimp ring, usually on a round black plastic dish.. I buy the bags, 10 bucks for a shit load of em..
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Appetizer Competition Party - looking for recipe suggestions
Posted: 10/22/2007 5:06:20 PM
After reading all these wonderful savory recipes, can I add a simple dessert I just made up last week?

Half a fresh fig topped with whipped cream and thinly sliced almonds then drizzled with Damiana Liquere or any "thick" slightly sweet flavor you like.

Not quite finger food but small, light, fresh, palate pleasing and easy. mmmm
Good luck on your competition. So now we plan a party/competition for the San Diego area.....
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Appetizer Competition Party - looking for recipe suggestions
Posted: 10/28/2007 1:25:04 PM
An un Foofy appetizer recipe..

Hooters Buffalo Chicken Wings

Vegetable oil (for frying )
1/4 cup butter
1/3 cup Crystal Louisiana Hot Sauce
1/4 teaspoon ground pepper
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon paprika
1/3 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1/4 teaspoon salt
10 chicken wing pieces

On the side
Bleu cheese dressing
Celery sticks

Heat oil in a deep fryer to 375 degrees F. You want just enough oil to cover the wings entirely - an inch or so deep at least.

Combine the butter, hot sauce, ground pepper and garlic powder in a small saucepan over low heat. Heat until the butter is melted and the ingredients well-blended.

Combine the flour, paprika, cayenne pepper and salt in a small bowl.

If the wings are frozen, be sure to defrost and dry them. Put the wings into a large bowl and sprinkle the flour mixture over them, coating each wing evenly. Put the wings in the refrigerator for 60 to 90 minutes. (This will help the breading to stick to the wings when fried.)

Put all the wings into the hot oil and fry them for 10 to 15 minutes or until some parts of the wings begin to turn dark brown.

Remove the wings from the oil to a paper towel to drain. But don't let them sit too long, because you want to serve the wings hot.

Quickly put the wings into a large bowl. Add the hot sauce and stir, coating all of the wings evenly. You could also use a large plastic container with a lid for this. Put all the wings inside the container, add the sauce, put on the lid, then shake. Serve with bleu cheese dressing and celery sticks on the side.
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