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Walkin’ Slow©Page 4 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)
I remember way back when,
I couldn’t have been more than ten
On a dusty road with my cane-pole

Powdered dust ‘tween my bare toes
Walkin’ with no cares or woes
To the Covered Bridge and fishin’ hole

Taking up my time by walkin’ slow
Wond’rin’ ‘bout things I didn’t know

Time moved on, I became a teen
I met “her”, - she was serene
Entering my life, she made it bright

We held hands and we would dance
The world it sparkled with romance
And we’d go walkin’ late at night

Taking up our time by walkin’ slow
Wond’rin’ ‘bout things we didn’t know

High school days were left behind
My college grades were quite a “grind”
‘Cause my thoughts were back home with “my girl”

Then she met somebody new
They held hands like we used to
My mind and grades were sent into a “whirl”

Taking up my time while walkin’ slow
Wond’rin’ ‘bout the way that I should go

After Graduation Day
I found a job with decent pay
I began to get on with my Life

I met her at the City Park
Instantly I felt the spark
I’d ask Lila if she’d be my wife

Taking up our time while walkin’ slow
Talkin‘ ‘bout the things we didn’t know

That’s now been four kids ago
Lila and I watched them grow
Seeing all the things that they went through

Kids have married, now they’re gone
Time has a way of moving on
Sometimes I wonder where the time went to

Lila and I talked while walkin’ slow
Laughin’ ‘bout the things we think we know

I lost my Lila this past year
Oh my, how I miss You Dear
In my heart you’ll always ring a chime

And now I think back or’ the years
Filled with joys and filled with tears
And I wonder when will come My Time

Through this lonely house I’m walkin’ slow
Wond’rin’ ‘bout things I’ll never know

Life is only one short ride
Like the flowing of the tide
First it rushes in – and then it ebbs

I have taken my Life’s ride
And I have my peace inside
With no problems – with no tangled webs

I’ll see what lies ahead while walkin’ slow
Where God needs me, is where I’ll go.
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Posted: 4/9/2011 9:40:10 PM
They found her today, curled around a dirty blanket under an overpass. The coroner estimated her age at 71.

She had been an aged, homeless woman, living on the streets. Finding sustenance had been a constant continual problem. Her health had been a serious issue.

While alive, when seen, most passersby had turned away in disgust; Youths would tell her: “Get a job”, or hurl insults.

Who was she?

She abandoned her dreams at an early age, and elected to follow the dreams of the man she thought to be her champion and life long companion. More than once she uprooted her life and accompanied him in pursuit of some passionate dream he embraced, and did her best to help him find it.

The “star” on which she had hung her hopes and her entire future abandoned her, with their child, in a bus station in Georgia. She was 37 at the time.

Wear of the years and hardships had taken their toll on her, both mentally and physically. The times and opportunities had passed in which she could have engaged in furthering her education, and it was these things she had put aside to follow “his” dreams.

It was not she that failed, but the “star” she had believed in. The mirror of hope and aspiration she had longingly gazed into when she was fifteen, he had shattered. A lifetime was lost, and its’ shell she wore as tattered rags.

She did those things she had to do to survive, and her child, taken from her, was somewhere in the morass of government bureaucracy, assuring she’d never see him again.

There were days of solitude where white tracks on her soiled face could be seen from her eyes to her chin, as the legacy of her memories.

Her days were filled with foraging. Her eyes had been dulled by disappointment and defeat. Her body was dirty and scarred. Hope to her remained as only a memory of a word of no substance or possibility. She was completely void of any expectations and lived from day to day driven only by the most basic of instincts …

It’s what’s left when dreams are callously destroyed.

I was too late, but today, at last I had found my Mom.

Make your choices wisely, for there, save for the Grace of God, go you or I.
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A Deadly Way To Go©
Posted: 4/13/2011 4:05:46 PM
He rode up to the building
In a chauffeur driven car
A Rolls-Royce I think it was
He sported a cigar …

Wow … A big impression!
A rock-star could he be?
No, just a salesman -
For Nuclear energy.

An’ there within the boardroom
A ’fore his spiel began
He flexed his corporate muscles
Revealing avarice in his plan:

His presentation: awesome
His dress: impeccable
But the content of his words
Were not so laudable

Embraced were words of safety
Extolled was energy
But n’er did he speak “meltdown”
Nor “nuclear misery”

He hung his head in shame
When questions then began:
Earthquake?; Tsunami?;
Radiation in Japan?

Our citizens sent him packing
Japan and we both know:
Nuclear energy …
A deadly way to go.
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The Moan©
Posted: 5/20/2011 3:32:11 PM
For weeks it had bothered me so
And twice had I started to go
But I’d not walked the lane
For I feared the pain
Of what taking that walk might me show.

‘Tis a coward I thought I may be
‘Cause I wouldn’t get myself to go see
That is – ‘til tonight
When I conquered my fright
And went off without heraldry

With bluster did I initially walk
Not once did I falter or balk
That is … ‘til the House came to view
Then my resolve turned to goo
And bravery my cowardice mocked.

The moon, hanging high in the sky
Winked goodbye, as a cloud drifted by
And here, on the ground,
T’was ne’ry a sound
As moon-shadows disappeared to go cry

There - in my tracks - I stood still
Breathing not – to bolster my will
I tried hard to move
My cowardice disproved
(If my bravery would ever refill)

The path, relit by Moon’s Face,
Saved me a coward’s disgrace
For the cloud moved away
My Shame got a stay
When resuming there my normal pace.

The Wind, was most quiet ‘til now,
There ‘bout ‘came lively somehow
And tree branches “spoke”
‘Cause the Wind it awoke
Every leaf, bark and dark bough

Dead leaves on the path ran about
In apparent unorganized route
Their rustling sounds
Were mindful of hounds
Chasing something unseen but devout

A chill then slowed down my gait
And gave pause - a moment to wait
Some unspoken dread
Entered my head
And I paused there awaiting my fate

And the pause gave birth to The Moan
Low … forlorn and alone
It sinister be
And deeply chilled me
And my soul then touched a tombstone

Glancing about where I stood
Looking for someone that would
Emit such a sound
But … nowhere around
Was there any being who could.

The on-rush of Fright was immense
Illogical and hotly intense
My instinct to run
Became then undone
When my mind readjusted its’ sense.

The Moan again reached my ears
Renewing my doubts and my fears
Panic set in
“RUN!” came again
Fears were my legs’ puppeteers

Then up the path did I run
Believing my mind was undone
The Moan was behind
But, left me inclined
To believe I was in a caldron

My only thought then of FLEEING
Was interrupted there by my seeing
A darkened door sill
Of the House on the Hill
As Fear gripped tight on my Being.

Each intake of breath was a gasp
My lungs beginning to rasp
The House was so near …
Yet so was the Fear
Then at last the door knob I grasped

I quick turned the knob and surged in
Then slammed the door shut again
Then I felt safe
A cold lonely waif
But … t’was the House on the Hill I was in!

Back into my mind fled the story
Of events of this house oh so gory
How persons had died
One was a bride
The facts of the tale all a sundry

The Moan’s words built me a touchstone –
Rendered to mush was my backbone
The cause why I’d fled
That Filled me with dread:
“The Horrors of Hell you’ll be shown!”

My thought was: Wait until daylight
‘Tis then I’ll be rid of my fright
I’ll not shed tears
Because of some fears
Yes … come daylight I’ll be alright.

T’was then I examined the room
Dark and dank filled with gloom
The musk and mildew
Like that of bayou
Promised to consume and entomb

Windows with light from moon-glow
Adorned the room in trousseau
Seductive, and yet …
A conceivable threat
Of revealing things not to know

Though the room was barrenly rife
With no visible clue there’d been life
My mind knew the truth
Evil uncouth
Caused Death to invade via lowlife

The House then seemed to connive
My thoughts of it’s being alive
‘Cant’ let it be so
I’ve got to go
And get out – if I want to survive

Then, footsteps from the floor o’er my head
Their sound began to outspread
Then dragging sounds
Put out-of-bounds
Rationality – replaced there by dread

Calculations through Fear, go awry
And then should never apply
To rational thought
To do what it ought
With reasonable things to comply

Now words of The Moan seemed less woeful
The sounds from above were more awful
I turned to the door
To go out once more
The knob wouldn’t turn – I was baneful

With panic again my companion
My circumstance I sought to abandon
But … nowhere to run
My nerves were undone
Bravery had lost its’ persuasion

A staircase was off to my left
Footsteps thereon it were deft
No one could I see
To caused my melee
Of cohesive thought I’m bereft

The room turned black as a tomb
Reverting to Hell’s only womb
Footsteps came near
Vomiting Fear
As I stood there awaiting my doom

My mind told my voice to then scream
I prayed this was only a dream
No strength could I find
To un-wind my mind
And there my soul to redeem

Powerless was I to resist
By some evil was my Being kissed
And I felt the pain
Of going insane
Then all of my thoughts went to mist

With my actions now all controlled
Every word, every thought is cajoled
By Powers of Hell
You know very well
By Evil now I’m consoled

Now I’M the Voice of the Moan
And forever I’ll not leave you alone
To you I address
My solemn promise:
“The Horrors of Hell you’ll be shown”.
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