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What you don't seem to grasp that you look older than your age, you're balding and overweight...and you even seem to enjoy activities of a much older man.............and then you naively wonder why most of the younger women aren't deaf, dumb and blind to all your 'attributes'? If you have an unrealistic preference, well maybe they just might have a realistic one.

Ismene was far too diplomatic to tell you these things bluntly, although with her spicy intelligence tried to point out the possible errors in your reasoning.......what it comes down to is this; why in the world would they want you instead of some handsome, nice hard body with the same interests as she may have??? Unless of course you are very wealthy and they are very greedy , with or without BPD.

We get miffed about these things because we see it every single day....profile after profile...this sense of entitlement that a lot of men seem to have regardless of their own appearance, intelligence or standard of living. Yes exceptions occur as was pointed out. But to sit here and pout about how the 'girls' don't want you is just silly. Snap out of us it's just another cliche about double standards and the superficiality of most mens sexual intent and has nothing to do with a relationship between real live adult men and women accepting each others imperfections, foibles, for mutual benefit and support. You should be seeking relationships with 'people' not bodies or ages! If it's any consolation you are one of a greater majority.... not in the least unique.

I want it, I want it, I want it......well sometimes you just can't have it.

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Men and their Age Issue?
Posted: 9/8/2008 10:00:53 AM
DUH...Internet dating is nothing more than dating marketing...whatever they think will get them more notice
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Men and their Age Issue?
Posted: 9/8/2008 11:00:50 PM
I know for a fact that men and women lie about their age. Some who post on the forums. It use to be that one could change their age on their profile. Then, admin. put the feature in where one can't now. Finally!

I've watched people (men and women) on the forums (since we regular forum participants usually read each other's profiles to get some insight as to who we are discussing issues with)..anyway, as I was saying... I've seen ages change by as much as 10 years younger.

Just don't get your hopes up and assume everyone on here are the ages they have on their profiles. It would come as a shock at the numbers who have false ages listed. Tis a shame too. Cause it shows when meetings take place and/or actual dating begins. Truth has a way of surfacing. Which is a good ... very good thing. It's the deceit which is very very frustrating!
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Men and their Age Issue?
Posted: 9/9/2008 9:47:47 AM
Regardless of facts, feelings, beliefs and experiences, people do what makes them happy, and there are certainly loads of couples out there with age spreads of more than 5 years either way. I personally think that its silly to limit one's options when it comes to relationships beyond what one actually wants in a partner. In my own experiences, age is hardly a predictor of anything in both men and women. Its all attitude.

In any event, what exactly is a generation? For the boomers is started in 1946 and ended about 1965, so, a 20 year difference in age makes the couple still from the same generation.

A lot of men that I passed through life with got divorced in their late 30s and 40s, and almost universally took up with women younger than they were, and had either first or second families with them. That was pretty much the only solution if you wanted to have children.

Now that we are all older, how does age factor into things? In my own case I am pretty healthy and physically active in a number of areas that require a partner who is not ready for the bus tour solution to life. Yes, to find a woman with compatible physical capacities and interests who is the same age would be a dream, but, on average, it just is not likely to turn out that way. If I end up with a younger woman, its a reflection of reality in my life and hers, nothing to do with a negative attribute like being immature, or unrealistic in my preferences or anything else along those lines.

My own experience is that women my age take one look at me and realize that they probably could not participate in my lifestyle, and immediately make sure that they are not available or interested. Try, for example, to find a late 50's sailing partner that enjoys a wet boat and trapeze. They are hard enough to find even in their 30s!
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Men and their Age Issue?
Posted: 9/9/2008 10:30:09 AM
Hmmm.....isn't it we 'girls' who outlive and outscr*w you guys to the bitter end ?
Who's kidding who here???
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Men and their Age Issue?
Posted: 9/9/2008 11:57:52 AM
Now think about that for a minute Dan......

You croak earlier,
You lose the 6 gun earlier,
You're chasing younger skirt,
And we'll probably be feeding you from a straw after the bimbos have decamped...

All while We're still vibrant, smart, energetic, savvy and if you don't
think that might put our knickers in a twist...after accepting that You also
look like our dads, just as apparently we look like your moms!
We really do see your nose hairs, sagging butts, freckled heads, spare tires,
beer bellies and bad breath....because guess what? They are really there .

We don't look at the world through rose colored glasses, but as it really is, just
as we always have.. cleaning up the messes, minding the store, building your
egos and bringing home the high heels and dancing backwards.

If wanting a little respect, comprehension and bitterness in your
book...we can't do a damn thing about it. I know. But can't help thinking that
that is really sad that you can't grasp even at this age....where the hell we're
coming from.

Choosing ignorance is bliss apparently.
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Men and their Age Issue?
Posted: 9/9/2008 12:39:10 PM
"Hmmm.....isn't it we 'girls' who outlive and outscr*w you guys to the bitter end"

OK Guys...I'll take one for the team. Your thinking it....I'll say it! Let the bashings begin!

Not a fair statement! normally live longer. And in some cases you may outscr*w us? But look at the physical requirements difference. You’re not comparing apples with apples! We'd keep up just fine until the "bitter end" too if the physical requirements were equal. Never needed good circulation, "magic pills", injections, implants or anything like that. Just a can of WD40 or 3 in 1 oil should the need "arise". (pun intended) Let's see how long you can go with a strap on?
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Men and their Age Issue?
Posted: 9/9/2008 4:36:45 PM
They live for yesterday...not for tomorrow...
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Men and their Age Issue?
Posted: 9/10/2008 10:13:55 AM
jenny......Maybe they just prefer to keep their age quiet, as you seem to your smoking, weight, children, and education......

We should somehow convince POF to allow the "prefer not to say", or "NA" for each and every part of the profile, and not just some as they are doing currently. What is now happening by the use of forced participation, is for many to place a different number for the age category in order to not be eliminated by those that are so caught up on age that they would pass by a potential date by one year........

There was a time that POF would allow you to change your age category as often as you wanted, and had enough complaints that they decided to force just one age, which for many made them feel trapped by a category that did not reflect who they really were, or that they preferred to keep to themselves.

I am one that if the exact year of age is a must on a profile, so should the exact weight be placed, the exact education, the exact number of cigarette's smoked in a day, the exact number of drinks enjoyed every day, the exact number of children, and yes, even the exact income level for each and every person.

Some would find one or more of these forced categories offensive, just as I do the age one having an exact criteria, but not the others, which I think reflects the antiquated thought process when it comes to dating and equality.

Just my opinion.......
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Men and their Age Issue?
Posted: 9/10/2008 4:31:50 PM
Didn't know us guys were allowed to do this.

I will have to update my profile - I'll just reverse the numbers. LOL I will tell them it was a 'typo'.... LMAO
 *mae* flowers
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Men and their Age Issue?
Posted: 9/10/2008 5:58:43 PM

Unless someone happens to be Jesus in another form I think we're all liars to some extent.

..I quite agree with you. Just last night I told someone, what I considered a little white lie cause I didn't want to hurt their feelings.....but a lie is a lie no matter the reason. As I stated in an earlier post, the age thing has honestly never bothered me, but for some reason, my weight does. When someone asks me how much I weigh, I automatically knock off a couple of pounds....this doesn't make me a bad person, just vain.


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Men and their Age Issue?
Posted: 9/10/2008 6:08:27 PM

I guess I don't view with importance the same things as most others do.

Most people really do - its sad.
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Men and their Age Issue?
Posted: 9/10/2008 7:30:44 PM
Wello, i am perfectly honest and upfront I state that I am 53 and separated. My wife has a profile on 2 sites and says she is single. She is lso very overweight but says she has "a little extra baggage" c'mon now it's not just the men and it's not just age.
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Men and their Age Issue?
Posted: 9/12/2008 6:08:44 AM
Apparently everybody's doing it and forgot to give me the memo .
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Men and their Age Issue?
Posted: 9/12/2008 2:49:57 PM
Its sadly true. All of the women I have ever met online had 10+ year old photos of themselves in their profiles. I too think of myself as young and handsome, but I can tell by looking in the mirror I am not young any more....

Singles bars are pretty sad places, but they do have the advantage of only poor lighting to be contended with....:)

Could be that the perception that men have an age issue is the reason that the women post pics of how they looked in the last century...
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Men and their Age Issue?
Posted: 9/12/2008 3:17:11 PM
So Diamond;

If I tell you that I am short, round and a bit trollish - can we still go out? Promise to send a picture under 6 months old. The picture that is - not me. Although I think there is one around here somewhere of me in diapers. Yes - as a baby, not those 'other' type of lifestyles.....

Okay - guess I have been lucky. Those I have seen (precious precious few there) pretty much looked like the pictures. Sure, bit different, but no more that what I would determine 'good photography' in action, and well something I didn't see mentioned here.
Sure - we see a picture, but are you really seeing the picture for what it is *exactly* or are you letting your mind fill in a few details here and there to your liking? I am certainly guilty of this - but when I met the person - they really did look like the picture. Perhaps not just as I completely put in my 'mental' picture. (make sense?)

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Men and their Age Issue?
Posted: 9/13/2008 9:08:56 AM
I was convinced no one I'd be interrested in would date me at my age until it began to realize it doesn't matter how old you are, it's about how you carry yourself. lying is for the weak and immature, mostly politicians...ha ha...
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Men and their Age Issue?
Posted: 9/13/2008 12:08:19 PM
Unfortunately it's not exagerated... if anything it seems to be the biggest single issue here. In general, I think that both women and men who get too far "off the reservaation" of their own age range are delusional... especially in that late forty something early fifty something range when the changes are pretty dramatic for both men and women... especially women. I dated an older women (10 year difference) after my wife died, and while we had our moments, I couldn't keep it up in good faith... the difference in age would have eventually made a difference in the relationship too soon for me.
I have no problem with someone shaving a year or two off their on line age if they really look like their pictures and take a lot of pride in staying lively and in shape. It's more about attitude than the age anyway. I'm young at heart --- I'll get old later --- hopefully together with that final soul mate who wants to reach for the gusto now, live a total relationship in the moment, and can gracefully accept the reality of aging as it comes their way.
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Men and their Age Issue?
Posted: 9/20/2008 12:24:03 PM
I post my true chronological age. Why not? Women can use any number of search engines to find my true age once they learn my identity. I know I check out women's ages if I might want to date them. Big deal!
Joined: 9/9/2007
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Men and their Age Issue?
Posted: 9/20/2008 1:08:44 PM
Im one of those, age doesnt matter to me guys.. Often ill see a age under the pic of a woman and think "wow she looks great for that age-- she must be young at heart" and then go right ahead and say hi to her.. And by looks great-- i dont mean she has to look like cindy crawford--- but a good smile-- a friendly way -- now that is sexy..

As for me-- i post my age-- i figured the one that likes me is going to like me..
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Men and their Age Issue?
Posted: 9/24/2008 11:09:22 PM
We have all seen it, either some people just dont age well, photograph Very well, or lie. I feel it is very dumb to risk it, so who are you fooling? What if the very next person you talk to is "that" one, "the one, the soul mate" and you have started off with a lie, one that could tank the entire relationship. Would it be worth it? heck no! If you want to look young then take care of yourself, drink tons of water, take your vitamins, exercise, get fresh air and laugh alot. Be a happy and positive person, it doesnt really matter what age you are or how good looking your are if you are a miserable, toxic mess.

Warning (bragging) I am fifty one and I am told all the time that I do not look fifty or even forty, but that used to bother me because when I was younger I wanted to look mature and grown up, I didnt want to look like a kid, I would be ok with it now.

dont worry, be happy
 ~Azul Ojos~
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Men and their Age Issue?
Posted: 11/2/2008 2:20:06 PM
OK lets all be honest here. Older women tend to fib about their age and its not PC to ask a womans age. Also women tend to age faster than men especially after having kid(s).

Yes lets be honest here!!!

I have seen some pretty old looking men on here for whatever age they are posting. I have never asked anyone if they lied... I have no idea if they do or not. It would bother me if they had though and I probably wouldn't be interested in seeing them again... A lie is a lie.....

I don't agree that women tend to age faster than men...

My pics were taken this year and I have stated my real age. I guess I could lie and attract younger men... but guess what, I seem to attract younger men without lying. I am who I am... and I don't lie or age faster than men!!!

So take that back Mr. Yogi!
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