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BLAH... just more generalizations without explanations.

Again the purpose of this thread is to what??? Self diagnose as a sociopath or psychopath? Humans inherently shy away from admitting fault within themselves.... good luck!!!
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characteristics of a sociopath/psychopath
Posted: 5/12/2005 10:00:21 AM
Albert Fish murdered and ate children, yet his daughter who loved was never even aware of his actions.

The BTK murderer from here in Wichita had a loving wife and family, while he bound and killed women.
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characteristics of a sociopath/psychopath
Posted: 5/12/2005 10:05:11 AM
I would have to believe that there is something wrong with me for that to have any of the intended effect.
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characteristics of a sociopath/psychopath
Posted: 5/12/2005 10:06:56 AM
When looking at society as a whole, one has to come to terms with a simple fact.. Society is made up of individuals that have their own perspectives and motivations.

However, that being said, there is something called a group/mob mentality. People can be led to think or feel certain things by the speech and actions of those around them.

This is also evident in how we project our own self-concepts onto other people and how our self-concept is shaped by those around us.

You can't blame society for the world’s ills (in your view), it would be more fitting to blame the actual working of the human brain.

I been saying for years that society's worst enemy is society.

Our minds are designed to be affected by certain stimuli, we can be turned into monsters by some definitions, because of situational/environmental onslaughts. But, even the most broken mind can find clarity in the sanity of insanity. The only time it is ever too late to follow a different path, is when the seeker has given up on the chance for redemption from themselves.

If you can not forgive yourself your troubles, than what good are you, to anyone, least of all yourself?

Knowing something and understanding something are two different things.

As an example, you say you have been planning the death of all of us and yet you have never gone through with your plans. Some people might joke that you 'never follow through', but that would be their ignorance. You don't kill people, because there is at least some kind of voice no matter how weak it may or may not be, in that head of yours that's stopping you. Even if that only thing stopping you is the love of your child.... that's something.

I don't know you and I don't know your problems, but there are degrees of sanity.

Perhaps you have found your handhold and that is all that matters.

As to the nature and presentation of your posts, well, you are being dramatic and that's okay. But I still don't think you are as far gone as all of that. I’m not saying you are not being serious in that you have had and still do have issues with that, BTW.

PS. I thought planning how to get away with murder was normal... I do it once and awhile myself.

PPS. I loved the Platoon post
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characteristics of a sociopath/psychopath
Posted: 5/12/2005 10:16:05 AM

You are right in that I found my handhold.

Perhaps it appeared as dramitization, but it is a venting of things that have been welling up in my mind.

I have to vent my sadism on a regular basis, otherwise I would lose control. I have on average 7-10 sadistic fantasies per day and those need to be expelled outward so that they don't turn inward.

When I mention killing, I don't mean bang your dead. When I mention killing I mean bounding torturing and slowly killing over several days.

This is the biggest reason that I avoid inimate relationships, if I were to be become completely involved in someone they would never be capable of handling the reality of the way my mind works.

I choose to avoid treatment because I am gambling that my "issues" so to speak will lead to genuis inspiration. I have found throughout history some of the most profound people were twisted dark people.
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characteristics of a sociopath/psychopath
Posted: 5/12/2005 10:52:35 AM
I have little faith in the psychiatric community as they consistently miss the mark when trying to understand.

They say that there is lack of emotion because it easier to accept that these people do not feel anything.

The reality is that they feel a wide array of intense emotions that sometimes come out as anger because they are so strong that they are unable to deal with them.

You are right on one aspect, there is a complete lack of caring for people in general, but that is motivated by the belief that they are living wrong.

If a women gives herself to prostitution or some other activity that the sociopath deems as unnacceptable, he feels he is doing her a favor and society a favor by ending her life. As her disregard for herself leads to societal degradation.

There is also the motivation of intense pain and shame, as in the case of Jeffrey Dahmer. He felt so alone and in such pain he wanted a lover that would not hurt him and would not leave him. His initial intentions were to labotimize his victims, but he accidently killed them. His frustration and pain combined lead him to anger which he vented on the following victims.
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characteristics of a sociopath/psychopath
Posted: 5/12/2005 10:59:48 AM
Then why are quoting said misconceptions?

Presenting them as fact when in reality they are an outsiders attempt to understand something that is beyond their comprension.

It is not bi-polor because bi-polor people have no regard when and where they vent.

A sociopath plans their victims and attempts to control the situation so as to not be caught.
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characteristics of a sociopath/psychopath
Posted: 5/12/2005 11:07:03 AM

the first things you know are things people tell you
then you make your own views from what you have been told
then you discover your views are baloney compared to reality and other people's views
finally you see that perspective, truth and wisdom are relative
all one can hope to do is enjoy the fact of being a small mind in a huge world
to consider oneself anything other than lost and confuzed is hubris

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characteristics of a sociopath/psychopath
Posted: 5/12/2005 11:14:08 AM
Simply because I regard therapy as a joke in no way implys that I maintain a static viewpoint or opinion. I prefer to do my own research and draw my on conclusions.

I spent several years with these "professionals" who I twisted and spun at the end of my finger leading them to believe whatever I wanted them to believe.

My file by the time I was of age was filled with conflicting diagnosis. None was any closer to having any concept of what was really going on. I did make one attempt to bring one into my world and laughed at me, much as sid did earlier in this thread.

Although, my last therapist suggested that I go into therapy as a career. She felt that my understanding of the concepts would lead me to success. She found that when she tried explain something, I already knew what she was going to say. She did say that I needed to be medicated for the rest of my life.


I did read your posts they held nothing that I hadn't already read.
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characteristics of a sociopath/psychopath
Posted: 5/13/2005 10:23:30 PM

I think it is more likely that most people would label a person a psycho if they find one single instance of one single trait posted here.

All you have to do is read the rest of the damn list and see that having one or two or three of those things is not uncommon.... it's if you have more than what's normal.... and the more you have... the more you fit into a classification for said group.

Unfortunately too many people apparently simply can't be bothered to read, so they spout out, "I've got like 90 percent of that stuff! Oh my God, I've got whatever that list thingy says I've got derrrr".

You don’t have to have a degree in psychology in order to understand a simple evaluative checklist. However, at the same time you should not jump to conclusions about yourself or others just simply based on said checklist…..

Misunderstandings come from ignorance and ignorance is oftentimes the result of a willful act to stay ignorant. Self imposed, in other words.

She was trying to help out by getting people to think and question the bullshit that gets spewed around the forums, as-well-as our so called ‘real life’.
 Niki Li
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characteristics of a sociopath/psychopath
Posted: 5/18/2005 5:49:11 PM
Hmmmmm, after doing extensive research on this fascinating man several years ago for a school project, perhaps Adolf Hitler falls in this category. Imagine a man as powerful as him w/ the ability to "brainwash" thousands to nearly wipe out an entire human race! I guess it is safe to say that most "anti-Christs" were pyschopaths as well.
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characteristics of a sociopath/psychopath
Posted: 5/21/2005 10:17:08 AM topic here...morning Latex
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characteristics of a sociopath/psychopath
Posted: 5/22/2005 4:55:02 PM
Joined: 10/23/2004
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characteristics of a sociopath/psychopath
Posted: 5/25/2005 7:02:30 PM
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characteristics of a sociopath/psychopath
Posted: 5/29/2005 8:03:13 PM
One characteristic has revealed itself to be a well documented and pronounced tendency to participate in online sites either wholly or partially entitled "fish".
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characteristics of a sociopath/psychopath
Posted: 5/31/2005 10:46:20 PM
Minnesota?! Hope yer taking Giggleparts w/ ya... otherwise I'd miss ya both.

Doo-doo, I digressed before I even started.

Regarding the whole "I started this thread as a head's up" thing... I'm glad. It fits in with my OWN psychological theories.

I have coined for myself the term "passive prejudice". Before proceeding let me deflect a few arrows of hate. "Prejudice" is a broad term, which may include things like racism. Should one's racist tendencies cause them to take unpleasant actions towards others based on the other person's race, this becomes "active prejudice", which to say the least I don't condone. But moving on...

I do believe in this "passive prejudice". Part of that includes a basic understanding of psychology and psychological disorders. For example, one time I had my wallet stolen, and I know who did it. It was the guy who made a huge production of pronouncing how honest he was, and how nobody ever better call him dishonest or he'll beat the tar outta ya. He helped me look for my wallet, emptied (most of) his pockets, etc. Everyone bought his lines except me. After analyzing the situation extensively, I have a prejudice against anyone who goes out of their way to express how much of some good quality they have. NEVER trust anyone who goes out of their way to say how honest they are. While polite, well mannered and witty make for good personality descriptions, those who are just *hypnotically* charming should be watched carefully and probably avoided (just please y'all don't avoid me too much... I'm a scorpio, not a monster.)

This "passive prejudice" extends into all other areas as well. I DO take note of the color of people's skin, as well as their height, weight, social class, manners of walking and talking, cliches, clothes, smell, friends, musical taste, body language, tones, tattoo, ad infinitum.

Those things that are beyond their control factor in to their flucked-up-in-the-headedness, and those things that are within their control are indications thereof.

While many would say I'm wrong for being 100% prejudice, I'm not ashamed (I won't say proud) because this allows me to avoid dangerous people, or at least prepare myself to provide for my own personal safety and security, as I am aware of what kind of situations I'm likely to be in based on the people around me.


I do hope that this thread is of befit to some ppl here; I love to see good relationships and hope at least one person avoids getting involved with a wacko b/c of this here thread.


PS I have been officially diagnosed with weirdo disorder, and therefore my opinins automatically never count. I also wish to say that I love God, and relish the idea of mentioning His name at this specifically appointed innappropriate time. Antisociality at it's finest.

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characteristics of a sociopath/psychopath
Posted: 6/11/2005 11:36:44 PM
mmmmnnnmmm... mmrrrrmmrrffffmmm.... nnnnngggghhhrrrtgh...


ahh... feels so good to get that foot out of my mouth.
OOhwie, toenail tonsilities AND a case of athlete's mouth, interesting

OK it was kinda on topic, I just wanted to throw in my $.02 and say that people should watch out for their own personal safety and security. Understanding psychopathology as a means to a better dating life may be a bit much for most people, so I injected my theory of "passive prejudice" as a more palatable alternative.

Mostly, I think, I just like to type at length, and dwell in the illusion that this actually makes me worthwhile. Sorta like someone who just likes to listen to themselves talk, only on a screen.

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characteristics of a sociopath/psychopath
Posted: 6/23/2005 4:14:25 AM
very good thread from most points
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characteristics of a sociopath/psychopath
Posted: 9/17/2005 3:03:59 PM
armchair psychiatry is never useful...
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characteristics of a sociopath/psychopath
Posted: 12/14/2005 5:46:03 AM
even if there were, it would be hindered by the fact that even if such a person were willing to submit to therapy (highly unlikely), few therapists could have much sympathy for them.

Financial Therapy for the Doc.
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characteristics of a sociopath/psychopath
Posted: 12/14/2005 7:55:51 AM
I have studied abnormal psychology too and just one thing you always have to keep in mind is that people can act like a pscyhopath without actually being one.

Long term history comes into play here. There could be many factors including depression which can cause psychopathic behavior.

Dont' try to diagnose your spouse/ex-spouse yourself has a pscyhopath, you are not trained to do so and are too involved. Just realize that this behaviors are wrong regardless if they are a pscyhopath or not.
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characteristics of a sociopath/psychopath
Posted: 12/18/2005 7:33:23 PM
You're right polly, but I truly believe that after you've known someone for a while, as well as their family members, and they display some "fairly severe" symptoms, it's not all that hard.. Although, could be narcissistic, sociopathic--you know what I'm saying..

I just met someone for the first time last year, and I know he has something very major wrong.. However, typical of the sociopath--blah, blah, would never admit it. In fact, he would laugh at me when I caught him in a major ((but very stupid lie)), and act like I was losing my mind... Honestly, they have this certain talent.

Has anybody Googled any of these terms>? I honestly didn't want to believe what a girlfriend was telling me could be the problem, but had to admit that if it's not one of those, it's something even more severe....

He just moved to Oregon to mooch off of his brother since his step-mother got tired of him living with her for the last 6 years, as well as his sister, who he lived with before that... And he's 46 years old. I absolutely loved his family, which is what made it hard to cut things off, but there comes a point.

He actually still tries to contact me.... just left a phone message less than a month ago and has sent several e-mails.... I just ignore them, because I can't get caught up in anything like that again...
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characteristics of a sociopath/psychopath
Posted: 12/19/2005 1:20:47 AM
I learned that from the research I've done.. That they are untreatable..Much of it due to the fact that they never, ever think there's anything "wrong" with them.. Also, there doesn't seem to be any kind of medication whatsoever to treat this kind of problem... There is a lot of controversy about the cause of it, with one of the theories being major childhood trauma. I know the guy I met last year, and dated for 9 months, watched his mother die when he was only 11.. She had hypertension and had not been taking her medication. She died of a stroke at home. But, who knows>? I think it's a very complicated subjected and they're very complicated and, sometimes, very scary and destructive people. I guess until you've actually truly been involved with a person with these traits, it's so hard to "get">? I never, in a million years would have had a clue, had my friend not suggested I Google the terms we discussed... It sure opened my eyes, gave me a stomachache, and a few other symptoms I won't go into....I'm just glad I got steered in the right direction, which was away from him....
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characteristics of a sociopath/psychopath
Posted: 12/19/2005 9:16:24 AM
I would agree with you livewirehere, most psychopaths/sociopaths can improve but so much damage in the thinking processes have taken place that its hard wired them to be that way.

I have dated a Narcissist, it lasted only a couple years before I finally broke free of it. I was completely traumatized by it and had to go into councelling for a year to undue the psychological damage he did to me. I had to do a lot of research on abuse and abnormal personality disorders to try to protect myself from this ever happening again. There are signs though and its important to be educated about them. Here are some of my clues that set off redflags. Most of these though are personality traits I don't really find attractive anyway so I've just learned to pay more attention to them. The below doesn't necessarily mean the person is suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder but regardless of what causes it, these traits are damaging in any relationship.

1. If they are always repeating what others have told them instead of expressing their own ideas. Its important because most of these types have learned their thoughts are innapropriate so are very hesitant to share any of their own actual thoughts.

2. They will slam others ideas if they don't possess the proper qualifications to give it. The only opinion worth anything is from someone who they deem is high enough to have one. Even if they are seeing a therapist that therapist is usually considered "the best". Because only "the best" could treat them.

3. Overly critical especially of spouse. They actually will seek out their spouses negative traits and constantly remind them of them. They will basically punish their spouse for not being this warped ideal of what they feel their spouse should be. Many have warped ideas of the opposite sex. They will exhault them to the position of holy virgin or whore. Women fall into one of only two categories: Evil or heavenly. The classification doesn't really have to do with sexual behavior of the woman but more her all around behavior. The angel's take his BS the whore does not.

4. Complete lack of emphathy. Any emphathy they are expressing is not sincere. Its because they have learned overtime to pick up cues and know its time to express emphathy.

5. Paranoia. In situations when you need to protect yourself against a psychopath this is actually a good tool to use. They do tend to be more paranoid then other types so you can suggest certain things to them and their imagination and paranoia will do the rest. It is suprisingly easy to trick a socio/psychopath.

6.They themselves were abused as a child. Impact of child abuse on a person varies from person to person. However, the commonality in alot of socio/psychopaths is that they were abused as children. I will definately scrutinize someone closer if I find out if they have been abused as a child. Its a shame but its just a fact of life. Its also important to note in the case of narcissistic personality disorders they can also develop due to overindulgent parents. Overindulgence is also a form of abuse to a child.

7. Acts like Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hide. These people are usually supreme actors. Some are very charismatic. If they are acting mean to you but when others are around is Mr. or Mrs. Personality that is a pretty good indication something is up. Dr. Jeckyl is actually the closer personality to what they are. The Mr. Hide is an act they have learned to get what they want from people. They will never be Mr. Hide so don't hope for it.

Its important to remember if you get in one of these relationships you are not considered an equal to this person. You will never get that respect. These people feel so horrible about themselves that they feel that anyone who is interested in them must be slime. So they will think of you and treat you as slime.

Your only use to them is a source of narcissistic supply. They don't see you as a real person. They just see what they need from you. They will only do for you what they require in order to continue to have their needs fulfilled. You are a mere tool to them and have the same significance as an inanimate object.

To end it you have to completely stop being that source. No contact. No matter how much they call, not matter how much they have said they contact. Therapy does not usually work for these people because they lack the ability to be honest enough with themselves to have it work. If there therapist pushes it, they will tend to drop the therapist. If the therapist doesn't push it, the therapist is basically sitting there listening to the person promote themselves and their warped views.

A socio/psychopathic partner will not leave you alone if they in any way still see you as a potential source for their narcissitic supply.

Do not seek revenge against these people. If they see you as a threat they can act extreme because of their paranoia. Because they are so self-absorbed they will go off and find another source of supply. You just have to worry about you and healing you. You will have to learn to trust the opposite sex again.

Its a pretty big blow to realize that the person you love simply does not exist but is nothing but an act. For me, it was actually that blow that made it pretty easy to leave the relationship. I was staying before out of hope and love. When you realize that you've been basically tricked into loving someone its a lot easier to break that tie. Takes longer to stop punishing yourself for being decieved though.

Oh one more thing too. Narcissists will often look to start a relationship with someone who is going through a traumatic experience or break up. They will use their charmisma as the "in". When you are going through a ruff time its wonderful to get support from someone but be careful who you get that support from. If a person seems to be trying to start a relationship with you during a time like this that's a pretty good indication they are lacking emotional maturity.
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characteristics of a sociopath/psychopath
Posted: 12/19/2005 10:28:37 AM
Great information polly... And believe me, when I started reading stuff like that, I totally freaked out.. The Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde thing was almost the hardest part to deal with for me, along with the habitual lying ((about the most stupid things I did wonder if I was losing my mind)).. I'm so glad that I had my eyes opened and learned to understand it. Believe it or not, I still tried after reading all of that info--thinking maybe that wasn't his problem... So, between the online chatting, phone chatting, and then the in-person time, I spent close to a year trying to deal with this guy.. Yes, it really can mess you up "bad"---

I guess now I know why he never married by the age of 46, and was always living with 1 family member or another.. He also has 3 beautiful daughters, who he was trying to get custody of last summer.. He didn't, and I'm honestly so glad, even though the mother isn't a whole lot better... ((I have to say, I truly miss his step-mom, who was almost like a mom to me, and his sister and her family))... That's almost the saddest part of it all....
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