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Joined: 10/11/2006
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a single raindrop
dropping from the sky
a clear, cold, drop
that hits your forehead
and runs down your face
Joined: 1/1/2007
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///\\\ In 6 Lines or Less ///\\\
Posted: 10/10/2007 5:47:10 PM
On blue ribbon
of steel forgiven
the journey
Joined: 1/1/2007
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Posted: 10/10/2007 6:23:31 PM
tasted that erotic pleasure
sipping savoured sweet
dew drop on rose
But seen truth...
in Her eyes.
 Bleedin Soul
Joined: 9/16/2007
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Posted: 10/10/2007 8:54:11 PM
Light proceeds to pour
From those who came before...
'Cause of their Kindredness and Kindness
Of their Openess reminds us
To play in the rain of words
One more.....
Joined: 8/10/2007
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Posted: 10/10/2007 9:09:07 PM
Dynamite whysprs
Rain shadows and soul therapy
Wonderful stuff :)
Lovinglife Tasu

hand in hand down the via appia
leaving rome behind
while brahms or vivaldi
debussy or phantoms found in operas
of daily chores
dance gaily

vesuvius can wait*

Joined: 8/10/2007
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Posted: 10/11/2007 2:58:28 AM
as venice sways precariously by
pole-arised and unabridged
will you lay with me and
gaze those fleeting skies
through narrowed view

and will you sing for me?
Joined: 8/10/2007
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Posted: 10/11/2007 4:06:05 AM
^^beautiful Truth
Joined: 9/5/2007
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Posted: 10/11/2007 4:29:25 AM
The moments lost to forevers end
The pain and grief of a hospital bed
Lights shine and dim again and again
Doctors call the all found families in
Some were saved, others died, no trace
The terror still lives in americas face
Joined: 8/29/2007
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Posted: 10/11/2007 9:09:43 AM
not far south of agadez
half way between ursa major and the southern cross
laying together on the barren sand
we join in the music of the spheres
the narrowed view of within and without un-defined
protected by the dioskuroi
Joined: 8/10/2007
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/////\\\\\ 6 Lines or Less //////\\\\\\
Posted: 10/12/2007 2:24:41 AM
Welcome muffin, snoop, thorb and skeedar :)

Tasu, I have a confession. I tried to look up "fly well" in Italian (being lazy) ie 'something' bene' or 'buon'? The translator (I tried 2 different ones) came up with 'pozzo del mosca'. It didnt look at all right to me, so I asked it to translate pozzo del mosca back into english. It said "sink of Moscow". I dont know about anyone else but I find that bizzarre. lol

And so, in honor of sinks in Moscow.........

fly well and let your spirit
not be 'drained'
by sleepless nights and thoughts that cant be named

in gentle keep and
stars not known but seen may spirits ride
with a thousand Moscow sinks now at your side*

sinkly couldnt resist it
 Goddess of dreams
Joined: 5/12/2007
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/////\\\\\ 6 Lines or Less //////\\\\\\
Posted: 10/12/2007 3:11:25 AM
To think or not to think
to lie or not to lie
to say or not to say
to walk or not to walk
so, to be or not to be
is not the only question
Joined: 3/17/2007
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Posted: 10/12/2007 3:32:57 AM
Loofahed skin
tender to the touch
soothed by cool breath
radiating youth
radiating warmth
teases the admirer...
Joined: 4/2/2007
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Posted: 10/12/2007 8:20:13 AM

Oh stranger that you are to me
Your mystery draws me close to see,
Sweet visions that could be all mine
Had just we met another time.

 Goddess of dreams
Joined: 5/12/2007
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/////\\\\\ 6 Lines or Less //////\\\\\\
Posted: 10/12/2007 4:00:01 PM
I wonder why
I wonder how
so I wander
and wonder
Joined: 8/10/2007
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////\\\\ 6 Lines or Less ////\\\\
Posted: 10/12/2007 8:03:08 PM
Welcome and thank you Whistful and Yanto
And nice to see you back again GoD, LaL and the Maestro (thorb)

And the soul of the poet spoke
Of things he saw, that most, somehow cant see
Like the artist sees the dark against the light
And colors unknown to the vast majority
And sets to work with paint and palette to toil over details that
Still no-one else will see

Joined: 8/29/2007
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Posted: 10/13/2007 10:28:43 AM
the spirit is willing,
but the flesh is weak
translated, retranslated became
the vodka was good
but the meat was rotten
moscow sinks, indeed

andiamo volare
Joined: 1/1/2007
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Posted: 10/13/2007 10:08:36 PM
All is well
Pray tell
Joined: 10/7/2007
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Posted: 10/14/2007 12:08:29 AM
Lovely bones for pretty souls,
Writing lines for precious time,
Deviant themes for wet dreams;
Wand'ring thoughts from the cat of Spenca'
Aren't we all just ghosts on camera?
Joined: 8/29/2007
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Posted: 10/14/2007 12:30:24 AM
(schiphol, 9am,)

when the nerd's in love
windows freeze and turn to
the blue screen of death

when love is the nerd
the penguin glides on the ice
Joined: 8/10/2007
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Posted: 10/14/2007 1:04:03 AM
Nice ones guys and welcome KiinuNoBaka
I really liked that last line!

Nerds on ice
Frozen in time
Like a mime
Catching butterflies that only he cant see

Rests in the wizards lounge
Where someone hands out fliers to those who wish to take a spell

Joined: 8/10/2007
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////\\\\ 6 Lines or Less ////\\\\
Posted: 10/14/2007 5:57:59 AM
Loving your writes Yanto.....

quantum leaps leaving me dizzy
with joyous anticipation
of italian kisses
when senses finally land

stellar impressions left spinning through time
as gravity folds up its cause.....tucked lightly under arm....and simply strolls away

Joined: 10/7/2007
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Posted: 10/14/2007 3:55:43 PM
^.^ Thanks Champrins!

First impressions;
Drawn out sessions;
A kiss at the end of the night,
and contempt by next fortnight.
Joined: 7/24/2007
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////\\\\ 6 Lines or Less ////\\\\
Posted: 10/14/2007 6:56:46 PM
From "Old Souls" ... The Face of Poverty

I was the sister you did not know. I was the brother who had no name.
I was the man, the woman, the child that had no face and went unseen.
I was poverty.

Friends, as you enjoy your dinner tonight,
spare a thought for those without strength to fight,
worn thin from malnutrition, thirst and disease,
with nothing left, no hope their pain to ease,
and count your many blessings GOD given in this land,
and today against poverty make your stand.
Joined: 9/24/2007
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Posted: 10/14/2007 8:55:58 PM
Days of gold,
nights of fire,
Autumn does my love inspire.

*sigh* ain't that purdy? :)
Joined: 8/29/2007
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Posted: 10/15/2007 3:44:14 AM
two, four, eight, sixteen ... forever leaping
over ever larger gaps
yet, infinity is not attained
but a single kiss
tongue gently exploring tongue
may set us free
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