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Joined: 6/19/2007
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oh hell yea ,, dated 1 lady ,, mayby my size n her size matched up rreally good but everytime we had sex was absolutely awsome ,,she would say she was having a g-spot orgasm ,, damn why she moved away due to job ,,,
Joined: 11/13/2007
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Posted: 12/24/2007 2:06:40 PM
Oh it's in there, and you will know it when you find it....but Im not going to spoil the surprise by telling you where to find it hahaha
Joined: 6/10/2007
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Posted: 12/24/2007 2:53:52 PM
Are U referring to the g-spot? And, if you were referring to women having them. If they didn't exist there would not be women. Just a whole bunch of men and men with boobs and really small penises. All the excitement would be gone because women would not have the need for men anymore, except maybe to take out the trash or fix something that power tools couldn't help. You know something that just require brute strength.
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Posted: 12/24/2007 6:16:48 PM
It's about an inch in, and closer to her stomach, not even that far and it almost feels like a soft walnut shell. If you cant find it you might have gone too far. If it doesnt work it could just be the woman.
Joined: 9/14/2006
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Posted: 12/27/2007 1:50:59 PM
Risque.....would gladly lend you a hand....(no pun intended)!!

A technique guaranteed to convince you of the G's existance. After lengthy foreplay to get the juices flowing and your hips moving....I'll put a lip lock on your clitoris, gently flicking the very tip with my tongue. Then slowly insert two fingers into your vagina about an inch, two at the most ...... then slowly start the 'come hither' motion with my fingers against your upper wall. This gets your G spot to swell a bit....gently applying more upward pressure on your wall with each movement.....then apply a bit of downward pressure with the palm of my other hand just above your pubic bone....this really gets the G spot to widen and greatly increases your sensitivity. About that time you'll feel like you are going to pee I'll make the strokes faster on your G spot and gently nibble on your clit.....and for the hills, the lady's a comin'.....gushing all over the place.....hello!! Second time around is done exactly the same way with the addition of one finger all the way up your ass, pushing against your vagina as you come again......I've been told this produces an even stronger sensation for the lady, hence, the need for a larger towel..... so there ya have it!! Nothing more than a bit of patience and a little practice!!
Joined: 10/22/2007
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Posted: 12/27/2007 5:08:15 PM
I could not stop laughing when I read this. Do you think its a vaginal roadrunner that is eluding you in the happy cave of delight. Its emotional as well as a location. Remeber that a woman needs to feel safe, able to open herself to you and most of all that there is a connection she will emotionaly be able to enjoy herself. if you think your working on a gofer hole and trying to flip up a dime, that is your one sure way to have the woman your trying to please, think your a****ead and shut down. Because your not with her and there for her your there trying to reach a goal and losing all meaning of spending those special times together.
Joined: 4/7/2006
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Posted: 12/27/2007 5:21:53 PM
I think so it depends on the woman i know i found it before and she went crazy I loved it
Joined: 11/8/2007
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Posted: 12/27/2007 5:40:22 PM
You're right blackirish, a mental connection is best. But if a man doesn't know how to stimulate the g-spot, all the emotional connections in the world isn't going to mean crap.....JMHO

Joined: 11/22/2007
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Posted: 12/27/2007 9:30:04 PM
so true blackirish397 and happyrebel ...

Joined: 8/26/2007
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Posted: 12/27/2007 9:52:11 PM
Lots of good replies you're receiving and I might add...YES, It's very real!
Joined: 11/29/2007
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Posted: 12/27/2007 11:19:03 PM
Yes, it certainly does exist, but like has been said before, it is not always easy to find and all women are different.
I didn't think it existed at all until about two years ago. Now that we've found it.......
Joined: 9/10/2007
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Posted: 12/28/2007 11:56:08 AM
I certainly think it exists. I love to caress it on my partner and watch her cum. Once I find 'the spot' her orgasm is instant and hard! That's when I get to use my tongue to taste her juices.
Joined: 10/1/2007
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Posted: 12/28/2007 12:06:36 PM
not only does it exist, it seems to be one of the better destinations, one sure to get a reaction everytime, and I can assure you the response is not "GEEEE....", well, maybe the "EEEEE" part. Of course there are naysayers, but those are the same naysayers who debunk UFO's, Big Foot, Loch Ness, most religions, that women enjoy sex, you know, Republicans.
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Posted: 12/28/2007 12:19:55 PM
The first one to mention "squirt", that is a sure sign, u know what u r talkin about.

I will add this, a man needs the womans help in findin this spot...I have led a few to it...
Joined: 12/23/2006
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Posted: 12/29/2007 9:32:58 PM
Oh My God Man!
It's just around the corner from the "F" spot and if you cum to the "H" spot ,you missed it.
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Posted: 1/2/2008 10:49:15 PM
""Lots of good replies you're receiving and I might add...YES, It's very real!""

Ya, but lots of idiotic replies too. Like :

""... but Im not going to spoil the surprise by telling you where to find it hahaha""

An honest question on an ADVICE thread and the answer from several members is " I know and you don't. Na NA NA!! VERY helpful. Very mature.

Anybody who wants to actually find it and stimulate it PROPERLY and be able to repeat it over and over and over again ANY TIME they want to then here is a guide. It works. It's terrific. I know where it is and now YOU do too - well at least those willing to actual READ this which probably means about 3 more guys in the world and a couple of women who will wonder if it's all BS because its never happened to them. I figure it's worth another try tho.

from the files on To.

Try This & Report Back

Try this. I know some of you have already but for those who haven't it'll just blow your minds.


Quick Backgrounder

The G&A Spot(s) are a bunch of nerve clusters which trigger endorphines (natural painkillers) during child birth. These nerve concentrations are below the surface and protected. The clit is not protected and the nerves are right on the surface. Any guy who tries to handle a clit roughly usually gets a heel up the side of his head. The GSpot is different. Once it has been triggered you can NOT treat it like a clit. Beat it up! Guys have been taught to be gentle with "that " area. Yes for the clit. NO for the G&A's.

Basic Technique ideas:

#1: Make sure she goes for a tinkle (urinates) just prior to this. The best way to “experiment ” is for the woman to relax over a bunch of pillows, face down, bum up in the air and legs comfortably wide apart. In that position with her guy either at the side, straddling one leg or sort of in the middle, the best way is with his thumb - inserted and pointing down towards the bed. If you press the thumb into the vagina until the heel of the thumb is pressing into her lips the GSpot will be right under the fat part at the end of your thumb. It’s no harder to find than that. It is a small bump roughly the same size as that fat part at the end of your thumb too so it feels a little like there’s another thumb pressing back. (ALL women have this - all women may not react the same way) Start to rub it. You can rub like you’re trying to get a spot out - back and forth or sideways or in a circular motion - it doesn’t matter. DO NOT do it too hard at first but once it puffs up and gets a little hard, that's when you can get rough with it. She'll feel like she has to go for a pee about then. Ignore her. Hold her down. Tell her to go ahead. Ladies you aren't going to pee. It just comes from some kind of build-up and "about to release" feeling. Just hang on and tell him harder or faster to increase that feeling. The first time or two it takes a few minutes. Once you've done it a few times you can usually get the first orgasm in under two minutes - no matter what and then repeats every 30 seconds to a minute for as long as she can stand it. An average night means between 8 and 15 giant "O's". A marathon brings between 35 and 50 !!! Trouble walking the next day but Man) Man is it worth the shakes the next day.

#2 is: when you've triggered an orgasm, wait about 30 seconds, maybe a minute (no more)and then start again. Just as hard. Right away. It'll happen over and over as many times as you repeat it. DO NOT BE GENTLE !! Depending on what kind of shape she’s in, a slightly longer wait between orgasms is wise(ie. let her start to breathe again). My friends described those orgasms as like being hit by a train. It seems to involve the entire body. If they’ve never had a GSpot orgasm they are going to be amazed. When you do it to them again and again they will be astounded.

At that point an option that they all seem to enjoy is once she knows “that feel” she can climb on and ride you and position herself so that the end of your erection is hitting the same spot your thumb was hitting. She can then have a huge orgasm about every 10 to 20 downstrokes and keep that up until she melts or passes out. Then it’s time to cuddle.

One word of warning, guys, NEVER have her squat over your face, suck her clit and poke her GSPOT with your fingers. She will cum so hard and her pelvic thrusts will be so out of control that she will BREAK YOUR NOSE. Trust me on this. To combine the two (oral on the clit AND Gspot) she should be on her back and your face should be sideways to her.
Joined: 12/28/2007
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Posted: 1/3/2008 6:07:36 AM
It definitely exists! When she is turned on , stick your finger in and turn around to the upper roof, just in about 2 inches or so. You will feel a "bump". Rub it with a nice rythym and see what happens !!!
Joined: 9/21/2007
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Posted: 1/3/2008 11:17:30 AM
yes. put your finger in half way and find it on the bottom, it will get hard if you do it right.
I call it the inside**** cause it get's hard.
Joined: 9/21/2007
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Posted: 1/3/2008 5:18:43 PM
I thought that if you want her to squirt on you.. I have the G-spot book. it tell's me in up on her and then bang her.
Hummm, i have tried the top part but it shot water (cum) all over me.. I wasn't ready for that but I thought that's where it was intill i got the book.
The G-spot, plus, we have on in are but to, it like the same area where the girl's is but in a different area.
Well I was just saying something. I'm not tring to start a fight of anything.
Joined: 12/26/2007
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Posted: 1/3/2008 8:30:07 PM

the G-spot, plus, we have on in are but to, it like the same area

Just to translate: "plus we have one in our butt too".

Please use your words. I had to read over that 7 times to understand what the hell you were trying to say, so I thought I'd save everyone else the trouble.

The prostate and g-spot are unrelated, even though the prostate is occasionally termed "the male g-spot" for reasons I've never been able to figure out. Highly overrated.

Anyway, yes, G-Spot is definitely real. Can get messy if you fool around with it. I'm ok with that, just forewarning you. Personally I like that... it's pretty obvious she's having a good time, and that's what it's all about, isn't it.

It's just a little in, and on the front wall of her vagina. They're in slightly different places woman to woman, sometimes nearly out, sometimes relatively deep, but it's all about the same, a raised and rough lump.

The effectiveness of it varies a lot between women, too. My second ever lover was incredibly sensitive, and she'd cum if you vaguely considered thinking about getting around to massaged her gspot. And I don't just mean having an orgasm, I mean "get a towel". I assumed other women would have close to the same effect, but no, while most enjoy it (a lot) it has never really had the "boom" factor for later women. Nevertheless it clearly adds to their pleasure, and is a great addition to oral.
Joined: 6/17/2006
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Posted: 1/3/2008 8:38:31 PM
"" Well I was just saying something.""

Yes, you were. But WHAT?

it tell's me in up on her and then bang
The G-spot, plus,
on in are but to,it
like the same area where the girl's is but in a different area.

???????????????????? WTF does that MEAN???

You're the guy who writes all those operational instruction manuals for the nuclear reactors, right?

WhiteG Thanks for the translation. I read it 8 times and still sitting here thinking," WTF ?" Are you SURE?
I mean "ON IN ARE BUT TO,IT " in my limited capacity to decipher could mean .... WTF??

May I add that some G's are a tiny lump that feels almost like the meaty part of another thumb pushing out while others are an actual ridge that runs for several inches. My TRY THIS thread over on LIT certainly corroborates your statement that all women react differently to G-Stim. Some try and try and nothing happens. Some try on and off for months and finally have a EUREEKA moment (hour) while some lucky ladies are like the one you described. The merest imagined poke towards her G and she explodes like a friggin MOAB. I've been lucky. Every lady I've tried it on were MOABs. Nice - for both of us.
Joined: 12/22/2007
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Posted: 1/3/2008 9:20:35 PM
Mines on the left
Joined: 9/21/2007
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Posted: 1/4/2008 6:35:33 AM
Well I ment in side the Butt. That was hard to figure out?Huummmumumm

Well the book I had talk about both of them for the women and the man has the one in the inside the butt to.
Same area as the **** but it's inside the butt.
And the waht the Book tell's you. The G-Spot book. that is the name.
But the butt on is hard to hit, unless you know what your doing.
Well I hope that cleared it up.
Joined: 9/17/2007
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Posted: 1/4/2008 7:07:03 AM
Never discovered my G-Spot until 5 years ago... new lover... it was such an incredible experience, remember saying "What the HELL are you doing to me?". I still crave him to this day. Find it, you'll make lifetime fans ;)
Joined: 11/8/2007
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Posted: 1/4/2008 12:29:11 PM
Sometimes I wonder if age has anything to do with it. I had been married for over 23 years and we never found it. ....sad but true. After he died, I was with a man who found it right away. God did he have a way with his hands!.... It isn't easily triggered with penetration but when someone finds it, I can 'explode' like no tomorrow. ....Towels are required.....

Many have written that some women are able to keep going - time and again - if its stimulated. With the young guy, we stopped counting at 30 times in less than 3 hours and I ended a really happy camper....Till it came time to wash the 3 loads of towels...but it was so worth it! Not sure if that's normal or not, or if it was just the fact that I was 44 when it happened and it was the first time. Maybe my body accumulated the fluids all those years.....I did lose 5 lbs that night though Makes me wonder

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