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Marijuana has been said to interfere with the production of hormones associated with reproduction, causing possible infertility among adult users and delayed sexual development among adolescents.


There is no evidence that marijuana impairs male reproductive functioning.

The Jamaican and Costa Rican field studies detected no differences in hormone levels between marijuana users and non-users.

In epidemiological surveys of marijuana users, no problems with fertility have emerged as important.

In 1974, researchers reported diminished testosterone, reduced sexual function and abnormal sperm cells in males identified as chronic marijuana users. 34 In a laboratory study, the same researchers reported an acute decrease in testosterone, but no chronic effect after nine weeks of smoking; they did not evaluate sperm volume or quality. 35 In other laboratory studies, researchers have been generally unable to replicate these findings, 36 although by administering very high THC doses - up to 20 cigarettes per day for 30 days - one study found a slight decrease in sperm concentrations. 37 In all studies, test results remained within normal ranges and probably would not have affected actual fertility.

Severe adverse consequences have also been produced in male laboratory animals, although only with extremely high daily THC doses. 38

More importantly, in both the human and animal laboratory studies, all observed changes were reversed once THC administration was halted.

The claim that marijuana impairs female reproductive functioning in humans has no support in the scientific literature.

There have been no epidemiological studies indicating diminished fertility in female users of marijuana, and a recent survey found no impact of chronic marijuana use on female sex hormones. 39

Animal studies show hormonal changes and depressed ovulation following extremely high daily doses of THC. As occurs with males, these changes disappear once the experiment is completed. 40 In addition, when THC was administered to female monkeys for an entire year, they developed tolerance to its hormonal effects and normal cycles were reestablished. 41

Almost immediately following publication of the few studies showing a marijuana impact on reproductive hormones, warnings about marijuana's potential impact on adolescent sexual development began to appear.

Other than one case report of a 16-year old marijuana smoker who had failed to progress to puberty, 42 there has been nothing to indicate that such a potential exists. In whatever other ways one might consider marijuana to be bad for adolescents, it does not retard their sexual development.



Critics state that marijuana has been shown to damage brain cells and that this damage, in turn, causes memory loss, cognitive impairment, and difficulties in learning.


The original basis of this claim was a report that, upon postmortem examinations, structural changes in several brain regions were found in two rhesus monkeys exposed to THC. 51 Because these changes primarily involved the hippocampus, a cortical brain region known to play an important role in learning and memory, this finding suggested possible negative consequences for human marijuana users.

Additional studies, employing rodents, reported similar brain changes.

However, to achieve these results, massive doses of THC - up to 200 times the psychoactive dose in humans - had to be given . In fact, studies employing 100 times the human dose have failed to reveal any damage. 52

In the most recently published study, rhesus monkeys were exposed through face-mask inhalation to the smoke equivalent of four to five joints per day for one year. When sacrificed seven months later, there was no observed alteration of hippocampal architecture, cell size, cell number, or synaptic configuration. The authors conclude:

"while behavioral and neuroendocrinal effects are observed during marijuana smoke exposure in the monkey, residual neuropathological and neurochemical effects of marijuana exposure were not observed seven months after the year-long marijuana smoke regimen." 53

Thus, 20 years after the first report of brain damage in two marijuana-exposed monkeys, the claim of damage to brain cells has been effectively disproven.

No postmortem examinations of the brains of human marijuana users have ever been conducted. However, numerous studies have explored marijuana effect on brain-related cognitive functions. Many employ an experimental design - in which subjects are given marijuana in a laboratory setting, and then compared to controls on a variety of measures involving attention, learning and memory.

In a number of studies, no significant differences were detected. 54 In fact, there is substantial research demonstrating that that marijuana intoxication does not impair the retrieval of information learned previously. 55 However, there is evidence that marijuana, particularly in high doses, may interfere with users' ability to transfer new information into longterm memory. 56

While there is general agreement that, while under the influence of marijuana, learning is less efficient, 57 there is no evidence that marijuana users - even longterm users - suffer permanent impairment. Indeed, numerous studies comparing chronic marijuana users with non-user controls have found no significant differences in learning, memory recall or other cognitive functions. 58

CLAIM #13:


Advocates of marijuana prohibition claim that even if marijuana itself causes minimal harm, it is a dangerous substance because it leads to the use of "harder drugs" such as heroin, LSD, and cocaine.


Most users of heroin, LSD and cocaine have used marijuana. However, most marijuana users never use another illegal drug.

Over time, there has been no consistent relationship between the use patterns of various drugs. 83

As marijuana use increased in the 1960s and 1970s, heroin use declined. And, when marijuana use declined in the 1980s, heroin use remained fairly stable.

For the past 20 years, as marijuana use-rates fluctuated, the use of LSD hardly changed at all.

Cocaine use increased in the early 1980s as marijuana use was declining. During the late 1980s, both marijuana and cocaine declined. During the last few years, cocaine use has continued to decline as marijuana use has increased slightly.

In 1994, less than 16% of high school seniors who had ever tried marijuana had ever tried cocaine - the lowest percentage ever recorded. In fact, as shown below, the proportion of marijuana users trying cocaine has declined steadily since 1986, when a high of more than 33% was recorded.

Proportion of Marijuana Users Ever Trying Cocaine

High School Seniors, 1975-1994 84

1975: 19% 1980: 27% 1985: 31% 1990: 22%
1976: 19% 1981: 28% 1986: 33% 1991: 22%
1977: 20% 1982: 27% 1987: 30% 1992: 18%
1978: 22% 1983: 28% 1988: 26% 1993: 17%
1979: 25% 1984: 29% 1989: 23% 1994: 16%

In short, there is no inevitable relationship between the use of marijuana and other drugs. This fact is supported by data from other countries. In the Netherlands, for example, although marijuana prevalence among young people increased during the past decade, cocaine use decreased - and remains considerably lower than in the United States. Whereas approximately 16% of youthful marijuana users in the U.S. have tried cocaine, the comparable figure for Dutch youth is 1.8 percent. 85 Indeed, the Dutch policy of allowing marijuana to be purchased openly in government-regulated "coffee shops" was designed specifically to separate young marijuana users from illegal markets where heroin and cocaine are sold. 86
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Must not do drugs....?
Posted: 2/24/2008 8:55:31 AM
Yep, weed is a drug. And while the myth busters may revel in spouting stats, nothing changes the fact that it is illegal, and being around a chronic head while you are straight is about as much fun as watching grass grow (pun intended).

That being said, if it were legalized and not prohibitively expensive, I would be first in line to buy it.
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Must not do drugs....?
Posted: 2/26/2008 9:35:29 PM
I have a really hard time trying to understand people who would advocate use of an illegal, mind altering drug. They make up their lame excuses, why it is OK, or why it should be legal, to try to validate their attempts to escape reality. Most medicines do have some sort of natural component. blow that concept out your a**. its not working anymore. It is the reaction when on these medications that is the problem. Narcotics are controlled. alcohol is not sold to minors, cigerettes either, hopefully. But to a consenting adult, they are legal. blow that one out too. There are a few that get through the cracks, and that is how the abusers come into play. The fact is, when you smoke dope, you are breaking the law, you cannot hold down any reputable job, because of the drug screens, when you are using, you are not yourself, and therefore, are a menace to society, a safety hazard. Grow up and learn how to go by the rules, AKA laws of the citizens, for the citizens. The world does not revolve around you. get over it.
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Must not do drugs....?
Posted: 2/27/2008 8:48:47 AM
> I understand not wanting to date someone who has a problem, but by using the
> screener you may be screening out people who use occasionally and don't have a
> problem, simple as that.

So be it. Aside from potheads being among the most annoying people on the planet, I am employed by a large financial institution and require RCMP clearance as a prerequisite of my employment. ANY drug charges would terminate my career immediately, and as such I do not take chances by fraternizing with illicit drug users. Despite what the potheads would have you believe, most people do not need to 'wake 'n' bake' in order to deal with reality.
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Must not do drugs....?
Posted: 2/27/2008 8:16:49 PM
First of all the questions shouldn't even be listed or asked. It's none of anyone's business what you or I do in terms of smoking, drinking, or drugs. Thats a private, personal choice. One need only ask politely in an email or chat if the other person partakes.

Consider a user who checks "drinks >3 times a week" ..would you consider that person to be an alcoholic? Perhaps so. But what if this person drinks wine at meals? What if another honest user takes insulin and therefor says yes to "drugs". That person just unwittingly reduced their soul-mate pool. So the questions are, in my opinion, unreasonable.

In the literal sense, most people should realize that anything they put in their body is a drug. Alcohol, weed, cigarettes, opium, cocaine, etc. are all drugs. So is food.

The feds say what is and is not an illegal or legal drug. Feds use drug "Schedules" to define substances. And the Feds say grass is 1) a drug, and 2) illegal.

Legal or illegal, what effect does doing a mind-altering drug have on a relationship? Some drugs are far more harmful than others. Look at the Feds, Big Pharm, and academic reports on drugs. Alcohol destroys human cells far faster than any alkaloid. A slow pickling of the body, notwithstanding swollen extremities, reddish flush and bizarre behavioral patterns. Alcoholics (more than 2 drinks a day including beer) are FAR more likely to kill a person on the highway.

Point is, I ask. Do you drink? How often? Do you use any drugs? How often? How does this make you feel? After all, I may be talking to a female Freud who pounds down the alcohol, snorts white stuff and talks crap.
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Must not do drugs....?
Posted: 2/28/2008 9:35:47 AM
"What do people consider drugs?"

I consider anything illegal a drug; cocaine, heroine, crystal meth, ecstasy.

"do you consider cannabis a drug?"

Yes I do (its also illegal and even if it weren't I'd still consider it a drug) and nothing will change my opinion.

"And if you use this contact restriction, why do you use it?"

I use the contact restriction because I have no interest in meeting or being around people who do drugs. As a health care employee, I am privy to many of the results of drug use; even the negative effects of marijuana (which chronic users will swear on their death bed it has none). I choose not to associate with people who do drugs. I pass no judgment; do what you want, just don't expect me to have any interest in you.

I don't do drugs, I expect my partner to be the same in this regard.

"In the literal sense, most people should realize that anything they put in their body is a drug. Alcohol, weed, cigarettes, opium, cocaine, etc. are all drugs. So is food."

That is such a lame and tired line used in defense of drugs.
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Must not do drugs....?
Posted: 2/28/2008 9:53:06 AM
Not sure where the argument is here...
If there ever was one...

If you use drugs...and you want a relationship....then you should probably find another person that also uses and start one w/ them.
That way your drug usage,while potentially still a problem, won't be as "big" problem for the other person.

If you don't use drugs, then you should only look for relationships w/ people that don't use drugs because eventually their usage will become a problem for you both.

The conflict always comes when people from different mindsets try to make an unworkable relationship (pro drug vs. no drug) work.

Whether or not drugs should legalized is largely smokescreen obscuring the main issue.
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Must not do drugs....?
Posted: 2/28/2008 4:42:00 PM
What if another honest user takes insulin and therefor says yes to "drugs".

Insulin is not a drug, it is a hormone. Regarding pharmaceutical drugs, I think it's pretty evident to anyone with an ounce of common sense that the question refers to illegal drugs. I don't have that exclusion on my profile only because I want people to be able to email me about something said on the forums if they want to, but I will not knowingly date a drug user. I have nothing against pot, but I do not want to be around it for the same reason I don't want to date a smoker - the smell gets into everything and I don't want to feel like I'm kissing an ashtray.

People have the right to use whatever criteria they want in choosing friends, dates etc. If I don't want to date people who drink coffee, that's my prerogative (I don't have that exclusion, just using it as an example). What are YOUR exclusions? To some, they may be ridiculous, but it's your right to have them.
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Must not do drugs....?
Posted: 2/29/2008 2:25:13 PM
With a little effort you would know that:

Insulin lispro is a drug. Approved by the FDA in June, 1996,
Insulin aspart is a drug, and,
Insulin glargine is a drug.
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Must not do drugs....?
Posted: 2/29/2008 4:42:41 PM
pot is considered a drug and although i dont smoke i do believe it should be legal,it is a lot less harmful IMO than alcohol which also happens to be a (legal) drug.
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Must not do drugs....?
Posted: 2/29/2008 10:37:19 PM
Cannabis is a psychoactive drug, no?
I use "must not do drugs" as a contact restriction because I prefer to hang with people who don't do drugs, pretty simple in the scheme of things.
I suspect there are plenty of people who wouldn't mind meeting someone who does drugs of any kind, much less cannibis. I think it's relatively innocuous but am not interested in anyone with a dependency on it nonetheless.
BTW, in 'dipitee parlance, doing=dependence, just one woman's opinion.
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Must not do drugs....?
Posted: 3/1/2008 2:58:30 AM
back and forth,back and forth- is this a drug is that a drug is this a drug is that a drug- how about the economic damage a drug addiction causes?
families with children evicted from their homes because parents are using drugs, some children not eating properly because mom or dad snorted the food money?nobody wants a cash-desperate addict for a partner-i've lived the nightmare of roommates ripping off everything that isn't nailed down for a high-dealers are violent people, and drug culture is a negative dead end-anybody who's using has two choices-grow up and get over it or die. I got over it after high school, and wound up burying some of my friends(who also all thought they were soooo slick,btw) who didn't quit. I wouldn't bring drugs into a relationship, and i expect any SO of mine to show the same courtesy-yes it sounds selfish, but i'm not worried about the effect of drugs on my SO, i'm worried about the effect that addiction is going to have on ME...
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Must not do drugs....?
Posted: 3/2/2008 12:55:00 PM
is anyone else curious why after so many pages on the relationship page, this got shoved out into the boonies?
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Must not do drugs....?
Posted: 3/3/2008 12:54:40 AM
Because very stupid people do not realize that a drug is a drug. They try to throw legal and illeagal into the mix to excuse their own drug use and are in a state of denial or stupidity whatever - you choose.
 Honest Ernie
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Must not do drugs....?
Posted: 3/3/2008 6:37:11 PM
It's kind of a self serving question with the potential to stir up a lot of controversy. Others have already stated very sensibly and rationally, if you have a problem with someone who states "must not do drugs", go find someone who does not have that restriction. It should be quite simple, why seek arguments.
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Must not do drugs....?
Posted: 3/4/2008 10:41:37 AM

Kids join gangs and become violent adults because they come to believe about themselves what you believe about them. The gangs offer an alternative to them that you don't. If you want them to join the larger gang--the one that abides by the law of the land--then you might just want to consider inviting them.

not to mention the fact that it is abject stupidity
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Must not do drugs....?
Posted: 3/4/2008 10:47:41 AM
the question is there because most people prefer to not be around criminals, and drug users are criminals. whether or not something should be legal has no relevance whatsoever. the ONLY relevant thing is that grass is illegal, and everyone who smokes it is a criminal, by definition.
nothing else matters
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Must not do drugs....?
Posted: 3/4/2008 12:29:19 PM
I am jumbo... what are you smoking?

'Grass' may be illegal where you are, but it isnt in much of the world.

The only thing 'criminal' here is your lack of common sense, and even that word is relative. Most people consider it criminal to invade a soveign nation without just cause or authority, does that make you a criminal?
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Must not do drugs....?
Posted: 3/4/2008 1:56:37 PM
ew yes! i do NOT wanna go out wit a druggie
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Must not do drugs....?
Posted: 3/4/2008 2:54:16 PM

'Grass' may be illegal where you are, but it isnt in much of the world.

The only thing 'criminal' here is your lack of common sense, and even that word is relative. Most people consider it criminal to invade a soveign nation without just cause or authority, does that make you a criminal?

if it's totally legal where you live, then you're not a criminal when you're smoking grass. you're just demonstrating that you have a flawed character.
it IS illegal to invade a sovereign nation, but that has nothing whatsoever to do with the subject of drugs
currently, i'm not smoking anything. i never cared for grass when i WAS doing drugs
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Must not do drugs....?
Posted: 3/4/2008 3:54:34 PM
i just wanted to put this out there,..... to the person who put i will lose my house ,boat ,car kids....In b.c. canada that is simply not true! social workers do not care abot pot that is the lest of there problems... and 50%-75% of cops do not care about pot....

On anouther note, what about mis using prescriptions ie... pain killers, sleeping pills antidepresents, laxitives... im more worried anout thoughs....not to mention people who drink every day but think there is not a problem because its legal...BS.BS.BS.BS.I think the supporters of MADD would not agree...or anyone else affected by it.
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Must not do drugs....?
Posted: 3/4/2008 7:03:47 PM
you're all just spinning your wheels in this lame arguement.

people put all kinds of stupid demands in their profiles and lie and fantasize about who they are... so personally I take it all with a pound of salt to keep from slipping on the frozen bs.

we live in a drug culture ... even if the anti druggies think they don't.
they drug the food they eat and suck up all of industries waste constantly.
you Americans have filled your jails with people you are culturally prejudiced against mainly because of this stupid war on drug... then go home and pop some antihistomines [used to make speed] or your alchol [oh wow ... its legal ... only because of the war against prohibition that the cops finally gave up on fighting]
smoke you smokes ... drop a headache pill.... add some synthetic vitamines and phony sweetner to that coffee [related to coca ... cocane] eat chocolate ...[ same family again] ... then feel a bit sick and ask the doctor for some anti biotics.

drugs drugs drugs ..... keep lying to yourselves and preach to the brick walls .

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Must not do drugs....?
Posted: 3/4/2008 10:24:32 PM
How can a person smoke a plant, and that person is "doing drugs"? It is a plant, folks.

How can a person get charged with "manufacturing marijuana"? When all they did is grow it?

Do farmers "grow" tomatoes or do they "manufacture" tomatoes?

I don't do drugs at all. I do not have one bottle of anything in my house that has a pill in it, not even an aspirin. I don't smoke pot, I don't do "drugs".

I do however smoke tobacco and I drink, both are drugs but seperated from the "real drugs". Why? I have no idea!

I have seen and still see people everyday that are on "the pot" that are far better off than people who take "scripts".

How can one plant in it's natural form be a "drug" and another be a "cure" or "food"? I guess "Reefer Madness" was a hit.

Then you got the "other country" rule. Like, if you go to Mexico or Amsterdam it's ok to partake in the local ritual. HYPOCRITES!!!

I'd really like to know how many people on here have done a "drug" before and still yaps about finding someone who doesn't do "drugs". Do you all include all the people who take "scripts" when they don't need them? Or is that AOK because a Doc. prescribed that to them?

The real question is: Who does not do any kind of drugs?
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Must not do drugs....?
Posted: 3/5/2008 2:27:29 AM
Seaspot, Good writing!

All a drug is, is what the government could not put a sales tax on In my opinion, though I know that is not specifically true. We used cocaine before caffeine and Ecstacy as a marraige counseling pill. I mean our whole society is fudged in a way. Marijuana cures so much then it does harm and yet we smoke cigarettes. What does that benifit us, But lung cancer and stench? I mean our whole view on what a drug is and what isn't is so obscured that people don't even realize what they are trying to steer away from and what they socially use because its legal.

I mean shit life is just hilarious sometimes.

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Must not do drugs....?
Posted: 3/5/2008 3:37:58 AM
wow this convo on drugs has really gotten out of hand. pot IS a drug. whoever feels different is... well ...lacking a brain cell or two...maybe they smoked one joint too many. after all killing off the brain cells is what it does. as for hdhighway man illegal drug was threw in it becuase when somseone says "must not do drugs" ...well ILLEGAL drugs is what they are speaking of.......duh to you.
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