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 clarence clutterbuck
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Psychic Ability...Are U a Believer?Page 2 of 10    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
Good grief, you dirty devil. I see a beige wall on the left with a big poster of a nude woman displaying her puppies. I'm giving up this remote viewing lark..

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Psychic Ability...Are U a Believer?
Posted: 4/29/2008 12:20:08 AM

There is more than a little - a lot - of bias against psi phenomenon...but for obvious reasons

That's because they question what they don't understand and they don't understand the subject from a rigorous scientific basis. But, then again, there was a great deal of establishment bias against the notion that the earth was round. But I completely understand exactly why they feel that way and if I hadn't personally experienced it for myself, I'd probably never have believed it either.

In fact, before meeting her, the first image (of the notion of psychic phenomena) that would come to mind is the stereotypical "fortune teller". I never took it seriously. Ever.

But the things she psychic revealed to me, SPECIFIC THINGS, absolutely convinced me. Now, if this had been some sort of hoax, in the dozen years since I met her, I can't imagine how she could have benefitted in any way from telling me what she told me! She never asked for, in fact stridently refused, any money although I was gladly willing to pay some to simply support the cause.

In my way of thinking, there are many ways to KNOW something. One way is to know it intellectually, through rigorous scientific protocols, and the second way, is to experience it.

What amuses me is that the government's shill UFO debunker offers an incredibly hysterical "performance" making himself out to be a fool. During one CNN News special on recent UFO sightings, most notably the incident at Chicago O'Hair Intl. airport where literally hundreds of people in the vicinity of the airport saw a cylindrical UFO literally hovering over the terminal on a densely cloudy night, quietly - no sound, for several second, and that when it, almost instantly, zoomed up silently out of sight. It left so quickly that it left a hole in the cloud cover straight though so people could see start light. This was seen by travelers as well as several flight and ground crew from United Airlines. Pretty gutsy of those guys to come forward FINALLY. That's "job risk" time for an airline pilot 'ya know. Swamp gas? Northern lights? Yeah right.

Anyway, my point was, for those people that were there and experienced it for themselves, they don't need any more proof and, on the flip side, for those who weren't, it would never been enough proof. I don't think those who died in Hiroshima KNEW any less of the consequences of dropping an A-Bomb any more or less than the scientists who created it. They both different ways, but the end result is the same, no?

Getting back to the cabal "debunker", he was faced with a panel of 4 or 5 people, all heavily involved in science, many degrees, in science and the UFO phenomena. They discussed various recent (and not so recent) sightings, all with witness narratives and, in many cases, impressive videos (yes Martha, I KNOW THEY CAN BE FAKED, so save it - many people look at the handwriting on the wall and call it a forgery. 'Yer choice). Faced with all that (from about twenty diverse witnesses) the debunker was asked to state his opinion.

Keep in mind that this man, I can't remember his name off the top of my head, was announced as the official UFO debunker. I've seen him at least a dozen times now on every UFO documentary and news interview. Try and catch his act. He's hilarious. I almost threw a creme pie at the TV last time I saw him.

His response to EACH AND EVERY INCIDENT?? "They didn't really see what they thought they saw". End of story. *rimshot*

WTF kind of answer is that? And this is from an OFFICIAL anything?? An official what? Moron? This clown wasn't intellectually worthy of a job at Walmart as a V.P. in charge of stacking greeting cards of one very limited category. What kind of nonsense rubbish is the public being fed? (Remember, we ARE treated like mushrooms after all....and we know how that goes...)

I'm not saying the skeptics are wrong so debate is pointless. I'm simply saying they don't "know" yet. The mind is such a tricky little bugger after all.
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Psychic Ability...Are U a Believer?
Posted: 4/30/2008 5:50:09 AM
^^I'm not sure where you get this reply from. response 107 clearly used the word "believer" ie in response to the OP. they might not have even read your request for proof. as for the million dollar deal... who's to say that the ones that can prove it(and some can) don't already have all the money they need, the means to get it, or otherwise don't want the publicity and general negativity that surrounds such an offering. there will still be fraud psychics even if someone proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is a force to be reconned with. What do you hope to accomplish with such proof?
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Psychic Ability...Are U a Believer?
Posted: 4/30/2008 9:58:29 PM

Perhaps people have forgotten as message # 102 suggests :

For about ten years "a one-million-dollar prize is offered to anyone who can show,
under proper observing conditions, evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult power."

Perhaps you have forgotten what people who have experienced these true psychics have said. The true psychic will NEVER accept money in exchange for their gift. Why should they have to prove themselves to anyone?

I guarantee if YOU personally experience the real deal, you will have had more then enough proof for you. Although there are many people who see the writing on the wall and will still call it a forgery. Go figure.
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Psychic Ability...Are U a Believer?
Posted: 5/1/2008 7:26:36 AM
The reason nobody has mr Randi's one million dollars is because his one million dollar promise is a HOAX. He is a professional skeptic and he'd like to keep it that way.

Remote viewing has been proven time and time again.
For those asking to do an experiment in RV, I would love to but you first must understand how it works.
I can not tell you what's on your walls with remote viewing, plus that's an incredible amount of front loading which would interfere with the RV to begin with. It is way too easy for the conscious mind to take over during a session when you know you are trying to describe somebody's computer room. Also, RV is not 100% accurate, ever. At best it's about 80%, and you can never trust one viewers work or a single session for anything. Operational remote viewers (those who work on cases for missing people, military CIA, etc) work in teams of highly trained and practiced viewers and taskers and analysts.
The program was shut down because word had gotten out that the government was funding PSYCHICS! Look at how skeptical everyone is, do you think the government bodies wanted the public to know they were spending their tax dollars on PSYCHICS?! of course not, that's when STARGATE was terminated because it was the program that was known about. To this day there are still secret remote viewing/psi related organizations running within governments. They are successful programs that provide some useful information that can not be obtained from other sources.
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Psychic Ability...Are U a Believer?
Posted: 5/1/2008 12:47:33 PM

Psychic ability is a definite.

It's been proven.
Of course, not all "psychics" are legit. And not all psychic abilities have been proven, but many have.

You see it's claims like this that make me roll my eyes. "It's been proven." Proven how? In what way? By whom? To what level? This field of endeavour deserves some legitimate attention, and this is not the way to obtain it.

I am a remote viewer. Remote viewing has been long proven and is recently gaining in popularity. It's a trainable, learnable skill which allows ANYONE to gather accurate information on anything, anyone, anywhere, anywhen in the entire universe, past, present, future... It's very real, I practice it myself and am actually planning on teaching beginner level CRV (coordinate remote viewing) lessons in fall/winter of this year.


I can not tell you what's on your walls with remote viewing, plus that's an incredible amount of front loading which would interfere with the RV to begin with. It is way too easy for the conscious mind to take over during a session when you know you are trying to describe somebody's computer room. Also, RV is not 100% accurate, ever. At best it's about 80%, and you can never trust one viewers work or a single session for anything.

And what sort of fee do you plan on charging people to teach this "skill" which you yourself describe as unreliable and others have frankly described as totally imaginary. In another thread you asked inappropriately if I was a professional skeptic and I have already made it clear that I am not in my post above. I am quite willing to entertain the possibility of psi or the paranormal. However stating with absolute certainty that it is real, certain and proven without adequate evidence, and possibly charging large amounts for psychic services - which I hope you won't be doing, though it is of course not any of my business - is the surest way to drive all but the desperate and gullible away.
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Psychic Ability...Are U a Believer?
Posted: 5/1/2008 3:09:11 PM
To prove to a skeptic that the earth is round is an impossibility; do not worry there will always exist naysayers who will say, "Dang blast it, no man has ever set foot on the moon!"

Proving to someone that ESP exists is like proving to a color blind person that red is yellow; they will argue with you until they are "blue" in the face, before they realize that color is an abstraction and not real. They are not smart enough to envision beyond their nose.

Visionaries always lead the world; people who think outside the box make new discovers and those who are content to see only what is visible; will always have to be content to live with what they know is true. Thank the stars, not all people are content with things as they are.
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Psychic Ability...Are U a Believer?
Posted: 5/1/2008 5:09:32 PM
I have no need to prove something that's already been proven.

How about a quick google search on Remote Viewing? I already listed several names of those who have worked on it, developed it, proved it, and used it.

Yes, when I begin teaching CRV I will be charging a fee. Do you charge fees to teach music?

And to be honest, nobody wants to teach a skeptic anyway because nothing works for skeptics because they do not allow it to.
As stated above, you can try and try to say to someone that the earth is round, but if they truly believe it's flat, it's flat.
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Psychic Ability...Are U a Believer?
Posted: 5/1/2008 6:41:52 PM

I have no need to prove something that's already been proven.

How about a quick google search on Remote Viewing? I already listed several names of those who have worked on it, developed it, proved it, and used it.

Uh-huh. That's the standard internet cop-out if ever I have heard one. Mind you, as is readily apparent, psychic powers and magic pixies are not held to a high standard of proof. So if I hang a shingle outside my door saying I give "angel readings", who is to gainsay me...besides anyone familiar with Russell's Teapot argument and a lick of sense...???

Yes, when I begin teaching CRV I will be charging a fee. Do you charge fees to teach music?

SNAP! That's the sound of a weak thin analogy being stretched to the breaking point. When someone picks up a musical instrument and plays it, they may not master it but tangible immediate sounds are produced. Common knowledge quite distinguishable from imagination.

To charge for a "skill" that is essentially proven only at a "fringe" level is dubious and ethically questionable at best, larcenous and lazy at the worst. I'm certainly not going to provide someone with money for a nickel bag so that they can teach me guided imagery...

If you want to label someone a "skeptic" simply because they find it questionable to believe in something with no better than blind faith as well as open their purse strings to that effect, then I would suggest that a bit of selective redefining of words is going on.

I'm not skeptical of all claims of the paranormal, psi powers, an unseen world... but as of this moment I am becoming very skeptical of certain overly emphatic claims of solidity of proof that aren't anything near academic grade, followed by insults of prejudice against the same academia when any mention of a standard is held up. That smacks of basic cholarly incompetance...and cowardice. It doesn't look in any way like a pursuit of knowledge and truth, spiritual or otherwise.

Just my two shekelim...YMMV.
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Psychic Ability...Are U a Believer?
Posted: 5/1/2008 8:45:56 PM
themadfiddler let me pose a hypthetical. Let's assume to were introduced to and met a real psychic and what she told you after touching something of yours or you yourself (specifics that she otherwise could not know), and it absolutely blew you away, would you believe it even if you had no clue from a scientific standpoint about how or why it works? Or would you just call it coincidence and/or dumb luck?
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Psychic Ability...Are U a Believer?
Posted: 5/1/2008 9:05:22 PM

themadfiddler let me pose a hypthetical. Let's assume to were introduced to and met a real psychic and what she told you after touching something of yours or you yourself (specifics that she otherwise could not know), and it absolutely blew you away, would you believe it even if you had no clue from a scientific standpoint about how or why it works? Or would you just call it coincidence and/or dumb luck?

Thank you for posing that question as hopefully my answer will help put my position on this into perspective.

In fact I HAVE had just that experience...on a number of occasions. I have experienced phenomenon in my own practice of occult techniques that do not fit into neat guidelines of provable experience.

What I bristle against and the point I have been trying to make while some have been trying to hustle and pigeonhole me into the box marked skeptic is shouting from the rooftops that paranormal experiences are as "real" as any other experience in "concensus" reality. I have to call B.S. at that point. We are not even entirely sure of what all of the full parameters and ramifications of concensus reality are but we do know that if we step in front of a speeding logging truck, at least this bodily shell we are in will likely cease to function. That is a reliable certainty under most circumstances. What is not a certainty is making cold hard claims about ESP, or magic, or religion...

And as many as would accuse the born-again fundamentalist Christian, belief will only get you so far. If something functions or ceases to function as a matter of belief or non-belief, then quantify it. What is operating there? Or not operating? Why should belief or non-belief have any effect on something? One needs to ask questions like that...either something works, doesn't, or is operating under laws you don't currently understand and you need to learn more about it. Admitting you simply don't know is not a sin.

However when anyone starts stating with 100% certainty that something IS or IS not proven, one would assume they have the data to back it just isn't there with the paranormal, nor should one expect it as of yet as we might not yet have the tools...if ever. We may not know what to measure for. Or as I believe Lon Milo DuQuette said, "It may all be in your head, but you have no idea how big your head really is."

My belief or non-belief doesn't really enter into it. I prefer to maintain a healthy level of doubt until otherwise shown reliable data and will continue to bristle at claims of truth certainty and likely ask for as much proof as a Missouri mule from those claiming it...preparing to laugh when none is forthcoming as they have proven the old adage about opening mouths and removing all doubt.

I am even willing to go out on a limb and say that to a certain extent, people teaching certain skills labelled new age should be able to receive an honourarium for their time. But when you see people engaged in the New Age trade charging hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars for what amounts to the "emperor's new clothes" one has to step back and again tell some of these people "That dog won't hunt." It amounts to preying on gullibility, fear of death, and running a psycho-spiritual shell game. Those folks need to get a real job.

Again, just my opinion...and keep in mind I do entertain the possibility of these things...I just don't let my brain fall out from keeping my mind so open...
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Psychic Ability...Are U a Believer?
Posted: 5/2/2008 6:24:23 AM
After reading your posts(not only in this thread), madfiddler, I am no longer interested in replying to you. I had motive earlier in the day to go through the trouble of scanning and producing a few of my better remote viewing sessions, and doing a nice little write up with sources and such, but after reading your ridiculous posts in this thread, I believe it's probably for the better if we agree to disagree. I do not like arguing, I've got better things to spend my limited time doing. Especially over something like this, which I am sure will always seem impossible to you no matter how strong the evidence showing otherwise. You have made your point, you do not believe in the paranormal or psi, although you say you are open to it. Much the same as Mr.Randi.

I have no interest in trying to sway anybodies beliefs. I know it works. I practice it all the time and see the results. It HAS been proven, not by me, but by numerous others. If you don't believe me, and are too lazy to go look for yourself, that's really not an issue that I am going to spend any more of my time on because quite simply, it doesn't matter.

If you do not think it's fair to charge somebody for lessons then I think you'd best get off the planet because everywhere you look people charge for skills, training, knowledge, shoelaces, anything you can imagine. If you do not think it's worth your money, then don't pay for it. Nobody is forcing you.
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Psychic Ability...Are U a Believer?
Posted: 5/2/2008 7:19:04 AM
And for anybody interested in knowing more about remote viewing, try checking out some of the following websites:

If those links aren't enough, I've got more. ;)
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Psychic Ability...Are U a Believer?
Posted: 5/2/2008 12:59:31 PM

If you do not think it's fair to charge somebody for lessons then I think you'd best get off the planet because everywhere you look people charge for skills, training, knowledge, shoelaces, anything you can imagine. If you do not think it's worth your money, then don't pay for it. Nobody is forcing you.

I made my point and point of view very very clear to anyone with basic reading comprehension and your strawman aside, it was also pretty clear that I don't dismiss the paranormal...just blanket claims of absolute proof...especially by people charging money for services of such because its usually by such that I can spot a huckster.

As to the above quote I think its also pretty clear that you want to keep analogizing what you want to do with more tangible and real products. If you want to do that, that is also your right. Just be aware that as you say not everyone will pay you for it, and not everyone will view you as "above board" for wanting to do so. And you're right about agreeing to disagree I don't think we have anything further to say on this topic...

However, if you think that's the case do you really think it clever to proceed to ressurrect a dead topic thread on $cientology if you don't want to carry on a debate with someone you know you don't want to carry on a debate with? Just sayin

I'd say roll up a and call it a day bra... ev'ry'ting gonna be a'right.
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Psychic Ability...Are U a Believer?
Posted: 5/2/2008 5:30:28 PM

Just happened to read over these, because nothing has been proved so far, it doesnt exist?!! How did human existance get this far without questioning what does exist?

No one is saying that as far as I can tell. I am certainly not. Quite the opposite. What has been said is however, that one shouldn't go claiming things are "proven" without reliable valid and preferably replicable evidence...that's called the scientific method.

Molecules, dna, technology, etc...unseen, unexplored for how long but now is "the norm"

People believed that Demons caused disease and that this was a fact until the scientific method showed that it was not the case. No one is saying that psychic ability or remote viewing does not exist...all that is being said is that broad claims to have absolute factual evidence of such and additionally that charging exorbitant fees for "training" in such skills is - in my opinion at least - defrauding someone, as there is not as of yet replicable, consistent evidence or even good working theoretical models of it.

One of the closest possibilities of such might be the "holographic universe" model as popularized in the book by the same name and postulated by both a neuroscientist and quantum physicist who arrived at it on their own in parallel study. Yet this is stioll considered highly controversial and fringe despite the staggering credentials of the two men, Pribram and Bohm.

Narrow-mindedness breeds ignorance, an open mind is what keeps humanity progressing forward, hopefully we will continue to go forward, not backwards!

Couldn't agree more... but giving way to mountebanks, charlatans and bad science, along with cultists and freaks helps us to live in a demon-haunted world ( Thank you Carl Sagan and your Baloney Detector which is sadly needed in this thread) of fear and ignorance that is just as bad as a narrow minded one... as the great proverb says, "The Truth shall set you free."
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Psychic Ability...Are U a Believer?
Posted: 5/2/2008 5:45:31 PM
this thread is getting funny to me, and I'm done here.

I'm not here to prove anything.

If you don't want to find out for yourself, then I'd rather let you live your life in ignorance. I have no problems with that. The majority of folks on this planet are happy living in their 5 sense reality, dumbed down by television and the media, prescription drugs, the internet, fluoride water, aspartame, chemtrails and the like. I cannot change that and I am content watching it all fall to pieces.

I don't expect everyone to believe remote viewing works, because quite obviously not everyone does.

I do. I practice almost every day and about 4 to 5 times a week I get what I would consider a "hit".
There have been tons of control, double blind, blind, experiments done at SRI and in the intelligence operations. If you don't want to go check it out, then that's too bad. . I guess you'll never know just how capable we are. . And that's just fine by me.

If you believe the RV programs were shut down because they were not producing, you're sadly mistaken. Remote viewing is a very real ability, everyone has it and can do it, and often do use it without even knowing.
Go on, live your life of limits and boundaries, enjoi!

EDIT: Im not going to take much time here, but Im going to attach a couple of my sessions and my session feedback here just to give an example of what a decent remote viewing session turns out like:

Here is my session summary for this target :
I obviously did not know what the target was before doing the session or it wouldn't be much practice. I have no way to prove that other than the software used at doesnt allow you to look at your feedback until you've entered your session data.. If this isn't good enough for you, then I don't know what is.

Session summary:
Session Intro:
felt really frustrated in this session.. terminated it after only a few minutes..

nothing was coming to me at first, and I could not stop focusing on what the TV was saying upstairs, even though it was not very loud.
My sister also interrupted me during the session, so i became quickly frustrated and quit. I moved prematurely to stage 3 for some reason, and quit after only a few sketches.

nothing makes much sense from this session.. i dont even want to type it out..
im probably going to regret it though.

got some upright vertical beige hard things again, with energetics running wavy along its side

drew some hard brown smooth things with grey angular and thick something placed between them and above them.

then a bean shaped white thing, a hollow hot metallic thing with a curve in it, and a rectangular thin and brown thing underneath the curvy and the beaner

something splashing and wavy, a hollow dense green metallic thing coming out of that, its cold. to the right of that there are some brown hard horizontals and a curving smooth, solid, dense, hard, warm brown right angle

had an AOL of a hot air balloon and water. a balloon shape, with a dark hard black line running down its center. The balloon shaped thing is soft, cool, inside, airy, yellow and clean.

next sketch had a peaked thing, which gave me an AOL of a teepee or tent. It's warm, hollow, soft, brown and had the word inside next to it.
Coming out of its top is something flat on one side and rounded on the other.. hard and grey and hot, puffy also.. AOL of smoke from that

next to that I drew a cold metal tube
Under neath these items is a brown bump going across the bottom, gritty, cool, bumpy..

next sketch was a circle with a curve above the top/right side of it. the curve is medium-hard, blue, and wet. the circle is "open"

next sketch was a circle probed and labeled dense, moist, wet, blue, and hard, there is something metal connecting this to a vertical dense hard grey rectangle.
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Msg: 103
Psychic Ability...Are U a Believer?
Posted: 5/2/2008 6:07:10 PM
And how about my first ever good hit? I always like to show this one off, it was probably about my 6th or 7th session as a remote viewer. I was using a different method other than CRV, I was using Ed Dames' Learn RV method on this target. This one was scanned and uploaded several months back to show some others online.

Session Site Template:

Target Feedback:

Neat, eh?
When you do something like the above sessions on your own, knowing you have not cheated, it makes for quite an incredible feeling and proves to you that the ability is real.

Now let's all go have a good larf.
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Msg: 104
Psychic Ability...Are U a Believer?
Posted: 5/3/2008 6:56:43 PM
Most people who are highly psychic don't study it so they can read your mind better. They actually start to study so they can't read you. Well I am a believer because I am psychic. Have been all my life. From reading the posts there are a lot of things people don't understand about being psychic. I hope I will be able to clear somethings up for you.
First, if you want to investigate proof contact Atlantic University in Va. They will be able to provide you with all the proof that you need.
Another point is that no one who is psychic will entertain the discussion of having to prove their abilities to anyone. We are people, we don't do tricks or sit up or roll over.
Because so many people are cynical to us we have learned to keep our mouths shut. It is a shame really because we really could help people. But that is the way the world is and there is nothing much we can do about it.
The third thing is that yes, psychic can be passed down but it is not limited to certain genetic types. I has been proved that psychics have more frontal lobe activity than non psychics. Scientists are currently trying to determine whether psychic ability is where mankind is evolving too or are we loosing the abilities that were once our main survival instincts from when we were cave men.
The fourth thing. Remote Viewing was once use by the US Military in WWII. These people have to be highly trained. From what I have read they were also very successful. There are a number of psychics who are registered with different organizations. Getting registered isn't easy. You need a certain number of valid predictions from other parties. Then the other parties are investigated. Some of these people were approached by the government some 20 years ago. The psychics refused to work with the government. From what I understand the program has been abolished.
Fifth point. Getting paid. Psychic ability is just like any other ability. Please stop deifying it. Did God give us this ability? Yes God also gave me my brown eyes. God also blesses people with extraordinary abilities to play a piano, dance, or sing. But even though they have been blessed they still have to work and study very hard. So do psychics. 15 years of studying, reading, classes (and I mean college courses). Time, money, and hard work. If you want a person (psychic or not) to take their good time to help you, at least give them the respect of paying them for their services. Some psychics wont charge. That is up to them. But that doesn't mean that they are good. In fact the good ones are the professionals who have studied. And Yes they will charge you. Every one has the right to live. And they have the right to charge a reasonable rate so they can live. To think otherwise is just plain foolish.
The psychics who work with the police often do not charge the police. This is because of another reason. One that I wont go into now.
Most people who are highly psychic don't study it so they can read your mind better. They actually start to study so they can't read you. And they don't study to be a professional. How a psychic starts reading people is a whole other discussion that I wont go into. It is a thing that we don't think you will believe so we just don't talk about it to non-psychics.
I hope that this helps. Any other questions just ask I will try to help.
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Msg: 105
Psychic Ability...Are U a Believer?
Posted: 5/3/2008 7:34:46 PM
First time on this topic ... very much believe in the ability ... when you can go to someone on the same day you make an appointment & you know you have never met, talked or even seen them before ... & they can tell you about your past years, present including what you have in your house & about others in your family that you aren't even aware of & then to find out that last one is true of what they say ... oh yes, very much a believer ... have had too much happen in my life to NOT believe ... but like everything else, you still have to be careful who you go to ... HgSS
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Msg: 108
Psychic Ability...Are U a Believer?
Posted: 5/7/2008 3:21:30 PM
Thanks Enigma252 ... I think I would enjoy having a conversation with you sometime ... it would be interesting ... Hg
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Psychic Ability...Are U a Believer?
Posted: 5/9/2008 4:56:26 AM
I heard that the subconscious is extremely adept at sorting through information and coming to logical conclusions. That when the abstract and logical parts of the brain are working in unison efficiently enough and the subconscious is capable of communicating with the conscious efficiently enough, a person can notice things we normally couldn't notice.

Like Salty posted earlier, I heard the develop of language and other types of thinking have actually weakened certain brain functions that were incredibly sharp at the time of our birth. Babies have been observed to have very acute pattern recognition abilities.
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Psychic Ability...Are U a Believer?
Posted: 5/16/2008 7:53:31 AM
This book looks at John Edward and other medium's gifts under a microscope.
This is the story on the woman who won 2/3 of the lottery.

saying that it's been proven without providing links doesn't help open people's minds. demanding proof doesn't mean someone with proof is willing to provide it, but makes you look like a demanding and impatient person.

you are a spiritual being having a human experience, not a human being having a spiritual one. The sooner people realize this the better. Science has yet to open the door to this so until they do, they will be limited to the mundane physical world. Why argue with something so limited? Your soul is capable of experiencing so much more than what 'science' allows.

so prarie shaman, how long have you lived in/near the same city as me?
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Psychic Ability...Are U a Believer?
Posted: 6/17/2008 12:45:54 PM

What is your opinion on psychic ability?

It exists.

Have you ever had a psychic experience?


Do you think we all have it or not?


If you have, what happened?

I got used to it and it is now just a fact of the past and at times present.

Some people go to psychics for predictions on their love lives, what do you think of that?

Silliness, in my opinion.

Are you aware that the police use psychics on a regular basis but do not advertise it?

Very aware. It's about time.
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Psychic Ability...Are U a Believer?
Posted: 7/14/2008 10:07:22 AM
It is a common belief in my family, many of the women seem to have had some ability.
My Mom's first cousin is a well known psychic and has worked with police in Ca. many times. I've seen her being interviewed on TV in this regard, the first time was startling. I was channel surfing and stopped when I saw her, because she looks exactly like my great-grandmother. Then I began to listen to the interview and realized who she was. She and my Mom knew each other as children, but I'd never seen her, her family always lived in another state. It was sort of strange to recognise her like that.

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Psychic Ability...Are U a Believer?
Posted: 7/26/2008 10:50:42 AM
Yes... I truly believe in it, but few have developed their ability..., yet. I was going to just be sarcastically humourous, and say: "Of course I do, because I KNEW you were going to ask this question".... but, that would make me appear as a non-believer, and I truly believe that many of us will develop our talents even further, as time moves ahead. Everyone has their own right to agree, or disagree, as you know the little saying about opinions, don't you?
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