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Joined: 3/8/2007
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It sounds like you are really hung up on her...
She said no to a relationship and yes to a sitter-with no pay!!! Bonus
Sounds like she used you...for everyone makes mistakes and you did say sorry.
I have to ask what was so important she needed a sitter for, on a Saturday...
She did find one so nothing was this leads me back to being used and her needing a reason to get mad at you...
I say leave her alone and if she comes to you...why?

Edit:VVV OP that is why I said in my first post:

Best to find someone who gives as much as you give.

I've felt like i have ben used a few times with her

It sounds like you got it!
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Have a question for the ladies
Posted: 10/17/2007 9:12:08 PM

Truth #1 - You've known her for 6 months and haven't dated, but you've "talked about getting together sometime in the future". Dude, you aren't even at 'Friend' status.

Truth #2 - She was accepting you're wuss-like advances much like any employer...especially one getting free services, would. However, when you screwed up her plans, you are soooooo fired

Truth is she never intended to have a relationship with you and was stringing you along taking advantage of all the freebees she was getting from you. To her you were just another wussy-nice-guy who slobberred on her heels and kissed her butt for some false hope of "maybe one day we'll be together." Just another attention whore getting her jollies off by using someone who was somehow mesmorized by her good-lookingness.
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