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Joined: 1/1/2007
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Two stalls left of roundhouse
Turntable no longer there
Twilight shroud upon
To douse.

Two GP nines murmured
Together coupled
To train of mixed

Throttle eased open
Twinned sisters whine
Taken to 'High Iron'

Tommorow's power
Today passes
Thwarted iron
Tangled in weeds..forgotten.

Two stalls of roundhouse
Taken down
Torn out
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The Train Journey
Posted: 10/24/2007 10:41:59 PM
'Algoma Central'

Departing 'Soo'
In autumn frost
Whistle sound.

Steel ribbon
Spliced in granite
Through toil

Teeming colour
Wild yet tame
Aboard train
Mild fame.

Splendour marvelled
Sheer rock and nature
Daunting task
Admired sure.
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The Train Journey
Posted: 10/24/2007 10:56:25 PM
Tenze: Thank You most kindly!

It is Your poetic renderings that are sought. Sincerest thanks.
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The Train Journey
Posted: 10/24/2007 11:16:44 PM
'Polar Bear Express'

To arctic shore
Blue ribbon
Life core.

In comfort
Dwarfed trees
Cold frost.

Trappers not trapped
Soap stone artists
Travel home.

End of line 'Moosonee'
Hudson Bay be
Arctic home.

Provisions aboard
All welcomed
Train home.
Joined: 1/1/2007
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The Train Journey
Posted: 10/25/2007 5:04:29 PM
'Scheduled local'

Northwest bound
Called 'self propel'
Two cars departing
Sounded bell.

Diesel smoke
Intrusion plume
Emmited both
Comfort tune.

North is harsh
People toned
Her rigid law
Strength honed.

Hunters trappers miners
Respected bond
Aboard two 'Dayliners'.

Destined for some 'Chapleau'
Curious vibrant 'en francais'
Midst of wilderness fresh
Closed roundhouse worker's pay.

Tolerted by wilderness
Steel ribbon gentle through
Gale wind snow cold chilling
Power shown true.

Little train respectful
Stops to hug the line
Homage paid to 'Northland'
Permitted..continue little twine.

Stops unscheduled made
Wilderness homes unmark
'White River' on north shore
Left patrons disembark.
Joined: 1/1/2007
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The Train Journey
Posted: 10/25/2007 6:43:59 PM
" 'Board!"

Polished shoes
Brass shine

Crew atune
Regale pride
Earnestly subtle.

Entering coaches
At vestibule
Crew cares

Excited mild
What so ever desired.

Journey begun
At dawn
Morning sun.

Together.. seek
Thoughts of other to speak.


Conductor ticket collect
Mind on mundane job yet
Train must carry safely through
Responsability his but true...


Relaxed in lounge
After exquisite dine
Comforted patrons
Spoke with wine...

'Einstein' astounding math
Comb beneath him
'Sir John A' entertain
Received on drunken whim.

'Bush' much
Did travel past
Gazing out
The window past.

Oh the comfort
Conversation sublime
Comforted in warmth
Fruit of the vine.


Marker lamps
End of train
Protect each
Sleep obtain.


Theories acknowledged
Sweet smiles desire
To compartments
Each retire.




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The Train Journey
Posted: 10/25/2007 8:28:12 PM

While doing rounds along the train, boisterous but pleasant sounds caught the conductor's attention at the cafe lounge car...


(background laughter, guitar tuning and harmonica.....)

'Well, if they freed me from this prison,
If this railroad train were mine,
I bet I'd move it on
A little farther down the line....'

(Mr. John R. Cash)

'Far from self imprisoned
In freedom poetreee...
No longer inhibited
Poetic expression free!'

'Well, I know I had it comin'
Whistle blow release...

Souya! Yeah!

That ol' lonesome whistle
Seen to people please.'

(laughter, harmonica and guitar tuning....pleasant atmosphere)


Conductor winks at steward
Returned with a smile
'Tis all worthwhile
Train journey mile.
Joined: 1/1/2007
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The Train Journey
Posted: 10/25/2007 10:08:06 PM

Fern is dense
Fresh colour spring
Black fly mosquito
Obscure sight bring.

Northern Lady observe
Clear it be to Her they serve
Provide She will sustenance
Appreciated not by chance.

Conquered attempts will fail
Laughed at those who wail
Northern Mother that strong be
Provided for that to see.

Steel ribbon asked to entwine
Provisions to inhabitants fine
Northern Lady oh how strong
Welcomes little whistle song.
Joined: 1/1/2007
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The Train Journey
Posted: 10/25/2007 10:44:30 PM
'Fire Pit'

Northern train
Upon campfire pit
Slowed to stop
Visit a bit.

Glowing fire
Well to see
Domicile content
Homefires glowing be.

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The Train Journey
Posted: 10/25/2007 11:15:02 PM
'Off duty'

All persons need to seek the relief from duty, and the conductor scheduled through union negotiated contracts, found himself wandering about the railyards, of all things.

Given a free pass to travel on the railroad, considered he destinations:
1) visit his son in prison
2) attempt to find family
3) party with strangers

Birds singing
Trains bringing
Morning Dove
Respected Love.

Love unseen
'Sweet One' been
Recognized above
Vacationed with true love.
Joined: 1/1/2007
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The Train Journey
Posted: 10/25/2007 11:21:03 PM
Welcome 'Salty'!

The pleasure of Your poetic smile illuminates the train!

(By the way, I hear there is dancing in the lounge too!)

Always welcome, Ms Salty! Thank You!
Joined: 1/1/2007
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The Train Journey
Posted: 10/25/2007 11:26:11 PM

Welcome aboard! Enjoyed 'Rail' long as its not the rail to run me out of town upon!

Joined: 1/1/2007
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The Train Journey
Posted: 10/31/2007 4:03:53 PM
Welcome Aboard!

Eye Guy: Whistle is heard, in this and other worlds. Thank You.

Autmn Fantasy: The poetic journey rekindled thought of my youth...Hmmm..
perhaps the twilight zone! Lol! Thanks for posting.

Solitidinous: Interesting quote. Thanks for posting.Please feel encouraged to express Your own thought as well.

Welcome aboard!
Joined: 1/1/2007
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The Train Journey
Posted: 11/1/2007 7:14:32 PM

Marker lamps
End of train
Coal oil lit
Protect again.

Black upon knighted
Markers glow
End of train?
Journey flow?

In black of night
Little markers end
Signalled mind allusions
No longer contend.

Clothed in black
But shine of brass
Coaches lit to comfort
Fears subside in journey pass.

Marker lamps
At end of train
Protect brightly
Begin again.
Joined: 1/1/2007
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The Train Journey
Posted: 11/1/2007 7:42:32 PM
'The Baggage Car'

Crewman in charge of baggage
King undisputed in that car
Muscle bound, world weary
Experienced much travel far.

His job to dispense baggage
Receive and care for cargo
Reflected on the freight in charge
Baggage passengers bestow.

A rusty bird cage
Worn out bike
Back Pack, tent
To never hike.

Broken heart
Bitter strife
Chamber pots
Precluding life.

In wild thought
Imagination flow
Enroute to station
As speed did grow...

Toss it all
This baggage dross!
To free those riding!
Not be loss!

Train begins to slow
Reality jolted thought
Opened door of baggage
Baggage passengers sought.
Joined: 1/1/2007
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The Train Journey
Posted: 11/1/2007 7:45:40 PM

Welcome! Marker lamps protect...indeed. Thank You.

Joined: 1/1/2007
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The Train Journey
Posted: 11/1/2007 8:00:11 PM
Mr Eye Guy!

Welcome, as always! Lol! That was great!

Joined: 1/1/2007
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The Train Journey
Posted: 11/4/2007 7:12:46 PM
Welcome aboard!

May all be comforted to feel relaxed on this 'Journey of Expression!'

Whspr: 'Destination' was sad, and touching. May Your hopes be rekindled and encouraged.

Eye Guy: Your poetic thoughts are consistent..with the rythym of the rail, evidenced in Your writing. (Magic is perceived, even underground)

Aiobheann: Magic of rail sonnet precludes You not! Thank You.

AV: Eloquent thought gives vision to pasengers from the dome car..You have been guest speaker in charge there. Thank You.

The train moves on.......'Boarrrrd!!'
Joined: 1/1/2007
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The Train Journey
Posted: 11/4/2007 7:58:52 PM
'A Short Story'

Well, ...ah ...just because! Lol! I'm the Conductor!


Her hair like a sunset upon the pillow, carresed gently, so as not to disturb the magic of Her slumber. Morning ablutions accomplished: polished, shined clean pressed, body and soul, tea is prepared, for His love.

She will awaken soon. Contenteded, strolls He down the path of their well attended home. She is his heart's desire. Today marks the 20th anniversaary of their union.

With graying hair, respected in the community, black suited uniform donned, the day begins. Excitement is within! There will be a surprise today!


Curtains drawn back subtly, She watches. The pompous shined ass. He owed everything to Her intelligence.

She dumped the tea down the sink, and prepared a kettle for coffee.

So predictable! OH! Another dozen roses! Crap! Perhaps Two dozen because its 'special'! What a crock of crap! How She longed for excitement! Not that pretense of dancing at the local legion hall, or at some Union function....but desire! surprise.....


Flowers two dozen ordered delivered, and One extra to carry personally. Today, He was not going to work, as arranged with his employer. The florist smiled.


Dreamed she...'Bob'! Now there was a man! The mail carrier: worked a bit as a truck driver, played pool at the bar. Quick to fight, tough...and ..oh...! Enthralled She was at their first meeting at the rural mail box at the end of the lane, where he grabbed her butt......She feigned disdain.

She would meet Bob. Today. Again.

Her heart thrilled with the thought!


With One limp rose
Black suited suppose
Love to disclose


What a train.
What a journey.
What a station.
What a nation.


'All Aboarrrdd!'

Joined: 1/1/2007
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The Train Journey
Posted: 11/6/2007 11:38:21 PM

Bored caring
Youth spent

Observed thrill
Packages carried
Smile no drill
Life not warried.

Genuine smile
Reciprocated same
Contented Lady
Boarded train.

Time permit
Collect fare
Soul fire lit
Calm aware.

Counting tickets
Rythm of track
Passing thickets
Perceived attack.

Lady Spirit
Kind in eye
Much of wit
No pretense try!

To workers kind
Aboard the train
Contented mind
Place to obtain.

Journeyed well
Destination impart
Sweetest smile
New thought...start....

Joined: 1/1/2007
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The Train Journey
Posted: 11/7/2007 12:22:10 AM
Welcome Aboard!

Salty: Thank You for Your kind coincidence I suppose that 'bob' is something fisherpersons! Sincerest thanks! Patrons eagerly seek Your further poetic renderings!

Thank You!

Ravincause: Sincerest welcome! Your poem personally touched me with regard to memories of connected rails: tracks ripped up, trains disappearing, one person vehicles....relationship parody....that lonesome whistle song.

Thank You!
Joined: 1/1/2007
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The Train Journey
Posted: 11/13/2007 11:51:53 PM
Station stop to soldiers there
Polished shined exteriour
Strict and proud with discipline
Share heart with but only 'kin'.

In parlour car to enjoy
Relaxed comradeship employ
Heart wrenched tears expose
With comrades experience chose.

Soldiers focussed heart true
Consciencious to duty due
Rowdy thought by some on train
Perceiving not sacrifice of pain.

Conductor turns an eye, not blind
To Steward says 'Be those kind'
Comfort in bed when done
Enjoyment have Our soldiers won.

In respected Honour of Soldiers.
Joined: 1/1/2007
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The Train Journey
Posted: 11/15/2007 5:18:38 PM
Welcome always, Eye Guy:

It is be most cool to receive Your perspectives from the train's 'head end.' Always welcome: at the throttle, or to relax and ride!

Joined: 1/1/2007
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The Train Journey
Posted: 11/15/2007 8:41:44 PM
'Wee One'

Wee One with gold locks of hair
Enthralled to see train go by there
Excitement rush in heart content
Much of Her leisure time spent.

Schedules knowing and locale
Something made Her heart pall
The track a washout rail bent!
Message to crew must be sent!

Wee One with gold locks of hair
Ran east to Westbound most aware
Flagged Her dress with all She had
Engine crew seen most glad.

With screeching brake
Eyes seen in heart to ache
Golden One is honoured true
Heartfelt by that westbound crew.
Joined: 1/1/2007
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The Train Journey
Posted: 11/15/2007 9:28:19 PM
'Stopped at a siding'

While stopped here at the siding waiting for express trains to pass, passengers and crew need not be alarmed: the train continues. To pass the time, perhaps we might revisit 'Content' I know, a poem already seen: but expanded upon in intended thought...

'What about a beer!' Heard from patron in back.
'Steward. Please give that person a beer with my compliments.'


Complacent job becomes routine
Bored but not with passengers seen
Dwelling in personal emotion thought
Loss of youth the battles fought.

Older Lady with hair of gray
Spark of eye board train today
Packages bright and bags carry
No need of Porter to ferry.

Seated at the aisle seat
Position did not Her eye defeat
Enjoyed the scene with craning neck
From crew and all She earned respect.

Enjoyed the journey infectious smile
Gave cause to personal reflect awhile
Sincerest sweet content smile impart
Personal reflection on new journey start..


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