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The Train Journey....Page 5 of 50    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41)
released butterfly on wings to grow
flying free.... afraid to go
wanting love to be just so
altering reality

wings take flight
wee hours of the night
vision coming from insight
carrying our treasure

flying with uncertainty
learning to fly steady
only when we're ready
trust these wings of light
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The Train Journey....a local combination...freedom express..
Posted: 9/18/2009 8:09:27 PM
who is that handsome devil
seen here in this photo??
i say, dear man,
you're looking mighty fine
in that hat so full of gangster charm!

good to see you back T!!
so grateful to see our conductor cares about our safety...
and you sure do photograph beautifully!
 Mo Cushle
Joined: 5/18/2009
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The Train Journey....a local combination...freedom express..
Posted: 9/26/2009 6:21:58 AM
Feed the fire,
shovel the coal
keep enough flame
to slowly match roll
keeping rails warm
slowly make our way
inching along
inperceptably sway
no need for speed
enjoying the ride
a train to journey on
journey to find
just one companion
one traveling too
seeking a train ride
no expectations
of you
through country
side fare
animals stare
and dumbly
stand there
they at their fenceline
me at mine
all of us
minding our own sweet time.
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The Train Journey....the freedom express
Posted: 9/28/2009 11:18:08 PM
early in my years abroad
I got to see spoons played
clicking and clacking
with hand and leg slapping
creating such wonderful tapping
they changed my view of cutlery
to hear them played so musically!

a very dark night
words have taken flight
waking me from sleep
feeling the quiet deep
as the train moves swiftly
a welcoming is heard
for all to come aboard
feel the sanctuary
found here through poetry
freedom of expression
always offered, always open
too dark to see stars
my beloved dome is black
remembering times of past
when light would shine
on all who stood
beneath her glass
lost in the reverie
dancing openly
arms so lovingly
holding me
but now I am alone
in this room
only darkness above me
though I know others are here
I see nobody
feeling empty
feeling full
still a pull
to let myself move
and twirl in this space
maybe I'll remember
that feeling of grace
as a hand ever so gently
touches my face
 Mo Cushle
Joined: 5/18/2009
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The Train Journey....the freedom express
Posted: 9/29/2009 12:42:18 AM
I hear the whistle blowing
flag fluttering in the wind
racers ready crowds are cheering
we're off the to the races again

this train is not a seasonal
it's not the one that is usual
it's that one time journey, better get up early
now it's time for the trip to begin

At Last- the end it's quite visable
see the flag at the end of the vestibule?
it's waving for you-hoping you can vue
smiling faces that wait in the terminal

train journeys are so much like clocks
at least like the grandfather here
to and fro you may rock in rhythm of tock
as hours disappear from the year

time to pick up steps and pull up a chair
get settled into your own berth
tick tocking commences thru wide open places
on this train ride of priceless worth.
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The Train Journey....the freedom express
Posted: 10/4/2009 12:08:59 PM
whiskered and wise
but sorely despised
as a blemish on the land
boxcar bound
for another round
to where the sun warms the sand
restless feet blues
in worn out shoes
evading the shady yard boss
with beat up guitar
from second hand store
four gut strings lament the loss
with skin so brown
to settle down
never in the cards
where rails ring
you can hear him sing
til the freight approaches the yards
when the brakes start to whine
that there is the sign
pack it up and get ready to jump
he may me a canker
rousing blue suited rancor
but he certainly ain't no chump
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The Train Journey....the freedom express
Posted: 10/7/2009 4:17:37 AM
'reckless abandon'

losing all hope of sanity
finding joy in feeling crazy
freedom to be whatever you wish
sitting here writing with these other dear fish

so can anybody really be a different somebody?
aren't we always ourselves, even a facsimile?
even those who's profiles are made up of hard sells
still I think their essence comes through quite visibly

while here in our sphere of writing poetry
it's our hearts and souls that we expose
because no rules do we impose
so we can follow wherever the thought goes

while some will write completely freely
others often are very cheeky
and still others seem to be a bit sneaky
as we all choose our words with care

we read and write often late in the night
or wake the next morning with words outpouring
oh yes, quite often our words are not softly spoken
but spring forth with freedom and reckless abandon!
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The Train Journey....the freedom express..and then some
Posted: 10/22/2009 12:19:26 AM
there's a runaway train
full of steam and fire
a bullet it seems
and it's name is desire
on a one track line
heading into the forest
and the rich who ride
soon become the poorest
all dandy and fine
heading into the pine
ramshackled and hackled
at the end of the line
with hopper all spent
the grade is downhill
she coasts past the platform
and stops on a hill
the whistle is quiet
the cars go slack
but another one's stoked
on the adjacent track
 dimestore minstrel
Joined: 9/29/2009
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The Train Journey....the freedom express....named 'Desire'...
Posted: 10/23/2009 9:58:09 AM
"My First Train Ride
Steam Locomotive CPR 2816"

A thought to take a step back
from where the iron rails from far away meet the edge of the wooden platform
and the toes of my mail ordered brown boots boys aged six
I hear it first
it sounds something like the mill at home only deeper
and strong but not mean like Jackson, mamma’s new husband
it sounds dangerous but not out to getcha scary like the mill
which meant over and done with
no it’s more like half take ya away scary and half gettin’ away exciting
Then I feel it
the wood under my boots starts to shiver like it’s cold like in winter
but it’s real hot and it’s sweaty on my face and the sweat is runnin’
down my legs and into my boots boys aged hurting my feet
I told him they hurt he says I’ll be better off with his sister in the city
he don’t really care and I’m glad he’s not here
Then I see it
it’s like something I never imagined
it moves so slow and there’s smoke coming out the front
the sudden sharp screams from its whistle
quick me up some three or four rabbit jumps back from the tracks
into the long stick legs of my granddaddy
he grabs my denim jacket collar rough and gentle
with that dry cracked prairie hand of his a grip that steadies me like a cage
the key to that cage is obedience
so I straighten up stand quiet at attention like in my daddy’s picture
on the parlor zenith radio
Then I salute the union jack flag painted on the front of it puffing steam and
hissing like a giant snake
granddaddy slides his hand down from my shoulder to pat my chest
where mamma and daddy live now
and as I add a couple of tears to those clouds of steam rising up to disappear into that
biggest of empty blue skies
I lose my train of thought.
 dimestore minstrel
Joined: 9/29/2009
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The Train Journey....the freedom express...
Posted: 10/25/2009 6:31:25 PM
Stopping by Robert Frost
On A Early Eastbound

Whose rails these are
I believe I know
His house is down by the station though
He will soon see I've switched tracks here
to spray paint some freightcars, so let's fukkin' go

Whose rails these are
I think I know
His ass is down at the station though
He'll not see me gearing them here
now watch my train fillin'...
yeah yeah whatever, two stanzas, bell horse and snow

The hoods are lovely, they dark, they creep
Man I got an appointment I gotta keep
and rails to ride before someone sleeps
and rails to ride cuz someone sleeps

***thanks T, our accomplished host, for your gracious remarks, and the opportuinty to post here...dime***
Joined: 3/18/2008
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The Train Journey....the freedom express...
Posted: 10/26/2009 1:31:03 AM
she gathered her cloak about her shoulders
bundling up against the strong autumn wind
waiting this night without her usual fright
she's taking the train out of this station

has no idea where's her destination
this journey is in the making
but one thing is for certain
no longer will she serve the dragon
offering her body for taking

she's found her soul once again
bringing her strength finally to run
run from her life of the slave
and though he begged her to stay
she knew it was time she flew away
 dimestore minstrel
Joined: 9/29/2009
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The Train Journey....the freedom express...
Posted: 10/26/2009 7:27:11 PM
***TBK, I hope you will forgive the cross-referencing ...dime
con’t from msg 899***

Riding The CPR 2816

“I found my train of thought.”
I say to myself; the inside joker repeats to myself.

but I can tell by the way that the lady across the car is looking at me.
I must have spoken aloud.
and I can see she thinks I’m one of those old-timers who talks to himself.

I paste on a smile.
“I said I found my…my train of th-…”
But, by the time those words trip clumsily out of my mouth,
she’s removed herself to her book once more
“…-ought… know?…, oh…”
“Oh nevermind.” I puff in exasperation.
She’s dismissed from my thoughts with a wave

so there like a bear with a cuff to the air

like the gates comin’ down ain’t nuthin’ gettin’ past.
train whippin’ through a crossing.
you could stand there and look right through it.
look right through the holes.

I turn to look.

out the window streaked with soot and rain and the noise of her engine.

And then I remember.

that sky-heavy clench-fisted country
seems like right away got rolling past in a blur of vague understanding
just a kid
my head out the window pure joy and sheer panic
the delight of speed
the way it stood your hair straight back and bounced bugs off your face
there was nothin’ else like it
the magnificence of speed
you could see things comin’ along way off then while you were busy just lovin’ it
takin’ it all in that huge expanse of landscape just loping by
suddenly those things were upon you you wanted a get a good look at ‘em
and whoosht they were gone
the way if you let go something out of your hand like my granddaddy’s kerchief
it was gone for good
which meant over and done with
that night
the wind smearing tears into salt licks
as I stood at the handrail of the last car
hating speed hatin’ that train
hating the world
a wounded little boy aged 6
boots not broke in
trying to see past the darkness.
to a train depot.
my grandfather.
standing at looking down at the tracks.

hanging on to ends of two iron ribbons
Joined: 10/23/2008
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The Train Journey....the freedom express...
Posted: 10/29/2009 5:23:20 PM
Soooooo...I am running away from the zombies. (Oh yes, they are out this close to Halloween. ) May I climb aboard, and share some poetry? I would like to share some that have inspired me over over the years.
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The Train Journey....the freedom express...
Posted: 11/11/2009 1:34:01 PM
We used to meet at the bend in the track
near the candy store that was more of a shack
didn't matter from which side we came
north or south it was all the same
a small little berg that the tracks ran through
like a bead on a thread or a path through the zoo
and the houses were cages from which we escaped
to meet and conspire knees and elbows scraped
from wars we created in innocent minds
building forts and moats and friends of all kinds
never considered then what the tracks represented
a way out from what then was a life contented
with small little victories and immature dreams
not fully developed to the level of means
looking back down the track to that simpler time
it haunts me with the thought that childhood is a rhyme
an easy breezy cadence of life in full swing
when the worst thing could happen was perhaps a bee sting
if I boarded a train in full reverse
would it be a blessing or would it be a curse
to arrive at that town at that time long ago
and would I know then what now I know
that it's fleeting as the meeting on a midnight train
only one stop to go looking through the pane
at the years and tears and fears gone by
too many tangled knots to ever untie
a simple thread with a bead is how it was then
when we were lords and soldiers and hoards aged ten
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The Train Journey....the freedom express...
Posted: 12/19/2009 9:00:56 PM
through the snow
shimmering flight
illuminated white
falling on the dome
seen from below
his arms
round her waist
eyes face to face
lift to watch the snow
feeling such grace
in this sacred place
their love does show
moving in unison
rising in passion
deep compassion
as they dance
beneath the
beauty of
the night

Joined: 3/18/2008
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The Train Journey....the freedom express...
Posted: 12/22/2009 4:18:15 AM
^ wow....different style for you, T....powerful and not so subtle and powerful....

she saw him
stepping off the train
for she had been
waiting to greet him
waiting to meet him
as this was their first planned rendevous....
daring to meet a stranger
another virtual passenger
a loner, he had told her,
but a caring person too...
he looked different than his photo
as he felt also
with her now in view
yet the likeness was somewhat true.....
the eyes did mesmerize
which was no surprise
for both had felt it happen
looking at each other's pics
as they had done often
yet now his expression did soften....
her heart began to beat loudly
as she watched him walk proudly
towards her waiting for him
noticing a bit of stubble on his chin
for all night he'd been travelling....
a kiss upon the cheek
followed a more formal handshake greet
while a smile escaped her
for she knew she was opening the door
to move with him down this corridor
no longer feeling in her own little corner....
would this handsome stranger
who seemed to be a soul admirer
become a lover?
she really wasn't sure
but in this moment
it was good to be near him.....
and as they walked off together
one who'd been watching them
could see they weren't really strangers
for their energy had gathered and become stronger
the minute they saw each other
 dimestore minstrel
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The Train Journey....the freedom express...
Posted: 12/22/2009 11:23:44 AM
***cont'd from msg 913***

Riding The CPR 2816
hanging on to ends of two iron ribbons

I think I hear.
her steam whistle shrieks.
rushing down the roofs of the cars ahead.
I don’t have my hearing aid in.
I press my cheek against the glass hoping to glimpse the engine.
must be a straightaway cause I can’t see any sign of her.
and the rain is coming down pretty hard.

another whistle cry

I chuckle as I remember.

how that whistle stood me up fast
scrunched my toes up tight at how irritated my grandfather
would have got if I really had been
“Damned near scairt out chur boots boy.”
his half hid grin would have scoot toot quick when he’d seen
the holes in my socks

Now, this moment, I know the shame he would have felt.
We both feel the same way about holes.

“Boy I’m gonna kick some holes in you, you don’t get over here.”
oh boy.

yeah that old man had paid
hard money
to get me that train ride
the heck outta Jackson’s Rage
and mamma’s ghost the way she died
and gone to heaven amen
pushed the conductor’s pocket
“See the boy gets to where he’s goin’ and gets what he needs ‘long the way.”
how my grandfather could sound
when he meant business
Jackson used to say he just talked proud
said he was really just a big ol’ stump stickin’ up that
"Someday somebody’s gonna come ‘long make you match the horizon old man."
the conductor brought me cold coffee which I drank all the same it was a thirsty day

“It was a Thursday.”
I blurt out to the empty space across the aisle that had been the woman.

with the book and the look who left

I turn round in my seat to see if I can spot the conductor.
he’s not about so I’ll sit here be patient.
I close my eyes the seats on this train are comfortable like you’re the one.
first to ever sit in ‘em..
just made for being patient.
for being lullaby babied asleep by the rhythm and the music of it.
the train as it rode down that iron and wood picket fence.
ticket-a tacket-a ticket-a tacket-a.
joining now to then.

jarred from sleep by a jolt and a jostle.
must have been a rough spot in the line.
a bad picket.

-a packet-a picket-a packet-a

“Conductor, conductor!” I bark..
leaning out into the aisle.
the car is empty.

lady with the book and the look had left
like a bear with a cuff to the air so there
The inside joker repeats to myself.

“Conductor. I’m thirsty gawd dammit!”
I realize that I’m close to shouting.
“Dry as that gawddam whistle.

the conductor and a porter.
smartly enter the passenger car.
I admire the ease of their stride up the aisle.
like the train wasn’t moving at all.
a cart with a jug of water with ice and a tray of cups.
the porter fills me a cup.
not a drop spilt.
real professional trainmen.
it is cool and soothing like.
how the conductor speaks to me.
“Please sir, think of the other passengers.”
to me a smile and a wink and a nod to the porter.
“The dining car awaits your pleasure sir.”
“2816 running on schedule” I announce.
I relish those words.
saying them.
hearing them said.
how often have they been spoken.

countless times I wonder

***...looks around for the conductor, sees him, extends a handshake and a bottle of fine....
Merry Christmas T and to all who ride these, your rails....dime***
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Train Rides©
Posted: 12/31/2009 3:17:28 PM
Fantasy trains hold,
Cargo’s that be
But … what’s their fate …
Their destiny?

If cargo be persons
Who just ride to flee
They lie to themselves
They’ll never be free

For misery in us
Will therein remain
Unless we face it
Even here on this train

But trains filled with hope
(Things which could be)
We pray for to happen
So anxiously

When passengers carry
That cargo of hope
They yearn for solution
Not misanthrope

And you, a companion,
There for the ride
Can offer them comfort
And sit by their side

And should they get off
At some station stop
You’ll know you’ve helped them
Reach their Hilltop

The train may be used
For garner and gain
But if used right …
It can help stop the pain.
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Passion's Awry©
Posted: 1/1/2010 4:26:51 PM
When there’s true passion,
Then we are compelled
To open our floodgates
- where nothing’s withheld

With reason and logic
Then both cast away
They’ll not come together
Within a soiree

Forever and after
While in such a state
T’wil be emotions
Guiding our Fate

We’ll not see futures
By crystal ball
For only our feelings
Will answer the call

Of decisions to make
And lives to amend
Effecting all
Our Family and friend.

Be then careful
When Passion’s about
To hug common sense
And not … through them out.
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THE TRAIN JOURNEY......freedom express.....
Posted: 1/22/2010 7:14:49 PM
awed by sheer elegance
black velvet with teal blue hints
she lightly stroked the seats
gracefulness of draping pleats
in her vision curtains opened
revealing brilliant starlit explosion
shining through her glass domed chamber
full moon rising shades of amber
for she had entered this train's heart
beauty akin to heavenly art
here to welcome her new start
to freedom
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THE TRAIN JOURNEY......freedom express.....
Posted: 1/23/2010 8:47:08 PM
^ahhh...beautiful journey, T....
and to know it's just the beginning! :)
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THE TRAIN JOURNEY......freedom express.....
Posted: 6/17/2010 5:58:06 PM
“Sun Sets”

Coloured winds of youth blown sunset hair
Spring time mounted upon, travel silent, unaware
Multi coloured rainbows released at garden gate
Blossoming flowers in gardens foreseen await

Fragrant enticing angel wings, drawn gardens kept
Butterflies, little creatures, in comfort welcome slept
Intensity held quiet, nurtured chorus, orchestra played
Howling at the distance, harvest moons spirited brayed

Colours of the sunset, setting soft rainbow ocean blue
Flowing sweet enticing whispered winds calling true
Orange flamed birth right, ocean sounds surround
Captivated, sought release, with soft place to ground

Her hair flows like magic, angelic darting about
Melting warm fragrant diminishing self doubt
Sunset are the colours, rainbow soft surprise
Magic flown sweetly, delicate strong disguise

Majestically, without pretense, invited coy to dance
Wings nurture sweetly, winds whispered entrance
Spread are the wings of delight, nurtured delicate
Gardened nurtured enticing, butterfly on wait

Youthful is the spirit, played on tracks unknown
Sunrise colours seeds in gardens yet be sown
Tormented never, released free on gentle wings
Visit at choice choosing, joy expression brings

Light are but the footprints, gentle heart impressed
Embedded deeply spirited free, in spirit blessed
Eye to eye, relaxed in, battled never in secure
Held close nurtured, heartfelt goals felt sure

Winds approval silent calls on sun set colour
Fire lit spirited, greets Warrior pale palour
Ridden never, mounted One flowing desire
Sunset colour birthright born spirited fire

Battled ever, fiery spirit in never succumb
Caterpillar from cocoon, butterfly become
Flown there on sprouted wings new experience
Teach me how to fly, my love, on wings o’ innocence
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THE TRAIN JOURNEY......freedom express.....
Posted: 6/17/2010 6:01:02 PM

Impecable Her timing softly whispered call
Sailed seas of mediocrity in waves o’ sand to fall
Delicate the touch of talons outstretched hands
Wings spread unfolding devouring never lands

Blackest setting suns seen beneath masked eyes
Howling is the misery insatiable hungerd cries
Devouring blood thirsty seen naked flesh
New moons dark nightfall harvested in fresh

Hooded black soul less seen in colour disguise
Temptress at the window soul sword against belies
Legions surrounding at the sword simple evil fall
Armed warrior sword drawn enemies cowered small

Foliage greenest pasture there upon fuel trees
Woodland forest creatures brought helpless to knees
Winds of change blow swift across the moor
Riding swiftly silent called to battle floor

Beckoning black ‘Ebony’ mounted night mare
Polished shined Her rider summoned always there
Shimmering polished boots at gallop two in one
Smoothly silent gallop unheard without sun

Moonlight lighted pathways bent at reckless speed
Foliage trampled upon imprinted spirit bleed
One together lone whispers wind carressed
Chasing unintangible unattainable the quest

Hoof beats mark a rythym dancing silent heard
Riding headlong to battle moonlight absurd
Sleek is Her demenour swit cantering mare
Mounted rider and horse in stark moon light glare

Galloping relentlessly flowing mane of hair
Intensity purpose less soaked sweat man an’ mare
Glistened in the darkness under light of moon
Harried is the journey smooth, fear sun rise soon

Wailing distant rescue called, castle tower cold
Passion intense, urged greater speed spirit untold
Midnight black Ebony shining coat moonlit shined
Polished black suited in team destined aligned

Timeless the calling, mare an’ rider one
Driven, relentlessly in battle never won
Hourglass of shifting sands slow soft cursed
Trickle in the moonbeams till horizons burst

Gentle carressed ‘Ebony’s’ black neck sleek
Encouraging, each in soaked sweat, weak
Reigned in soft and gentle sun soon to rise
Carressed is Her coat of black fed cintent sighs

Free upon the pasture is Her release play
Prepare Knight for battle on another day
Oh! But at the sunset, ridden is night mare
Sleepless Knights embattled unseen everywhere

Timeless is the calling whispered on the wind
Doubtful ones will understand if listening begins
Even in the daylight, it’s seen in child’s eye
Mournful wailing muffled, heard loud is the cry
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THE TRAIN JOURNEY......freedom express.....
Posted: 6/17/2010 10:10:20 PM

Granite hard Canadian shield
Pastures not domestic yield
Fruits of labour resources
Rivers beauty run courses

Growth pining whispers tall
Strong lean encouraged call
Muscle flexed respected well
Harvest permitted trees fell

Iron mined forested strong
Wolf packs howl haunted song
Northern are the lights that dance
Loon calls beckoning sweet romance

Dearly deer sleek running embrace
Forest floor upon leaving no trace
Dawn early wetlands breakfast Moose
Creature cycle, hearkened, each loose

Folklore laboured gentle iron laid
Creosote wooden man tracks made
Trails followed territory unclaimed
Creatures trespass not, yet maimed

Challenge bellows engine and moose
City dwellers argue value small caboose
Northland cycle paddle respect dipped
Understood not the southern tripped

Majestic called in granite spliced
Creatures called listen heard enticed
Pines whisper winds secrets invite
Strength encouraged, blended delight

Conquered never, granite hard rock
Timeless northern rhythms clock
Expected early, always right on time
Ontario Northland in rhythms rhyme.
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THE TRAIN JOURNEY......freedom express.....
Posted: 6/19/2010 9:22:36 PM
wow's so exquisite to again see your poetry!
I've just returned my self from being away
and it has been an extremely long day...
so I will retire but soon visit again
to read your words of magic and wisdom!

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