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Joined: 10/10/2007
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Disabling the C-Blocking friendPage 4 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)
There's no secret female agenda here where we all know the answers and you (as a man) don't. We women don't know what went on, either, or why. Don't obsess about it, nothing REALLY happened at all, right? You weren't in love with her, you maybe didn't even know her name, so why worry about why she had to leave/did leave? Even if it WERE because her friend was "saving" her from you, do you REALLY care? You don't know her. Shake your head in disbelief and walk on.
 ~blue eyes~
Joined: 11/16/2006
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Disabling the C-Blocking friend
Posted: 10/26/2007 4:24:42 PM
If your going to be slapping people, don't forget the babypowder.

Now as to the problem, we usually do have the talk of 'don't let me do anything I don't normally do tonight' when going out and having drinks.

But if she were truely interested she should have let her driend know this.
 ~blue eyes~
Joined: 11/16/2006
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Disabling the C-Blocking friend
Posted: 10/26/2007 5:52:50 PM
Women tend to band together in the bathroom, so what you do is have one of your girl friends go to the bathroom the same time the****locker does and they can strike up a conversation there. It happends we talk about the oddest things in there sometimes.
Your friend can mention that she's here with some friends and they should come over to where your at and hang out.
Joined: 10/16/2005
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Disabling the C-Blocking friend
Posted: 10/26/2007 7:45:23 PM

If she's that easily influenced by her friend, I'd say you dodged a bullet.

If I liked a guy and wanted to continue talking to him, I'd tell my friend to get lost.

But that's just me.

I agree with this. Hell, I'm not 12, and if I want to talk to someone and a friend gets in my way, I ask her to back off and come back later; then again my friends and I don't crowd each other like that...we know that splitting up at different times during the night (i.e.. "I'm hitting the ladies room", "I'm taking a walk, be back") is better for talking to those men we've been looking at, or at least walking by them and giving them a good opp to talk to us.

No matter how much I drink or where I go, I know what I like and what I don't; I was blessed with that ability. No amount of alcohol will make me like a guy I don't like sober...I do get a bit more honest and in your face when drinking, but that's another thread.
Joined: 7/9/2007
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Disabling the C-Blocking friend
Posted: 10/26/2007 8:55:12 PM

It's hard to be mad at you when you have cute new pictures of yourself with debbil horns

Those are horns? I thought they were ears... j/k
Joined: 10/16/2005
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Disabling the C-Blocking friend
Posted: 10/27/2007 5:15:50 AM
A girlfriend once told me that women almost never go off with a guy if they are out as a pair, because they don't want to leave their friend on their own. They only go for a guy if there are three or more girls in the group.

I think they mean "go off" as in just leave the club with a strange man for the night which we usually don't do if out in a group (there are a couple women who'd do that to their friends in a heartbeat, but most of us keep tabs on each other for safety reasons). We do, however talk to men we like and might possibly give out or take a phone number to talk to them one on one at a later date. After all we are out with people already that we've made plans with, and we don't ditch plans.

However we don't go out with the expectation we're going to just talk to each other all night either. Drink, dance and laugh? Sure, but that's about it. We could just sit in someone's house if we want to do that, and of course we all know each other well enough already that there's not much to talk about.
Joined: 10/16/2005
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Disabling the C-Blocking friend
Posted: 10/27/2007 5:50:15 AM
^^^^ they meant "go off" as in chatting to guys, chatting them up, maybe "snogging them" (kissing to the non UK people)

Ok...gotcha. Around my area, "go off" means leave the club entirely. Whoops, language barrier. My bad.

Does the new definition make a difference to your answer to my comments re: what my ex-girlfriend told me?

Nope, as I said my friends and I do "go off" with men we like if we're all out doing a girl's night. We don't have a big problem with that. I suspect if someone's insecure enough, she might want to get in the way of another friend making some headway, but we don't usually have that problem.
Joined: 4/21/2007
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Disabling the C-Blocking friend
Posted: 10/27/2007 10:31:01 PM
Yeah... if she could be so easily lured away, then why try keeping her?

Most of us INTELLIGENT women know that men want the relationship AND the sex. Greedy ba$tards! Women do too. Greedy b*tches!

C*ckblocking is rarely EVER done without having been planned beforehand.
Joined: 12/17/2006
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Disabling the C-Blocking friend
Posted: 10/28/2007 10:18:04 AM
This is how I interpret the scene:

Girl 1: (the one you're interested in), sees you from across the room and goes to her girlfriend, "I'm gonna get another drink. Be right back".

She comes over to you, a little chat starts up and Girl 2 looks at her watch realizing her girlfriend is taking way too long for just getting a drink and spots her talking to you and thinks to herself, "Oh no she did NOT just leave me for some dude! This was supposed to be a GIRLS' NIGHT OUT! I will NOT be ignored!" (Think Glen Close in 'Basic Instinct').

So, she saunters over and comes up with an extremely obvious lame excuse of having to get some exercise.

Now, Girl 1, although interested in you, feels guilty that she left her girlfriend for you so she thinks she has to do the "honorable" thing by going back with her.

Anyway you look at it, it's her loss! If she had the "cajones" to stick up for herself, she would've come back to you, given you her number then gone back to her girlfriend!
Joined: 4/15/2007
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Disabling the C-Blocking friend
Posted: 10/28/2007 10:45:54 AM

Nightclubs are much like maximum security prisons. What you want to do first is make an example out of one of them, and make sure the whole club sees you. Find the biggest tease in the place, strike up a conversation with her, and when her****locking friend comes to bail her out, you ****slap her Rick James style. After that, you won't get****locked again all night.

Also, violence is attractive to Southern women, and country music fans, so you might even get a few extra numbers out of the deal.

ROFLMFAO I wish that was not true
Joined: 9/15/2007
Msg: 30
Disabling the C-Blocking friend
Posted: 10/28/2007 3:46:07 PM
The solution seems easy in theory, difficult in practice.

You need to get the "friend" liking you, too.
If she feels like a third wheel, she's gonna start squeaking. She needs to feel important as well. If she feels like she's not wanted, she'll be more than happy to bring the whole thing crashing down.

If you're really working it, they'll actually start to compete with each other over you.
And then you are gold.

I don't go to clubs, so I'm no authority.
So only take the parts of this that make sense to you.

Truth is, you're almost never going to find a cute girl that came to the club alone.
Which means if you ever want to get anywhere, you're going to need to learn how to handle people who are going to get between you and the woman you're attempting to woo.

Look on the bright side. You've already gotten over the anxiety of approaching women in the environment where the average woman has the greatest gap in "attraction value" above that of the average man. The club.

If you can get past that, then learning how to handle c***-blockers should be easy.

And one other thought... if you approach women in larger groups, the "friend" will have other people to keep her from getting lonely.
Joined: 4/21/2007
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Disabling the C-Blocking friend
Posted: 11/17/2007 5:51:31 AM

Sometimes women just want sex and anything that shows the hint that the guy wants a relationship scares them off. Oh, I know I sound anti-traditional by saying this but it's true.

Far better to read this than to read yet again how women wait for men to come to them.. men have to do all the work. Or about how all we ever want is your cash.

But what are you supposed to do? Say, "Look mate, your scaring her"?

Honestly.. if that's what's happening. Why the hell not? Maybe he's not a bad guy, maybe he just sucks at approaching women and gets all weird and overbearing. Being told might make him stop. If not, then he's just a creep and you've all been spared.

I dont know why many women cant just be straight.

Fear of being called a **** or a tease or some such, but who cares.. this is someone you're not interested in for whatever reason. Who cares if he thinks you're a **** for 1) not being interested or 2) the c*ckblocking pal?
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