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"soundless voices of nature"

I think it's time to change my life;
It's time to find the love with a good man.
Maybe who fills my days with simple things...
Or who teaches me hear different sounds...

I want to understand the soundless voice
Of woods climbing a mountain up the hill...
I think walking along holding one hand
I'm sure I won't fall down going with him...

I'd like to understand the voice of air...
When it blows softly and messes up you hair.
I want to understand the water song...
When it comes softly falling to the ground...
If I could walk along with a loved man
While feeling raindrops falling in my soul...
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Love Poems
Posted: 5/29/2008 2:26:32 PM
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Some Work
Posted: 5/30/2008 4:42:07 PM
How would I kiss you?
Let me describe the ways -

I would hold your gaze with mine
as I approach the corner of your mouth,
then softly kiss you there.

I would kiss your eyes, one by one,
with my fingers tease your chest
and press closer into your warmth
I would inhale the scent of your hair,
drawing a draught of you deeply
into my being, into my heart.

I would move to your ear and linger...
whispering your name with
the warmth of my breath,
then softly kiss you there.

I would kiss, lightly as a hush,
your cheek, then very slowly
returning to your mouth, pause,
then brush it with my burning lips.

Then softly I would kiss you there,
press you closer into my warmth
into my being, into my heart
and savour the aching anticipation
that wells in throbs within,
the want of more of you...
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Many Faces of Love
Posted: 6/28/2008 4:35:59 PM
The Keeper of my heart

You are the world to me
The sunrise brining me light
The river, onward ever flowing
For your love is ever growing
The trees standing mighty and tall
Ready to catch me if I fall
All the colours of the rainbow
In the many loving ways you show
You are a cloudless clear blue sky
Teaching me again how to fly
You are the most vibrant flower
Protecting me with your power
You are the gentlest of rain
Encouraging me to live again
You are a gentle cool breeze
Bringing me both calm and ease
You are the wind that sighs
Drying the tears from my eyes
The dusk at the end of my day
Chasing all my fears away
The velvety midnight sky above
You enfold in your cloak of love
A Million stars to wish upon
As a life together we build upon
The sands along which we stroll
The keeper of my heart and soul

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Many Faces of Love
Posted: 6/28/2008 4:36:58 PM
I gaze upon your face as you softly sleep
Feeling in my heart this love that is so deep
Your eyes flicker and I wonder what your dreams
Sailing the tides, riding the skies, catching moonbeams?
With each breath you take I watch the rise and fall
As a day by a lakeside my mind never fails to recall
My lips whisper against your sun kissed skin
Feeling the warmth and lighting a glow within
My fingers stroke your body’s contours, soft and smooth
To relate the love I feel, to relax and to soothe
If only you could feel through these my finger tips
The power of my love that cannot be spoken through my lips
If only you could feel my soul in each caress
You would know how my heart pounds at your nearness
If only you could feel my loving through my touch
You would know that I love you oh so very much

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New love
Posted: 6/29/2008 6:56:42 PM
new love like a cloud forming
over a mountain peak
result of a warm upwelling
each one entirely unique

the air begins to move
like a fresh breath on my nape
soothing and captivating
a feeling I can't escape

anticipation, exhilaration
relief from the scorching sun
made in the shade my newfound love
so refreshing when its first begun

building and billowing skyward
powerful but so diaphanous
a stark contrast against endless blue
what could be more analogous

electricity fills the air
full of ionic attraction
a sensation in the chest
a certain call to action

apparently appearing from nowhere
an apparition in the heights
quenching rain and lightshow
filling warm summer nights

well-defined but evolving
intangible, contoured, ethereal
as definable by its outline
or the way it makes me feel

but as soon as it forms overhead
a nascent sadness created
ephemeral as the seasons
but for now feeling satiated

to capture and sequester
its essence for dryer spells
an exercise in futility
like bottling the ring of bells

why can't that feeling last
breathlessness and wonder
but soon more time elapses
between lightning and the thunder

it sheds its tears and disappears
happy sad tears swell the banks
no cause for regret or remorse
but a simple word of thanks

dry spell and drought are the default
with clouds offering respite
searching the blue for another to form
to be showered anew by delight
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New love
Posted: 7/1/2008 12:53:40 AM
Bless me with your love

You mean the world to me
There’s no one quite like you
You set my senses reeling
With the things you say and do

The mere sound of your voice
Summons deep emotion within
Like an old familiar song
Played mellow on a violin

Whenever you are near to me
I'm lost to thoughts of love
As you touch me with a magic
That’s as radiant as stars above

Offer me your sweet caresses
Fill me with your wondrous light
Soothe my aching heart
And hold me through the night

I want to hold you close
And I hunger for your kiss
Please offer me sweet promises
Of true loves tender bliss

I promise our love shall soar
Carried on the wings of a dove.
So give your heart to me
And bless me with your love
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