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How to when you're on top....Page 3 of 5    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
ok this may sound stupid but is you mattress firm? cause im a short girlie and i had a heavy set partner, had no issues on top on the sofa cause he sank a bit in it, but if we tried on the floor or the bed i could quite get my legs flat enough to move, if you are really having difficulties which i used to cause i have pretty weak legs you can always ask him to basically hold your a$$ and help you move, until you have built your leg muscles up enough to hold your own

it worked for me!

all the best hun x
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How to when you're on top....
Posted: 10/30/2007 3:52:07 AM
Pleuralmeans2.......There are many forums on here that indicate a lady is lazy if she doesn't do certain things. I was not asking the internet folks how to have sex. I wanted to know if there was a secret to doing it right or maybe a better way. You need to read carefully next time. Oh Pleuralone cause you are alone and with that kind of attitude will be alone for a while.
Thanks to the rest of the posters for your honest opinions and advice.
 wild heart
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How to when you're on top....
Posted: 10/30/2007 4:35:49 AM
I'd just like to point out that no question is ever stupid! At least she is asking!! Many men never research or ask questions about sex and the woman is the one who ends up doing "all the work". I have met men who took an active interest in their sex lives (and that doesn't mean just having intercourse more than once a month), but I have met too many who do not who seem to think they do. This is based on men I've dated, friends comments and reading some of the forums on here. I think society has placed a pressure on men that they are "supposed" to know this stuff - well that's a load of bull, everyone started out a virgin. I am the first to admit that I still have lots to learn also, but I make an effort to learn it.

It's those types of attitudes that stop us from growing. Just because one person doesn't know everything someone else does, does not make their questions silly or stupid.

I'm always impressed when someone steps up and asks. Keep asking your questions registered :)
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How to when you're on top....
Posted: 10/30/2007 7:23:08 PM
Pleuralmeans2.......There are many forums on here that indicate a lady is lazy if she doesn't do certain things. I was not asking the internet folks how to have sex. I wanted to know if there was a secret to doing it right or maybe a better way. You need to read carefully next time. Oh Pleuralone cause you are alone and with that kind of attitude will be alone for a while.

You hurt my feeling. Sorry, but I only had one left and you squashed it like a bug. I'll be alone for a long time because of MY attitude?...Now I am just scarred for life with no women in my life to turn to. What part of your post was not asking folks on the internet how to have sex then? Technique=How to?
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How to when you're on top....
Posted: 10/30/2007 7:51:33 PM
You still didn't read it correctly. There are several ways to have sex.....I know how to have sex.......I've had sex at least 3 times....I've got 3 children. Sorry about your feelings (NOT), I don't have any left for people who are going to be critical ***holes. Of course, you are entitled to your opinion, even if I think it has little value.
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How to when you're on top....
Posted: 10/30/2007 7:55:45 PM
Just *came* across this one the other day-- I was being *taken* from behind (traditional doggy style, whatever), and as I reached a climax I arched up and back, forcing him with me, we both ended up on our knees with me straddling his lap, him hugging me from behind (and gee, what fun now that his hands were free). It was comfortable, fun, and unexpected.
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How to when you're on top....
Posted: 10/30/2007 8:05:33 PM
Registered........ you don't need to use your legs when on top. Just lift your butt some and move your hips. You can also lean backwards and move your hips.

I don't think anyone would be considered lazy unless they just layed there like a dead fish (No POF pun intended) and made the other person do all the work.
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How to when you're on top....
Posted: 10/30/2007 9:08:47 PM
Ok. Something more valuable would be this...I noticed in your profile that you like horses. Horseback riding helps to strengthen your leg muscles and provides you with fantastic posture. Forget everything that are rules of engagement when riding a horse when you ride a man. You hardly use your legs, and leaning forward helps allow your lover to penetrate better and stimulate your clitoris. The motion that best makes the woman on top enjoyable is a grinding of the hips and a rocking motion with some bouncing...Bouncing is fun! Also leaning in gives you the chance for your weight to be balanced on your inner thighs so you have better leverage, making it easy to just push your breasts into his face and further stimulate you into sexual bliss. Don't be afraid to try new things .
I'm sorry if I seemed like more of an asswhole than I really am. I was really just kidding about you being lazy. I was going for more of a laughtrack kind of response and obviously you are more serious about your sex than I am.

 Put Name Here
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How to when you're on top....
Posted: 11/1/2007 7:07:22 AM
OP, you asked advice and you got it, straight and honest from me. There is nothing wrong with what I said, maybe the way you took it possibly? I was not being harsh.

Yes, OP, I read your profile.

hd321, I have had two leg injuries, one year apart, first one I went from a nice 13% body fat and 200 lbs from 8th grade till I was 45 years old to almost 300 pounds as I couldn't move around much and pizza tasted good! I lost that down to 220 and then the other leg injury and I went up to 380 as pizza was still good and I was down for a lot longer time. I went up to 54% body fat. I am now at 280 and 31% body fat.

Gee, how'd I do that?

Exercise, limiting pizza, will power. The first time I lost the weight and fat very quickly, it messed things up for the next time of losing weight to get Healthy.

You hd321 don't even post a picture, why? I don't understand why people don't put up pictures. No one on here is a celebrity so maybe it's being in the witness protection program.

For those that don't understand the positioning I was Sharing with the OP's request. Most likely you haven't tried it or understand what I was Sharing. It works, I know that as when a lady squirts from orgasm that is one way to help make that happen. Nub inside not the one outside which is roughly rubbed by many men because they watch too much porn and don't find out what really works. I could go into detail about how this position works but some of you can't even handle what was Shared already so I won't. Anyone interested in those details just email me, goes for you too OP. I have nothing against you, you just are asking a question. You did ask if we all thought you were being lazy.

6 month old picture? Hmmm... mine is from July of this year so maybe we both should be updating pictures. I know my pictures show more of a protruding stomach area as for those that have lost weight know the extremities lose the weight first and then the torso loses the weight which Makes It Look like I am much bigger there. I really don't like looking or being this way. Used to be a flat belly flat back long distance rider. In my mind I still am. I exercise about 3 times a week too, usually more. I wear a leg brace, not in the photo because I just got to the point where I don't have to wear it around home. Kind of a milestone for me.

I hope you silly ones that think about offending others instead of going for the truth and just moving on and not taking everything personally now can understand that Not Every One is like you so relax some and take things as they are and not how your emotions lead you to take them.

Anyway, OP I hope you have a wonderful time with your quest in the future. I am looking for someone that can connect and commit to a relationship so I can understand how it is being alone. I had more ladys coming on to me when I was thinner but now there are many that do that even though I am heavier, it turns them on. I don't get it but that's okay. Next year Spring I am riding in a bike ride from Mt. Hood area to Hood River to raise monies to fight Diabetes. I will be healthier and maybe I will have met someone by then. Being a Christian and not hating on others is not the best for me here in the Portland, OR, area as the Social PC crowd here are very hating towards others that don't do what they do. I think I stirred up some of their team members that live else where too. OP continue with your exercising as it will really help out in more ways than just sex as you most likely are experiencing. I do find that I meet more ladies in person than I do on this site. Most ladies that I do meet in person are not from the Pacific NW and strike up conversation themselves mostly. I am not from here but grew up in Hawaii where being honest is a good thing. Amish like.

OP, so what does being in the Amish Country have to do with anything? I know they are conservative and live a life thats minimal and rewarding. There are many horses here in the Pacific NW too, it seems that most ladies here are into them. They must like that stuff you were trying to toss my way. I can't stand it, go to a fair and it smells worse than a dairy on a hot day with no wind. I wasn't tossing what you were tossing, just truth. You post and ask things you should be prepared to receive things. I know I have found humor in even hd321's knee jerk reactions. No need for that but that's what you get from some people.

Have fun everyone, truth isn't that bad.
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How to when you're on top....
Posted: 11/2/2007 8:45:33 PM
Try putting a small pillow under his butt to raise your hips up just a little bit. Not so much it becomes a balancing act but but that way more of your weight will be on him rather than your knees and will give you more movement and penetration. Or you can rest on your arms by leaning over him, sometimes just shifting your body a little bit can make a big difference. It’s not always just using your legs. I use my hips quite a bit, my hands, back, legs, and I do kegel exercises so my squeeze is tighter. You can drive a guy crazy with that and you won’t have to move as much. There are so many different ways to ride a guy, definitely one of the best ways to orgasm. I mean when you’re on top different positions have different degrees of control and movement and there are a lot. If you still can’t make it work then I guess it’s one that does it for you
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How to when you're on top....
Posted: 11/2/2007 9:35:46 PM
Off topic- Put Name Here-
I choose not to post a pic because I am not looking for a relationship. I am here for the forums, so why does it matter? I'm sorry to hear of your medical issues. My point was that the OP's question was about positioning and NOT about her weight, lifestyle, or choices! Glad you had good advice but the other was unnecessary. Just because something is true doesn't mean you can be harsh to others.
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How to when you're on top....
Posted: 11/2/2007 11:50:58 PM
i much, much, MUCH, prefer being on the bottom and having my legs wrap around him. he finds it extremely hot and sexy. he says it makes him feel so wanted...esp. when i wrap tighter. i prefer being on the bottom because...YES...i do get!

well...even he admits that at times he likes being on the bottom...because he gets lazy...not cuz he finds it hot that i'm on top. well...either way, he finds me hot...but ya..mainly, aside from position variation, it's cuz he said he's feeling lazy...
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How to when you're on top....
Posted: 11/3/2007 6:17:13 AM
hd321...Again, thanks for having my back and redirecting Mr. Put name here to the topic at hand.
Pretty in pink.....the pillow under your man sounds like an awesome idea. I can't wait to try it!!! Thank you!
Put name here.....I too am sorry for your medical issues but please let's stick to what on this forum to begin with, there are other forums to discuss weight, health, etc. I am not making anymore comments to you. So if you choose to send anymore of your critical comments, I'm not waisting my time by responding.
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How to when you're on top....
Posted: 11/3/2007 7:10:07 AM
people get so heated on these forums........LOL. I enjoy reading because i learn a lot to share with my husband one day ;)

I have heard before from a few friends, if you move your hips more instead of using your legs, it doesn't hurt as much. Kinda the motion you do if you are hula hooping. Maybe ask who you are with, what they would want to do and have them show you. I also heard it'd easier if he is sitting up and you are as well. You don't have to move as much that way.

Sorry, if I my advice doesn't help. It's just all hear say advice. Good luck
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How to when you're on top....
Posted: 11/3/2007 8:45:07 AM
not at simply is a way for your body to control your orgasm....naturally
Joined: 6/24/2006
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How to when you're on top....
Posted: 11/3/2007 10:12:10 AM
I've got short legs too, and had the same problem. It wasn't laziness or lack of exercise. I just shoved some pillows under my knees on either side of him and that did the trick.
Joined: 6/21/2007
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How to when you're on top....
Posted: 11/3/2007 9:57:53 PM
you gotta use your pelvic muscles while on top. Its the kiegals that really excite a guy
 Put Name Here
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How to when you're on top....
Posted: 11/5/2007 2:17:56 PM
On Topic hd321, OP asked if she was being lazy. I said yep. Is that tough to figure out? Why do you keep harping on that? And OP, why can't you take what you asked for?

I liked the idea from the poster about having short legs and putting pillows on either side to cushion and boost height. That's cool.

Being harsh is denial and supporting that and also just plain telling lies. I have done neither.

I will just view and read this thread for awhile. I expect hd321 will rear PC again, OP will say thanks for having my back, and they will miss out on a lot while being emotional about it.
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How to when you're on top....
Posted: 11/21/2007 4:34:52 PM
I want to applaud, all the folks who took this question seriously. We all know that there are always a few of those persons who get off, on belittling others (putting them down)
For some strange reason it makes them feel better.

But Sweetheart, never let anyone discourage you from attaining that knowledge you seek, in your pursuit to become: a better Sex-mate, a better lover, a better bootie-call, partner etc..

I have nothing but the highest respect for a female, who has the desire to increase her knowledge and skill, in the name of being more satisfying to your partner.
Lazy? Not a bit! A lazy girl could care less about pleasing, they just want it over with so they can go back to eating the bon-bon’s and watching Jerry Springer.
My favorite position has always been, her on top.
Here is a few reasons why:

(1) I have a “big, heavy, chest”, and I have always felt that women are fragile. I have thought that in the heat of passion, I may smother her and not realize it.
(2) I am always afraid of humping her right down into the mattress, a scene similar to 'Little Black-Sambo", running that Tiger round the tree till he turned to butter. (lol) ( I just gave my age away!)
(3) I am turned on , by a girl that will put some effort into the mix, take charge, not scared to show some passion, =Active Participation. (asking questions, is worth 100 points)
(4) Puts her in more control over her sensations = she becomes the pilot, allowing me to navigate for her. I get off on knowing, that she is getting off.

I have always tried to be open to any suggestions which help achieve her satisfaction, because I too, seek to attain the highest possible, sexual skill level. So I ask for any “suggestions” which she may have. Also available, is my “special request option”, as I have aged, so has my “bag of tricks.”

Ladies! Drop all the hang-ups and stereo typical constraints, lets get it on!
Oh, Before I forget! I also wanted any ladies that are local, to keep one thing in mind: I am willing to make myself available, for refining this position, or any other position you would like to practice all the way to perfection.

*** GIRL ON TOP *** ROCK ON ***

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How to when you're on top....
Posted: 11/21/2007 5:07:06 PM
I find when I'm on top, it's not as much of a "thrust" as a least for me, and it's awesome for the g-spot ;) Or u can lean forward so you're able to kiss your partner and then you can get some thrust. I'm a bbw and I don't find it difficult UNLESS the guy has a beer belly THEN it can be quite a challenge, and really the only positions I found that worked for that was him kneeling in front of me while I laid down or doggy...
 David james
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How to when you're on top....
Posted: 11/21/2007 6:24:49 PM
Yeh sounds lazy to me
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How to when you're on top....
Posted: 11/21/2007 7:32:31 PM
Can I just say How much fun an evening with Lyricallady sounds!! Yahoo... one can dream i suppose..

A Man should also be able to lift your AR$E while he is slamming into it from underneath.
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How to when you're on top....
Posted: 11/22/2007 10:08:48 AM

So many people are judgemental or just plain stupid. Thank you.

With you being one of them...

You have basically cussed out everyone who you have not agreed with or didn't like their postings...

It is plain to see why you have only had two men in your life as you posted...
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How to when you're on top....
Posted: 11/22/2007 10:25:01 AM
I dont think it means you are lazy at all. diffrent positions work better for diffrent folks. If you are with a guy that insists you be on top have him show you the best way to please him. The bottom with your legs wrapped tight around your partners waist is a great position, if you offered me that position I would not be complaining!!
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How to when you're on top....
Posted: 11/22/2007 10:29:48 AM
A good way to get a good idea how to ride so you get a great up and down motion is porn... go figure!... and squating is best!
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