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 PSL nice guy
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Msg: 64 young is too young?Page 2 of 9    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

^^^^ you get my whole point...even if his dad is safe with him..he goes to a friends house...they have a gun and bam someone gets hurt because "daddy is ok with it" !

I can understand your worry and have seen kids since moving down here that either form the area or lack of maturity are not ready to handle a gun. But if your worried about him going somewhere an playing with a gun wouldn't it be batter for him to know how to be safe and that it is not a toy? if you look at the statistics of minors involved in a shoot accident you would find that a strong majority of these are kids who just don't know any better and have never been taught gun safety
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Msg: 66 young is too young?
Posted: 11/7/2007 7:54:49 PM
Me and my siblings were brought up around firearms. taught how to shoot and all that at a very young age.. We were taught that guns are not toys and you respect them. They are for hunting or self defense. Not to be played with.. To this day all of us can shoot and shoot well. I would have no problem with protecting my family if the need ever arrived. I also have taught my daughter and am now teaching my son.. I see no problem with it.
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History young is too young?
Posted: 11/8/2007 6:19:46 AM
My son is 2 and for christmas I am buying him his first gun...granted it will be a BB gun...Try not to worry so much...learning at a young age will teach him to respect the weapon....Now by age 5 my son will get his first if my son can prove at an earlier age that he is ready...then by all means I will get it sooner, but the use of any should always have adult well as taking the Hunters safety course... Please just always have talks as you normally would...try not to show the negativity and that you are agianst will only make him want to do it more....instead get involved...and drop educational and rational and light on the know small questions/answers in small doses where he will both learn and retain the when you taught him how to cross the street, not talk to strangers, and fire's all a learning process...the more informed you both are the more confident you will feel...
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Msg: 69 young is too young?
Posted: 11/8/2007 12:31:24 PM
Allcrackedup, huge difference between military training and assaulting/defending.

Most people that break into a house, do NOT have your level of training. Period. Most are desperate.

I REALLY doubt this father is buy his kid a gun, and going to give it, and ammunition to the kid, and walk away. I don't know of ANYONE that does that. Those people that I know of, that buy very young kids guns, buy .22 rifles, and bring them out, and have direct, and full supervision of the child at ALL TIMES when the child is handling the gun. When the child is not handling the gun, it is put up, and safe.

I find it funny, how the people defending this, are gun owners, and have experience. Those that are bashing it, tend to have almost no experience with firearms, and nothing to base their decisions upon, except emotions.
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Msg: 71 young is too young?
Posted: 11/9/2007 3:40:15 PM
nothing wrong with target shooting, I love in our "free" society there are always groups trying to limit what "freedoms" we have because of their foolish outlooks on life.
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Msg: 80 young is too young?
Posted: 3/18/2008 12:36:57 PM
I started my little lad off with a bow at age 5. You know, the cute pack with two rubber suction cup arrows. I trained him in its use and safety...not to mention watching him like a hawk. He applied himself and got VERY accurate and VERY responible with it. At age 6 I got him a compound bow with real arrows. He did the same as before...responsible and trustworthy with them. He can take rabbits & squirrels on the move with ease. I also train him in martial arts and with a variety of chinese/japanese weapons. As always, Responsibility and Honor are key ingrediants to bringing up a child to be a responsible adult. you don't just wait until a child SHOWS responsibility, you put him/her in situations that DEMAND it and see how they react, and teach them proper behavior as you go...essentialy the same as military training.

He now at age 9 wants to start on airsoft...the hangup there is his mother. I have no problem with it as he has shown the proper mindset to use a tool in the way it was intended and frankly, the airsoft gun is far less dangerous than his bow & arrows. His mother, on the other hand, has not handled a rifle since Army Boot Camp and is rather fearful of them still...

Be that as it may, by bringing up the boy with knives, bows, and responsibility means that he is far less likely to pull a Dylon Clebold than someone who has not had the experience in being responsible with weapons. In years to come I'll train him in the proper use of firearms along with his grandfather's training (retired Marine Scout) and the very fact that he will know that if he ever does anything out of step with a firearm he will have to worry more about Me & Grandpa nailing his @$$ to the wall from 1000 yards out than he will about police. The US legal system means justice MIGHT be meted out by the Gov't...on the other hand he KNOWS that me & Grandpa are a couple of mean old bastiches that will most definitely hunt him down like a rabid hound if he steps across the lines.
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History young is too young?
Posted: 3/18/2008 1:24:31 PM
msg #37: "Oh no OP, dont worry about it til one of them misfires, or its taken to school and there's another Colombine or Va. Tech shooting. While your at it, pass them a few condoms too. "

Uhhh....correct me if I'm wrong, but the shooters at Colombine & Va Tech were not children. And as I recall in both instances, they turned their guns on themselves and commited suicide when they finished their murdering sprees. So I don't think the guns were to blame....probably more just their mental illness. Maybe a little depression thrown in the mix, too. Irrelevant to OP's question. Just an anti-gun person's opinion (which by the way, I will defend to the death you right to have.)

To answer your question OP, it depends on the child's maturity level. Personally, I was 7 when I received and was taught how to shoot my 4-10 shotgun. And I was busting clay targets that same day. Rather than going on to shoot classmates, I went on to qualify Expert with my M16 in the US Army. Somehow, I think that has something to do with my upbringing, mental health, and respect for guns I was taught rather than the age at which it was taught to me.

My opinion is (depending on what kind of custody you two share), if it is something you and he can't come to agreement on and neither are willing to compromise your position, then petition the court to make a determination. At least in joint custody arrangements, each parent is supposed to have a 50% say in major child rearing decisions, i.e. education, religion, etc. Doesn't matter the physical custody. Let an arbitrator decide it if you two can't.

But that JMHO.

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History young is too young?
Posted: 3/18/2008 9:12:53 PM
Someone that has been hunting in the woods alone since I was 10 which I started with a 12 gauge pump, and a 22 mag

This needs the attention of ALL parents

my son can use a BB gun when he is 13. real gun??? you will NEVER catch me giving him a real gun

First off Pellet/BB guns need to be viewed as a REAL gun... period... They are NOT a toy and many of MANY of people have been killed by them.

Secondly, there are a good number of Pellet/BB that are more powerful then small caliber hanguns.. You have some made that have a velocity of nearly 1,350 fps. The average .22 rifle is around 1,050fps.. With some shorts and target ammo as slow as under 800 fps.

Finally.. most state gun laws treat a pellet/bb gun as a real gun. (I.E. guilty of armed-robbery, ven with a BB gun)

Just felt the urge to clear that up.

I grew up with a father that was a novice gunsmith. Loaded most of his own ammo. Grew up with , at one time with over a 100 rifles, dozens of pistols, black power, and a full automatic WW II gun scattered around the house. At almost 70, Mom has pistol in her bedroom.

Now I keep the bullets out of the house locked up , with guns locked up inside, BUT this was some of the SAFETY we (sister too) grew up with.

1) EVERY gun is deadly and is not a toy.
2) a gun ALWAYS gets respect.
3) Never pointed at ANYTHING except the ground or a target.(paper/skeet/game/etc)
4) ALL guns are treated as loaded.( it's always the empty gun someone gets killed with)
5) All guns are transported empty/bolt open (or removed hen possible)
6) Safety is ALWAYS on until target is in sites.
7) Upon final shot. empty gun.
8) Never shoot unless you have a clear target/know your back stop
9) Never shoot in the air.(what goes up, comes down.)
10) Never hand guns under influence or tired (including hunting and shooting range)

Just passing some of this info for parents that might be thinking of getting their child a gun.

This was just some of the safety that was drilled into my sister and I since we were in diapers...
I was shooting (with Dad) around 6. Shot a WW II O3A3.(30.06) when I was 8. By 10 could field strip a 45 and was allowed to go hunting before I caught the bus by myself.

Funny how parents would not let their teenage have a 22 rifle, but will turn them over a 6,000 pound SUV to go up the interstate at 70 mph on the cell phone.

Guns don't kill people... bullets kill people.

That said there is nothing wrong in my eyes turning over a firearm to a child AFTER they have been fully indoctrinated with all safety and demonstrate respect and responsibility .
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Msg: 87 young is too young?
Posted: 3/19/2008 3:21:05 PM
nycegeye-if your child's safety came first you would teach them about proper handling of weapons. Preferrably NOT TO TOUCH if they are over at a friend's home and there is an unlocked gun about (about 50 news stories a year about kids finding a gun and killing another with it) Would you rather have your kid go "OOH, NEAT!!" and play with it, OR render it safe & immediately go tell an adult??

Or even better, a few years ago there was a chase where a bad guy tossed his gun out the window at a playground...wanna guess what happened next?? Kids who have NOT been trained about the proper gun safety measures are going to do STUPID THINGS!

When's the last time you heard of a Boy Scout stabbing people with his pocketknife or going ballistic with a .22??? Reasonable, reliable kids that have been well trained aren't the's the kids that have never seen anything but movies/tv shows/rap vids with guns blazing that I worry about.

Knowing is half the battle. How many of your friends have guns? Have you ever asked them?? How many keep them rendered safe IN a Safe or with Gun Locks?? How well trained in weapon safety are they?? THAT is what you need to KNOW.
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History young is too young?
Posted: 5/24/2008 3:25:09 PM
Let me run a scenario by y'all...

Child A goes to Child B's house for the afternoon.
Child B produces a loaded handgun, professing it to be a toy.
Child A knows it is not a toy, and goes to get a responsible adult.
End of story.

Child A goes to Child B's house for the afternoon.
Child B produces a loaded handgun, professing it to be a toy.
Child A has never seen, much less handled, a real handgun.
Much merriment ensues.
End of story.

I? like the first story better. If you prefer the second one, you go right on keeping your child ignorant of the nature, function, and dangers of guns. It's safer to gun-proof the child than it is to gun-proof their whole environment.

It even happens in JAPAN, which has some of the most draconian gun laws in the world. Happens in Canada, too. Just sayin', is all.
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Msg: 89 young is too young?
Posted: 5/24/2008 8:47:25 PM
i was brought up with the safe use of guns by a strict discipline father who even taught my sister and the three boys safe handling. at ten i was up to a 410 shotgun. by 16 we were trained in 12 and 20 gauge shotguns and practiced on family competions of clay pigeon shotouts. i began with my son being taught by the scouts and he choose his pace with correct instruction. he picked up his first 20 gauge at scout camp under supervision and continues to this day. right now he is up to a 22 pistol and a 22 rifle and a russian mauser all of which he use under direct supervision at an outdoor range that promotes safety all the way and is including women as they express interest in safe handeling of the guns. i treasure the responsibility my son displays and the maturity level it has brought about. it is not for all but it can be done right.
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Msg: 91 young is too young?
Posted: 1/23/2009 3:57:30 PM
I learned how to use a gun when I was about 6 or 7 years old(safe of course) I tell ya what. If they take away our rights to bear arms, well don't ever ask me to serve in the military ever again! How can I be expected to defend the Constitution when our leaders do not?

"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety deserve neither Liberty nor Safety"
---Benjamin Franklin

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Msg: 95 young is too young?
Posted: 1/23/2009 8:14:04 PM
To message 116. You say that guns should not be in the hands of anyone since people get hurt due to guns. How about the human mind? Should we get rid of the human mind? The mind is the master behind all of the good and bad deeds humans do. Getting rid of guns wont stop violance. So many things and objects can be used to hurt one another. Even sticks, stones and bare hands. Guns should not be in the hands of criminals, but there is no reason a honest good(non criminal) citizen of any country should not be able to bear arms.
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History young is too young?
Posted: 1/23/2009 10:18:35 PM
Okay, I'll give you my opinion on this matter. I'll give you a little background on myself first.

I was first taken shooting when I was 5 years old. Since that time, I've been a soldier, a cop, shot competitively as both and been in combat. I've been trained as an armorer, to work on weapons. I have qualified expert with everything from a 9mm pistol to a .50 caliber machinegun. Another qualification to comment is that I am the father of 2 sons.

When I started to train my sons about firearms safety, I have used a 2-pronged approach. As another poster wrote, I took my sons out to a place where I could set up a couple of melons to shoot. It is a very powerful lesson about what a firearm can do and will stick in the child's mind, if nothing else will. The second part of the approach is to demystify the firearm. By that, I mean that anytime my children ask to see a firearm, I reinforce that as long as they ask me first, I will stop and immediately show it to them, making sure that it is unloaded first. I also reinforce that they will be in big trouble if they don't come and ask first. As a result, even my youngest son rarely asks to see them anymore.

As long as your ex is the type who is very safety oriented, I probably wouldn't make too big a thing about it.
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Msg: 100 young is too young?
Posted: 5/12/2009 1:42:46 PM
If your old enough to hold it, your old enough to learn to shoot it. I was shooting .22 riffles, .22 revolvers, and .410 shotguns when I was 5 years old. I was taught well how to handle them, by the time I was maybe 8 or nine I knew how to completely tear down, clean, and reasemble every gun my father owned. I have owned guns my whole life, my kids all shoot & love it. Your never to younge to learn a skill that could someday save your life.
 New adventures...
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History young is too young?
Posted: 5/12/2009 8:11:45 PM
The law is very clear about this and there is a 'right' way - all other commentry will get you into hot water. Legally, kids can become licensed at 12 year of age. Many peak sporting bodies have a junior development program to help the kids and teens get to Commonwealth and Olympic Games level.

Ask your shool sports head teacher to introduce an air pistol and rifle training scheme. Hundreds will want to give it a go and so they should. It is a safe, precision sport requring little of you, except for a disciplined mind and steady hands. The bigger clubs and associations have money in the bank ready to spend on developing the next raft of international sports women and men. But where to start...

Logic suggests that when up country with a bunny rifle (.22LR) how will the law know that you have taught your six or seven year old how to line up a target and squeeze off a shot? Easy, once that child takes some old spent cartridge cases (left overs, inert, no safety issue) to school and show them around, or they start to mouth off (skiting) to their mates and peers about being a big game bunny killer.

Appears innocent enough and not so long ago not a matter of concern. But today, as a direct result of the vilification of this necessary land management technique and as a sport over all others by our political leaders - this is now the price you must pay...

Your child would be isolated in the Headmaster's office awaiting the arrival of the police, you would have been notified, draged out of work down to the school, police arrive, taking your child into custody for being in posession of 'articles, being parts or componets of ammunition'. That is the law and most likely would make the local gossipy newspapers.

Seems the lesson up the back paddock failed to include:
a) councelling about keeping 'mum' about what you do on the weekends decimating feral animals, some don't understand this necessity of rural life - kill the bunny before it eats you out of house and home.
b) not to take ammunition componets to show off to your mates at school.

Firearms are a part of the world we live in - get used to it. If you don't like what has transpired over the last 600 odd years, then go live somewhere where there are not any small arms, like Mars.

We may not agree with our neighbour, but as Australians we work at trying to understand what our wacky neighbour is up to, and once we accept them for who and what they are, we have a chance to understand why and we might even enjoy something new !

Check with your local police firearms registry - they know the law because they are the law.

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Msg: 102 young is too young?
Posted: 5/12/2009 10:29:25 PM
6 seems too young, although there are course for kids that teach responsibility. My brother obtained a FOID card at the age of 12.

Your ex DOES need to learn the laws about city limits. etc. My 16 yr old was shooting cans with a BB gun. Although men hunt GEESE in the same area, a nosy neighbor reported "Shots fired man with a gun". It was my son among a group of friends with AIR GUNS. Cop stuck a gun in his face!! Upon booking, my son was under age, fined $50. He learned his lesson and so did we(his Aunt, my son and I). None of us knew of city limits. He is in DeKalb County.
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Msg: 104 young is too young?
Posted: 5/13/2009 12:17:40 PM
I wish I could find this video, I saw it several years ago, as I think it would open the eyes of many here who claim their child isn’t even allowed to play with toy guns, and therefore by default won’t if given the chance.

It was sponsored by the NRA or the 2nd Amendment Foundation not sure and I have looked, but what they did was take two groups of children and test their reaction to finding a gun in their classroom. ( This was done with parental permission and participation)

After interviewing the parents they were able to divide the kids into two groups, we will call the them “Forbidden fruit, Guns are evil” group and the “Guns are tools, Gun Safety” group.

As one might derive from the names, the parents of the forbidden fruit kids did not allow their children to play with toy guns and banned anything having to do with guns from their homes and would probably freak if their child picked up a stick and used it like a gun while playing.

The other group not only allowed their kids to play with toy guns but in many cases had purchased BB guns or even real guns for them and had taught them gun safety.

Both groups of parents were asked the following question : What would your child do if they found a gun in their environment ? Even though the two groups had different reasons for their answers, they both basically gave the same answer, and that was the children would not touch the gun and would go and get an adult or teacher.

Using a hidden cameras and with the parents watching from behind a 2 way mirror the teacher would announce that she had to step out of the room for a few minutes and that they could get up and play while she was gone, a replica gun had earlier been placed somewhere the kids would find it, which they did.

Now this study was done in several cities, across several states and the results were the same in nearly every instance.

The horrified parents of the forbidden fruit group watched their children find the gun, play with gun, point it at each other pulling the trigger while shouting BANG, and even fighting over it to try and play with it before the teacher got back.

The other group of parents watched proudly as their children did as they had been taught, do not touch it, do not let anyone else touch it, and go get an adult.

Needless to say, it was a real eye opener for all …….

For me, I bought my son his first BB Gun at age 6, using that and various airsoft pistols, and a couple of BB & pellet guns I own for my use, I have taught him the safe way to handle guns, in fact this year for his birthday he will be getting a new BB rifle as he has outgrown the little Daisy over the last 5 years. And using all of the above we will continue to practice Gun Safety and what I call gun control, In other words, hitting what you aim at.

And then maybe in a couple of more years after I am confident in his ability to use a gun safely at “all times” and I no longer have to remind him of certain rules, (he still forgets to engage a safety or some other minor thing occasionally) I’ll break out the real guns and I will teach him how to shoot them.

It’s all a matter of responsibility and training for both the child and the adult.
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Msg: 105 young is too young?
Posted: 5/13/2009 12:52:13 PM
3 years old is not too young to start learning shooting fundamentals and gun safety.

I started learning when I was 5. I respected my dad, and I loved to learn and spend time with him. I never touched the guns because my dad told me not to and I knew what they could do. I knew they were dangerous, and I respected both the guns and my dad.

In my opinion, if there are guns in the home, children should be taught gun saftey as soon as possible and we would not have so many tragic accidental shootings.

A gun is a tool just like a knife. There are knifes in every home, and children are taught about knives as soon as they can reach them. It's the same thing.

I really feel that people who are totally anti-gun or emotional about this issue should just kind of butt out. The op's question was not whether it's ok to teach gun safety, but if 6 is too young.

My answer is no.
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Msg: 106 young is too young?
Posted: 5/13/2009 1:45:04 PM

Nice really nice....My opinion of Americans is no longer as high as it use to be.In conversations I have defended Americans constantly and consider the country like our Big Brother.Now seeing how alot feel about when a child should be taught to use guns is just horrible.And you wonder why your country is listed as number one for deaths from shootings.Shame shame shame on you all for arming your children with guns at an early age.Its horrible how you can think its right.

I am not anti-gun but children under the age of 15 should not be taught to use guns.They should more mature and understand better the do's and don't's of guns.

When my daughter was younger I warned her time and time again to not touch the frying pan because she kept trying to put her finger in it.I turned to grab the veggies and that split second she put her finger in the pan.So what happens if for that split second your 6 year old is armed and you just go to reach something ?Think what can happen in that split second.

We get the point. Most of us disagree. If there are guns in the home, I think children should be taught gun safety. Not just how to pull the trigger - SAFETY. Kids are never too young to learn about safety concerning anything. You don't give a 5 year old keys to a car either, but my dad sure let me sit on his lap and steer in a parking lot sometimes.

 Dave 333
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Msg: 107 young is too young?
Posted: 5/13/2009 7:10:20 PM
OP and all who have followed:

I do admit that I didn't read the entire six pages of string on this one, but I have to say that I'm shocked that I didn't read any posting about what's really going on here.

This isn't about guns: it's about control. If the ex really wanted to teach his son about guns, he would have let the kid tell his mom about it after the fact. The ex is using the kid as a way to push mom's buttons, and mom probably does her share of using the kid to push dad's buttons too.

OP and anyone else who has to deal with an ex who uses the kids to push buttons: my ex did some really terrible things to hurt my oldest daughter (no physically - it was all emotional) because it was the best way to hurt me. She didn't stop doing it until I made it so that she couldn't use the kids to hurt me. Best thing you can do is just say "what you teach him when he's with you is up to you" and leave it at that. Even if he threatens to hurt your son, just let it go.
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Msg: 108 young is too young?
Posted: 5/13/2009 7:43:08 PM

I really think that alot of parents on here need to go to parenting classes if they feel a 6 year old is old enough to learn how to use a gun.

So who died and determined you were the purveyor of knowing when things were appropriate to teach children lessons in life?
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History young is too young?
Posted: 5/13/2009 8:04:07 PM
that is scary.. I don't think kids should ever be allowed to shoot guns.. I am not going to get into the gun rights or anything but guns are for killing things.. there is no other reason to have a gun. do you want your 6 year old little boy killing things?
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Msg: 110 young is too young?
Posted: 5/14/2009 3:26:22 AM

Seven years old is not too young to learn to shoot a gun provided a responsible adult is teaching them.

Gawd. The American obsession with blowing things away with guns, a seven-year-old with a lethal weapon? You people are quite mad.

And no, there is no law to stop it from happening.

There is where I come from.
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Msg: 111 young is too young?
Posted: 5/14/2009 3:58:59 AM

that is scary.. I don't think kids should ever be allowed to shoot guns.. I am not going to get into the gun rights or anything but guns are for killing things.. there is no other reason to have a gun. do you want your 6 year old little boy killing things?


We as human beings are biological organisms. We kill things so that we can survive. Some of you people are in such incredible denial, that you seem to think since you don't see your cattle slaughtered, or your carrots pulled up out of the ground, or the starving children in sweat shops making your clothing that you are not personally responsible.

A gun is a tool. Death is a part of life. And believe it or not, I know people in their 50s who have shot guns their whole lives and have only murdered thousands of pop cans.

Seriously.... geeze. You know what the difference between free people and slaves are? Slaves aren't armed.
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