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Just make another profile. One for when your on the prowl and one for more legitimate dating. I have 2.

Not for long I bet.

Since a lot of people seem to get butt-hurt about this subject I've made a 3rd profile for posting in the forums incase someone whos offended by my comments try's to ban me.

Hey, everyone! That sounds like a challenge. I don't know my way around the matrix but a lot of you do.

I didn't check the dates, I have no idea how old this thread is. It came up in a search and I felt compelled to reply.

Can't read the date? Obsessive-compulsive much? Three and a half years old but who's counting?
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Posted: 8/6/2018 10:27:13 AM
so, just to recap....
is this nonsense about auto blocking people who have messaged others who have on 'their' profile' looking for "other" still extant?
I can understand if even if there was still a "seeking intimate encounter" option but is anyone seriously suggesting that "other" is defined as sex? What are people looking for a dance partner (dance as in salsa dance or line dance you smutty little children ) or a walking companion supposed to do? (oh for heaven's sake bring your mind out of the gutter - I said walking not wanking )
what kind of world is it that we live in when a computer decides that an alternative meaning is to be arbitrarily applied to a common english word.
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