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I'll Have what SHE's having (Harry Met Sally)
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What is your favorite movie quote?
Posted: 10/1/2005 9:49:16 PM
That's what you get, dumbass! Ghosts of Mars
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What is your favorite movie quote?
Posted: 10/3/2005 11:36:38 PM
"Hold the line - stay with me.
And if you find yourself alone,
riding in green fields with the sun on your face,
do not be troubled; for you are in Elysium -
and you're already dead!"

- Maximus, on the eve of battle with the Germanian army, "Gladiator"

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What is your favorite movie quote?
Posted: 10/5/2005 12:29:52 AM
Bruce Willis/Sin city
"I took his weapons, both of them"

The Notebook
Allie's father "Well, in theory, we're both millionaires, but in reality, we live with a bunch of whores."

Bring it On Again!
Carver: She puts the "ass" in "massive".
Darcy: You put the "lewd" in "deluded".
Whitney: She puts the "itch" in "****".
Courtney: She puts the "whore" in "horrify".

Big Red: I'm sexy, I'm cute, / I'm popular to boot.
The Toros Squad: I'm ****in', great hair, / The boys all love to stare, / I'm wanted, I'm hot, / I'm everything you're not, / I'm pretty, I'm cool, / I dominate the school, / Who am I? Just guess, / Guys wanna touch my chest, / I'm rockin', I smile, / And many think I'm vile, / I'm flyin', I jump, / You can look but don't you hump, / Whoo / I'm major, I roar, / I swear I'm not a whore, / We cheer and we lead, / We act like we're on speed, / You hate us 'cause we're beautiful, / Well we don't like you either, / We're cheerleaders, / We are cheerleaders. /Roll call...
Big Red: Call me Big Red.
Whitney: W-W-W-W-Whitney.
Courtney: C-C-C-C-Courtney.
[Courtney makes cat snarl]
Darcy: Dude, it's Darcy.
Carver: I'm big bad Carver. Yeah!
Kasey: Just call me Kasey!
Big Red: I'm... still Big Red, / I sizzle, I scorch, / But now I pass the torch, / The ballots are in, / And one girl had to win, / She's perky, she's fun, / And now she's number one, / K-K-Kick it Torrance, / T-T-T-Torrance!
Torrance Shipman: I'm strong and I'm loud, / I'm gonna make you proud, / I'm T-T-T-Torrance, / Your captain Torrance.
The Toros Squad: Let's go Toros. /We are the Toros, / The Mighty Mighty Toros, / We're so teriffic, / We must be Toros.
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What is your favorite movie quote?
Posted: 10/15/2005 9:24:38 AM
"I'll be your Huckleberry".........Tombstone

"Write that down"...................Van Wilder
Joined: 10/30/2005
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What is your favorite movie quote?
Posted: 11/8/2005 5:26:40 PM
"you sure do have alot of rules about dying" The End
Anything from Forrest Gump and that part where Tom Hanks in Castaway confronts Wilson about being a volleyball. Can't get the quote right, soorry
Joined: 10/30/2005
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What is your favorite movie quote?
Posted: 11/8/2005 5:33:19 PM
"what are we looking at here, is it beans or weanies?" There's Something About Mary
Joined: 9/10/2005
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What is your favorite movie quote?
Posted: 11/16/2005 3:41:33 PM
"Wow. I haven't been ****ed like that since grade school."
Marla-Fight Club

and this isn't a quote, but I liked the part in BLOW when Johnny Depp was struttin' through the airport with his sunglasses on, a smirk on his face and carrying a briefcase full of cash while that one song was playing (whoa oh blackberry, bam a bam. whoa oh blackberry, bam a bam)...
Joined: 9/10/2005
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What is your favorite movie quote?
Posted: 11/16/2005 3:53:49 PM
oh and i also liked :

guy on MALLRATS> "Dude. My girl broke up with me this morning." (friend)> "Ah, damn. no shit? for what?" "Cuz I farted." "WTF? Cuz u farted?! What a crazy b***." "Yeah, well.. she was givin' me head when I did it."

Malibu's Most Wanted>> "..then I had to vomit, so I cleaned it up with comet.. Earth is my plah-net." & "Traffic! traffic! Everywhere there's traffic, I'm lookin' 4 my chapstick!"

Man i love that cheesy stuff.. haha. b/c of that movie my friends and now sort of have a habit of replacing the word traffic with chapstick.. like if we're on the highway.. we'll say something like "Damn.. chapstick ahead..." Or, "the chapstick is finally starting to clear.." Most of the time though we talk about we have too much chapstick comin in and out of our place late at night and we need to keep the noise down so our neighbors dont call the cops. lol. we're dorks like that... but its now a part of our regular lingo and we just say it like thats how it always was without even laughing anymore. :P ill shut up now. i probably sound stupid. one of those.. had to be there moments for u guys I think.
Joined: 9/10/2005
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What is your favorite movie quote?
Posted: 11/18/2005 4:14:36 PM
haha.. yep.. good answer! i love that movie! :P (rake)
 Dinosaur dude
Joined: 7/12/2005
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What is your favorite movie quote?
Posted: 11/28/2005 10:32:43 PM
"Either get busy living or get busy dying" Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman in The Shawshank Redemption.
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What is your favorite movie quote?
Posted: 12/6/2005 6:53:55 PM
"And on the seventh day god created beer"- Chasing Amy

"Emilien, je suis enceinte"
"Non! Depuis quand"
"Depuis huit mois" -Taxi 3 (The original sweet french version not the american peversion"

"This Beer tastes like Piss" - Desperado

"I always knew it would be this way" - Rules of Attraction
Joined: 10/4/2005
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What is your favorite movie quote?
Posted: 12/6/2005 7:36:58 PM
The mediator between the head and the hands, must be the heart -- Metropolis

I have to pee
Well, pee on yourself
I can't, I'm too well trained -- High Heels and Low Lives

Do you understand the concept of the tooth fairy? She takes your tooth and gives you a quarter. They got my tooth, I want it back! -- Rundown (Christopher Walken's delivery in this scene in priceless, if you haven't seen it, rent it. I highty recommend it!)
Joined: 12/2/2005
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What is your favorite movie quote?
Posted: 1/7/2006 8:58:10 AM
The movie was "better off dead" and your right, it's freakin halarious!
Joined: 1/7/2006
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What is your favorite movie quote?
Posted: 1/29/2006 7:46:25 PM
Die Hard - Bruce Willis as John McClain
" Yippie KI Ya, M****r F****r!

Star Trek VI- The Undiscovered Country-- Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock
"If I were Human, I believe my responce would be...Go To Hell.....If I were Human!"

A Time To Kill - Matthew McCougnahay
" I want you to picture that little girl.....(Sobs).......And Now imagine she's White!"
Joined: 9/5/2006
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Monty Python .... rules ....
Posted: 9/24/2006 9:12:45 AM
"Are you picking up on what i'm dropping?"..but i forget the movie..
Joined: 11/10/2007
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What is your favorite movie quote?
Posted: 11/19/2007 7:19:06 PM
"Do not try to bend the spoon, simply realize the truth...
... there is no spoon. Then you will realize that it is you who bends." - The Matrix
Joined: 12/11/2007
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What is your favorite movie quote?
Posted: 1/7/2008 1:10:42 PM
It would have to be from "As Good As It Gets"

When Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt are sitting at the dinner table at the restaurant and he says to her:
"I have to go out and buy a jacket to come in here and they let you come in here with a house dress on"....She acts like she's going to leave...He stops her

She says "You better say something nice to me right now".....

He pauses. for like a minute and she's waiting anxiously.......

He says "You make me want to be a better man".......

Great scene....
Joined: 2/11/2007
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What is your favorite movie quote?
Posted: 1/7/2008 4:09:11 PM
there was only one road back to la
us interstate 15 just a flat out high speed burn through baker, bartsow and berdo, then on to the hollywood freeway
straight into frantic obscurity..
just another freak in the freak... we'd gone in search of the american dream had been a lame ****er.. a waste of time
there was no point in looking back.. **** no ..
not today thank you heart was filled with joy ..
i felt like a monster reincarnation of horacio alga...
a man on the move and just sick enough to be totally confident...

johnny depp- fear and loathing in las vegas

Joined: 2/27/2011
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What is your favorite movie quote?
Posted: 2/27/2012 3:35:48 PM
I love him laurel I love him for the man he wants to be and the man he almost is I love love him I love him
Did you know a human head weighs 8 lbs
Jerry Mcguire cute movie
Joined: 3/3/2009
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What is your favorite movie quote?
Posted: 3/24/2012 3:36:18 PM
"We've GOT to get Organized!"

Johnathon Winters, 'The RUSSIANS are Coming"
Joined: 1/21/2012
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What is your favorite movie quote?
Posted: 3/2/2013 10:19:56 AM
Eddie Wilson... Hey! I didn't say better, I said different. You oughta remember that. Eddie and the Cruisers
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What is your favorite movie quote?
Posted: 3/8/2013 9:01:41 PM
fasten your seat belts, it's gonna be a bumpy ride

bette davis in all about eve
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What is your favorite movie quote?
Posted: 3/9/2013 7:20:12 AM
Anyway, like I was sayin', shrimp is the fruit of the sea. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. Dey's uh, shrimp-kabobs, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There's pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich. That- that's about it.

Have you ever been on a Shrimp boat?

Forrest Gump:

No, but I've been on a real BIG boat.
Joined: 11/7/2011
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What is your favorite movie quote?
Posted: 3/9/2013 9:54:03 PM
this kind of certinty comes only once in a lifetime

clint eastwood
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