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cathartic expression of authentic selfPage 4 of 36    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36)
is all we ever need to know hidden in the past
self forged chains you feel but can't see
finding keys to locks on doors to rooms
full of our essence , walled away
avoidance ,a tool best forgotten once its used
memory mauled by stuffing self interest
filling every hole with justify ,erasing the backtrail
then limping on

what a mountain of misuse we face ,
break ourselves attempting a climb
reality isn't ruined
choices can be changed

step ,stumble, step ,

lies whispered in your own ear
exposed to the sight of minds eye
half dissected by discovery..the rest by new perspective
was that you? it was but it isnt now
years give you tools
maybe its time you stopped sucking that thumb
and used it
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cathartic expression of authentic self
Posted: 7/12/2008 10:34:35 PM
random noise makes a great soup ,
stirring til you find something tasty
sometimes its a big surprise
and you have to dodge a spoon , yourself

insight never seemed to be transparent
all the veins and tendons hide connections
a real ropy display of what it took to see
the sickish feeling that you haven't seen the worst

everyone claims when pushed
to be willing to look at themselves
wouldn't that be a funhouse mirror
reflecting, refracting, magnifying
how do you make this thing work?
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cathartic expression of authentic self
Posted: 7/15/2008 11:31:51 AM
I hope you dont mind if I stop by tropicalgrl.. I have enjoyed all that is here...

To fear change is to fear life
And a life of fear can never change

Embrace the unknown and the coming
In change there is motion
And in motion there is life
So if living what is there to fear
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cathartic expression of authentic self
Posted: 7/16/2008 6:07:36 AM
inside out or outside in
outside in makes for better movies
as wars and plagues and large scale torment
fill the screens and drip into your face
who notices that most death is inside out
cancer and heart disease kills most of us
suicide , slow motion with alcohol and cigarettes
or faster with heroin ,crank and crack
so few of us really get an external send off
earthquakes,floods ,tsunamis
exciting shit to watch at a distance
with someone elses house ablaze
have a wildfire ,or is that usually
human assisted regional suicide
I guess strip mining was too slow
and never pisses off a bear

I wish we could point a finger at something
and really feel like its someone elses fault
wouldnt that make it easier
to have a cig with that drink
and b1tch?
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cathartic expression of authentic self
Posted: 7/16/2008 10:05:10 PM
there is no end to something without a start
it seems to flow from every angle
appears and is sustained
til dropped and missed
thats an understatement
one do over would be nice
but how to choose?
would we save it to save a loved one
from themselves
would we spend it and wish that reincarnation
wasnt a dying art
wouldnt that be a sh1tty job
monitoring second chances
no wonder God split
for a better neighborhood
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cathartic expression of authentic self
Posted: 7/17/2008 10:15:47 PM
My Funk and Wagnall just did a one and a half...

and left me without a clue what the pedalian you meant

i trust you.. don't leave me speechless for too long....

for the benefit of the new page ..sesquipedalian..

i know, now she tells me
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cathartic expression of authentic self
Posted: 7/19/2008 6:12:04 PM
Hey this cat came my way the other day...
To say bent would be an understatement
More like he took a wrench to English
And wrung if for all its worth
I was like WTF no way is he from earth
To speak words to make a person think
Is one thing but to speak in English-Arabic
Is totally another
I like to wonder
But if I got to hire a crew
To figure out what he do
Then Brut IOU
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cathartic expression of authentic self
Posted: 8/3/2008 3:23:39 PM
dam TPG sorry to hear of your loss... I know its not much but you know where Im at if you wanna talk or just vent, Im a good whooppin post....
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cathartic expression of authentic self
Posted: 8/4/2008 12:14:52 AM
no one ever talks about that mechanism
we develop to decide
how much something should hurt
how long it follows us
hand out

you can know someone
share ,believe
how many really get close enough
to feel the same weight
from the same sin

what we lift and what we carry
how much is added by our mistakes
the circles we create and trod
the weakness we embrace
how long we go before we put it all down

from out to in and out
we chase our own tail
our eye on the ball at the tip
sometimes we get weary, give up too soon
forget that forever isnt kidding

that tomorrow doesn't have to come
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continuing on...
Posted: 8/13/2008 10:31:14 AM
strictly impersonal feels so far from where we all want to be
the coming and going makes little sense but its part of being free
you might be a dog or cat , i really cannot care
puss in boots with a ****in rage will always get me there

In search of inspiration we forget how much we show
exposing our weaknesses for everyone to know
what we write can reach right past the limits of a screen
be damn sure you understand the might of what you mean

no judge exists to rule our ways in electronic places we create
fates of new found friendship, fast made, faster deteriorates
do golden rules disappear when typing opens the door?
sad to see the loss of light when emotion rules the floor

I have to be honest , this entire subject is embarrassingly painful
I cannot write clever lines about something so sad
Joined: 2/8/2008
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and life...continues on...
Posted: 8/14/2008 12:57:07 PM
Read that in the other thread Tropical, and wanted to say that I enjoyed it.... SO true!!!...... and yet perhaps so rare. Thanks for sharing that thought.
Joined: 9/4/2007
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and life...continues on...
Posted: 8/16/2008 9:48:07 PM
You write so well. I enjoy reading them. maybe one of these days I will post some of the ones I written in the past.
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and life...continues on...
Posted: 8/27/2008 10:31:52 PM
watching people dividing their souls in public
selling off the pieces
honesty is never more
than something i mean this minute
it doesnt have to wait for tomorrow
to be another day
can i look you in your eyes
say what you want to hear
its like fuking without desire
is this all we can hope for
a dry hump of a leader

I think only those with double digit IQ's should be allowed to vote
or did that law already pass...
Joined: 2/19/2006
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and life...continues on...
Posted: 9/4/2008 7:17:08 PM
hometown shopping network

the name of it
is stupidity
we wallow in
our cupidity
our national passion
has our economy
flipping and flopping
cause when it comes
to spending
our enthusiasm's
never ending
we've got leisure time to kill
and emptiness to fill
so push your cart
a little faster
cause avarice
is a tireless master

LS 8/04/08
Joined: 1/13/2007
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and life...continues on...
Posted: 9/6/2008 10:39:18 AM
do we carry our baggage to use as a reason,
to misunderstand the next poor fool
to start out swinging from left over anger
directional physics ,irrational tool.

I never wanted you to see me this way
was it somewhere inside demanding a voice
as better judgement locks down on this moment
muting the child by avoiding the choice

richochet rockets distorting the pathways
cause and effect covers its eyes
from smoke and saliva i build distraction
that only im fooled is not a surprise

putting your best foot forward so often ends up
tasting like shoe
Joined: 1/13/2007
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and life...continues on...
Posted: 9/7/2008 8:07:46 PM
what we can see is usually on the way out
its the buried burr under your saddle
that pisses off the horse
when he pitches your a$$ onto the road
the bad luck you decry is not an orphan of fate and your destiny
its just reasons beyond you and the tiny piece
of everything you see

I think that examining the damage has less value
than learning when to duck
 Tulips Reign
Joined: 7/30/2008
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cathartic expression of authentic self
Posted: 9/9/2008 11:52:40 PM
Thanks for sharing your writings. I enjoyed reading them.

Joined: 1/13/2007
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cathartic expression of authentic self
Posted: 9/11/2008 10:18:12 PM
what super glue of bonding lies
in showing a true face
it can't be just letting slip a mask
or a glimpse in heavy camouflage
right out and right up front
the real you

thats one we save til we are certain
or forever wish we were
Joined: 1/8/2008
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cathartic expression of authentic self
Posted: 9/18/2008 12:03:27 PM
Such image do your subtle words convey
A warm inviting passion that excites
And, yet, somehow, I am comforted
By your warmth, the smell of your hair

I will linger here in the nearness of you
Feeling your warmth as we hold each other
I will savor the essence of you
And keep this memory with me

Your waves play gently upon the shore of my mind
Our waves slapping in synchronicity
The groove of pleasure you give to me
The song of love you sing so sweet
Joined: 1/13/2007
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cathartic expression of authentic self
Posted: 9/25/2008 12:26:00 AM
collecting our wounds
that we dealt with in the moment
flinging pain into the future
so the present could be endured
like a forest of scattered giants
invisible to every reconnaisance
waiting for a brush against your skin

memory has to hold more
joy at birth and pain at death
erasing with both hands
the stains beneath our nails
future cures for past diseases
self inflicted selfishness still
pollutes the tongue

all the strings we bind together
a rope to get us out of jail
no matter how long you make it
you know you will miss a few
weak threads
can you survive your own decision
to let someone else keep score

i wish becomes I Will
or else a distraction
with wind poking trash into corners
that brooms never find
leftover emotion fuels the next crisis
as fires rage from only a spark
clearing undergrowth by understanding

turns heat toward healing
healing to whole
otherwise ,whatever you have buried
grows up to greet you
maybe with the face of one you love
til time turns your tiller over to Charon
and only one river washes you clean
Joined: 1/13/2007
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cathartic expression of authentic self
Posted: 10/12/2008 5:39:30 PM
I have been called at times, a fixer
wanting to see the breach filled
the wound healed.
harmony isnt more than an impediment
to those that need chaos to create
does it ever appear clearly
to those that stir without sensing
just what a mess they leave

yet no one is sad to see them go
Joined: 9/19/2006
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on to brighter things...
Posted: 10/13/2008 12:34:06 PM
thought I'd drop by and say hello....wrote this over a year ago. Love the haikus!!

Yellow eyes,
Indomnitable spirit,
Creature of legends,
Portal of
Vision quests,
Transported in time,
To a sacred plateau
of reason,
Knowledge and wisdom,
become one,
Entrusted to few,
The elders,
leaders of the pack,
and the silent bonnets.
Be still, and know,
The spirit is with you
Joined: 9/19/2006
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on to brighter things...
Posted: 10/13/2008 1:04:44 PM
you're very welcome E...this is not a poem, but is a true story, happened yesterday while shopping!

Well! Talk about "road kill"!!
while out shopping, I picked out
a roast! for Thanksgiving,
upon leaving the store
I set some bags down
to open the trunk...

when all of a sudden
a car swerved, close to
the back of my car...
close enough to run over one bag,
just happened to be the one
with that beautiful roast in it!

But, lo and behold,
the store manager
couldn't help but laugh
at the mess I brought back to show him,
that he picked out a roast even better than the one
I had....he labelled the package...ROAD KILL!

and we all had a chuckle,
but the driver of the other car
came in and payed the store
for my new roast...
so we all won today!
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