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Joined: 7/5/2008
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I run into nothing but scammers and conartistPage 4 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)
It says that you are better than most women and definetly in the minority.
Joined: 12/9/2007
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I run into nothing but scammers and conartist
Posted: 11/21/2008 11:37:56 AM
yeah this happens to me too, alot of cam girls or ones that support themselves on the net doing this. In person alot of women do the same, we men are the providers we are expected to give , they are not expected to give anything, that is just the way it is, we can only hope we ran into a woman that does not think that way and has not gotten through hell in life to get better as a woman. in a relationship if she does that shame on you, you just screwed yourself.
Joined: 3/12/2010
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I run into nothing but scammers and conartist
Posted: 2/6/2013 9:19:08 AM
A few weeks ago I met a woman through the other free dating site. She was very attractive, and we really seemed to hit it off, went on several dates in a short period of time. At first I thought she was in a much higher socio-economic strata than me. On Sunday afternoon we walked through the most expensive mall in town, (“window shopping” – her idea). She was looking at very expensive clothing ($800 jeans, $1100 shoes), and acting like she was accustomed to buying such items.

Then the other shoe fell. Her business partner, who also happened to be her sister-in-law, had cleaned out her bank accounts and ran away. My date’s brother (married to this business partner) was also cleaned out. Credit cards maxed out, bank accounts emptied, etc. Her brother had to come stay with her, along with his 3 kids. And between them they didn’t have enough money to pay the rent and feed the kids.

Now as it happens, she was expecting a settlement on a lawsuit, was going to bring her over $100,000. But this was about 45 days away, and she didn’t know how she was going to make it for those 45 days.

I gathered up every bit of information I had (names, phone numbers, addresses, even license plates), and took it all to the local police. I don’t think they are going to do anything with it, no actual crime was committed, but I’m sure she will be trying this again.

I do not mention this to cast aspersions on the fairer sex. Con artists come in all sexes. Just a reminder to all of you, do not loan any money to anyone you met online and have only known a few weeks.
Joined: 1/8/2011
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I run into nothing but scammers and conartist
Posted: 2/16/2013 11:24:07 AM
Ohenry, you did right. A newspaper article just recently had an article by Ryan Tumitly of Edmonton, Alberta... While the online dating word is full of opportunities, it can also be full of peril. Police have noticed that the excitement that comes with online romance can attract the wrong type of people - those who may cause physical or financial harm. Acting Sgt. Kathy Macdonald with the Calgary Police Service said new relationships sometimes prevent people from seeing the bigger picture. When people get wrapped up in a relationship, they can't see what's going on. Macdonal said fraud artists using online dating sites can go after many potential victims in just one day. According to Macdonald, scam artists often approach someone and strike up a conversation before claiming to have run in to sudden and unexplained financial difficulties... Listen to your intuition and be aware of your surroundings she advised. Really, you do not know that person; you do not know who is going to show up.


Thanks Ohenry for enlightening us on just another spin on the old I need help, can you lend me money game.


There are lots of bad guys out there. BUT, there are also some good ones. It is quite a challenge sorting the wheat from the chaff, eh.
Joined: 2/18/2011
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I run into nothing but scammers and conartist
Posted: 2/16/2013 6:44:27 PM
I had my first experience in the fall. Guy contacted me through another dating site, chatted online for a number of days, very pleasant chitchatter. Even when he started off telling me his wife had passed in a car accident and he was left to raise 2 kids I didn't flinch an eye, or when he told me he was stationed in Serbia working for the army and would be home "within a few weeks". Our convos were just about regular things and then one day I got the "can I trust you with my money" question...and you know, even for someone like me who I feel is with the times, not a pushover, etc. etc. only raised half an eyebrow at it, actually wanting to give the guy the benefit of the doubt - all in the way he was communicating with me and it just kinda "slipped" in through ordinary convo: he wanted to send me 5.5 mil in raw (he kept using this word, "raw") cash so he wouldn't have to be taxed by the Serbian government and because he worked for the army the money could be sent by diplomatic courier and no questions would be asked or the package searched. Didn't take long for me to see the scam so I played along for a bit and kept asking questions but right from the get-go told him I wasn't interested in having any part of it. He would pop up online every day or so and keep chatting with me and of course all of our convo ended up going back to how upset he was that he couldn't get the money here....I finally got tired of playing along and just blocked him. Reported it to the site, whether that did anything or not, but didn't bother going to the police.
Joined: 10/5/2012
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I run into nothing but scammers and conartist
Posted: 5/4/2013 6:24:54 PM
I could ask the same question when it comes to man? How funny
Joined: 12/17/2012
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I run into nothing but scammers and conartist
Posted: 5/4/2013 8:11:33 PM
I am so bummed, why can't I find a psycho whore to date? I hear they are good in bed.

I am lucky, I guess. I make twice as much money as my ex. If he had he kids I would have to pay a ton in child support. Would I then get to be like men who pay child support and whine about have to PAY TO FEED AND HOUSE THEIR CHLDREN.

If is interesting reading this thread though, as there are other threads that talk about how if a man can't pay for everything they don't feel like real men. Which is it? It is making my head hurt. Either you want to show us the stupid fish/trucks/etc in your pics to show us what great providers you are because 'that is what men do' or then complain when women actually expect you to live up to that image.
Joined: 12/29/2012
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I run into nothing but scammers and conartist
Posted: 5/4/2013 10:25:29 PM
Maybe you need more time to yourself and regroup before you start dating. Whore? Well have you been in bed with these women already and someone have made you angry? lol A decent woman will RUN from you after what you have posted.
Who are you talking to? What kind of profile have you got in touch with? And are you being selective?
First get yourself straighten out, then careful how you approach women.
Recently a man have made a statement that psycho needs not apply which I'm sure a lot of men have had issue with but when he was chatting with me, the subject of sex seems to be on his mind a lot. It's not a good sign for a decent woman to hear over and over, then he was a no show for a meeting. He complained that I get so forgetful thus I must be overloaded with too many men on this site. A little insecurity, perhaps? Whatever his case is, he lost out on a good woman. And I'm sure the easy kind will be attracted to him easily. Sometime it's how you approach people and thus, you scared away the good one while the conartist and scammer are left. lol Whore? ha ha ha Sorry but guess you got one. That's a mean word to use on a woman.
Straighten yourself out first and then learn to approach a woman in a different way. Whatever you are doing isn't working! I'm decent and not crazy but I would not be communicating with a man who is filled with anger, resentment, bitterness or fear.
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