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Joined: 4/29/2005
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Tears streaming down my face,
Wondering why you didn't leave a trace,
You just left me without a goodbye,
And now all I can do is cry,
No one is here to dry my tears,
Or protect me from my fears,
My heart has been left shattered,
And my clothes have been tattered,
You tore everyone like you tore my heart,
But you wern't the one who wanted to part,
Our old home is now empty inside,
I take one last look and swallow my pride,
I turn and walk away from that empty place,
Still with tears streaming down my face,
I don't bother to turn my head around,
And I only make one single sound,
Crying is the only thing people can hear,
Nothing they can do can bring me cheer,
I guess I will leave this place forever more,
But some better things will be instore.
Joined: 5/11/2005
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Poetry Collection
Posted: 6/21/2005 9:40:40 PM

I am a part of every person,
I come when there is a grave need.

I am the hidden secret every person carries,
If they only knew my true power.

Some know how to reach me,
But they must search for me,
I am not hard to find,
But I am not easy to use.

When the world around has gone mad,
I am there waiting to be called,
When people have lost their sense of humanity,
I am the one who reaches into their soul and pulls them back.

When the world around has gone crazy,
I am the one who brings them back to reality.

I have no favorites except for the people of this world.
I unite people when they are divided,
I bring people together when there is hostility.

I was there since man began walking the Earth,
I see with my heart and not my eyes,
My voice is heard through those seek the common good.

I seek nothing in return for seeking me out,
Only compassion, love and respect is what I hope for,
Nothing else.

I am part of every sentinent being,
I speak in many ways,
Through a hug,
Through feeding the hungry,
By showing love to a stranger who I do not know.

I am every where,
When man is at war, I cry,
I pray for reasoning and understanding.

When man hates his fellow brother because he speaks another tongue,
I do not understand why.
When man hates his fellow brother because he sees the world differently,
I am disturbed.
When man hates his fellow brother because he worships God differently,
I am sad.

When man hurts his fellow brother because he wishes to be free,
I am crying.
When man hurts his fellow brother because he loves differently,
I am grief struck.
When man hurts his fellow brother because he does not like the color of his skin,
I am deeply hurt.

But when man shows compassion for his neighbor,
I can see he knows love and I am happy.
When man takes responsibility for his own actions and mistakes,
I can feel he has learned and I am the happy teacher.
When man puts his own well being for the safety of his neighbor,
I can see courage in his heart in light of danger.
When man does things for the greater good of mankind,
I can see he is in harmony with himself and I am with him.

When in the midst of chaos and hope is hanging on a thread,
When the world has gone mad,
When man comes together in unison and stands up,
In one voice, they seek out the best of mankind,
They seek together for their fellow man:

Compassion, respect, friendship and most important love,
I am there with them.

I am. . . .the human spirit.
Joined: 2/25/2005
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Poetry Collection
Posted: 6/21/2005 10:02:39 PM
That was awesome Americangentleman..
Joined: 4/29/2005
Msg: 354
Poetry Collection
Posted: 6/22/2005 5:25:32 AM
wow, AG once again very nice write, thx for sharing that here
Joined: 4/29/2005
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Poetry Collection
Posted: 6/22/2005 2:15:49 PM

Such a gift that should never be thrown away,
In two hearts is where it likes to stay,
So precious and pure like diamonds or gold,
Never let it die off or become sold,
For this is something your heart will lack.

Without love to keep it pure and strong,
Those beats are irregular and seem long,
There is only one thing you can do,
And that's to open up and let it shine through,
For this will make you extremely happy.
Joined: 4/29/2005
Msg: 356
Poetry Collection
Posted: 6/22/2005 2:26:06 PM
awwe, ty coach, , that is where I want my poems to reach ppl, is to their heart.
Joined: 4/29/2005
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Poetry Collection
Posted: 6/22/2005 3:10:28 PM
nice poem coach, always good to see you post in here.
Joined: 4/29/2005
Msg: 358
Poetry Collection
Posted: 6/23/2005 3:40:09 PM
My heart beats when I hear your voice,
Because you are my only choice,
I want to be by your side,
My true feelings I cannot hide,
Will you be there if I cry,
Promise me you won't say goodbye,
When you are with me I have no fear,
Because you are always near,
Somedays I tend to feel quite sad,
But you are there to make me glad,
When I tend to feel alone,
You make your presence known.
Joined: 4/29/2005
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Poetry Collection
Posted: 6/24/2005 12:44:26 PM
I guess the heat wave decided to come back,
Which is something I wish would lack,
I hate being here in all this heat,
It makes me feel extremely beat,
I just wish it would go away,
To make it such a cooler day,
I need to open up and turn on a fan,
Or go outside to get a tan,
I love to go out in the sun,
And play with the hose to have some fun,
I love to get dripping wet,
Because it's so much fun this you can bet,
Even though the head gets to my head,
I would rather be wet instead,
It helps keep me cool so i don't pop,
Having to much fun I don't want to stop,
The winds pick up and it begins to rain,
And the neighbors think I'm insane,
Because I am out having some fun.
Joined: 4/29/2005
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Poetry Collection
Posted: 6/24/2005 7:14:31 PM
Hush (a baby's lullabye)

Hush little baby you're safe in my arms,
I will protect you from the world's harms,
There is no need to begin to cry,
I shall sing you a lullabye,
You need your sleep little one,
For you this day is done,
Close those eyes and fall asleep,
Hush baby, don't say a peep,
You are my tiny little treasure,
My love for you, you can't measure,
I will be there as you grow,
To tell you the things you should know,
There is no need to have any fear,
Because I love you so much my dear.
Joined: 8/6/2004
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Poetry Collection
Posted: 6/24/2005 10:53:59 PM
Outstanding Am Gent
Joined: 4/29/2005
Msg: 362
Poetry Collection
Posted: 6/24/2005 11:11:22 PM
evan, u could compliment me too, after all, i have spent a lot of time postin here. lol
Joined: 2/25/2005
Msg: 363
Poetry Collection
Posted: 6/24/2005 11:21:27 PM
To everyone who has posted here..I have enjoyed this collection tremendously. Some great writing in here. Thank you for sharing.. have grown and opened up so much. You are doing some amazing writing..Keep it up..Your positive side has blossomed ..
Joined: 4/29/2005
Msg: 364
Poetry Collection
Posted: 6/25/2005 12:26:40 PM
Angel's Eyes

A gift so sweet from up above,
Always full of kindness and love,
They possess a power so true,
Only the holder will have the clue,
On how to see past their cloudy haze,
Which causes others to have a blank gaze,
They show their true inner beauty,
In the hands of those that are happy,
Once they are shown a love so true,
Their color is something so new,
They shine with a lingering glow,
That only the holder is allowed to know,
Because they shine for them alone.
Joined: 4/29/2005
Msg: 365
Poetry Collection
Posted: 6/25/2005 4:58:11 PM
When I Close My Eyes

When I close my eyes I imagine you here with me,
There is no other place I would rather be,
I would love to be held in those arms just right,
When I close my eyes it's clearly in sight,
I want to feel your kiss upon my lips,
And my stomach would begin to do flips,
You would be the one to make me feel this way,
Together is where I would love to stay,
When I close my eyes this is all a dream,
I know how real it does seem.
Joined: 2/25/2005
Msg: 366
Poetry Collection
Posted: 6/25/2005 7:00:23 PM
Absolutely gorgeous ...Loved both of them..
Joined: 4/29/2005
Msg: 367
Poetry Collection
Posted: 6/25/2005 7:51:31 PM
thx mom, just a few things to get out in the open, I don't like keeping things bottled up anymore.
Joined: 4/29/2005
Msg: 368
Poetry Collection
Posted: 6/25/2005 8:47:56 PM
thx dad, I probably won't ever stop writing, I tend to pour myself out in my poetry.
Joined: 4/29/2005
Msg: 369
Poetry Collection
Posted: 6/26/2005 9:04:35 AM
The Dog That Won't Behave

I have spent the last three days,
Watching a dog at my house he stays,
He likes to sleep on my bed,
Where I also rest my head,
When ever I go to let him out,
His name I have to shout,
He sneaks out from under our gate,
Which is something I really hate,
He doesn't like to behave one bit,
And that makes me have a fit,
I do get paid for what I do,
That is how I see it through,
I can always use the extra money you see,
To buy things just for me,
There is a dress that I would love to get,
So this money will be saved for it,
The dress happens to cost a lot,
Soon I'll have the money on the dot,
I just have to save some each week.
Joined: 3/13/2005
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Poetry Collection
Posted: 6/26/2005 8:03:52 PM
Hi Cats,

Cute poem! Just out reading, thought I'd stop in and say Hi.

Joined: 4/29/2005
Msg: 371
Poetry Collection
Posted: 6/27/2005 3:05:08 PM
This one goes out to two very special ppl who I just so happened to brought together.

Wings of an Angel

When an angel loses a feather,
Two strangers are brought together,
They shine with the gift of love,
Sent to them from up above,
Now sits a fallen angel of gold,
Who allows her story to unfold,
She seeks one thing until she's able to fly,
Until then she never will say goodbye,
She watches over each and everyone,
Until her work down here is done,
Her wings grow back completely strong,
While she hums a heavenly song,
With one flap of her wings she takes flight,
And takes one last look to make sure all is right,
She flys up in to the heavenly skies,
And rains down her heavenly goodbyes,
The wings of an angel are such a lovely treasure,
Because they are full of love and pleasure,
But all this happens only in the hands of good,
So protect it with everything you should,
And that would be your mind, soul and heart,
Because that is where love grows from the start.
Joined: 4/29/2005
Msg: 372
Poetry Collection
Posted: 6/29/2005 3:55:28 PM
My Mysterious Stranger

He came into my life totally by surprise,
Attracted by my angelic eyes,
They were so innocent and sweet,
Something that could never be beat,
We spend a lot of time on the phone,
I cannot wait until we are alone,
He might be what I have been searching for,
And I feel myself like him more and more,
I cannot wait to see how this friendship will grow,
But what ever happens just go with the flow,
We might even make it all they way,
If things work out together is where we'll stay,
He stole my heart from his first hello,
And I just want everyone to know,
Our ages are quite a bit apart,
But if love is truely from the heart,
Age is just a number after all.
Joined: 4/29/2005
Msg: 373
Poetry Collection
Posted: 6/29/2005 4:07:58 PM
No worries hun, u are that guy
Joined: 2/25/2005
Msg: 374
Poetry Collection
Posted: 6/29/2005 4:30:49 PM
Cats I love the new poems. Baby girl your writing is just amazing. Keep up the good work.
Joined: 4/29/2005
Msg: 375
Poetry Collection
Posted: 6/29/2005 5:17:29 PM
Thx mom, that last one went out to my special guy, I guess true happiness happens to all.
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