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Joined: 7/22/2004
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WNC get together.Page 2 of 7    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
I well agree with you caprin-cess. Most all the other far away towns are starting up. We can also invite flether, arden, skyland asheville, columbus, tryon, horse shoe, etowah and brevard. They are close enough to come to the POF get together in hendersonville , we are the center point between all these places geographically. Its getting this thread to be seen by all the people in hendersonville and all the surrounding members mentioned above. Oh yea, that would also include leicester and black mountain. If advertise correctly, this can become a weekly main event. ken
Joined: 7/22/2004
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WNC get together.
Posted: 12/5/2007 2:32:56 PM
There is a lot of people on here that don't know about the forums and threads, Here's what I am going to do. I will do a 25 mile radius search, if i need to , i will do a 50 mile radius search. then I will go down the list and inform everyone in the search, To go to their inbox, then at the top, click on get togethers and events, then click on wnc get togethers to lead them to your thread. If everyone already on this thread does this, then it will be a win win situation. How's that? You only write the directions to the thread once, right click your mouse arrow on it, select copy. Every profile that i go to send a message, right click and paste. it will be quick and simple. I could probably hit 25 - 50 people before sleep time and if we do this everyday for a week. well that should take care of that. In the future do the same thing. It will work. smiles. ken
Joined: 7/22/2004
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WNC get together.
Posted: 12/5/2007 2:45:12 PM
More specifically copy the " Local Get Togethers, Events and Discussions etc! in your notice. Also tell the people, when they click on local get togethers, they will come to a page that at the top left title it states: threads< then tell them to go down the list to the 7th thread, titled: WNC get togethers and click on it, tell them to click on your name prin-cess (patty) and post a message to you if they are coming. Also get them to pass on this message of the directions to this thread , so they can also advertise the thread also. snowball effect. ken
Joined: 7/22/2004
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WNC get together.
Posted: 12/5/2007 3:12:58 PM
If you don't have a notice put together to copy and paste to a message when you do a search, then copy this one:

Hi , I am passing around a local get together for the surrounding area of hendersoville. If you are interested:

After logging on, Go to your inbox page. Next, look up close to the top and click the link: “LOCAL GET TOGETHERS, EVENTS AND DISCUSSIONS ETC!. It will take you to another

page where threads are posted. At the top of the left column, see the title “ THREAD”. Go

down the list to the 6th title. It should state: WNC GET TOGETHERS, click on it and then

click on post reply the the User name Caprin-cess. Her name is patty and let her know if you are coming. Thank you, ken

IMPORTANT: If interested in going, copy this whole message and send it to your friends, so they will have a chance to come and enjoy themselves if they like.
Joined: 11/3/2007
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WNC get together.
Posted: 12/5/2007 6:33:26 PM
hi patty it sounds like fun. i am new to the POF crowd so let me know the details when they become available. I live in Hendersonville area so it be easy to get to.
Joined: 8/26/2006
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WNC get together.
Posted: 1/7/2008 6:41:47 AM
hey from forest city area may can drop in for a bnit as its a working weekend for me So keep me informed as to the date and places so i may drop in. If not this time maybe at another date thanxs Betty
Joined: 7/22/2004
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WNC get together.
Posted: 1/9/2008 8:28:26 PM
Patty, its going to be a sad little crowd if you don't up that radius to 25 miles. 10 miles will only cover fletcher, horseshoe and etowah. 25 mile radius will cover brevard, tryon, columbus, arden, skyland, fletcher, pisgah forest and even travelers rest. Hurry get that other brain cell to kick in. ken
Joined: 8/7/2007
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WNC get together.
Posted: 2/2/2008 11:48:11 PM
Hi, I just found this site. I live in Murphy, but I would drive to Hendersonville, to meet people. Just let me know ahead of time and I'd love to come. Country Girl
 Robbie Bob
Joined: 3/13/2008
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WNC get together.
Posted: 3/25/2008 6:55:37 PM
I would be interested in a WNC single mingle
Joined: 4/1/2009
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WNC get together.
Posted: 7/6/2009 3:29:56 AM
Chasers Nitelife August 15th 2009 8 PM. Do search on Asheville in Forums and get more info.
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