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Joined: 3/8/2007
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Toocash, King TrollPage 3 of 3    (1, 2, 3)

]Report them! Less Interested in their 'Psychological Profile' than what they can be counted to primarily do here on the Forums:
1.) Railroading Topics
2.) Incitation of 'Flame Wars'
3.) Insulting, Bashing, etc. other Posters, not the TOPIC of a Thread.

When we had Zoo Keepers...Oops I mean MODs

I remember the first time I ever heard that, it was
here in the forums.
Someone called me one...I was dumbfounded.
I look back now and giggle, I was so naive.

Now I keep several as pets
Joined: 3/8/2012
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Toocash, King Troll
Posted: 12/30/2017 9:01:48 AM
Cynderella, I wish I was 20 years younger and better looking. Then I would be inviting you to the Daytona area to discuss the troll problem here and your bucket list. Ya gotta be the most gorgeous gal on this forum and one of the brightest members. (I'm sorry if that's considered sexual harassment - lately, I don't know,)

Do you believe a victim of mindless troll attacks should never respond back? How often should we turn the other cheek and ignore an idiot constantly attacking and posting distorted lies to provoke us?

The accounts of the King Troll been deleted numerous times. He keeps coming back. Now it appears he's using two accounts to attack me.

I NEVER responded to that magic troll before. I ignored him until he told another member I was an 'idiot' in a recent thread. I'm convinced those two trolls are the same person. So it appears I have two trolls harassing me if I attempt to discuss anything with other members.

Ya think reporting them might help? How?

I thought I might embarrass them with the truth. Ya know feed the trolls until they explode.

I apologize if my attacks on them annoy you or anyone for that matter. I hate turning the other cheek so many times - especially when my attackers are clearly stupid and cruel.
Joined: 10/2/2017
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Toocash, King Troll
Posted: 12/31/2017 8:25:31 AM

I hate turning the other cheek so many times - especially when my attackers are clearly stupid and cruel.

Say what you want about me, Beat. I'll leave you alone from now on. At this point, attacking you would really be stupid and cruel because I never had anything personal against you. When I called you an idiot, I was really after the other guy for wanting to be a victim. You just got in the way. Then you poured it on with your own victim stuff and I couldn't resist.

The thing that Toocash understands and nobody else does is that I butcher sacred cows for the fun of it. In this case, it was victimhood. I'm not against you. I am against victims in general. It really was nothing personal. Even when you went over the top, I was going further over the top just for the fun of it.

Like I said. If you want to fuss about me then have at it. God knows, there is plenty to punch at me about. I'll still leave you alone.
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