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Joined: 11/6/2008
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it seems the whole world and their dog plays wow!


Adzboo - 85 resto shaman
Erzachan 85 F BE DK

also GM of a raiding guild called indeed!
Joined: 2/16/2012
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World of Warcraft
Posted: 2/24/2012 5:37:59 PM
Played this game since the beginning.

Jaedenar server

Ironmaidyn - 85 UD Warrior
Vampira - 85 Troll Priest
Evilwitch - 85 BE Mage
Steampunker - 85 Troll Hunter.

And 20 random alts.
Joined: 2/21/2012
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World of Warcraft
Posted: 2/25/2012 7:02:47 PM
Tichrondrius - 85 Mage - Arcane (Goblin)
85 Priest - Shadow (BloodElf)
85 Driud - Moonkin (Tauren)
85 Shamman - Resto/Elemental (Goblin)

Don't raid anymore since the new expansion, can't seem to find the time. Just sticking with LFR's and where Valor Points may take me.

Horde for the way!!!
Joined: 12/16/2011
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World of Warcraft
Posted: 2/25/2012 8:31:30 PM
I've played since pre BC...
On Vek'Nilash
81 Gnome lock..Showgnomercy
and a bunch of lowbie alts

On Medhiv
85 Mage fire/arc ...Brookl├Żn (alt+0253)
85 Shaman resto/ele...Jodeci

hit me up, I have no one to run s**t with :'(
Joined: 2/12/2012
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World of Warcraft
Posted: 2/26/2012 3:00:54 PM
Started in 08 I believe.
Don't play anymore (time and cost)

I have..


85 Druid
85 Paladin
85 Priest
85 Hunter
85 Mage
70ish Paladin
70ish Death Knight
70ish Rogue
40ish? Warlock
1 (bank) Shaman

Served as a Senior Officer for one of the most popular Area52 Alliance guilds. Still keep in contact too! Good times; quite enjoyed the game.
Joined: 11/4/2011
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World of Warcraft
Posted: 3/14/2012 11:44:54 PM
Let's revive this shall we?

Been playing since BC!

Ashrynn the Hunter!
Joined: 1/5/2012
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World of Warcraft
Posted: 3/17/2012 3:16:51 AM
Oh WoW, there's nothing to do on you anymore lol

I have an 85 Druid, Priest, Pally, Mage, and Warrior.
Plus a 80+ Lock and a 75+ Sham and Hunter and a silly 57 Rogue.
And have been farming gear for alts for 2 months. :( It was fun getting server first kills, but now there's nothing to do. Well, aside from transmog farming...soo many transmog sets o.o

Been playing since Vanilla. And have been doing active progression raids for 7 years.

Soon we'll have to make a Diablo 3 thread!!!! AMG So excited! Beta was great but way way too limited :(

Anyone else excited for D3 to drop? :) I'm going to go ahead and assume that yes, everyone is also excited about D3.
Joined: 2/10/2011
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World of Warcraft
Posted: 3/17/2012 3:53:41 PM
I've played since 2007 or so on and off. I suck. I rarely do dungeons and I've done a couple raids in WOTLK. My son got me into it. I didn't know anyone IRL that played the game and found to many rude and impatient players. So I just keep to myself when I play. I have 7 lvl 85's and 3 70ish ally toons on Misha, lvl 3 guild, guild bank w/5tabs that I did all on my own. I started a new horde toon a couple weeks ago on Bladefist, started another guild w/2 bank tabs. Anyways..
Joined: 3/26/2012
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World of Warcraft
Posted: 4/9/2012 9:43:21 AM
Well, I saw this post, figured I'd say hello.

I've played WoW since launch, few breaks here and there, but yeah, back to playing and probably for good since I got the annual pass.

Well, if you'd like to maybe play together, send me a mail. I'm a good guy with interests outside WoW. But I'll be honest, it'd be nice to find a girl that enjoys it as well. Don't get me wrong, sunny day and nice weather here in seattle? You bet your butt I'm outside grilling burgers at home or some beach. But at night on a work week and I gotta get up early. But your butt I'm playing WoW.

Send a mail, maybe I can server transfer, mines boring anyways.
Joined: 2/25/2010
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World of Warcraft
Posted: 4/11/2012 11:35:27 PM
I've been playing since 07, about 7-8 months before wrath came out.

Have a 85 priest (holy, which is what I currently raid with)
a 85 warrior (Arms, Tank)
and a 85 Hunter (Survival, Marks)

Currently in top of of Aerie Peak, (Alone) and we are ranked top 50 for 25m guilds in the US. I think top 200 worldwide.
Joined: 9/13/2006
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World of Warcraft
Posted: 4/13/2012 5:03:26 PM
Arthas - Troll Shammy/Druid/Warrior. I only play Trolls. No allies pl0x haha.

Where are the single WoW ladies ;)
Joined: 3/22/2012
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World of Warcraft
Posted: 4/17/2012 11:49:20 PM
I had an annual pass recently that was hacked.. Not that I minded, I didn't want to keep paying for the subscription at that time anyway LOL

Anyway, I just coughed up $$$ & got all the expansions again......

For now I'm on Venture Co. where I've got some IRL friends..

Names: Bruschett & Kouzir - both Horde to play with my friends. Otherwise I'd be human!

Wouldn't mind playing on any other servers though since I'm only 3 & 15 so far. Running everywhere again makes me so sleepy, it's going to take forever to level!

& +1 on the wouldn't mind a WoW playing girl..or any game for that matter! It's definitely fun to do things together that you both enjoy & gaming is one of them for me.
Joined: 12/20/2008
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World of Warcraft
Posted: 6/13/2012 12:33:16 AM
look me up on wow need ppl to run with ..... on Borean Tundra
Joined: 9/1/2011
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World of Warcraft
Posted: 6/14/2012 9:27:32 PM
85 goblin priest on blackrock FOR THE HORDE!! The names Doji but I havnt played in a few. I really want to try the new panda class Sooo I may start it back up. But Ive been a die hard fan of EQ lol evercrack!! but any EQ players out there? I play drinal and zek. Originally from rallos zek!
Joined: 10/12/2011
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World of Warcraft
Posted: 6/17/2012 7:24:10 PM
Been playing since the start but not so much lately as I am working and going to school full time. I play on Windrunner. 85 Pally healer Liamawallace
Joined: 6/15/2012
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World of Warcraft
Posted: 6/18/2012 6:16:01 AM
Awesome! World of Warcraft rocks! Tried Diablo
I have six 85s. Not a hard core raider. I like five mans and questing. I just like to play and have fun. It's another world. Feel like Im on vacation when playing.
Love to help new people to the game. If anyone needs a scroll of resurrection, let me know.
We both get a free mount. There's a new scroll that allows the new person to get a free level 85!
Joined: 3/3/2012
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World of Warcraft
Posted: 8/9/2012 4:57:11 PM
Love WoW and have been playing since the beginning myself.

I'm a Guild Mistress of a casual group of friends. We run 5-mans, occasional raids, PvP, and really just continue to have fun.

I have an 85 Primarily Resto Druid (Tauren), 85 rogue, and other assorted toons on Kargath server.
Joined: 7/20/2012
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World of Warcraft
Posted: 8/9/2012 9:03:46 PM
Toons name is an 85 horde blood elf warrior named Epicent on Emerald Dream. Part of a guild called Warsong Battallion. We are capped with 1000 people and have a ton of great pvpers. I used to pve, now all I do is pvp (Die clickers Die). I suprise the hell out of people by raping there face with my currently gimped warrior in 1v1 duels. Side note: I server transferred to Emerald Dream due to the fact that the world pvp is ridiculously good there as most servers it is now shit. (Currently looking forward to Guild Wars 2 also)
Joined: 8/10/2011
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World of Warcraft
Posted: 8/9/2012 10:16:58 PM
I just started playing, troll hunter and blood elf rogue...until the other day I didn't know one could choose the server he/she wants to play on... O.o
Joined: 3/3/2012
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World of Warcraft
Posted: 8/10/2012 5:47:08 AM

I have an 85 Primarily Resto Druid (Tauren), 85 rogue, and other assorted toons on Kargath server.

And please allow me to add, those toons would be Ninkarak, the Druid and Trollita, the Rogue. Guild name, PUG Life.
Joined: 1/6/2012
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World of Warcraft
Posted: 11/27/2012 6:30:19 AM
All of my toons are on: MUG'THOL

I have an 85 in every class on the HORDE side and all professions maxed as of Cata release. Currently working on getting my Warr Tank to 90

Lugwrench - 87 Warrior Troll, MUG'THOL
Joined: 7/28/2016
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World of Warcraft
Posted: 1/19/2017 7:54:01 PM
I play WoW :)

Not very well, but I play it..
Joined: 7/28/2016
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World of Warcraft
Posted: 1/19/2017 7:55:45 PM
I play mainly alliance on Hyjal, but have been leveling some horde on um.. I think it's called Thunderhorn. I've been playing for about 11 years now and still enjoy it. I am Meliza#1593 for anyone who cares :)
Joined: 5/28/2012
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World of Warcraft
Posted: 7/6/2017 2:27:17 AM
I play but looks like no one has posted here in years :(
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