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anyone got any good tips 4 dieting?Page 3 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)
Don't eat any packaged food. There is often MSG in it and additives in it to make you hungrier and crave their food.

Try going a week just eating fresh fruit, vegetables and fish or chicken that you prepare yourself by steaming, broiling or making a soup or stew (don't add thickeners or gravies, just use a whole peeled potato and mash it up into the stew when it's soft enough.) Try to add some cabbage, it has something in it that can supress your appetite. Season with sauted onion, carrots and celery, and fresh garlic or ginger. Use olive oil instead of butter, flax oil on salads, (don't heat flax oil), and use fresh lemon instead of vinegar (vinegar has some by-products of yeast fermentation in it.)

During this time, don't eat cheese or dairy products. There is often growth hormone in these things (to make the baby calf grow) and it can make you hungrier. And don't eat flour. Just have brown rice or potatoes with your meals, but not large amounts of these.

Avoid caffeen because it can stimulate hunger even though it may make you more alert--you are thinking of food!

Try drinking hot water instead of cold water in the winter. It can be just as refreshing. Or just put a squirt of lemon or lime juice in it.

Preservatives keep food from spoiling, but they also prevent your body from burning the calories in the foods when needed, so the calories get stored instead of giving you energy.

Avoid meats preserved with nitrates like ham, bacon, sausage, baloney. Nitrates turn into a carcinogen when heated. And these foods also can have lots of additives that enhance a feeling of hunger.

When you eat meats, buy cuts that have the bones in and cook them with the bones, this provides more nutrition for you in soups and stews. (You don't actually eat the bones, though!) It also tastes better and makes your portion more satisfying. Bones have bone marrow, which is like gelatin without all the processing, and is good for your hair and nails.

Switch to sea salt (iodized is OK). There is more flavor in it because there are other minerals your body needs in it, and it can help make you feel more satisfied.

Don't add sugar to anything. Sugar feeds yeast in your intestines and gives you gas or hunger pangs when the yeast want more sugar. They have a hard time digesting the other stuff like protein and vegetables.

Don't fry anything. The high heat in frying (unless it is stir-frying) changes the character of the oil and causes it to be unhealthy and hard to digest. Instead, try coating a variety of sliced vegetables with olive or safflower oil and salt and pepper and roast them in the oven on a large baking sheet. Or roast a whole chicken. (Very easy.)

Try eating squash once in a while instead of mashed potatoes.

Never use margarine. Margarine, unless it says so on the lablel, usually contains trans-fat which is just as bad as eating lard. Safflower oil has a buttery flavor and is better for you. Make sure the oils are not too old. Many oils get rancid-y after a few weeks. Sometimes even on the store's shelf!

If you do this for a week, often you will loose your craving for too much food and you can more easily continue to "diet."

Go for walks outside. It is a great way to exercise, doesn't cost much and the fresh air helps your body burn calories better because there is more oxygen outside than inside. Remember to breathe deeply to energize your body and mind.

Also, the sun gives you vitamin D which will help you absorb more calcium from your food and make you feel better. Sun also helps your pituitary gland adjust your hormones so you don't get as moody, and don't need to satisfy your moodiness as much with food.

Get a really good pair of lace-up walking shoes with good arch support. New Balance makes very nice ones. Stop walking barefoot around the house. Put your walking shoes on first thing every morning and your feet won't get sore by the end of the day, and you will have more energy to go for walks.

Walk with a friend, or cook with a friend. Often food cravings are a substitute for the sweetness of friendship.

Happy trails! Enjoy the flowers, the rainbows, (or the snowflakes!)
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anyone got any good tips 4 dieting?
Posted: 12/17/2007 10:06:06 PM
I'd recommend the Fat Flush diet. iVillage and AOL both have FatFlush communities (with message boards) and Amazon has hundreds of reader reviews of Ms. Gittleman's books.

Any approach that's not based on health and fitness (eg. with is only weight or appearance motivated) isn't sound or sustainable, imho.

In my own experience (never added pounds until mid life) portion control has helped a lot (duh!). Also, in my case, aerobic exercise (cardio, in the zone) alone would only take me so far. At this point my metabolism isn't as fast (56 years old) and the boost from anaerobic workouts are a required addition: weight / resistance, intervals / sprints and plyometrics. Hurts but works.

Diet alone won't do diddly for chubby folks, gotta fiddle the thermostat.

Good luck, persevere!
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anyone got any good tips 4 dieting?
Posted: 12/23/2007 6:46:10 PM
One tip is dont cut back calories too much. The reason "dieting never works" is that people cut back too much. Here is what happens.

1.people are told to lose weight, they need to eat less, and exercise more.
2.they do it last for a little while
4.then their metabolism slows down because it needs to survive on less
5. so weight loss stops
6. at this point people either a) give up (usually) or
b) cut back more.
7) then the cycle starts all over again until:

they're down so low in calories they can't keep it going because they're starving all the time.
then they really do give up, and then they put everything they eat
on as fat because they are still in starvation mode. Your body sees it as famine. Unfortunately it doesnt know the difference between 2007 and 20,007 BC.
The reason this happens is because people do this using techniques that aren't sustainable, like cabbage soup diet, no carb diet, etc.
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anyone got any good tips 4 dieting?
Posted: 12/28/2007 1:41:52 PM
best way is to eat less than the energy needed for day to day life, not need any pills or drugs

if u expend 2000 calories per day and eat 4000 calories of food, u will get bigger..

lifestyle choice and not a short term diet
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anyone got any good tips 4 dieting?
Posted: 12/29/2007 10:18:11 PM
Hungry at night? I drain a can of corn and eat that warmed or cold, it will fill you and has very little calories unless you add butter. Eat a giant bowl of air popped popcorn. 1 can of Tuna is <300 cals., put it on multi grain bread (I like Oat Nut bread) w/o mayo etc..

Walk to short distance places rather than drive. I now walk 3/8 mi. ea. way to the convenience store daily. I also lost 30+ lbs. this yr. doing the above.

Drink lots of water w/ high fiber foods.
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anyone got any good tips 4 dieting?
Posted: 1/6/2008 5:49:11 AM
m4o9998m how did u lose 25 lbs?
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anyone got any good tips 4 dieting?
Posted: 1/7/2008 12:57:21 PM
avoid all refined, processed and starchy carbs as well as dairy: no sugar, bread, pasta, cereal, rice, corn, beans, potatoes, yams or dairy of any kind.

Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables - raw or only slightly cooked - in particular fill up on cruciferous type veggies: cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, kale, bok choi, asparagus, brussel sprouts

Eat lean meats, poultry and fish

Drink plenty of liquids - 8 oz per waking hour - up to 4 cups of coffee per day is ok: more than that will dehydrate you.

Avoid alcohol - it is high in calories and acts as a diuretic
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anyone got any good tips 4 dieting?
Posted: 1/24/2008 3:47:56 PM
the tip is , to boost up ur metabolism, by doing that u have eat often like every 3 hrs and with decent portions. ull see u will lose the weight without starving urself
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anyone got any good tips 4 dieting?
Posted: 1/24/2008 3:49:52 PM
jsut saying from experience in dieting and healthier lifestyle
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anyone got any good tips 4 dieting?
Posted: 1/24/2008 4:45:49 PM
I jump start losing weight by eating only raw fruits and vegetables and water for a couple of days. This will cleanse the impurities, and give you the jumpstart you need. I suggest not going on a "diet", but eating the things you like, just less of it.
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anyone got any good tips 4 dieting?
Posted: 1/26/2008 9:26:02 PM
Some of these could be repeats of others but here are some tips:

-Write things down. Keep a log of what you are eating.
-Watch portions and try to change your habits. IE: if you are a carb hound try reducing your carb intake a little and concentrate on areas you are lacking (ie: protein).
-Don't go overboard and eat too little. Your metabolism could drop and cause you to store fat.
-Take a day off. Take a day and try to rid yourself of some weekly cravings. If you've been craving chocolate all week then have a chocolate bar at the end of the week (but i'd avoid calling it a reward... rewarding yourself with food leads to bad habits). By denying yourself completely you're more likely to fail.
-Watch the sneaky stuff. This includes what your food is cooked with (fats and oils), serving sizes and servings per container. Just because something is individually wrapped doesn't mean it is one serving (been burned there).
-Drink 8 cups of water a day, have 2 servings of dairy, and 5 servings of fruit and vegetables.
-Find support and/or people to do it with. The people you associate with will be a path to failure. You have to keep your willpower strong when socializing with your friends, family, and coworkers.
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anyone got any good tips 4 dieting?
Posted: 1/27/2008 1:51:53 PM
Scorpio makes a great point...treat your body like a sports car,,,the better the fuel you put in it the more efficient it runs,,,gotta feed the body to burn calories,,,I eat atleast 6 meals a day and stay very lean,,,there are some good fat burning over the counter products that will help also, but you have to feed the body.
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anyone got any good tips 4 dieting?
Posted: 2/1/2008 5:21:44 PM
You should be eating at least 6-7 times a day. Small meals. High protein, low sugar and low carbohydrates. Eat a lot of veggies and fruit. And whatever you do, don't eat 3 hours before you go to bed!!
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anyone got any good tips 4 dieting?
Posted: 2/4/2008 12:29:48 PM
I have lost weight a couple times throughout my adult life, and never really seemed to keep it off... Not until I had participated in a local community program (offered through the local hospital/wellness center) called the "LEARN" program, it was a program of 12 or 16 weeks of learning about how our bodies use foods, the nutritional aspect, the daily requirements, it's emotional and physical effects, and a few basics that really changed my eating habits were...

1) You have to really want/be committed to change your present weight/eating habits.
2) You have to realized that the basic formula for losing weight is less calories in/more energy out...
3) You have to understand/believe that it's not a temporary change in your lifestyle, it is something you have to change permanently, and understand that it takes time to form new habits, new healthy habits. If you don't make it a permanent lifestyle change, the weight will creep back on...
4) You have to stay conscious of, and make a plan, use a note book, a journal, write recipes, record food (in put) & physical activities (out put).
5) You have to be kind to yourself, and forgiving when/if you veer off your plan.
6) Acknowledge that you (& others) have times when you (or they) loose sight of the goal, understand that, and start back on your lifestyle changes, the next meal, the next day... whatever the time frame may be...
7) If you follow number 6, You'll eventually loose sight less often... and have an easier time identifying the reasons/situations that cause you to loose sight
8) Your body needs food (fuel) in order to survive... It helped when I thought of my body/metabolism as a fire place/furnace, you have to feed a fire place/furnace in order for it to maintain heat... So does your body need to be fed to maintain it's health. If you feed a fire too much at one time it will go out, be smothered, and if you feed it to little, it to will burn through it's fuel too soon. In other words, if you don't eat the proper nutrtional value and amount, your body will not be able to keep your energy/matabolism going...
9) If you've struggled with weight for many years, there's usually an emotional attachment, event, or circumstance... sometimes called a "trigger" that sets us off... (I had to really search through my own issues to be able to see which ones were attached to using food as a way to___________ . (everyone has to fill that blank in for themselves...).

Long story short, for me it was a coping skill of "feeling" out of control... I used food to give me a false sense of control, and until I realized it... nothing changed, until now, and I have lost 32 pounds, and still losing...

I have this little theory about the "baggage" (or issues) we all have, sort of like a suit case of clothing, and if we don't periodically take things out and see if they "fit" any longer, we'll never get to a point of being able to "pack neatly or lightly"...

I have had examined a piece of my so called "clothing" (issue) in my own "baggage" to see if it still fits... and happily this one involving my "food" issue doesn't... it just doesn't fit any longer, I have no use for it. That, along with the real clothing that I'm not able to wear anymore (yippeeeee)... I'm not holding onto any longer...

I am sincerely sorry to have this be so long...
I'm hoping by sharing my story it is helpful, if even to just one person...

Life... doesn't have to be so hard... I try to "pack" lightly...
God Bless.
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anyone got any good tips 4 dieting?
Posted: 2/4/2008 12:59:37 PM
Just to list a couple of the other "tips" I use to keep my focus on my new life changes...

When making supper and I'm starving... instead of being tempted to eat what I'm cooking, (you know all those little bites of "just tasting")... I make sure I have cut up veggies ready in the fridge, I put them in the little sandwich bags so I know how much I'm consuming... (celery sticks, cucumber slices, cauliflower, broccoli florets, cherry tomatoes, pickles)

If I know I'm going to be out and it's going to cut into my meal times, (I use to go very long periods of time without eating) I pack a yogurt, or yogurt smoothie, a little baggy of nuts, whole wheat crackers, a cheese stick... Instead of running through a drive through, I've been known to run into the super market and buy two hard boiled eggs (red beet eggs, in my area) to fill in the times when I'm going to miss a meal...

I make menus, easy lists of what I need, and do the prep work ahead of time... (I know it takes so much time to prep these things, but, it really helps me to wash, cut, separate the food items when I get home from the store. When I get a hunger attack, I have it all ready, even cuts down on the fridge, to stove, to table time)

I keep hydrated... I keep bottles of water in the car at all times... (and this time of the year they are real cold !)

I find there is real truth to eating a good source of protein with every meal, it keeps the "satisfied" feeling with me for so much longer. Same goes for the whole grains...

The biggest tip from my own experience that I can really offer is...
Find out what food means to you, and if you need to... Change the meaning...
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anyone got any good tips 4 dieting?
Posted: 2/25/2008 9:03:43 PM
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anyone got any good tips 4 dieting?
Posted: 2/26/2008 10:08:41 AM
Never go on a starvation diet! Let's say you weigh 160 lbs. You go on a starvation diet without workingout or anything and you lose 20 lbs but becuase your not workingout and eating enough protein to support your muscles you lose 10 lbs of fat and 10 lbs of muscle. Ok you gain 15 lbs back but it's all fat. You are 155 lbs now so your 5 lbs lighter but on the flip side you a really fatter than before because you have more body fat! My advice would be to workout and cycle your carbs. What i mean by cycle your carbs is on day eat 200 carbs,the next day 175 carbs,and the next day 150 carbs. Do this cycle twice a week and one day eat as many carbs as you'd like(within reason of course 300-400). Don't worry about calories,don't worry about fat grams, just concentrate on your carbs and i promise in one month you'll lose 10-20lbs. You don't have to join a gym and kill yourself but you must do some kind of workout! Keep me posted on how you do. Good luck!
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anyone got any good tips 4 dieting?
Posted: 2/26/2008 11:36:48 AM
As boring as it may sound...weighing your food can make a huge difference...It's amazing how a weighed serving of meat..pasta or whatever else can show us how much we really over-eat...After a while you'll get to know what a portion size looks like so you can just eye-ball it....Water is also a biggie...Aside from all the other benefits you get from'll also find you can lose up to 5 or more pounds of stale water weight alone in the first week or two because it will flush you out...I know it's not fat..but why hang on to all that extra poundage regardless of what it is..and it will give you momentum to stick to your diet when you feel the results....Just be prepared to pee alot in the first week or two
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anyone got any good tips 4 dieting?
Posted: 2/26/2008 12:15:57 PM

As boring as it may sound...weighing your food can make a huge difference...It's amazing how a weighed serving of meat..pasta or whatever else can show us how much we really over-eat.

I agree, I use a scale all of the time. Ironically though I found when I started weighing portions that I was eating far less than I thought and had probably been depriving my body of nutrients.
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anyone got any good tips 4 dieting?
Posted: 2/26/2008 7:35:08 PM
ear staplimg? whats that
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anyone got any good tips 4 dieting?
Posted: 2/26/2008 7:57:55 PM
i used to go to an acupuncturist who would tape these little black beads to different spots on my ears. they would hit certain pressure points that would help me sleep better. maybe the 'ear stapling' does something similar with appetite control.
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anyone got any good tips 4 dieting?
Posted: 4/27/2008 11:09:25 AM
'Actually popcorn is quite healthy, as its a whole grain"

The only thing good about popcorn is the indigestible roughage.
Otherwise, it's empty, high-glycemic carbs. (but I like it!)

The butter, IF grass-fed organic butter, would be the most nutritious, even healthy and therapeutic, part of buttered popcorn.

Put a couple cloves of fresh crushed garlic in the butter to make it really delicious. After crushing, let the garlic air for 20 minutes. And of course, no salt.

And throw out all of your corn oil. It's industrial crap high in pro-inflammatory omega-6, and low in healthful omega-3.
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anyone got any good tips 4 dieting?
Posted: 4/30/2008 7:28:01 PM
Fish, chicken, and salad....

Not a diet but a life style change ...and I promis you will loose weight if this is all you ever eat....oh yeah and try to go for walks.
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anyone got any good tips 4 dieting?
Posted: 5/1/2008 6:04:52 AM
I've lost and gained hundreds of lbs over the years. I lost 50 lbs in the past 4 years and kept it off. Some of the things I did:

Used to keep track of food, exercise, nutrients and goals as well as supply a support network.

Had another support group online through yahoo. groups and check in daily when things were hard (or crow when things went great to be motivation to others).

Used Michael Thurmond's Six Day Plan to kick start my weight loss and it totally took care of the carb addiction and evening munchies for me. I did it twice in the 4 years and it helped me to lose a total of 20 lbs and get me going on a more healthy way to eat.

Made sure I drank enough water and used herbal teas with stevia as sweetener in the evenings when I was craving food I didn't need.

Kept crap out of the house that I shouldn't eat.

Lost weight slowly and let my body maintain the new weight as my "normal". In the past I lost weight fast and it would just come right back. I didn't keep the "diet" changes and stopped exercising and the weight came back. Now I let my new lifestyle sink in over time before tackling the next goal weight.

Looked at my emotional motivations to stay heavy. I used weight to insulate me from my problems, food to fill me up instead of looking for more rewarding things to do. I ate with friends as a social thing and would just mindlessly I pay attention to why I'm eating and stop the minute I've had what I need.

Exercised, exercised, exercised. The more muscle you put on, the less you have to deprive yourself. Strength training really helps too and if you've not developed your upper body it is a hidden gold mine for building muscle that will burn calories 24 hrs a day. (Fat burns little, it is just a storage mechanism.)

Found activities I love. I love to skate and could do it daily. Swim if you like that. Hike or play frisbee. Walk your dog. Walk with friends. Get the support of someone for activities. It will make you enjoy what you do because of the social element and you'll feel more like doing it if you think you'd be letting someone down.

I forgave myself...if I slipped up it wasn't the signal to give up. I dusted myself off and immediately got back at it. I took my time, was good to myself and got to my goal . You can too.
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anyone got any good tips 4 dieting?
Posted: 5/1/2008 12:50:37 PM
I'll throw in my $.02 here...
1. Since your stated goal is the get healthier and more fit don't start off with a diet (except for pointer 2 below). The best place to start is by hitting the gym 3 days a week, for no more than 2 hours at a time. The idea here is to start building lean muscle mass. Maintaining muscle mass is "expensive" to the body from a calorie standpoint, and the more of it you have the faster your metabolism. The muscle is, in effect, a fat burning machine! Don't worry about getting "bulked up", being a female your estrogen levels will keep that in check. Weight train should be the focus, with 3 sets of 15 reps for each exercise. I know everyone tends to focus on cardio, but I guarantee you that the weight training is the more important component.

2. Don't eat products containing high fructose corn syrup! It is EVIL , loaded with empty calories, and it is in everything from soda to ketchup to pasta sauce. Read those labels!

3. NEVER judge your progress by hopping on the scale. The key thing to remember is that muscle weighs more than fat. As your muscles develop and tone it is likely that your weight will stay about the same for the first couple months even as you are getting slimmer and losing body fat like crazy! Most gyms will take your body fat readings for you if you ask, use that and a tape measure to judge your progress. Make sure to take pictures of yourself as you go too, so you can look back and keep yourself motivated.

After you have been at it for a month or two then it is time to start modifying your diet. Do it gradually, so it doesn't feel like a burden.

You do want to do some cardio, but make it fun! If running on a treadmill at the gym is boring, go out and hit the trails on your mountain bike or grab a friend to throw a frisbee with.

Just to give this advice some cred, I should note that I dropped 3 inches off my waist so far in only 5 months. While my weight is only 5 pounds less my body fat is at 9%

Hope that helps!
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