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Ronny Ray Gun.... Brings back memories of the Star Trek: First Contact movie and Dr. Lilly Sloane's line: "My first ray gun!"

Ronny Ray Gun was not a good president for many reasons. Anyway Bush is comparable to Dumb and Dumber. I find it appalling that a president would veto insurance for kids.

Time for someone who isn't influenced by the lobbyists!! Enough already.

If I ever run for Congress I will have a sign on my office door; "No lobbyists beyond this point". If they don't obey they will encounter a pair of burly bouncers to kick them out and deny them access. It's high time people listened to the downtrodden and the poor who need help the most rather than greedy special interest lobbyists backing such things as our private health care system.
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Bush Vetoes Kids Health Insurance Bill - Again
Posted: 1/11/2008 8:15:24 PM
The reason Bush vetoed the SChip bill because the Democrats wanted to give Medicaid to adults and for parents who make $80K or more. In Arkansas, that is NOT poor. At that income, paying for insurance is a matter of priorities.... $400 -$500 cAR PAYMENT OR INSURANCE AT THE job.
The democrats don't understand living within your means.

Instead of a new freebie, the states and the federal government would be better off expanding semi free clinics at the various health departments. Instead of paying insruance companies to deal with doctors, you just HIRE the doctors and nurses. You get Congress to require anyone attending a public post-secondary to have to work a year after med school graduation for the local health office or the military. Lawyers could be required to work at free legal clinics.

THE Clinics would be free at the time of service, but HMO like fees would be charged against anyone's future income tax refunds and the government would just intercept that refund amount to pay for any visit to the clinic!
Joined: 9/4/2005
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Bush Vetoes Kids Health Insurance Bill - Again
Posted: 1/12/2008 8:24:44 AM
What about a sliding scale for buying into SCHIP for those with higher incomes??? Seems like this would be a reasonable solution to that problem. As the income goes up then the premium is a bit higher. Heck, we should make SCHIP available for ALL kids, even kids from rich families who desire to buy into SCHIP.

I wish we had a CHOICE in our nation so that people can buy into or opt into a universal health care system instead of dealing with the hassles of private insurance. I for one would no doubt choose to buy in or opt in (depending on my finances) into a UHC setup because I would have known standards of care rather than fighting a private insurance company for coverage.

Frankly I wouldn't mind if private insurance was done away with altogether because too many times it has proven useless when people have died due to denial of care.
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