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I'm sure that many people, both within and outside of my community, do see me as being "free - spirited" ... and some of those probably would be quick to say that I might be a little weird, eccentric or non - traditional ... but irresponsible? Never. Do I lack structure? Hardly. Am I a non - conformist? I don't think so ... and certainly not according to those whom I surround myself with ... bunch of weirdos!

True freedom of spirit comes when one can be true too themselves and their beliefs despite what others may think or say ... and because I tend to be somewhat unique and original, I've experienced so very much ... as well as engaged so many truely amazing people ... and all of that has enriched my essence.

All too often, I see what others set as "the standard" and I can't say that I see a lot of happy campers or fully functional people out there. In my own experience, I've found that far too many of those folks who do choose that standard do so because they live in fear ... or have established such constrictive boundries (safe zones) that they can't see past or live beyond what makes them comfortable.

My life is not so different than those who choose the more "traditional" path. It just appears too be different to them because that is their perception.

There aren't many people that I meet, whether they understand me or my way of life, that won't eventually say that I'm very proactive and involved and contribute far more than what I take. Sure, it may take them a little while to be open too or
experience things beyond their own comfort zone and take a more accepting view of those they deem to be "free - spirited", but that's ok ... I celebrate diversity and support whatever it is those people choose to think ... and I'm certainly not foolish enough to believe that everyone is going too get it ... I can't imagine what it must be like too live inside a box or be so quick to pass judgement or base my life in prejudice just because someone is "different". If that makes me a bit of a freak, oh well ... guess I'll proudly let my freak flag fly! It may not work for everybody but it certainly works for me.

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Does free spirit mean irresponsible?
Posted: 12/15/2007 12:59:31 PM
free spirit
- a person with a highly individual or unique attitude, lifestyle, or imagination; nonconformist.
- One who is not restrained, as by convention or obligation; a nonconformist.
- someone acting freely or even irresponsibly [syn: free agent]

So, yea, "free spirit" can mean "irresponsible". The dictionary says so, though I suppose those who use the term mean it to be seen as a Good Thing.
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Does free spirit mean irresponsible?
Posted: 12/15/2007 1:05:08 PM
Isn't a free spirit , someone who is the opposite of someone is uptight and too careful?
Someone who is know the sort who dances like no one is watching.
Don't we all want to have some free spirit in us? Who wants to be boring and stodgy and always follow convention?
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Does free spirit mean irresponsible?
Posted: 12/15/2007 1:10:32 PM
I suspect it is balance squirrly...
someone with a pickle up their butt is as much of a "bad bet" (to me).

Anything taken to an extreme becomes negative.
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Does free spirit mean irresponsible?
Posted: 12/15/2007 1:19:22 PM

Crazy???? Why is it when some people are not what everyone else wants them to be they are crazy?

Because that's what the word means. It means having an abnormal psychology (OK, it mean a lot of other things ... :) ). Abnormal means outside the norm by a significant amount. That's all. It's only a bad thing if it harms you or others. Don't get so hung up on it.
 PrettyPicky I
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Does free spirit mean irresponsible?
Posted: 12/15/2007 1:35:02 PM
When I was about seven years old, I had a profound spiritual epiphany when I was meditating. I have always had the ability to meditate naturally, void of any structure or doctrine. Because I would also consider myself to be pragmatic, I'm not going to attach any flaky or "out there" value to my experience and simply accept it as something that just IS.

Anyway, at that time, I realized that it would always be my duty and responsiblity to have an indomitable spirit. That means, that both in the workplace and in romance, I believe that it's morally wrong for me to completely submit myself to another's will and agenda in the long-term.

This does not mean that I'm irresponsible and motivated only by self-interest, but it does mean that I will eventually leave a situation if I deem it's not going to be healthy for me in the long run. Also, anyone who knows me well, knows that I most often give more than what's required in a given situation--because I sincere want to give it. If I find that I'm being taken advantage of or taken for granted, I MUST change it, whether that means reconciling any issues and creating a better relationship or actually leaving the situation.

The key for people who are like this is to ensure that they engage only in situations that are balanced and based upon mutual respect. This does not necessarily mean that they are irresponsible, imprudent or incapable of long term commitment either; only that they need to make sure that they are devoting their time and energy to endevours that are harmonious with their values. When I've had the opporunity to meet and engage with people who share a similar worldview, the results are amazing and can be enduring.

Ultimately, who's life is it anyway? Someone else's to own? I think not. The upside is, if I want something badly enough--I will earn it and get it, and do so honestly. I cannot think of one goal or dream I've had that haven't achieved or am currently working towards achieving. Isn't that what life is ultimately about?
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Does free spirit mean irresponsible?
Posted: 12/15/2007 1:38:48 PM
^^^^^^ right on! ^^^^^

I find it interesting that those people who are comfortable in their own skin, despite what others may think, often have that power of knowledge and empowerment as young children. In my case, I, too, knew what I wanted to represent and put out too the world when I was seven years old. Too this day, I remember the moment of clarity ... and that I would be ok with the fact that not everyone was going to be supportive and understanding and that there would, indeed, be those who would pass judgement upon me for my being true to myself.

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Does free spirit mean irresponsible?
Posted: 12/15/2007 1:41:46 PM
In a good relationship you can both be free spirits.
So long as being a free spirit doesnt mena sleeping around.
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Does free spirit mean irresponsible?
Posted: 12/15/2007 1:54:42 PM
I call myself a free spirit, and in my case it means "non-conformist" to an extent. I don't believe in traditional societal expectations....get a job and stay there for life, get married, have kids, retire, etc...

Fortunately, I am a bit of a workaholic which is good - but sometimes to the detriment of my relationships. I'd be more of a free spirit work wise if I could turn down a gig when I got one, but that's my conflict.

I am totally responsible for myself, my actions and my path in life. I am also opposed to being responsible for anyone else but myself. That's their problem, as my life is mine.

The "free" in free spirit for me is freedom. I have been independent forever...and like to do what I want, when I want. I don't really want to deal with someone I have to check in with or feel obligated to, unless of course I am on the clock and getting paid for it, and even that's not something I plan on doing forever.

I want to up and go where I want when I want, but my solution to that is my own business, not being unemployed.

I'm not the best at relationships, because I am so used to just not considering someone else when making decisions, and when it comes to my life and my schedule - I really don't think I want to consider it. However I don't think relationships have to be 24/7/365 - I think you should maintain your relationship but also your individuality. The right person for me won't expect me to devote my life to him and check in with him for every little thing, and will be happy that he doesn't have to either.
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Does free spirit mean irresponsible?
Posted: 12/15/2007 1:56:40 PM
Some of you are just being to negative.....I do not know what kind of people you know...but sounds more like irresponsible than free spirited....I am free- spirited..I love Life...I love people..I care very much about feelings of those closest to me and I am extremely responsible about my career and my staff...
I love's that are exciting and new..we only live once...
 PrettyPicky I
Joined: 10/10/2007
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Does free spirit mean irresponsible?
Posted: 12/15/2007 1:57:26 PM
Jeffery--there was a period in my life where I did compromise my principles, and let's just say that it wasn't pretty. I did marry someone who was not right for me and it took many years to recover.

I knew that if I ever wanted a hope of recovering, I would have to make some huge sacrifices, which I did. It was costly and I did become quite ill for a time and felt as though I was loosing myself. I was completely concious of what was happening the whole time and knew why I was doing what I was doing. Because I'm a parent, I my also driven by pure love to provide a stable and healthy environment for my child. I have no question that my concious sacrifices were the right thing to do.

Now it's five years later, and I'm myself again and stronger than ever! I don't believe any of us escape some periods of adversity in our lives...adversity is what tempers us.

Also, these "free-love" doctrines which promote that it's acceptable to sleep around in the name of spirituality are complete bunk, IMO.
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Does free spirit mean irresponsible?
Posted: 12/15/2007 2:14:44 PM
prettypicky 1

^^^^^^ waving my hands in your direction ... hope you're feelin' the power ... ^^^

I guess I could "mirror" your experience, though my marriage wasn't with someone ... it was with my corporate career, which oddly enough really got in the way of my marrying anyone at that juncture in my life ... and through it all as I sacrificed more than most could image ... I worked a pretty extreme job ... I did so knowing that it wasn't a forever thing and that it would allow me to eventually get on this amazing path and have the life I had always dreamed about ... I wouldn't take anything for that lesson or that time spent "doing the do" ... but am happy that I had the foresight to power through it, plan accordingly, use that opportunity to my best advantage and create the environment that allows me too feel on my spiritual plane as if I am as large as my life seems to be.

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Does free spirit mean irresponsible?
Posted: 12/15/2007 2:45:17 PM
No = 'Free Spirit' does Not mean 'irresponsible' . Perhaps there are some irresponsible people who use the term to excuse themselves. I am anything But irresponsible!

I am a Free Spirit. My spirit IS free. I know who I am and I am Free to be me - regardless of who is looking. I wear my hair the way I like it, I dress comfortably, unhindered by the 'expectations' that society would place on an adult - let alone a woman of 50!
I have Always been a little "different" .. and because of That there are those who would label me CrAzY. If I am cRaZy, let me just say this - If you are unhappy, make CrAzY a goal!! lol ..
I talk to people that most ignore or avoid because they are outside of the socially judged 'norm'. To me - difference, uniqueness, individuality is where its at and I celebrate it. Its one of the things I like most about me actually, my ability, freedom and love for those just outside the routine.
Yes, I'm a nonconformist, its not a bad thing! And, some rules need to be 'challenged'! I'm not talking about Serious stuff like murder or ANYTHING that would cause another harm!! no no no!! But - I see no reason why we can't park in the empty lot on a Sunday and chat. Ok .. that happened - a friend and I were sitting having coffee, in a parking lot (the mall was closed). Anyway, some guy with the word "security" on his blue shirt came along and told us we had to move! I (of course) asked "Why?" - "Well!" he said "Its the rules!" so (of course) I asked him "Why is 'that' a rule?" I did ask him with a little grin on and (i thought) a twinkle in my eye. OMFG he got reeeeally p'd off and started going on about us "hippy types" always stirrin up shiote!! I'm sorry - but I just found him funny, and I didn't premeditate it, but I did have a pistol on me - a Water Pistol (ssshhh settle down!) .. and so .. I told my friend to get ready! And I squirted him - I am sooo bad! lol He still thinks I'm CrAzY. I still think he needs to put an "in" in front of that security on his shirt! ;)

Free spirits are not free 'from' the spirit! OMG far far far from it! I am quite connected, thank you. I believe I have been blessed with many gifts, my Spirit being the greatest. Why would I want to chain that?

My spirit is Free, I am Free.
Most of the time I have an extraordinary sense of gratitude for my trip and for the fact that I am quite happy with "Who" I am , so of course I'm free. I wish 'my' sense of spirit and Freedom were something that Everyone could feel. It's Not a bad thing.

.. and yes - it also means I don't (always) shave my legs!!!
 PrettyPicky I
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Does free spirit mean irresponsible?
Posted: 12/15/2007 3:06:06 PM
Jeff--you boys who chuck the corporate world to run off and persue your dreams in the tropics have a special place in my heart indeed! You guys are just like Gauguin ...

Yes, in many ways you seem to mirror my experiences, except for the fact that I ran off the tropics first, then jumped back inside the corporate box. For me, life down South was not all pineapples and Miami Vices.

Again, because I'm a parent I must run an extremely tight ship economically, so it made sense for me to re-join the ranks and balance obligation with my wanderlust. It was the only way to create the lifestyle I wanted...for a time. Now, I'm back in university again and staying pretty close to home. Once I'm done, I know that the exotic locales will always be there for me, when the time is right.
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Does free spirit mean irresponsible?
Posted: 12/15/2007 3:09:27 PM

I have a good work ethic, I believe I have my priorites straight, but I tend to think "outside the box" compared to most people I know

I hear you. Not only do I tend to think outside them, I can sometimes be found burning them by the carload which can freak out those who find those boxes a great comfort.
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Does free spirit mean irresponsible?
Posted: 12/15/2007 3:18:40 PM
Labels are confining; therefore, if you label yourself a "free spirit" you give up some of that freedom you use to define yourself. To me, labeling oneself a free spirit is a contradiction--an authentic free spirit would not announce her freespiritedness.

The truly free do not abide by labels, do they?
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Does free spirit mean irresponsible?
Posted: 12/15/2007 3:25:04 PM
ummm.. so how do you explain the way I feel? lmao

Labels really don't mean anything but to the person applying them, sooooooooo if I label myself a 'free spirit', I do so only because I know myself and "who" I am - And because I really do wish others had that same sense of freedom.
I label myself thus:

Free Spirit

Being a free spirit means I don't give a rats ass if y'all think I'm nuts for feeding stray cats - And people! lol .. and it also means I don't give a rats ass if you think I somehow chain myself by labelling myself "free" ! lmao .. There are people who are in prisons of their own making, I know this - spent some time in my own silly jail .. long long ago ..
Sooo my labelling me and defining what my label for me means to me is nothing more than an expression of my self awareness. But .. you can call it bars if ya wants ta! ;)

It's all good.
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Does free spirit mean irresponsible?
Posted: 12/15/2007 3:28:31 PM
Free spirit definition:
1) One with whom a short attention span resides.
2) See's the world as a whole, not a bunch of holes.
3) See term for Gypsy.
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Does free spirit mean irresponsible?
Posted: 12/15/2007 3:31:16 PM
Does free spirit mean irresponsible?

Without putting too fine a point on it...yes. Beware...
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Does free spirit mean irresponsible?
Posted: 12/15/2007 3:53:13 PM

Sooo my labelling me and defining what my label for me means to me is nothing more than an expression of my self awareness. But .. you can call it bars if ya wants ta!

Okay. Just putting it out there. ; )

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Does free spirit mean irresponsible?
Posted: 12/15/2007 4:02:35 PM
I've not read any other post on this thread ~ so I'm cluless where this is going.

but in the ~"just getting in from working my ass off in the bitter cold, not making any money or friends all day long ~ ~ a few drinks at the bar and here I am ~ so ooooo ~ it's raw

Oh! this girl , you speak of ~ that takes ~ prize with failures ~ and ~ all. ~ I understand her thinking and I agree, ~ to a degree!

You allow one person, assoc ~ org., company to control your well being ~ life/reality
you are in a delicate position ~ why do you think, Hitler had so many wonderful people working for him ~ cooking Jews in his furnaces? ~ He had them by the nuts. They were compromised.

At the same time ~ to be the square peg attempting to fit in a round hole is a tough job as well. ~ People! ~ ~~~~~~ What are we talking about ? ~ Oh Yea! ~~" free spirits"!!!

Free spirit are always on the edge of something great! ~ ~ but more times then not, seem to always fall short of their goals. ~~ there are exceptions ~ I'd call Gates a free spirit! ~ pocket protector and all !

so I'd be slow to discourage a free spirit ! But understand , it's not a smooth ride and can easily end in disaster. ~ it's an obsession!

Then you have the "under achievers" ~ thay use this same tact ~` they can't feed themselfs ~ take care of their on personal health, money, car , property ~ and refuses to conform or coroperate with anyone ~ and blame everyone that attempted to ever help them for their failures. ~! these people are blood suckers ~ parasites, they will suck you dry till these is no mositure left in your body ~ and think ~nothing about it. ~ Your reward will only be found in heaven. ~

So ~ you must decide ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ is there a person of true character here?
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Does free spirit mean irresponsible?
Posted: 12/15/2007 4:03:42 PM
I'm a free spirit man.but I work and I'm responsible for my self and the around me
I can't hide the true and because of that I consider myself a free spirit man

Your voice keep as strong .
please attend all union meetings
and vote out against those women who doesn't like to work hard

Joined: 4/19/2007
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Does free spirit mean irresponsible?
Posted: 12/15/2007 4:09:03 PM

they don't housebreak well.

That's a good one, margo... and it's my experience too.

To me it means they really have no real idea you exist unless they have something to gain at the moment they choose to grace you with their presence.
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Does free spirit mean irresponsible?
Posted: 12/15/2007 4:13:38 PM
HELL NO!! I consider myself a free spirit. Guess what? I'm employed, a home owner, and travel. I pay my bills on time, do my chores. At the same token, I don't take crap from anyone, and if someone wants to tell me what to do, I'll gladly hand them my bills I don't worry about society, much less other's opinions. I don't follow the "crowd". To sum me up, I march to the beat of my own drum. If I feel like mixing polka dots and stripes, I will do so.
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Does free spirit mean irresponsible?
Posted: 12/15/2007 4:38:07 PM
Some of the above statement regarding our not being housebroken very well may be true where it relates to how we interact with mixed company ... we probably don't mix well with people who are uptight or have a certain amount of tunnel vision where the definition of being a free - spirit is concerned ... which is why I don't mind when those people see whatever it is they choose to see, formulate their opinions and then move on ... glad to see ya steppin' ... it saves me a whole lot of aggrevation as I try to breathe a breath of fresh air into their often limited, stagnant and unfulfilled lives and try to help them broaden their horizons and think outside the box and fully engage their lives. Not saying that that is everybody who chooses a more traditonal path, whatever that is ... too each their own ... it's just been my experience. Generally, if they are not happy or live in a place where their spirits and their heartspace aren't growing or don't possess the ability too free themselves past their self - imposed shells, why shouldn't they try to bring others down, as well. It happens all the time. Besides, I'd much rather hang out with free - spirited people like myself because I know how BIG that dynamic and interaction can be ... more often than not, we are artists and creative people ... free - thinkers and visionaries whose energy vibrates at a much higher level ... people who are conscious, aware and awake ... people who are selfless and giving. I also believe that those people who are "free spirits" have a lot more respect and tolerance for those who see us as being different or who have "issues" with us than vice versa ...

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