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Do you enjoy DANCING for a 1st Date?Page 5 of 5    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

...In our recent past community dances were the MAIN way that sweethearts met each other. ...People would travel miles and sometimes even for days to attend the event in the hope of finding a 'spark'. It was very social and it was a way of meeting the community from the very young to the oldest. Everybody wanted to go and everybody did.

No one REFUSED to dance so everybody mixed. It was impolite to refuse anyone but if you did not LIKE someone you simply gave them but ONE dance! ...

Ladies I wonder about your role in this dilema. As I see it dancing is part of the social fabric of our society. It is in this venue that you meet old friends and make new ones. It is social, liberating, fun, great exercise and brings some reality into our otherwise 'sheltered' lives. And you let the man in your life dictate that you will not go dancing...why? They fear you will be approached? They fear they are not good enough? What ever it is that they fear you should be even more fearful because...

Men who don't dance are not social (there's always an exception to the rule). ... There are few places better than the dance hall for mingling. ...

Brother speaks truth. As a dance caller, many's the time I've orchestrated mingling and social introductions. Happy to help!

My last second date: a contra dance. Likewise my last third date. Fishie looooved it, the music, the caller (my mentor!), the dances, the fun.

Let's dance!
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Do you enjoy DANCING for a 1st Date?
Posted: 8/3/2008 3:49:40 PM
Thought I would revive this OLD thread because this Week in Austin there will be some reviving going on.

"WINE ME, DINE ME, 69 ME" is back for one more night this month at DALLAS NITE CLUB in Austin.

Yep! Those of you who might be interested in knowing this might want to grab a date, your best friend(s), any who and come on out. Last month Dallas opened its doors under the premise of getting rid of some or all of the liquor laying around that they have on hand. So VIPs and regulars came out and packed the place. As it stood, I heard that GRAHAMs was empty that nite.

Since DNC was once the MOST happenist club in Austin for 25yrs, I do hope those of you familiar with it will stop by have a drink or two and say hi to an oldie but goodie.

And in case you are still wondering over the APD Debacle and the TABC harrassment that has gone on with this establishment. Well, "Boys Will Be Boys"! And both agencies are still harrassing the club, but with a touch more tact than previously used. I mean, they do not want to have many others suing them for some of the stuff they have both already pending and past law suits over. SO COME OUT AND HAVE FUN! And leave the ugly stuff to the UGLY Folks.

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Do you enjoy DANCING for a 1st Date?
Posted: 1/19/2009 12:25:52 AM
Since my last post, Dallas nite club closed. And this weekend I had an amazing experience. Met this really cool young lady at the club I am currently coming out to dance. We shared one or two dances and she disappeared in the club for some time.

Where next do you go...
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Do you enjoy DANCING for a 1st Date?
Posted: 1/19/2009 9:15:55 AM
I like dancing when i'm in a relationship, not on the first date. I like intimate dancing (aka bump and grind), which really won't happen on the first date (always hoping it will), rather than bouncing off the dance floor.

Strangely enough I like dancing when I'm with my friends at the club, often because we pick up alot of female partners who are willing and able (to dance that is).
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Do you enjoy DANCING for a 1st Date?
Posted: 1/26/2009 8:10:43 AM
Slow-dancing may feel a bit formal and forced for a first date, but fun swing-her-around stuff is cool-!
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