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What a load of bunk. Smoking and being promiscuous = no connection. No more accurate then saying men who play football, are prudes. Give me a break here.

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Women who smoke are far more promiscuous.
Posted: 12/27/2007 3:13:11 PM
I haven't seen much of a difference in the sexuality of women who smoke as opposed to women who don't smoke. Maybe the smokers also tend to drink more, which makes them less inhibited.
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Women who smoke are far more promiscuous.
Posted: 12/27/2007 9:12:32 PM
Women who smoke are far more promiscuous.

Virginia Slim where are you? ...

So here you have it Folks. If you want to reform your wicked Ways, the Answer has never been so clear before.

Quit Smoking ... lol
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Women who smoke are far more promiscuous.
Posted: 12/27/2007 10:51:48 PM
my sister smokes and she's a wh*re. she has been logging onto my account and being talking to people as me. so i agree that smoking women are easy.
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Women who smoke are far more promiscuous.
Posted: 12/28/2007 7:47:30 AM
^^^Promiscuity DOES mean "cheating". You may be thinking about "fornication", which merely means sex outside of marriage.

Serial dating/relationships/marriages aren't considered "promiscuous". Promiscuity literally means "to mix before"; in other words--to have a subsequent sexual partner before one has stopped being with a previous partner. You're "mixing" relationships instead of completing one before engaging another one.
 UR 2 girls away from 3sum
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Women who smoke are far more promiscuous.
Posted: 12/28/2007 11:30:13 AM

Msg 298: As a person that have [sic] an undergrad in pyschology [sic] we did alot [sic] of field research on many social subjects and I think there appears to be some eroneous [sic] date here.
Huh? Maybe your brain is dulled. The date is 28 December 2007.

Msg 301: It has nothing to do with your intelligence level. :)

Smoking can cloud the brain, according to a new study that found long-term tobacco use was linked to dulled thinking and lower IQ.

The finding contradicts what many smokers claim -- that smoking a cigarette helps them concentrate and feel more alert.

"The exact mechanism for smoking's impact on the brain's higher functions is still unclear, but may involve both neurochemical effects and damage to the blood vessels that supply the brain," lead researcher Jennifer Glass, of the University of Michigan, said in a prepared statement. "This is consistent with other findings that people with cardiovascular disease and lung disease tend to have reduced neurocognitive function."
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Women who smoke are far more promiscuous.
Posted: 12/28/2007 1:18:39 PM
spitfire, I beg to differ with you. The meaning of promiscuous is: " having sexual relations with a number of partners on a casual basis: indiscriminate; without discrimination"

You're right that promiscuity doesn't have to mean "cheating " if the person having these simultaneous sexual relationships is not deceiving any of the partners. However, I think most people (if their partner did have a liaison with someone else) would consider promiscuity "cheating" rather than merely being indiscriminate. I wouldn't think it's normal (although it does happen) to find people with multiple partners who are candid and open with each of their partners.
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Women who smoke are far more promiscuous.
Posted: 12/28/2007 2:21:18 PM
Didn't get to the end of the first page, lol!


Perhaps smokers are more into their senses ~~ how things feel, taste, touch, look? More willing to use of them, and delight in all of them?

There is a huge contingent of peeps who seems to feel if you exchange enough pleasure points, they'll live forever. . . . e.g., if you don't dye your hair (don't look as good as you want to); don't grill your steaks, don't drink coffee, don't eat meat, don't drink, don't smoke. The Great Puritan cohort, lol!

As for me, and my house. . . . My ex (non smoker) left me for a xxxx (non smoker), then left her for another xxxx (non smoker). Leaving me, the smoker, as the 25% non cheater out of this statistical sampling.

Right now, I'm "not single, not looking" but am looking forward to being:" living together" in the near future. Which does not mean I'll suddenly be looking. Still here for friends/forums.

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Women who smoke are far more promiscuous.
Posted: 12/28/2007 2:22:47 PM
This is well known in the dating industry that women who smoke are more promiscuous and many sites try and target women based on that especially adult dating sites.

Although the Thread Headline could have been presented more tastefully, the Thread Topic is about what the Dating Industry believes, and based on this Information, whether true or not, what its doing about it.

This is merely Information.

The Admin further gathered some Site Statistics which anyone is free to comment on. Granted, I also don't care for the habitational Cross-Sectional stereotyping Assessment of Smokers, as that's neither here nor there to me.

Being as that may, the Topic is about what the Dating Industry believes and what/who it is targeting. If you take Exception to this Topic, then you should also take Exception to the Dating Industry, not just the Messenger who presented the Data.

Not in Defense of this Thread, but I don't see anyone squawking that the Dating Industry is playing the "Promiscuity" Card to target Female Smokers.

And should anyone have any "controversial" Statistics, provided they are not Troll Material, should they be kept in check, the Infos hidden so as not to "Stir the Pot"?
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Women who smoke are far more promiscuous.
Posted: 12/28/2007 2:29:38 PM
I must be really stupid. How does the fact that 44% of the women on POF are smokers with an average age of 40, make them promiscuous? Have you dated all the women on POF and had "fist date sex" with significantly more smokers than non-smokers?
Joined: 6/3/2004
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Women who smoke are far more promiscuous.
Posted: 12/28/2007 2:38:51 PM
The topic is about what the OP believes to be true based on his access to information users have trusted him with.

No Statement of "Belief" has been made. The Admin clearly prefixed a number of Comments with: "Looks like ... Not sure if ..."

That comment about the dating industry was an aside

I don't see that. I see the Remainder of the Information as Back-up Material.

It stinks of breach of confidentiality to me.

Drawing up "Statistical Averages" is not "A Breach of Confidentiality".

I don't take exception to the dating industry and their generalizations and marketing experiments.

But if the Admin puts it out here for you to comment on, then its a different Matter?

I take exception to someone we are supposed to trust coming on the forum and insulting a significant portion his user base.

Although it may graze that Edge, I do not see that Intention whatsoever.
There is nothing in his Post that suggests that. He has no Reason or Motive to Insult anyone.

I have no Reservation whatsoever that he intended nothing other than to present this Information to poll POF Users for their Opinions on this Topic.

The consumer makes their choices and proves or disproves theories in that regard...

And I think this Thread may have intended exactly that.
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Women who smoke are far more promiscuous.
Posted: 12/28/2007 2:58:16 PM
^^^ Data Protection Act: Sensitive personal data In this Act means personal data

No "Personal Data" has been posted or divulged.
Forum Rules & TOS prohibit that.
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Women who smoke are far more promiscuous.
Posted: 12/28/2007 5:55:54 PM
I appreciate the fact that you "Ticker" are protecting thee.... Lord and Master but, Please! Lets be real.... A Hornets nest he wanted to stir

Don't color the Intent of my Post with your Non-Sense.
Reply if you have a Point to make.

I'm still interested in how these stats are used by dating sites, including POF to 'Target' anyone.

I doubt very much he would have made this Thread if he intended to do that. He already had the Stats, why would he need this Thread to get more Infos, unless he is polling the Userbase for Opinion? Maybe let the Cat out of the Bag to show the wicket Ways of other Dating Sites?
Who knows?

I would assume such controversial Statistics would be kept "covert" by Dating Sites and their Marketers. Who after all wants their Clients to know they are targeting their smoking Female Clients on the Basis of Promiscuity?

Maybe he needs this Thread to show his Advertisers how POF Members feel about being targeted by 'Googlesyndication & Co.' for such "Below-the-Belt" Level Ads?
Joined: 4/21/2007
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Women who smoke are far more promiscuous.
Posted: 12/28/2007 6:09:48 PM

considering that all of his stats came from information that everyone has posted on their profile on public website, where is the breach?

Unless those profiles also had info on the frequency with which said smokers got laid.. I can't see how this is anything other than a generalization thread that should fade into obscurity along with all the other generalizing threads.

I realize as soon as the words were tapped out on my keyboard that we'd have very few threads on which to post, but still...
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Women who smoke are far more promiscuous.
Posted: 12/28/2007 6:28:06 PM

His stats proved that there are more NON SMOKING women who are seperated and married as well as divorced on here than there are smokers. Women who are seperated and married are the ones doing the cheating and since there are a higher percentage of them that are NON SMOKERS.

No, this is a misunderstanding of the stats. 24 out of 100 women are smokers on average (in the US). 48 out of 100 married women on this site are smokers. If his stats only recorded women in the US, then smoking women are accounting for twice the number that they should be.

If exactly 24% of married women were smokers and every married woman on this site was looking for action on the side, then it could be argued that smokers are 2x more likely to cheat on their husbands than non-smokers.

However, the argument has a couple major flaws. 1) We don't have the % of married women who smoke. We only know have national average for one nation (and it's a very anti-smoking nation). 2) We don't know why people are on this site. Many of the married people are looking for "friends" or "talk/email". If the stats were further filtered to include only people looking for "dating" or "intimate encounter", then a better argument could be made.

There is just too much of a leap of logic to count the conclusion as credible. The stats do not seem to be very scientific in nature (changing too many variables at a time). In a scientific community, these stats should really be thrown out.

Going back to my first post, the only stat that strikes me as interesting is the very first one:
women who smoke are 30% more likely to be looking for intimate encounters or message such users than expected

I assume this is compared to % of women looking for an intimate encounter who don't smoke. If it is a fair comparison, then I think this stat adds some real basis to the initial claim of promiscuity, but it is the only stat that does so.

Finally, I don't know how this could be called a breach of confidentiality or even trust. You put the data out there for everyone to see. Anyone could go through and compile the same stats if they wanted to spend enough time. The admin simply has ways of facilitating that data collection and displayed it in a way that did not single out anyone. I wouldn't have a problem if he collected some general data about men and showed statistics that shine people like me in a bad light. Perhaps men that are exactly 6' tall are more likely to cheat by the same leap of logic that was used in his first post. I could argue against the leap of logic, but I'd have no problem with the stats being displayed.
Joined: 5/22/2006
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Women who smoke are far more promiscuous.
Posted: 12/28/2007 9:50:54 PM
Happyrebel, nah, you're still not getting it... probably because there's too many assumptions in the initial post. And for that reason, this study would be thrown out in any legitimate debate.

Let's simplify it to only using married women as our case study. The initial post assumes that smokers and non-smokers are EQUALLY likely to cheat once they get to this site. This is a big misunderstood point because it is assumed in the initial post. For purposes of example, let's say that it's 50% of married people on this site cheat.

Once that assumption is made, we can make some wild conclusions like the OP did. Let's make it an example. Out of 1000 married people in the real world, 240 are smokers and 760 are non-smokers (going by the national average, another poor assumption). However, let's say that 100 of those 1000 people make it to this site. On this site, 48 are smokers and 52 are non-smokers. Finally, based on our "50% cheat" assumption, we see that 24 smokers cheat and 26 non-smokers cheat.

So, if we look at those numbers, we see that 24 out of 240 smokers cheat using this site based on our numbers... that's 10%. We also see that 26 out of 760 non-smokers cheat using this site based on our numbers... that's 3.4%. So, based on those numbers, a smoker is more likely to cheat than a non-smoker (about 3x more likely using those numbers).

However, it has absolutely nothing to do with this site because the assumption is that smokers and non-smokers cheat equally once they get here. If anyone is messaging you based on the initial post, then they're being stupid and completely misunderstanding it.

Next, there was a stat given about intimate encounters, but it was buried in the first paragraph. Reposted below:

Even on this site women who smoke are 30% more likely to be looking for intimate encounters or message such users than expected.

This stat does not filter for married/separated people. So, it should in no way be used to say that smokers are more likely to cheat. However, it could legitimately be used to say that smokers are more likely to be promiscuous... which is almost the title of the thread.


Normally I wouldn't have a problem with it either. How about if they posted that 6' tall men made tons more money than any other men and after that posting, you were getting lots more emails from new girls than normal? How would you ever know that the emails were of genuine interest or only gold diggers trying to find out if you were one of the 'rich' ones? This is the cause of the concern.

Actually, many studies have shown that taller people are more successful in many areas of life (usually hypothesized to be due to extra attention from being tall). Ignoring that point for a moment, me personally, I wouldn't care. I would much rather do some weeding than come to an empty mailbox every day. Open lines of communication can be good. Perhaps she was hoping I'd have money, but decides to stay around even when she finds out I don't. That's not a bad thing.

If I was already swimming in emails, maybe then I'd be angry about the extra ones I get. However, I'm far from getting too many emails to handle. Others may differ.

Next, I doubt that many are emailing you because of the initial post. Only a very small percentage of the people on this site use the forums. Of those, only a small percentage saw this message. This thread has a total of about 8000 views... many of which are duplicates. At most, maybe 4000 people read this thread. About 40,000 people are online right now. Probably millions of people are on this site in total. 4k people is nothing and there is no way it would triple your emails. Perhaps you've been online more often recently. Or perhaps people were lonely during the holidays. I usually scan the "who's new" list for potentials and it seems like there has been an upward spike in incoming people from the 26th through today. Your cause -> effect is off.

Next, nothing was "written to deceive" as far as I can tell. The stats certainly don't show the opposite. He made a possible conclusion to the stats based on too many assumptions. At best, he might actually be right. At worst, he simply showed that he jumps to conclusions too easily and is probably not the best statistician in the world.

Finally, it's Ren83, not Red83. But both names are fine.
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Women who smoke are far more promiscuous.
Posted: 12/28/2007 10:51:28 PM
Statistics & Target Marketing Mumbo-Jumbo aside, from an experiential Perspective ... there is absolutely no Connection between Smokers & Promiscuity. In my Book, its all Bullsh*t.

And although I consider any Effort to target any supposed "promiscous" Group or Public offensive, its really just a Reflection to what Level the Dating Industry is willing to stoop down to, probably the same Marketing Scum that tells you "Research" has shown its most optimum to date as many Women simultaneously because it serves their own Ends. Perhaps their Client Pool is limited, don't want to lose them, and so the more People among that Pool they can make date each other, the more Sign-Ups they'll have, the more Money rolls in through the Door.

Everybody dates everybody without any End in Sight = Good Money
Players and those always on the Lookout for better Chicks = Good Money

Repeat Business is where its at.

They always manage to grease some "Shmexperts" to tell us about the latest "promiscous" Discoveries, that supposedly enhance our Love Lives. Maybe this Thread only reflects the Icing on that Cake.

If anything, this Industry probably isn't too far away from attaining that officially recognized 'Escort' Status. The Way its going, their well-paid "Dating Shrinks" may soon discover your real Prince Charming will be found on City Streets, not behind a Computer, and assign you a Corner to wait on, and you better be smoking a Cigarette to float his Boat.

Its a Shame many People can't see they are being manipulated by the very same Folks who are incessantly looting their pocketbooks.

I hope the Admin never sells this Site, cause I won't be logging into ''

Why else would they be so interested in "Promiscuity" Statistics, whether true or not, 'cause that's where they want to take it, that's where the Money is.
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Women who smoke are far more promiscuous.
Posted: 12/29/2007 11:12:02 AM
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Women who smoke are far more promiscuous.
Posted: 12/29/2007 11:22:31 AM

Because stupidly, smoking has become a "moral issue," rather than merely a health issue or even a lifestyle choice. Especially in the last couple of decades, as the "mommy state" has decided that it has to drive smokers out of every public space (with some cities even banning it OUTSIDE), one easy way to get people on board with that is to paint smokers themselves as "bad" people.

I couldn't agree more a bit nomadic.
You talk about blowing something waaayyyy out of proportion ! Jeesh!
It's a nanny state control thing. Control freaks should get their own territory where they could control each other to death and leave the rest of us alone freedom. (-:

I don't know about more promiscuous. But , I'd bet that militant anti-smokers might tend to be bad in bed . lol

I have found that it is often the case that smokers seem to be more easy going and less uptight.
I gave up smoking a while ago . But , I have found that I tend not to get along well with the more aggressive anti-smoking type of person . They seem to have this inner anxiety and intense mentality .
Those who do not smoke but who are reasonable and not so much anti-smoking are fine .
Those who do smoke seem to be most likely to be easier to get along with.
That is just "as a rule"
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Women who smoke are far more promiscuous.
Posted: 12/29/2007 11:22:56 AM
The main elements to give a viable theory are left out. i.e. need to know the percentage of 'smokers' which are female and of those which ones are on dating sites. Plus, knowing which ones have participated in sexual activity, how many partners, etc. etc. etc.

Thus, the premise in this thread (the opening post) is comparing apples to oranges.

Buttt.. it has been entertainment to read this thread.

Exactly the kind of stuff 'Gossip Girl' can relate to.
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Women who smoke are far more promiscuous.
Posted: 12/29/2007 1:41:57 PM
I don't know about the rest of ya...but, I thrive on irrelevantcy and this thread is becoming my lifeline.
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Women who smoke are far more promiscuous.
Posted: 12/29/2007 5:53:18 PM
Nothing will be done about this thread.
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Women who smoke are far more promiscuous.
Posted: 12/29/2007 7:26:28 PM
Does women who are smokers gets more e-mail than women who are non smokers? Maybe this should be the topic of discussion , instead of critisizing women smokers?
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