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"Acceptable Time Limit"
I personally feel there is no such thing.
You may just hit things off great, and end up in Bed on the 1st Date! But as far as the way I feel about it, has nothing to do with anyone being a Slut, or if it's right or wrong. It is only because both of you want to be that close with eachother at that particular time! That is all it is, just a matter of time. Whether it be 1, 3 or 10 Dates. When the Time is right, we both know it!!
Honestly, If I went on 10 Dates W/O Sleeping with a Woman, I might feel she does not like me very much, but is just keeping me around till someone better comes along to take her out. I feel after a few Dates at the Max. both parties basically know where things are going. They both know if they like eachother or not, and if they want to pursue the Relationship or not. After all, We are no longer Kids. This is all not brand new to us. We have experienced the same things before in our lives.
*Never put a Time Limit on anything. You are not being fair to yourself or your potential Mate! Who knows, there may be no Tomorrow! If you have Religious reasons for delaying, Talk to the person about it if you really care. Don't just leave them guessing. That may only ruin something that may have been Great!
I guess it all comes down to being completely "Open and Honest" with anyone we Date.
Without those 2 Items, Relationships usually will fail.
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Most women will have sex very early in a relationship
Posted: 3/15/2009 11:50:41 AM

You know, not all guys are horny all the time.

Well that's disappointing.

I have to somewhat agree with the original poster in that nearly every woman has told me they "never have sex on the first date" when they do it with me.

While it's generally bull$hit, it's probably meant to make you feel special and not out of any malice. Still though, why bother? There've got to be better ways to make a guy feel special without resorting to lies.

Quite honestly, a girl who wants to **** me, but wants to make me wait a specific amount of time so they don't "feel like a slut", is not worth my time.

Wanting to score with someone you're interested in is perfectly normal. Making someone wait can be both silly and necessary. Unless I require that you be patient simply because I'm not ready to have sex... it's a powerplay. Using waiting as a test is just plain mean. You gotta do what you're comfortable with and not a thing more, so you can't argue with someone taking their time, but you don't have to deal with it either.

Some people think jumping into bed "too soon" is a negative, but I think people are most honestly who they are during intimacy.

I can't help but agree with this, but like everything else... it's not foolproof.

it's just one of the steps in deciding whether or not I want a relationship with this girl, so maybe my thinking doesn't apply to everyone.

I tend to think that's how I treat it too. It is such a big deal to me that I 'test drive' a guy first before I can be sure we're a good match. In a way, some would argue that sex isn't such a big deal, it's how you feel that counts and sure.. I can buy that, but if sexual compatibility is as big a deal to me as I've said, wouldn't I want everything to be good? I don't think I have it in me to be with someone that I don't gel with in bed.. even if everything else is fab.

unwritten rules, unwritten laws. Where do I get the book that lists all of this?

Unwritten... remember. Which means we as a people make this $hit up as we go along.
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