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Joined: 6/21/2006
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Should A Single Mother Keep Her Bi-Sexual Side In The Closet While Raising Kids?Page 3 of 3    (1, 2, 3)

im a single mom of 2 boys, and also bi sexual, i have kept that part of my life to only happen when my boys arent around, or sleeping, when im spending time with another woman i make sure that the man i happen to also be seeing at the time that my kids are familiar with are present so that way my kids will just assume that the woman is just a friend.

And this is the part you should be keeping in the closet, if this is how you choose to express your bi-sexuality. Just as you should stay in the closet with your sexuality if it is expressed by screwing a multitude of men with no commitment to them.

There are a lot of bi-sexual women, myself included, that do not view thier sexuality as pertaining only to sex. Bi-sexuality, in my life, is the fact that I am attracted to both sexes on emotional, physical and mental levels. When I am in a relationship with a woman it is on the same basis as my relationships with men ~~ genuine feelings, not just a pair of wet panties.

For single mothers appearances are very important.

WHAT??? And for the mother who is still married to her childrens' father, the mother in an LTR with a man other than the father of her children, the single father, are appearances any less important for them???

and if someone (like the other parent) were to find out that you were participating in something not quite acceptable for a 'mother' your life could be made infinitely more complicated.

Ummmm.... Not really sure which direction your moral compass is pointing in, but any man that I were to procreate with would already be well aware of my bi-sexuality long before a little one came into the picture. I am open regarding my sexuality, I am not shamed by who I am, who I am attracted to nor who I have relationships with. I will reinforce what I said in my earlier post ~~ I am upfront and open, not with the details of my sex life, but the fact that I am bi-sexual.

Another thing to consider is the ramifications on the kids should you get caught, especially by one of the child(ren)'s friend's parent(s).

Get caught doing what, exactly?? Having sex?? That would be a bit awkward, no matter the gender of my lover. Have to wonder though, where exactly do you think bi Moms have sex that they would run the risk of being "caught"??? Under the bleachers at thier childrens' sporting events?? ~silent scream~

I currently live in a tiny town in Northern Idaho, population 2,800. Can we say repressed redneck Hell?? My son was not stigmatized nor teased regarding his mother's sexuality after we moved here. I volunteer with youth through the schools and the 4-H program. The reaction and attitude you, and your children, will receive regarding your sexuality will, in a large part, be determined by how you, as a mother, deal with it. It's not a dirty little secret, it's not a shocking surprise, I am not fvcking other women on the courthouse steps.... I am an amazing woman who is multi-faceted and well-adjusted, my sexuality is only a tiny part of the whole that makes up who I am. Being bi-sexual is not the end-all definition of who I am.....
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