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I"m sure cot means crib.

Is there another way to make her sleep? Perhaps tell her she can have a few minutes of leaning on your leg, and then you're going to lay her down and dim the lights down in the room? Perhaps rub her back or belly while slowly humming, or saying shhhh.

one years old is still a baby. Gradually bring the change, I would think, rather than all of a sudden so that she doesn't panic each time it's bed time.

IMO, parents are there to soothe their kids and to make them feel secure, by leaving them in a room by themselves is not soothing or uncomfortable til you make that room a presence that she feels comfortable in. How often do you play or be in her room? If not that much, start being in there more, read a story, play toys with her in there. then she won't think it's a place for punishment and you leaving her. She'll learn later to self soothe and know that she can be in a room by herself. My daughter was like this til she realize that she can play or roam around without having to be near her. If she gets tired, she sometimes lays down and sleeps wherever she is, doesn't need me sometimes to go to bed.

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babies sleep
Posted: 1/10/2008 9:08:35 PM
sorry about the nickname but i was angry at an ex i found on reply to the baby falling asleep on your lap...for nap times this is fine because it gives the baby time to realize that there is a bond between them and the person who they are sleeping on. However, during bedtime the baby needs to know that it is now time to go to the bedroom, the bedroom should be recognized as a place to sleep. Again, there is a fine line though...depending on the babies age. You dont want to break trust between the baby and yourself too early, it can actually cause stress in the baby, and beleive it or not, later cause stomach complications.
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