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Joined: 10/10/2007
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so she says....Page 3 of 3    (1, 2, 3)
Oh, yeah, and even the finest homes in places like Alabama can have roaches--it's just not possible to keep them out! Wet humid climes=bugs
Joined: 6/1/2007
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so she says....
Posted: 1/9/2008 9:50:42 AM
Divorce can devistate a person financially. I know. The fact that she's living within her means doesn't in and of itself mean squat. Sure she could be lying to you, but she also may just be trying to get herself out of debt. You'd never know what I make from looking at my house, because I'm still paying off debt MY ex stuck ME with. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice home - but it's not the country club where I used to live either.

Once I do get back out of debt, I'll probably stay right where I am for a while and bank some cash too. I've had it with golddiggers. I tell women these days I earn decent money, but I'm also in debt, and I'll dig out of it within the next year or two. If they don't like that answer - NEXT! That said, if they're interested in me for the right reasons, and they stick around anyway, they'll have a nice surprise coming :)

The question in my mind is - why are you so concerned about her income?

Joined: 6/22/2007
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so she says....
Posted: 1/9/2008 12:30:46 PM
The cheapest man I ever knew was a millionaire. He has saved twist ties to reuse for the last 20 years. He saved rubber bands off of produce so long they were rotted.
He also had his baby dresser that was 58 years old to keep his holy socks in. Can you say crazy........Those were his good traits.
Joined: 8/21/2007
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so she says....
Posted: 1/9/2008 12:35:45 PM
Some very wealthy people live in squaller (sp?). I don't get it either. Did you date her because she is a successful woman or because you like her? If you like her, her shabby apartment shouldn't really be a problem for you. The roaches though - - EEEEK! As far as what she does with all that money, gee I guess she could be a drug addict or a drunk, or maybe she just doesn't know how to budget. Try not to judge her too harshly. If I were you, I'd recommend a good exterminator and maybe ask her out again!
Joined: 1/22/2006
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so she says....
Posted: 1/9/2008 3:08:56 PM

I can show you multi millionaires who shops at thrift stores, ride coach and still has " older" cars.

Howard Hughes lived cheaply. I wouldn't have lived with him. People who have a lot of money and choose to live in squalor are mentally ill.

And do you know these people personally? Are they on POF trying to rustle up dates?

Maybe she has huge student loans to pay back, or she co signed loans or mortgages for family members and they went bad and she has to re pay it

Student loans? He didn't say she bragged about being highly educated--and only VERY highly educated would cause student loans of that proportion. Co-signing loans? Poor judgment--what would she do next?

maybe she doesnt like to live a life of opulence

Why brag about money, then?

or maybe she's testing you.

Is he taking a class from her? Testing people is deceitful.
Joined: 8/29/2007
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so she says....
Posted: 1/12/2008 9:32:12 AM
$100K a year in NYC is nothing. After taxes and housing, you have about half that if you're lucky. Eat out alot, and it's disappearing fast. Taxis eat money like water. Entertainment in the city costs a lot too. A few nights out a week, eating out too, yes the money goes fast, very fast. I live in New Jersey, so I only visit Manhattan, but the costs can be astronomical. So yeah, she could easily be legit about how much she makes.
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