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The general upshot is "matter plus energy, with the appropriate conversion factor, is a constant in this universe, over infinite time", and some even quote such authors with the Killvector, that makes a Nobel-prize winner swoon.

That would be ``Killing vector,'' after Wilhelm Killing, not ``Killvector.''

So scientists who say "matter and its energy form are indestructible" ought to add, "as far as we can tell with our evidence database."

Since a conserved energy is defined by the existence of a timelike Killing vector, it's straight forward to state under what conditions energy is conserved. If the metric admits a timelike Killing vector, energy is defined to be what is conserved by that Killing vector field. In general relativity, a conserved energy cannot be defined, for the simple reason that a coordinate transformation (which has only 4 degrees of freedom) is insufficient to eliminate the time coordinate from the 10 independent components of the most general metric.

2. with saying that science makes claims over what it can, it won't make claims over what it can't. Science makes two claims here in question: matter is indestructible, and there was a big bang.

Actually, science only makes the claim that matter is indestructable to the extent that matter is described by a Poincare invariant theory. In that case, the mass is a Casimir operator of the Poincare group, so that makes the statement a tautology.

The big bang is just a consequence of general relativity. If general relativity is wrong, then you need another theory that explains everything general relativity does and in addition, something that general relativity does not explain.
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If it's true that matter can neither be created nor destroyed...
Posted: 2/21/2011 7:39:03 AM

And general relativity is not a consequence of the big bang.

Right - the big bang is a consequence of general relativity. General relativity predicts either an expanding or contracting universe. Observations show the universe is expanding. If the universe is expanding, it had to be smaller in the past.

It is said that Einstein rewrote his theory of relativity overnight to add a cosmological constant actually he corrected for an oversight as the frame of reference for his test particle had no history and was static

Einsyein add the cosmological constant because general relativity predicted that the universe had to be expanding or contracting and at the time, everyone assumed the universe was static. That change the field equations from:

G_uv = 8 pi T_uv


G_uv + g_uv C = 8 pi T_uv

where the Einstein tensor, G_uv is given by the sum of the Ricci tensor and Ricci scalar:

G_uv == R_uv + (1/2) g_uv R

However, Einstein didn't change the theory at all. The equations with the cosmological constant are just more general than assuming the cosmological constant is zero. An analogous case is a family of straight lines with the same slope m.

y = mx

The lines,

y = mx + b all have the same slope. The one with b = 0 is the one that has a y-intercept of zero.
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If it's true that matter can neither be created nor destroyed...
Posted: 4/16/2011 1:12:40 AM
No matter how far we breakdown matter something forms. I imagine the behind of the universe as a manifold frequency of expanding dimensions begging to coincide to create the big bang in a spatial flux in-between, I opine.
Building the quasar the universe is non linear gliding onitself in forms beyond the simplest form. But like a folding piece of paper of exponential growth. Froma single point. Occupying this space is darkmatter and it's compression the death of a star.
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