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Boy your letter has all of the warnings signs of a doomed behavior pattern. I was just like you , one heartbreak after another , I couldnt see why it kept happening.
Heres the honest truth: you are losing yourself in your relationships. Ans, ill bet you are assuming alot about these guys, which , by the way, you dont really kno all that well.
Even if you did know them , you are teaching them how to treat you. You are too available and clingy. You have to have a life of your own. Men dont value the relationship if they dont have to work to get it. I know it sounds mean, but m you must get a life. I know becauase I was just like you, so are lots of women, thats why there are so many popular books on the subject. Finally, keep your eyes open and dontdismiss your intuition. Read "He;s just not that into you", its a classic.
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I am So fed up with men these days
Posted: 6/13/2008 1:44:16 AM

Every time I get attached ... every time I think I found a guy that I can mesh with...
He has to go and screw it all up. I give everything. My time. My devotion. My passion and affection. My loyalty. They always claim I make them so happy. But just as the one before, he goes and hurts me, breaks my heart and I feel so used. Its always the same thing. All men want is SEX.
Take for instance the last guy I was seeing... we spent DAYS together, I crashed at his place and stayed there while he was at work. I cleaned, did his dishes, played with his cats and kept them from destroying his furniture, made sure they were fed and had water. He would come home on his lunch breaks, bring me my favorites from McDonalds or KFC and we would sit and talk, watch the news and eat together like a REAL couple. But he always told me he didn't want to get serious right away,,, he claimed to want to take it slow and see where it took us. He told me I made him happy. HE told ME we were seeing one another.
I thought I found the one that I could make happy and BE happy with.
But then BAM. I find out he blew me off to GET BLOWN. He's also seeing about 3 other girls in addition to having an intmate relationship of srts with me. Well, that was the end for me. Im not to be part of a harem. I am a one person girl. Im not the kind that shares.
So frankly Im tired of guys treating me like a sexual toy that can be used, broken and then tossed aside. I am MORE than that. But does our society hold ANY appreciation for the MIND anymore? Im losing hope and that is something I swore I would never do. But heartache is a very powerful thing. It has the ability to change lives and destroy hopes and dreams all in one breath.
There... I've said my piece of peace.
Just wish I felt better...

Hmm....interesting post.

Your writing is clear and concise. The grammar and spelling are great. Your choice of words were astute. And your story engaged me to read to the end. You even know the difference between piece and peace and used them both in the same sentence. But then you mention him bringing you your favorites from McDonalds or KFC.

lol...that was a good one.
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