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How to apply for civil service, military education posts (K-12)?
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Teaching English Abroad
Posted: 1/9/2011 9:13:49 PM
Hey Mike, i would really like info on ESL abroad. Ready to go, just not sure how.
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Teaching English Abroad
Posted: 1/9/2011 9:29:01 PM
Hey, i would like more info on these places, retired and ready to go.
Thanks Robert
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Teaching English Abroad
Posted: 1/10/2011 2:43:46 AM
I've taught ESL abroad. And here to adult classes.
Good luck in finding employment anywhere at all in Europe.
I don't know how it is in other more exotic places, but don't you have to have at least a minimal / basic knowledge of the local language?

I wouldn't make the trip without having a contract ahead of time.
Jobs are tight everywhere, and there is always the local competition to consider.
Everyone and their brother speaks English, there is no shortage of English speakers in the world, you know?

If you haven't noticed, this thread was started in 2004. Things where a little different then.

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Teaching English Abroad
Posted: 4/17/2011 6:14:51 AM
You'd think so, Shutterfly, but I had an Italian girlfriend in mid-life crisis - just pulled up spokes and went to teach in Japan. Had no ESL training and no Japanese; just negotiated a 1 yr contract with some private school over there, so she sold her house & took off. Never heard from her again; often wonder how she made out.

I've toyed with the idea of teaching English in France. Have seen ads on bulletin boards posted by private families in rural settings offering free accommodation/board in exchange for tutoring their children.
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Teaching English Abroad
Posted: 4/18/2011 12:15:11 AM
The pay is very poor everywhere in Europe for English as a second language teachers and there are many used and abused stories.
The other option if you already have a teaching credential is applying for American civil service jobs overseas with the military K-12, lots of perks in that and you can still buy a hot dog if you have the yen, while living on the outside: Japan, Korea, Germany, Hawaii, Italy, Spain, England...just a few of the options and you can shoot for a transfer to some new great place when you want a change.
This post shows a lot of ignorance.

Truth, not rumor: If you have a teaching credential, there are hundreds of international schools all over the world in which you can teach any subject. You are paid and treated virtually the same as you would be in the US, although it varies from country to country, and you must remember these are private schools, there are no unioins, etc. If you expect everything to be exactly as it is in North American, stay home. You wouldn't be any good anyway at adapting to a life overseas. I've been teaching in international schools for 8 years, and it is a wonderful life, far better than teaching in the US.

If you want to teach in DODS (Department of Defense Schools) the application process is lengthy, you must have a teaching creditional, and you must be willing to be assigned anywhere they send you: you have no choice in where they send you, although you can tell them your preferences: doesn't mean you will get them, however. The place most people want to go to is Europe, so it is unlikely a newcomer to the system will be posted to Europe, and you don't get to just say, "Oh, I want to transfer out of Manila now and live in Europe," and whosh, you are given such a placement. LOL. As I said, the post I quoted is totally full of ignorance. Poster obviously doesn't have any experience with this and doesn't know what she is talking about.

What the OP is really asking, however, is about a person without teaching credentials just wanting to teach ESL overseas: here you would most likely need a bachelors degree in anything (they want educated people). You need to be a native speaker. And you will most likely be teaching conversational or business English for some corporation. These people are not paid well, their housing is often minimal, and they have short term contracts. In general, it is a temporary job, not a career. It helps some people, especially young people, spend a bit of time living in a foreign country. There are few jobs of this type in Europe because European children learn English thoughout their school years: usually for 12 years, depending on the country, they have English 5x a week. It is one of their core classes.

So, if you are a certified teacher, you can teach in Europe, possibly with DODS but more likely with an independent international school. If not, don't expect to find a job teaching ESL in Europe. Asia seems to be where most of these jobs are.
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Teaching English Abroad
Posted: 5/4/2011 12:49:17 PM
I taught business English to adults in Europe with a company called Inlingua - many years ago. I assume they are still in business. I also tutored students in homes privately. But I was already in-country, had a visa and spoke the language passably. I also worked construction, hospitality (several times), in a marble quarry, picked peaches in a moshav, washed dishes, layed irrigation pipe, pulled beer, worked for a travel agency and was a nude model - all overseas. In every single instance I got the job because I was in country. My advice: just go. You'll figure it out when you get there.
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Teaching English Abroad
Posted: 6/22/2011 7:26:15 PM
My dad who's an attorney taught English in China several times after he semi-retired and liked it a lot. He also taught some sort of law class in Guatemala(?) and liked that as well. He's not a teacher so I don't know how effective he was but they invited him back. I don't think the pay was very high but he wasn't doing it for the money. I taught at an American School (there are American and International schools all over the world) in South America and enjoyed it but I'm spoiled by having spent most of my career in the US where I had tons of materials and there I had nothing but what I brought. It was tough in that aspect. The money was good too but I think that's changed.
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Teaching English Abroad
Posted: 7/13/2011 6:25:50 PM
I was in Bath recently and one of the girls there had just got accepted to teach English in Japan and I think she said the pay was excellent seeing as she had no experience about 28,000
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Teaching English Abroad
Posted: 7/17/2011 2:15:39 PM
just completed the TOEFL course and cert ! weeeee
now to attach myself to a school
thinking something like from Stripes where I teach English off of Music Videos or classic rock tunes.
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Teaching English Abroad
Posted: 5/7/2013 5:57:49 AM
I would guess that its more about the level of English rather than whether they speak some of the language. Just returned from an English camp in France and although the people that run it had to speak some french to the kids, during the actual lessons you get by perfectly by speaking English or using sign language/drawing pictures etc. It does help thou if you know some basics of the local lingo thou.

If your from the UK I would have thought it would be safer to get a job in another EU country although agreed about getting a contact first. Very brave to just travel over and ask around especially if the other side of the world.

Also with this being a dating site wouldn't having intentions to get a job abroad put off potential dates at home? Can't have a particlarly long relationship if one partner is about to up sticks and leave the country.
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