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I see a man in another state who told me about a friend of his. "Joe" is 63-64 and married to a woman in her late 20s or early 30s. They have been married for about five years or a bit longer. They had to go through EXTREME means to get her pregnant, but they succeeded--twice. They have a son about four years old and twins who are over a year old.

When she was pregnant with the twins, she had to take it "easy," and after they were born, she never stopped taking it easy. She does little more than lie around the house all day; she has gained a lot of weight and is no longer interested in sex or other aspects of married life.

Suddenly, Joe is in his mid-60s with a young trophy wife (who is no longer a trophy) and three small children for whom he will be financially responsible until he is well into his 70s. If he divorces, he will probably have to pay alimony. Retirement? Forget it. He consistently complains to my friend about his loss of freedom.

Who is the loser? All of them: him for getting his not well thought out wishes; her for getting her not well thought out wishes (even though her wish might have been financial gain, she is obviously not happy); and most of all--the kids who have parents who seemingly regret their existence. Even if the children are loved, they have parents who are not happy with each other. I feel sorry for the kids, but mom and dad really got what they deserve for their selfish goals.
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