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I was dancing 'til the wee hours in a swinging downtown hot spot recently with a bunch from work. Its the young ones that could not be coaxed onto the floor.

One of the reasons I try to keep in shape is to be able to trip the light fantastic without risking heart failure. Of course, I get into it so much, I may be a little too wild on the dance floor even for you Mae..
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Over 50 And NO Fun !
Posted: 6/9/2008 2:03:02 PM
I burned myself out at the bars when I was young. I believe I have enough partying in the bank to last a lifetime. Now, I enjoy other pursuits - reading good books, working with photography, cooking a great meal or having fun with my friends. I still like to drink beer & wine and have fun, just not at a bar. Plus DUI is such a brutal reality and is not something I can afford to happen to me.

Others have said it before me ,if you want a man that goes to bars for fun then go to bars - you will find what you are looking for. Nothing wrong with this, but the last man I want or need is a man who spends all his time & money at a bar (just for me)
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Over 50 And NO Fun !
Posted: 6/9/2008 6:53:56 PM
Amen to that !! But as my climbing partner used to tell me, it just depends on what you're looking for!
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Over 50 And NO Fun !
Posted: 6/9/2008 8:03:10 PM
guess I'm a prude? drunk men turn me off!! the smell of booze breath makes me want to vomit!! and drinking all your life Ages you anyway---wheres the fun in that? I go dancing at the sober clubs and have a Ball!! OK, I know that wasn't the topic---if a man cant keep up with me, I'd trade him in for a newer model--lol, just kidding--but Really ---I keep myself healthy, why would I want to date a guy who eats at fast food joints 24/7 and sits in front of the TV. so yeah, give me a fun guy ---just w/out the alcohol!
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Over 50 And NO Fun !
Posted: 6/10/2008 10:42:52 AM
right, Choc! If I go to the trouble to eat light and right, and take walks and excercise w/ weights so I wont have physical problems later, why would I want to get into a relationship w/ someone I may have to give CPR to, or ride in an ambulance with,? besides, he would pry make a big deal of Meals---I eat a salad and call it
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Over 50 And NO Fun !
Posted: 6/12/2008 5:14:30 AM
Ms Char

You really don't understand what guys go through round the bars do you. You have no idea?

The guy doesn’t spend an hour and a half preening so that’s some advantage to him. Clean up the car to impress the girls. Then a shower, scrub down, clean teeth and a quick spray with deodorant. Slap on a bit of two year old fashion and he’s ready to go. That’s fine.

The trouble starts when he fronts the bouncers at the front door of the nightspot. Regardless of his fashion tastes some totally cranky bouncer finds some excuse for a beech session. I’ve been barred for wearing the same dress boots as the girls. Hair too long, too short. Western style pendant is not a tie. Polo neck, like Carl Sagan, is not a collar. The list goes on and on as do the bouncers. (A very few current affairs programs have very recently raised this issue of blatant discrimination)

But there’s one thing that no female could ever appreciate here. No female EVER risks serious injury if she tries to enter a night spot when she is wearing the wrong gear, and the bouncer is in a filthy mood. Forget all the feminist preaching about violence against women. The ultra trendy nightspots are where the hospitals get their casualties from on any Saturday and those casualties are exclusively male. And most of this is over something as petty as a pair of shoes.

I’ve only ever heard of one solitary instance where girls have run into trouble like this. Some nightspot was only admitting girls with long blonde hair. Dark haired girls were not admitted but they still weren’t even so much as threatened let alone bashed.

No woman would ever expect another woman to walk down a dark alley, alone, at night, to get to a party, or a boyfriend. Far from it women strongly advise one another against it. Too much risk of violence. But the reality it that a man , facing a bouncer at any night spot runs something like two thousand times the risk of being seriously injured.

And he’s not even past the front door yet!

Once inside everything’s overpriced to the hilt. The girls are looking at him like a patch of pigeon poop on the Queens dress. Bar staff and bouncers alike are decidedly hostile.

But despite this he eventually finds some girl who doesn’t look too hostile so he wanders over and asks if she’d like to dance.

Piss arf ya creep.

This still remains a socially acceptable way of telling a man, “No I don’t want to dance with you, date you, bonk you, marry you etc”. It’s also considered a perfectly acceptable way of saying something like “Ask me again later, preferably with a free drink for me in your hand” These women tell this to countless guys and then wonder why they aren’t getting dates.
The whole idea to telling a guy you’re keen on to “piss arrrff” sounds, and is, insane but the girl, who do it, are doing nothing more than following the advice of countless, relationship bankrupt, girlfriends. These girls are continually telling one another to “Don’t say yes the first time or he will think you’re easy and wont respect you.” And teen girls , all too often do follow such advice like so many sheep.

The reality is a little different.

Namely “NEVER say no if you really mean yes. Because no means no these days. By law! By rape and stalking laws, by nightspot rules, the lot. Even when you mean yes you really mean no whether you like it or not. If you say no, even when you really mean yes, then he won’t respect you, or disrespect you. He will just go looking elsewhere. Firstly, among other girls in the bar. Then, after a few years knockbacks, places outside the bar.

You want a guy? Get yourself a bike and a set of clubs. End of story.
Joined: 6/9/2008
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Over 50 And NO Fun !
Posted: 6/12/2008 9:00:44 AM
I'm , 54....... I close bars down but I am just there for the music scene..... don't drink in general......
I go to clubs and concerts with my son..My son and I are going to be playing together soon. I don't watch TV at all. I feel like my life is just starting..... Just to many cool things to do. I have to get in shape for one of my avocations. Most women my age around here are just plain trashed and boring.......... my last GF was 24 ( i lied about my age and she wanted to slum with a jazz guy)...You are sort of forced to go younger.
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