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I've told my son that I would lock him up rather than have him join the armed forces...
This doesn't however mean that I abhor those who are in service, it just means I couldn't bear to risk losing him in a war I may not agree with... Joining up is a career move taken by those in all walks of life and does not mean you are ill educated or a hired killer, or even a hero... It just means you are an employee...

The war in Afghanistan may be wrong in some peoples' view, the soldiers there may be uneducated oiks with a penchant for kicking Afghani butt, in some peoples' opinion... But to claim that all people who support our soldiers whilst they are fighting out there are
Imperialists, Colonialists, Zionists, establishment types and far-right "I'll lay down my life for queen and country" types.
is a little elitist... I'd not consider myself any of those, yet I can and do support the troops, just not the reason for their presence..

There are myriad reasons for being in the armed forces, just as there are myriad reasons for supporting our troops whilst they are out there... I find it quite easy to support the troops and yet not support the war... It's a pretty simple separation in my mind...
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join the army and go to Afghanistan
Posted: 7/16/2009 6:13:39 AM
Very few people support our troops out in Afganistan or Iraq.
It would be a completely different story if there was an invading army heading towards us from across the channel.
Soldiers are very level headed people by and large, They signed up knowing full well there is a chance that they could die doing the job they love and they do it willingly.
They not only protect our interests overseas but they are also willing to die to protect the people of this green and pleasant land where ever the threat comes from.
How many of you could say the same ??
How many of you would give up your life to protect your neighbour or the chavs hanging round your local shopping centres.
I think our support of the young men and women in the armed forces depends greatly on how close the threat is to us as a nation.
We should disagree with the policies of the Government we shouldn't take it out on the troops on the ground though.
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join the army and go to Afghanistan
Posted: 7/16/2009 6:29:29 AM
I think the OP was,
"So, if your son/daughter was thinking of joining up, and there is a good chance that they would be sent there, would you try and deter them from joining?"

I'm from a Military Background (Father, Cousins,and 2 Brothers-In-Law), so it came as no surprise when my eldest son said he was thinking of joining the armed forces, and asked my opinion. ....

My advice?...I told him that I wouldn't be happy if he was thinking of joining the Infantry..for 2 reasons; (a) He'd be nothing more than cannon-fodder. (b) At some point he'd return to Civvie Street, and there weren't many job opportunities for gunners! I advised him, that IF he were to join up, to get a Trade that would benefit him beyond his Service life.

I pointed out that the "glamorous" overseas postings were now very few and far between...unless it was to a war-torn country....and that, ultimately, he would need to be prepared to lay down his life...

He was probably about 15/16yrs old at the time, and we'd actually been watching a Documentary on Saddam Hussein and the Gulf War....I remember it distinctly, because it was the first time I'd seen him so passionate about anything...and the first time he'd ever sworn in front of me!!..He pointed at the TV and said, "Mum. I want to stop bast*rds like him"!!...I was, and still am, VERY proud of him.

Perhaps the Middle Eastern conflicts, and the reasons that our troops are there, ARE questionable, but without our troops we, as a nation, would be sitting ducks. Our troops are trained to do what they do without question because questioning can cost lives - their own, and their comrades. Whatever your Political views, our men..and women, are out their doing what they were trained to do, under extreme conditions. The very least we can do, is give THEM our support, and pray that our sons/brothers/fathers/uncles/cousins/nephews/wives/mothers/daughters/nieces come back in one piece.
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join the army and go to Afghanistan
Posted: 7/17/2009 12:18:50 PM
Have a safe tour, selfloader.....My future daughter-in-law (WAAF) will be returning to Afghanistan in early December for her 2nd time...Despite the negative feedback in this thread, some of us DO support you, if not the politics behind the reasons you are there! x
 Jo van
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join the army and go to Afghanistan
Posted: 11/4/2009 3:22:13 AM
^^^ And they will continue to die, as long as we are there with a military force.

So, if your son/daughter was thinking of joining up, and there is a good chance that they would be sent there, would you try and deter them from joining.?

I have two sons, and I would be horrified if they wanted to join up, and would certainly try to dissuade them, for the following reasons.
1. The people who declare wars, are never personally at risk. They always send other people's sons and daughters to be maimed and killed.
2. The premise of "fighting for your Country" is flawed IMO, because typically those fighting will actually own none of said country, nor will they on their return. We all know who the country really belongs to.
3. In this particular 'war' we were there allegedly, because of the attack on the USA (9/11) supposedly orchestrated by Osama Bin Laden. My view is that if an individual or a group of individuals, commit a crime, they should be brought to justice. We shouldn't attack civilian populations to achieve this.
We didn't bomb Dublin when the IRA were bombing London.
So why are we bombing Afghanistan because of the alleged actions of a few?
Killing innocent women and children in the process..

"War! -it ain't nuthin but a heartbreaker...
War! -Got one friend, that's the undertaker.....!"
WAR! What is it good for?
Absolutely Nuthin!"
Edwin Starr
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join the army and go to Afghanistan
Posted: 11/5/2009 12:39:07 AM
Been there, Done that.
I wouldn't try to deter someone based on the fact that they might have to do their job for real. My two tours were actually the best part of my short (4.5 years) in the army, and that is the point of the training.

I would point out that the 'New labour' government appears to be trying to destroy the armed forces stealthily by budget cuts and over-stretch, that 'the military covenant' (soldiers do their job, in return government looks after them and their families) has been replaced by reliance on Charities such as 'Help for Heroes', Save our Soldiers, British Legion etc. (great work on their part, but it shouldn't have to be provided by charity)
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join the army and go to Afghanistan
Posted: 11/5/2009 6:22:55 AM
Cor! Blimey!! not one of you poofters has asked why Old Blighty is in Afghanistan in the first. Just blindly go and ask no questions.

NATO is in Afghanistan as an arm of US imperialism, nothing more. I suppose old imperialists see no harm in that but, the world has changed and the rules of law must apply. No longer must one nation wrest by force what it wants from another.
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join the army and go to Afghanistan
Posted: 11/5/2009 7:00:41 PM
Fopr the record Mullah Omar is a patriot defending his country from invaders. These invaders want to use his country for both a pipeline route to export oil to the Asian markets and a base to harass Russia and China.

The US is not protecting the oil fields for western society. They are taking over the country for their own ends. The Taliban are no threat to the west. All they want is the invaders out. The TTP in Pakistan are mostly merecenaries from the Northern Alliance allies of the US. They are exporting mayhem because the US, India and Isreal want to Balkanize Pakistan, each for their own reasons.
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join the army and go to Afghanistan
Posted: 10/14/2010 12:33:51 AM
Civilian casualties are a sad fact of war, we need to deal with it and move on.

The reason our troops are out dieing in Afghan/Iraq is because of the politics and propaganda that prevents them doing their jobs as quickly as possible and getting the f*ck home.

As it stands, even if they're 100% sure that someone is Taliban, they can't touch them until they can prove it for the media.... Even then they could kill 50 Taliban fighters and 2 days later someone's gone in taken the guns, scattered a few dead women/children around and taken photo's to accuse our guys of killing civilians.

I think they should cut all the countries communications with the outside world, kick the media out, do the job by any means necessary and get the hell out back to their families.
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