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Joined: 4/17/2005
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lets see....
Dental receptionist.. they're the least scary thing there... hence, the most sexy
hair stylists are mega hot
medics/nurses- ALL the hot girls in the military are medics.. :(
x-ray tecs.... once I see the bill, I feel like i've been screwed
Joined: 2/20/2005
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Sexiest occupation
Posted: 5/30/2005 7:05:32 AM
Female thread moderators.

Yes, Mike........I really am a suck up.
Joined: 2/18/2005
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Sexiest occupation
Posted: 5/30/2005 7:07:58 AM
Construction worker
Military -enlisted (officers dont do it for me)
IT guys are a big turn on, very intelligent.
Now if I could find a contstruction worker/ IT guy, I'd be in heaven!

Joined: 5/26/2005
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Sexiest occupation
Posted: 5/30/2005 7:24:29 AM

Yea I did it wif a cop at night he pulled me over took it from that then we got in the back of his police car and pulled over on the side of the road i'd say it was fun.
Joined: 5/26/2005
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Sexiest occupation
Posted: 5/30/2005 7:38:54 AM
He pulled me over for no reason!!!! I think I actually met the guy in High School.
Joined: 4/15/2005
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Sexiest occupation
Posted: 5/30/2005 7:39:11 AM
The United States doubt, lol
.....Esp. a Cavalry Scout, haha
Joined: 2/14/2005
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Sexiest occupation
Posted: 5/30/2005 7:55:47 AM
Thank You!!!!!!! I'm a cop.......

Joined: 11/11/2006
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Sexiest occupation
Posted: 5/30/2005 7:57:05 AM
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Joined: 5/26/2005
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Sexiest occupation
Posted: 5/30/2005 7:57:21 AM
I've Gotten in alot of trouble wif the papas (police)!

Joined: 4/18/2005
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Sexiest occupation
Posted: 5/30/2005 8:06:12 AM
Choker whites on a hot Navy man. And men in business suits with the collar unbutton and with dark hair. Also personal trainers in their gym attire nice and sweaty.
Joined: 5/26/2005
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Sexiest occupation
Posted: 5/30/2005 8:07:27 AM
Dam! wat she said! up there ^^!

Joined: 2/25/2005
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Sexiest occupation
Posted: 5/30/2005 12:22:27 PM
Lifeguards,the Head Nurse,dancers,fitness instucters.
Joined: 5/22/2005
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Sexiest occupation
Posted: 5/30/2005 12:34:01 PM
male teachers
Joined: 11/27/2004
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Sexiest occupation
Posted: 5/30/2005 12:38:49 PM
 Double Cabin
Joined: 11/29/2004
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Sexiest occupation
Posted: 5/30/2005 1:50:43 PM
Ravenous Ranchers
Joined: 5/29/2005
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Sexiest occupation
Posted: 5/30/2005 3:03:50 PM
Bill, I LOVE COPS! Lets go play cops n robbers!
Joined: 4/17/2005
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Sexiest occupation
Posted: 5/30/2005 9:12:48 PM
Pandy's authority is starting to turn me on, but I like snow cone booth cashiers and maids
Joined: 4/26/2005
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Sexiest occupation
Posted: 5/30/2005 10:06:55 PM
By and far, A Judge... It is a legalized way of being a Pro Domme' hheehehe...giggles.....


Joined: 11/16/2004
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Sexiest occupation
Posted: 5/31/2005 1:35:31 AM
Construction strong body, hard working hands and muscles.
Couriers: Known many from my former field, can't ignore their bodies and muscles.
welders, mechanics, plumbers, tour operators, firefighters, paramedics, window washers, lets not forget our military.

Last but not least, people who work along our highways, dust bunny collectors, dog walkers, musicians, artist, and all the people who make are day better, safer or brighter, shouldn't be ignored.

Keep smiling, glistening and let us all adore your sexy jobs ...
Joined: 9/5/2004
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Sexiest occupation
Posted: 5/31/2005 4:51:13 AM
I would have to say female doctors are very sexy to me...although lately I have a thing for female Indy Car drivers. lol
Joined: 8/31/2004
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Sexiest occupation
Posted: 6/1/2005 9:09:16 AM
Well, for me i like a man working hard getting dirty, sweating and stinky. Shows he's a hard worker. For the beautiful women i find it sexy when a woman can do a "mans job" like working on cars or construction or how about dannnica the race car drive HOTT!!!

 Hungry Hippo
Joined: 5/3/2005
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Sexiest occupation
Posted: 6/1/2005 9:36:10 AM

Flight attendants
Female Singers (oooh baby)
Tennis players or any athlete
Any job with tools...jackhammers are great!
Joined: 4/4/2005
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Sexiest occupation
Posted: 6/1/2005 9:46:22 AM
1. Strippers/Go-Go girls
2. Porn XXX rated actresses
3. Doms
4. Female Life guards
5. Barmaids
6. Victoria Secret employees


Not in any order

PS: Brawny, you are such a kiss-a$$. LOL
Joined: 4/13/2005
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Sexiest occupation
Posted: 6/1/2005 9:48:20 AM
I am a sucker for a rugged hard~working man. Not much into uniforms such as law enforcement or firemen.I am also a sucker for a man in a suit with a strong power tie.

Joined: 1/6/2005
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Sexiest occupation
Posted: 6/1/2005 10:30:30 AM
I have a thing for guys in coveralls.. lol.. don't know why.
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