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I'm generally for decriminalizing things where there's no clear victim. Prostitution is often thought of as one of those "victimless" crimes, and in most cases it may be. As far as the prostitutes themselves or their clients are concerned, I really don't care what kind of agreements they choose to make.

But it's not quite that simple, because in some situations the whole thing can become a sort of public nuisance. I learned a little more about this when I worked for a month in the L.A. City Attorney's office as a volunteer, doing misdemeanor prosecutions to get some experience with jury trials. (At least you don't have to call the judge "Your Worship," as I hear they do in some English courts.) The police are all over street prostitution--at least in the Van Nuys area--because people complain.

One intersection they know all about is right across the street from single-family homes. And many of these homeowners have young children. Sometimes they'll report that the sex has taken place right on the spot, almost in plain view. They really don't think that adds much to the family atmosphere of their neighborhood, and what are the police going to do about it?!

Side note: One of the cops on the teams that go after the prostitution in this neighborhood played a hooker. She was a very confident, experienced witness. She was also very pretty--so I assume she looked convincing out there wearing her outfit. Their goal (besides training new officers) is to make enough arrests to discourage things, and to do that they need probable cause of solicitation.

To get it, this officer first would get the john to say what he wanted and agree to a price. After they'd done that at his car window, she'd get in and tell him to pull behind a building nearby, where it was more private. But as soon as they got close, a police car would come out of its hiding place, follow and stop the john's car, and the other officers would make the arrest. It was kind of funny to hear the ridiculous stories some guys would try to sell. The brighter ones just plead guilty and take their slap on the wrist.
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legalized prostitution
Posted: 1/11/2011 1:38:34 PM
I actually wrote a paper in high school about legalizing prostitution in CA. With legalization comes revenue from taxes and the ability to reulate it. Honestly what one person is willing to do for money and another is willing to pay for that, why does anybody else need to get involved? Isn't a guy going to a bar at 1 am picking up on drunk chicks to take home worse than two people coming to a business agreement.

Well, thats my 2 cents
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