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What if Prostitution was Legal?Page 21 of 21    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21)

If you are a guy who can't get laid don't blame all women for the
"power" they have, look to yourself. Women love sex, just not
with you.
I love this comment. Oh yeah I'll be 'looking to myself' for sure....I call her my 5 finger GF. Loyal till the end.....'she's' never given me a 'hard' time.....well actually yes she has (but in the good way).
 Smarts and Heart
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What if Prostitution was Legal?
Posted: 4/19/2010 2:59:30 PM
Do you really think that a man who wants the services of a prostitute will refrain because it's legal or illegal? It's the oldest profession in the world! The only thing that it would do is perhaps ensure that prostitutes are healthier because of health checks. Even then, I'll bet, you'd still have the unhealthy ones reducing their fees and plying their trade illegally to the cheap men!
I don't see what bearing legalization of prostitution would have on sex between a couple.
Maybe if it was legal, then the men looking for sex only would refrain from coming on POF and spoiling it for the legitimate ones!
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What if Prostitution was Legal?
Posted: 4/19/2010 3:09:52 PM

Just because you've never used sex as a power play doesn't negate the fact that many other women do.

Or vice versa, ....both ways

It's not that women don't love sex, It's the fact that they can get it much easier then men can.

All depends on the definition of "easy", ...don't it?
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What if Prostitution was Legal?
Posted: 5/1/2010 8:26:20 AM

(Rarebird76) I want more than just sex.

As do I. However, I can't imagine going without something (in this case, sexual gratification), just because I can't have everything (a full-on relationship), right here and now. It's really a "half-a-loaf-is-better-than-none" concept with me...

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What if Prostitution was Legal?
Posted: 5/1/2010 8:30:54 AM

(W9Y) If a man knew he could either endlessly deal with the dating or just go out and employ the services of a prostitute, many women would have very little to offer a man.

(wwtw26) That's funny because I and other women I know have men who ask us
to do other things with them than just have sex, and we even know men
who don't expect to have sex with us but still want to do things with us
that are fun.

Which is precisely why he said "many women", and not "all women".

If prostitution was legalized, I am fimly convinced that there would still be monogamous, male/female couplings. I am also firmly convinced that there would be a lot more single, lonely females; and, a lot fewer single, lonely men.

Can 't men there get on the internet and read the ads and call up
an "escort" to come over? Those are hookers you know, right?

"An escort by any other name, still sells her hoo-hoo!" -- with apologies to Willy Shakespeare
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What if Prostitution was Legal?
Posted: 5/1/2010 8:49:42 AM

(cdnfinanceman) And do you think Prostitutes who make " cash" money is going all of a sudden want to pay Income tax and start filing taxes? I dont think so.

*shrug* Some would, some wouldn't. I don't think the incidence of tax-evasion would be significantly different than in any other variable income profession (such as, say, waiting).

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What if Prostitution was Legal?
Posted: 3/9/2013 10:55:06 PM
It would be sanctioned by the government, probably presented from some sort of clinic/hotel type facility, a lot safer (for hooker and hookie) and pimps wouldn't exist...they would be called supervisors
Joined: 1/4/2013
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What if Prostitution was Legal?
Posted: 3/9/2013 11:49:26 PM
I don't know that it would change too much about the normal male/female dynamic, except that perhaps it would relieve the loneliness that some of us have ever present in our lives. In so doing, it may cause those of us who live without love to seem less desperate and/or needy, which may improve our success rate in getting normal dates.
Joined: 10/25/2012
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What if Prostitution was Legal?
Posted: 3/10/2013 12:36:32 AM

...... Prostitution is everywhere on this earth and in every major city in the US (whether legal or not) and it hasn't changed whether women have sex or hold out. Finding someone to have sex is the easy part for anyone,and most any male as well. Finding someone for a wonderful relationship is difficult and always has and always will be, because personalities and those dynamics are at play....

I agree totally with the above. Anybody with a little bit of cash can find sex easily and quickly.
But love...a real connection... no amount of money can buy that. Some people have all the wealth, talent, beauty they could ever dream of but cannot find real love.
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What if Prostitution was Legal?
Posted: 3/10/2013 4:48:00 AM
Not sure why this thread keeps rambling on. Prostitution is and always has been legal. It's called Marriage.....
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What if Prostitution was Legal?
Posted: 3/10/2013 11:04:21 AM
From an economics/marketing point of view, if prostitution was to be legalised, this would mean that the value of ordinary p$$sy would plummet because 'trade barriers' would be lifted, thereby increasing the ease with which such a commodity(sex) is obtained and consequently, 'flooding the market' with willing buyers and willing sellers.

I don't agree. I've been to Vegas many times... Prostitution, although not legal it's more like going 5 over the speed limit on a highway + it's Vegas & many think it is okay -- the technical legality of it is a non-issue on whether or not guys partake. When you go, you'd rather meet a "real" girl -- a "catch", right? It's not like guys who get there off the plane think "Phhht, I'm not going to spend tons of time flirting/hitting on women who may or may not give me their number, or go to my room, etc. I'm going to the lounge bar here in the hotel and getting myself a hooker every night."

In reality, from my observation, it's just an if-all-else-fails option for some guys. That's how it affects the dating market. What it would affect is the last-ditch-effort to pick up an unattractive gal near last call for some action... you'd see less of that.

If it'd really drop the demand for dating/flings/etc -- you'd see 20 & 30-something guys go there just for the hookers, and I don't at all see that (first or second hand). It's just an optional consolation prize for some, after last call.
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What if Prostitution was Legal?
Posted: 3/10/2013 12:39:49 PM
kharmakemeleon wrote:

If the government legalized it on a Friday they could erase the federal deficit by the following Monday.

That is of course "figuratively speaking", since the system that the federal government uses to create money is mathematically broken. The debt, and deficits will never go away, and will always increase no matter how much tax money they attempt to apply to it. But that's a subject for another day and/or forum.
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