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Joined: 4/2/2007
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Juicer/Juice ExtractorPage 2 of 2    (1, 2) i just read your message fer minutes ago

the extractor juice..must important is the motor and warranty..bse if you have a good motor you ll have all vitamins all nutrients from ruits vegetables,,,so money doesnt matter

i can offer one to you at

i can go to you to give you the video or if you want by mail..and then if you like i can offer all facilities like credit card, montly pyments,, cash wheretvder..

feel free to write me at

and the same time i need 3 people as sales representative to the company may be you have a familiar or friend and they or he or she can make the seale to you
Joined: 8/14/2008
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Juicer/Juice Extractor
Posted: 3/8/2009 11:26:40 AM
I have a juiceman centrifugal juicer, not the best but I didn't want to invest a lot until I knew I was going to use it. I use it --- a lot! I love fresh veggie/fruit juice, and I put ginger in pretty much all of it.

I use the pulp to make veggie-bean burgers. No waste at all. The only problem is I have fewer kitchen scraps for my compost bin. When my juiceman dies I'll trade up to a masticating juicer.
Joined: 5/26/2008
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Juicer/Juice Extractor
Posted: 3/10/2009 6:40:42 PM
I went the cheap way and bought a Jack Lalane I believe it's called. Close to $100. Works well for me. The worst part of juicing is cleaning. Too much work and what a mess.
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Juicer/Juice Extractor
Posted: 12/24/2010 5:03:31 PM
eye guy...i'm going to check this juicer out...i look it up and found out i can go to wal-mart or just order it on line...more impress with the juiceman over all...this will be my birthday gift to myself next month...can't wait to buy it and try it out...i'm looking into
Jay Kordich book too...thank you for sharing :o)
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