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Joined: 2/26/2007
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hey lady, the clear stuff don't have any baby maker stuff in it. LMAO

Joined: 1/30/2008
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Clear semen
Posted: 3/23/2008 7:17:44 PM
No... he has not been fixed. He's never been married and still wants kids.
Joined: 2/24/2008
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Posted: 3/23/2008 9:20:27 PM
Apparently, pre-cum is clear, and men differ in the amounts produced, with some producing quite a bit, so that might be another possibility, and one that might be confused with, or be a part of, ejaculate.
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Posted: 3/23/2008 9:37:12 PM
Ejaculate is quite complex, with the bulk coming from the prostate, and the tiny portion that is sperm coming from the seminal vesicles.

If his ejaculate, rather than his normally clear pre-ejaculate, is clear, I'd suggest he see a urologist, especially if he's wanting kids in the near future. Sounds like he's shooting blanks. Neither the semen nor prostatic fluid is clear.
Joined: 2/5/2008
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Clear semen
Posted: 3/24/2008 4:55:59 AM
Vesectomies have no effect on the amount or appearence of ejaculate, a vesectomy eliminates the "sperm" from the ejaculate, "sperm is micrscopic (not visible to the naked eye) Semen is just the carrier for sperm. texture and color depends on the diet health etc. hope that "clears" things up
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Clear semen
Posted: 3/24/2008 6:26:02 AM
Oh well, would make it easy to swallow then
Joined: 2/17/2008
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Clear semen
Posted: 3/24/2008 7:11:38 AM
After I had my vasectomy my little guys did to seem be a little clearer than before. A few years later I changed my diet it became very clear. I cut out all carbonated drinks and started drinking 5 to 6 8oz water bottles a day. Man, this was good for knocking off 10 to 12 lbs.
Recently I've been working out, eating healthy, and taking vitamins and its seems to be heading back towards that milky white consistency I had years ago. This may also have to do with the fact I try to limit my "Flogging The Bishop" to only once or twice a week.
Joined: 2/24/2008
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Posted: 3/24/2008 12:05:07 PM
satx wrote:

I'd suggest he see a urologist...

Good advice. When in doubt, see a doctor.
 The Ace in the Hole
Joined: 12/27/2007
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Clear semen
Posted: 3/24/2008 12:29:06 PM
All a vasectomy does it stop the transmission of sperm cells from the testes through the vas deferens and eventually out the penis. The body still produces the little **stards for a while but they don't get to the point of being mixed with the sperm at the prostate gland. Sperm are so minute that even with the millions of cells found in a single ejaculate they cannot be seen even in mass accumulation. The cloudy part of semen that you see is not the millions of sperm cells but the seminal plasma that is transporting and protecting them. You can have clear semen that is fertile. I know my semen changes colour. Some days it's thick and white, and others it's really runny and clear. Others it has a yellow tinge to it (blech). I'm told it always tastes the same though regardless of colour and texture. So to say it might be due to a vasectomy is hooey. Any doctor will tell you that the big V will not change the ejaculate, aside from the lack of sperm obviously.
Joined: 2/26/2008
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Clear semen
Posted: 3/25/2008 4:19:50 PM
After you **** 4 or 5 times it's just water.
Joined: 10/22/2008
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Clear semen
Posted: 6/8/2009 4:42:16 AM
A vasectomy has nothing to do with this!, the difference is microscopic( google it), its all about diet and hydration mostly
Joined: 9/19/2008
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Clear semen
Posted: 6/10/2009 1:18:36 AM
He's been fixed.
Joined: 5/14/2009
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Clear semen
Posted: 6/10/2009 5:53:30 AM
NO he's not been fixed. the more times you get off in a days time the more clear it gets. BEEN there done that.
Joined: 3/18/2009
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Clear semen
Posted: 6/11/2009 4:52:38 PM
I agree with others....after the 4th time blowing your load..semen does get remarkably time when I was 14, I did it 29 times in one looked like water.....but the price you pay is your peter feels like it's been pounded with meat mallets and it's hard to walk strait without pain.

Of course if he hasn't been beating his meet for a week (even after a marathon bout of beeting it).....and it still looks like could be a clear sign of something not right in the tubes.....and he may be infertile because of it. Of course a more sinister thought is he's taking viagra or some other erection enhancer and has been cheating on you with someone else but still has the ability to get a powerful erection. ...and he's hiding his infidelity with viagra power.

Then again...maybe he doesn't blow his load normally and has some neurological damage that only lets the pre-cum come out. Rare...but maybe a possibility. Or another possibility is the fluid that is supposed to be in the prostate for proper sperm mixing isn't their either (again it could lead to the little squigglies dying before they make it for those who wish to get pregnant).

Here's something I've noticed..........guys who recently have had sex often can't pee very well.....sometimes even hours after sex. Sure they can pee......just a bit harder to get the flow started well. (of course this can happen when a guy has blue balls and hasn't had sex in ages too).

So anyway.....there could be allot of reasons.....some of them quite bad if they are true
Joined: 4/12/2009
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Clear semen
Posted: 6/11/2009 4:57:28 PM
The life of a computer geeek...whats a person to
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Clear semen
Posted: 6/11/2009 5:07:22 PM
when I was younger and could get off 6-7 times in a day it would be very clear,like a thick water...
Joined: 1/26/2009
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Clear semen
Posted: 6/11/2009 8:26:09 PM
Interesting. I was talking to a good friend of mine about his vasectomy before getting mine. He said the only difference was that he seemed to have more ejaculate and that it was more watery than before. I had mine and I seem to have more ejaculate and it is more watery than before.
Joined: 5/31/2009
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Clear semen
Posted: 6/11/2009 9:27:59 PM
rebel777 on 6/12/2009 1:07:22 AM
Subject: Clear semen
Message: when I was younger and could get off 6-7 times in a day it would be very clear,like a thick water...

ah! yess. a man never forget the first time he uses his hand for sexual plesure. and then some guys who enjoy it a little too much!!!
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Clear semen
Posted: 6/12/2009 9:00:59 AM
Could be something called Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism (say that three times fast). It can be treated with testosterone. Found this page:

Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism is absent or decreased function of the male testes or the female ovaries. It is considered a form of secondary hypogonadism, which means the condition is due to a problem with the pituitary or hypothalamus gland.

Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism results from the absence of the gonadal stimulating pituitary hormones: follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH).

Normally, the hypothalamus in the brain releases gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), which stimulates the pituitary gland to release other hormones, including FSH and LH. These hormones tell the female ovaries and male testes to secrete hormones that are responsible for normal sexual development in puberty. A disruption in this chain of events causes a deficiency of the sex hormones and halts normal sexual maturation.

Failure of the hypothalamus is most commonly a result of Kallmann syndrome. Kallmann syndrome is an inherited form of hypogonadotropic hypogonadism that usually involves a disorder with the sense of smell.

Symptoms :
Absence of secondary sexual characteristics such as pubic, facial, and underarm hair
Inability to smell (in some cases)
Lack of development at puberty (may involve incomplete development or a significant delay in development)
Underdeveloped testicles
Short stature (in some cases)
Joined: 4/12/2009
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Clear semen
Posted: 8/2/2009 7:10:26 PM
from what I heard, there are different consistancies, and depending on the mans food intake, and the amount that he ejaculates.... is the result of the texture taste and smell
..... someone once said, smoothies make it sweet
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Clear semen
Posted: 3/29/2017 5:36:08 AM
Well what color would you prefer?

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I can semen clearly now
Posted: 3/29/2017 5:58:51 AM
as long as the color matches the drapes...
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