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Msg: 28 -- My suggestion? As soon as the other party's off the phone, haul out your own phone (or BlackBerry) and start talking or texting.

Sorry, I don't do "tit for tat". If she chooses to be rude in the midst of a date, I will end it right there. If it is NOT an emergency, whether I'm finished eating or not, whether she is finished eating or not, I pull the plug. We DEPART NOW. "Get up, woman, our date is ENDED!!!! I am taking you HOME!!!!" I pay the bill, leave the tip, and go. If she chooses to accompany me at that point, I will take her home. If not, I will simply leave.
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cell phone/guest etiquette
Posted: 4/11/2008 5:03:02 PM

If you were meeting her at the mall you should have waited for her in the mall, not greeted her at her car. I'd probably freak out a little bit if the guy approached my car before I was out of it... often I want to do a last minute touch up before I get out of the car, take a deep breath, and then put on my smile.

I guess I wasn't clear about that. We were meeting AT the mall parking lot in order to decide where to go. We had run through various options, but decided to see what the weather was like. So in this case, we were intending to "find" each other. I was working to find her, and she just didn't seem interested. That led to mutual disinterest, I guess.

I guess we've beat this to death. It sounds like there ARE reasons it's ok to be seen talking on a cell, but it is reasonable to expect do the call end when we meet in someone in person. Thanks to all.
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cell phone/guest etiquette
Posted: 4/12/2008 10:35:06 AM

I guess I wasn't clear about that. We were meeting AT the mall parking lot in order to decide where to go. We had run through various options, but decided to see what the weather was like. So in this case, we were intending to "find" each other. I was working to find her, and she just didn't seem interested. That led to mutual disinterest, I guess.

In this particular case I really am not sure if you were right to feel it was improper or not. You met her at her car before she was ready to meet up with you. She may have thought that you were the rude or impolite one for approaching her before she was ready. Unless she was running late then I don't think she did anything wrong, she wasn't even out of her car yet. I personally resent people that push me to do things before I'm prepared.
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cell phone/guest etiquette
Posted: 4/12/2008 1:43:06 PM

This was HIS time; time they arranged to be together. When she saw him approach the car she should have hung up -- or at least waited to confirm it was him, and THEN hung up immediately.

Wow, that's a pretty selfish attitude to take. His time did not start the second he saw her, she is not something he owns and on top of that she hasn't even ever met him before. The person on the phone with her wasn't entitled to their time with her either? I seriously doubt she described her car to him and told him to look for her in it. That would be a pretty unsafe thing to do. It was not HIS time until the date began, which is pretty safe to assume starts AFTER she gets out of the car to look for him, the date did not begin the second he spotted her pull into the parking lot. He intruded on her time and her personal space. How she manages her time before the date begins is her business and not his and he has no right to make demands or be upset. From the sounds of it he started the date before she was ready. I would have made him wait too, I do the same thing to people that start stalking my parking space before I have even got completely into my car. I pick up the phone and make a call just because they did in fact try to control me and make me do things faster than I liked.
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cell phone/guest etiquette
Posted: 4/12/2008 7:22:29 PM
It seems as though the cell phone has become a necessary evil in today's society. Seems as though everyone has one stuck to their ear. I'm not so sure that they aren't addicted to cell phone usage. I work with people like this. They walk around with them strapped to their belts like a needed firearm on an law enforcement official and are the quickest "draws" in the "west" when it rings. Or lying on a table at meal time. and they "pounce" on it like a cat on a mouse. And it irritates me to no end. But that's just my opinion.

If on a date, he would talk on a cell phone it would be over at that precise moment. There's only one exception........if it was an emergency and his house was on fire or children hurt. There are usually caller ID's involved with ownership of a cell phone and voicemail. What in the world did we all do before society became dependant on cell phones. I find it as rude as call waiting.
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cell phone/guest etiquette
Posted: 5/11/2008 7:27:21 AM
I have a couple of rules myself about the good old cell phone. I still like to think that going on a date is between 2 people...not your whole contact list. I turn my phone off, and enjoy my time. It's amazing, but one of the features is call answer....use it! If you must see who called you, excuse yourself and go to the washroom. There is nothing on this earth that shattering that can't wait. Granted, I don't have kids....but if they are that should have someone experienced enough looking after them. Elderly parents, you can get back to them, they'll understand. The date only usually lasts a couple of hours....if you're lucky!! Mine wouldn't last that long if he kept answering his phone....I can do that at home myself!
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cell phone/guest etiquette
Posted: 6/30/2008 4:02:25 PM
I hate that, too. It's not always that they aren't interested in you - usually it's because the person doesn't have good manners.

When I'm on a date, I turn my ringer off and only check voicemails when I'm free. It's just common courtesy.
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cell phone/guest etiquette
Posted: 11/11/2008 8:48:14 AM
There is a forum" red flags" or something similar, and there are a couple of women on there that feel if you shut off your phone, leave it in the car, or silence it you are hiding something.
I find that attitude troubling. I would no more talk to someone else on the phone while on a date than I would check out the waitresses body.
I often leave my phone in the car or turned off.
I have a cell for my convenience not anyone else's.
I have no desire to be tethered to a wireless leash.
There are times when it is inconvenient to, or I would rather not talk.
I guess I am old fashioned but I got along without a cell phone for most of my life. My guess is I can get along with out one for a few hours on a date. If my date can't well there won't be a second date.
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cell phone/guest etiquette
Posted: 11/11/2008 8:51:54 AM
I read your comments. All that I can say is an appropriate name.
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cell phone/guest etiquette
Posted: 11/11/2008 10:18:06 AM
I usually make a point to turn mine on vibrate in front of my date and explain that I only have it in case the kids burn the house down, and any other call can wait till later. I expect the same curiosity from my date unless they are on call from work. Anything else, I would consider rude on there part!
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cell phone/guest etiquette
Posted: 1/31/2012 6:30:05 PM
I thread searched and this one is old, however, here it is.. I hate cell phones, I hate texting and even more, I hate to hear it ringing while I am out for dinner. I even broke off a friendship bcuz when I would visit or her and I would do lunch, the entire time she would be texting, answering it or reading something. So ****ing rude. My cell is used for emergencies and when I am out, it is OFF. I understand people with kids and have sitters etc, there are always exceptions.

You are not being old fashioned kalamazooger...and I know this post was 4 yrs ago!! HAHA
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cell phone/guest etiquette
Posted: 1/31/2012 6:40:33 PM
The last 2 times I saw a friend who I hardly see anymore, she did this. In fact, she did this everytime I saw her in the last few years. Went around w/ a bluetooth on her ear, in case a guy from a dating site might be calling her. It did not bother me when she took a qwik call from one of her kids, but constant strangers calling & she seemed to drop whatever she was doing...

We had dinner a few weeks ago, she kept looking @ her texts & checking them. If u r dating someone, they r not gonna dump u if u r out w/ a friend & u don't text them back the very 2nd they text u.

When I am seeing someone IF I am not busy when they call, I take the call. But if i am BUSY, unless it is an emergency, I do NOT interupt what I am doing to take a call.

I think there is a cell phone addiction & it is just plain rude & tacky. I do not bother w/ people like that.
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cell phone/guest etiquette
Posted: 1/31/2012 7:30:35 PM
I can't believe people don't see it as rude. The entire time this ex friend and I were eating lunch, she made eye contact with me all of 5 minutes during that hour. She worked as an editor for a online website. I think it was volunteer, however, this was her excuse, it's work, can't miss anything. Ok I get that BUT take a break, have a meal and chat with the person you are sitting across from. Wow, was pissed off.
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