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Self motivation works. Remember why your doing these things and your answer comes from within. I have never had a weight problem but I find working out daily makes me feel better, sleep great and have a tremendous amount of energy. Something I motivate myself to do because I like the results. Don't over due it though. You don't have to work out daily to see results, or diet every day. Have a cheat day once a week. Work it into your lifestyle. Keep it simple and you will enjoy it more.
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How do you stay motivated?
Posted: 7/17/2008 3:45:28 PM
I've been loosing weight slowly but surely for 6 months now.
The great feeling of success... the feeling of accomplishment... keeps me motivated.
Wearing my smaller clothes... keeps me motivated.
Knowing I have even smaller clothes waiting... keeps me motivated.
A chart I made... watching the line go down, down, down... keeps me motivated.
A very small weight-loss support group.. doing the research and presenting the program each week... keeps me motivated.
Pushing further with my exercise 'walks' every day and getting further... keeps me motivated.
Compliments... keep me motivated!
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How do you stay motivated?
Posted: 8/24/2008 8:32:11 PM
Well said 76!! If you're not motivated in your own heart - no external "thing" is going to motivate you for long! You have to have the attitude that THERE IS NO OTHER ALTERNATIVE but to get the job done!!!

* First and foremost, have a clear-cut and well-defined goal - I will (not want to) lose ___lbs - or better yet be in a size ____ .....
* Then establish a realistic date to hit that goal by! Make it a little bit of a stretch that makes you cringe but one that can actually be achieved!
* Then make a plan to achieve the goal! If you're on a vacation driving across the country - you have to have a map! Otherwise you'll end up wherever you end up.... so have a starting point (where you are now), an ending point (goal) and a date to have that goal met!
* BIGGIE - always always always keep your thoughts forward focused! Keep your eyes on the goal and run like the wind toward it! You can't live your life looking thru the rear-view mirror! Focus upon what you want - not what you had or have!
* And go buy that "to die for" dress, pant outfit, pair of jeans, whatever that is the size you want to be in by your goal date! And hang it up where you can see it ALL THE TIME!!!

I have a pic of me that I had taken with my face on a model body to give me incentive to keep workin on my goals posted around my house (stove, fridge, bathroom, computer, wallet....) I also have a pic of my friend who is a figure model competitor hanging up around too to remind me that it can be done. I want for her to look at me when I see her and say "I'd have you train me"!

Keep your eyes on the prize! You can make it happen with a fully-committed decision, a strong-willed motivation and persistant consistancy!!! Go for broke and keep going!
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How do you stay motivated?
Posted: 8/25/2008 12:02:57 PM
My method is simple, I surround myself with people that are in the same situation and form a support group. I also get involved like organizing yoga classes in my building (since I'm responsible for it, I MUST attend type of thing). I've taken up running earlier this year in May and the clinic/class environment is great for me. I never missed a class because my running partners (and neighbours) wouldn't let me! And we cook for each other so that's another great incentive to a) go out to run and b) to eat well.

Change all this diet/motivation/et al to creating a new lifestyle. If it becomes part of your life and you do it with others, it's much easier to stick to it.

Good luck.
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