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I honestly can't believe that a well educated and (it would seem) intelegent woman like yourself hilly would say and believe such cods wolop.....a real man is more than capable of washing his own skiddy undies, cleaning up after himself(or helping with the cleaning if living together) and cooking himself, and/or you a very nice meal. As for the giving out, I have always been of the belief that "giving out" is a mutual thing enjoyed equeally on both sides of the fence(or bed...what ever your fancy) Now in the situation of only one party working (for what ever reason) whether that be the man or woman, then i think it quite fair that the other picks up most (not all) of the household duties. This is simply my veiws and opinions on your response and in no way am i trying to put you down or demean your opinion i just thought it a little one sided and antiquated. I truely believe that passion, honesty and trust are the groundings of any relationship and money should only ever be a reason to leave(or not get involved) if the other party is completely irrisponsible with it. Call me old fashioned and a dreamer but whycant love concour all.......
 winged kitty
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Posted: 4/15/2008 8:01:01 AM
If the world ran on love and air and water and home grown veges... Like it used to... and if we all had housing.... and a decent wardrobe... and guarenteed dental service... many people would worry less about money. Somehow that is not 21st centuary Australia.... There is a leval of FEAR OF NOT ENOUGH which I encounter from many persons, and sometimes unfortunately I also experience this feeling this as well.
I was always the high wage earner when I was married.
Now I am low income.... does that mean I am an unlovable gal? Hope not!!!
I really hope that commonality, majik attraction (that spark), LOVE, common goals, LOVE, LOVE, and LOVE would be the most attractive things... that LOVE WILL FIND A WAY..... Otherwise we could be looking for new lovers from the other side of the bank counter as we inspected their accounts... To me, that would be a very sad way to base one's hopes for future partners.
Yep, I am a hopeful romantic at heart!
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Posted: 4/15/2008 9:44:14 PM

a real man is more than capable of washing his own skiddy undies, cleaning up after himself(or helping with the cleaning if living together) and cooking himself, and/or you a very nice meal

dam.... where are they all lol

I can't quote the exact statistics but something huge percentage of marriage problems/divorces are apparently about money. Obviously it's a huge issue whether we like to admit it or not. Personally I'd rather have everything else in common with a "financially challenged" guy, and support myself, which I have done for many years, but at the end of the day what Hilly said about wanting to share experiences, like travel which I have only recently discovered since I've been single and become totally obsessed with, does become an issue if one partner can't afford to get out and do cool stuff , then it's a problem

ronda :)

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Posted: 4/16/2008 7:05:19 AM
I would say the majority of marriage break ups are to do with cash and finances in general. Often it is his and her money and to be honest when I hear people fighting over money and his and her money it makes me sick to the stomach. If you can't share your finances, then why share a bed and be married ?

Take some mad money each to enjoy and discuss the major expenses. Whilst I had a shared account with the ex for household bills, it just made sense that I was earning 300% of what she was earning so I would pay for the household stuff. She smoked and I didn't and I had not for years and I told her - if you wish to smoke you pay for it - besides the odd packet if we were out or at a service station. Often we were out for Sunday lunch and she would pay the $50.00 without blinking as it seems fair considering she did not really have to pay much in the way of household expenses.
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Some-of-Us Actually 'Like'-The-BEATLES. >(*~*)<
Posted: 6/11/2009 10:49:15 AM
I-Don't Care-too-Much-For-Money ... Money Can't Buy-'Me'-Love. >(*U^) (*U^) (*~*) (*U^)<

TRUTH Really-IS "Stranger"-than-Fiction.

So-Please ... 'Some'-of-Us ARE-Considerate and CHERISH The-Sometimes Obsurdity of Juxtaposition and-that Some-people Who-R-Poor Possess The Kindest-of-Hearts.
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Some-of-Us Actually 'Like'-The-BEATLES. >(*~*)<
Posted: 6/11/2009 10:57:18 AM
My-Son, Came-Home-from School, Deriding The-BEATLES, The-Other-Week Saying They-Were Past-it Etc., Etc. and There-"I"-Was Saying ... Just 'Look'-at-The STATISTICS ... Number-One Lists for Numerous-Country people Arguing-over Please-please-Me 'Not' Being-Included on The-ONE-Album ... 'Which' OTHER-Band Has That, ... FIVE Contiguous Number-Ones ie 1, 1, 1, 1 & 1 ... 'Not' Even Elvis 'Achieved' 'Thart' ... though I'm-'Not' Deriding Elvis's 110 GOLD-Records ... 'Thart' Really-IS- Something ... so-NO-Hate-Mail, Please.

And All-This is from That: "Bum-Band" that Went-on to Conquer-The-World. >(*~*) (*U^)<
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Some-of-Us Actually 'Like'-The-BEATLES. >(*~*)<
Posted: 6/11/2009 11:04:45 AM
I-Mean Elvis could 'Sing'-The-PHONE-Book ... and It'ud Go-PLATINUM!!! >(*U^)<

What-about The-Inclusion of SUGAR-SUGAR on The Front-End of Stars-on-45 ie The Song that The-Monkees 'Rejected' and Was Given to-The-ARCHIES!!!???

I've Always 'Wondered' Who Really Wrote-'Thart' and Whether-or-Not it was R-Wry-one Under-The-Carpet from-The-BEATLES ... Afteral They Gave-away Lily-The-Pink from The Sargeant-Peppers-Album ... Basically Because They-'Could'.
 The Happy Boy
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Some-of-Us Actually 'Like'-The-BEATLES. >(*~*)<
Posted: 6/11/2009 3:43:20 PM
When I hear "what do you do for a job" as one of the first questions asked, I instantly get "money chaser" alarm bells.
Money should never be an issue as long as the person can provide for themself. I lost a lot of respect for my Mother when she told me she married my Father because he was a good provider and the only guy interested in her at the time.What happened to marrying someone you love or at least like a lot?
I inadvertantly carried on the legacy marrying someone who (I thought loved me, I loved her) was exactly the same.
Upon hearing my Father would probably outlive me and we had already had enough help so he was not leaving us anything, I was yesterdays news.
I remember the dissapointment on a dates face when she saw I lived in a 'quaint little cottage" at the time. Yep, I beat her to it, seeya money grubber. At least she is open about it on her profile saying she wants someone financially well off. I wonder if she realises she is scaring everyone away. The wealthy will avoid to protect what they have and the less financial already know they are out of the picture. Intelligent move, that one.
p.s. Hilly, I wash my own undies and can cook. Wanna come to dinner? Your doing the dishes if you do. pmsl
 Questio amicitias
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Some-of-Us Actually 'Like'-The-BEATLES. >(*~*)<
Posted: 6/11/2009 5:13:17 PM
Why do young ladies go out with rich old men............
 Questio amicitias
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Some-of-Us Actually 'Like'-The-BEATLES. >(*~*)<
Posted: 6/11/2009 6:16:32 PM
^^^ But he may want a mature woman.........
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Some-of-Us Actually 'Like'-The-BEATLES. >(*~*)<
Posted: 6/11/2009 6:37:25 PM
^^Slow down you two, I've got a bucket of ice water here.....So be careful!
Back on subject, whats the Beatles got to do with LOW INCOME EARNERS?
 Questio amicitias
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Some-of-Us Actually 'Like'-The-BEATLES. >(*~*)<
Posted: 6/11/2009 6:55:04 PM
Ok, took a cold shower.... so now all my assets have confined themselves quite nicely.

As to the mention of the Beatles.... he left out Yoko Ono,.... shame on him!!!!
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Some-of-Us Actually 'Like'-The-BEATLES. >(*~*)<
Posted: 6/11/2009 8:37:12 PM
When I ask what someone does for a living it is not to ascertain their is to see if they may be compatible. i.e. no problems if you have worked in Woolworths for years but because I not only value but follow 'poncy cultural pursuits' etc I somehow doubt we would have much in common...Judgemental yes but get tired of being accused of swallowing a dictionary and disbelief that I like Opera, theatre and arguing the toss over philosophers. politics and the price of eggs. Tis the mind I find sexy not the bod or income.

Tend to find that the more educated one is, the higher the income...excluding poets and artists like moi, so in general I find the men I want to have an intellectual (very nb to me) and physical relationship with also tend to have money. It has proved to be a sticking point for some, especially if they perceive being ripped off by the ex and maintenance etc. and whilst I do understand it does not bode well for the future...nothing worse than your partner still second guessing with penny pinching especially with the poorer partners little luxuries and I know some who sad and mercenary. I lived in my youth with a private incomed millionaire who also worked and lived off his wages. When we split all I asked for was half the profit of the house which we both had equally contributed to. He was fine with this but his parents insisted on getting a lawyer as they couldn't get their head around the fact I wasn't trying to bleed him dry. He and I had the last laugh cos they spent a fortune due to unfounded fears on a barrister (sheesh the rich can be stupid). Have mostly found, like rich bfriend, that most men who are interested in dating don't mind(especially if the hidden agenda is FB) but their family and children do mind, again the perception that I must be a gold digger...get a grip, I have far too much self respect to just go out with a wallet and possible 'severance pay'. Just because one is poor does not mean one drops standards, just because one is rich does not mean to say prospective dates are out to rip you off and vice versa. Money is not one of my favourite things but it does show people's true colours...better early than later so OP try not to judge...see it as a gift of insight before you and or they get hurt.

However will say that each person brings something unique to the relationship and I would rather not find both of us on the lower income scale....been there, done that, why repeat what majorly sucked about previous one Though I wouldn't have wanted ex to not pursue his gift and love of history for a large pay packet...that would have been an appalling waste of his life and would have made us both miserable and if prospective dates cannot accept that I accept my position as a slack poet and artist and hope never to change that....SOD OFF
 ~Pedro Sanchez~
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Some-of-Us Actually 'Like'-The-BEATLES. >(*~*)
Posted: 6/11/2009 11:34:12 PM
I read something from the local rag about a bloke who managed a stereo joint I of those stores that sell audio components, speakers, amplifiers and the like. Anyway, I've never brought from there...too high end for me, and I read audio reviews like a always ended up buying stuff on-line. But that store manager, dunno if he was loaded or anything...maybe just getting by...but there was a write up about him falling in-love with a lady that he spotted right on the steps of his shop, just as he was locking up each night. I think out of a real concern asked the lady in to the store for something to warm her up, like a coffee or something (this was two winters ago I think). Anyway, he found out her situation...fell in the cracks with not having an income, not eligible for Centrelink payments, lost her home and so forth...reasons unknown. The guy married her two years later...hollywood-ish but true. Its somewhat refreshing to know things like that can still happen even when the world is full of bitter, cynical and twisted people.

Income is not a measure of one's worth...even though accountants and finance people keep drumming that into us...I am attracted to one's thinking..not the outlandish, trying-to-be-as-freaky-as-can-be or the militant or the anti everything. Just a principled individual with head on shoulders, can be vulnerable as well as steadfast, poor or rich makes no difference to me although some good taste can surely be a bonus...if I have to pick between a rich woman with bad taste or a poor woman with good taste, I know who I'd go for...all things being equal. Being poor with bad taste...dunno....that's really screwed eh?
Joined: 6/2/2009
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Some-of-Us Actually 'Like'-The-BEATLES. >(*~*)
Posted: 6/14/2009 6:30:05 AM
When You're Living-off [Barely-Existing] The Earnings-of-'Another' it's Termed: "Codependancy". It's Basically Slavery with 'Perks' Really. >(*U^) (*~*) (*U^)<
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Some-of-Us Actually 'Like'-The-BEATLES. >(*~*)
Posted: 6/14/2009 6:31:08 AM
I've always Thought Women Ought to-Be Paid R Superannuated-Salary to Have-Children in-Order to Bring-Them into-Line with Their Male-Counterparts. Afteral ALL-The-Males-on-THIS-Planet R The-Result of-R-Women in 'Some' Way, Shape-or-Form.

By-the-Way I'm 'INTO' BBWs or Fat-Chix Per-se ... so-Please No-Skinny-Chix Wasting-Their Time-on-Me 'Thinking' They Can Pervert-The-Course-of-Mother-Nature. >(*~*) (*U^)<
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Posted: 6/15/2009 12:30:35 PM
Hello Fetish

I dont ever Kick a Dog when its down,
Nor would I a Human man.
We are all the same good times and bad.
You know if I cant do someone a Good a Good Turn I wont do a Bad.
Good Karma and all that sort of thing.
Good luck to everyone.
if you havent anything good to say about this thread then leave it alone.
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Posted: 6/26/2009 4:30:31 AM
i personally wouldnt have too much of an issue if someone didnt have a one point...and only up to a point....if they ended up a serial unemployment person and expected me to help out all the time....not for me no thanks........i wouldnt care if they earnt not a lot......but i would feel a bit odd if they earned a HEAP more than me, as hilly said...i prefer to pay my own way....i would hate it if the person i was dating kept buying things for me and paying for me......but thats just me
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Posted: 6/26/2009 6:34:26 AM
its an inversely proportional relationship for a lot of women I think

(great looks slide to ok looks, as size of wallet increases) all divided by personallity

some of the posts here smack of what can only be termed as good olf fashioned prostitution, but dont get me wrong, some of my favourite aquaintences are prostitutes

fade in Chris Rea...lady in red............
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Posted: 6/27/2009 12:48:44 AM
depends on how u structure your stuff,i prefer to have a visible income of sweet fark all.where"s that leave me with the "pls send photo of boat and expensive vehicle "caper?
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Some-of-Us Actually 'Like'-The-BEATLES. >(*~*)
Posted: 7/1/2009 5:04:01 AM

as a matter of fact I'd welcome a tortured artist /musician/sportswoman/student... someone who values their time more than a perpetual chase for money...
quite often the world provides in many ways....

if you genuinely were "into" eachother.... you get by.... and often as a couple you can find new work opportunities to persue together....

would you really want a partner "married" to their job?

I agree with this, I would rather someone who puts me ahead of their work thanks. I don't need the financial support and therefore I wouldn't care what he earns.

Ultimately everyone has certain things that are important to them and they are not necessarily the same as what other people value. To each their own.
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Some-of-Us Actually 'Like'-The-BEATLES. >(*~*)
Posted: 7/2/2009 5:57:43 AM
Maudeath: I would hazzard a guess that you dont actually mean that if you liked a bloke you wouldnt care that he lived in the local caravan park and collected a sickness benifit.
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Some-of-Us Actually 'Like'-The-BEATLES. >(*~*)
Posted: 7/3/2009 1:30:37 AM
It really depends on to what degree one subscribes to the middle class value system of 'money maketh the man ' . I am on a benefit and there are most people don't mind . Of course , Prak. with your value system it might make all the difference that I'm not a man .
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Some-of-Us Actually 'Like'-The-BEATLES. >(*~*)
Posted: 7/3/2009 2:49:08 AM
I actually aspire to be the equal of a woman but I just cant get that multitasking thing going, I dont agree that the money maketh the man and would site Ghandi as the ultimate example.
I do think that honesty is the best policy, and being a little oldfashioned i would feel inadequate if i was not financially stable. I think a lot of blokes my age were raised that way. I would also have to say that to want someone to put their partner before their job would cause most an issue,
Maudeath, would you also expect that this new mate put you befor their children?
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Some-of-Us Actually 'Like'-The-BEATLES. >(*~*)
Posted: 7/3/2009 4:56:07 AM
oh , seems a low blow ! Dunno Maud , would you ; mind you I don't see the relevance to the thread . Well , if Ghandi is arole model , go to India , follow your heart and live with the poor and diseased . And you must concentrate on this .... women don't expect you to be their equal , just to be a male who was honest would be a good thing . We are different and equality doesn't come into it ,certainly not in any monetary sense .
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